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Running out of time

October 20, 2016

After many weeks of political postings and a couple thousands words it is the preverbal time when the rubber hits the road to ballotdecide who I would like to see as our next President. Now I know in the grand scheme of things my one vote from a state that barely registers on the richter scale as far as the electoral collage go is not noteworthy… but for some reason to me for the first time it feels very important.

When we hear almost on a daily basis about the overabundance of voting fraud perpetrated on the American people one can ask of what import is my one vote, but sitting alone here in my apartment it looms like a giant tsunami about to wash me away. I think about how it will effect the future of my children and grand children and country. I think about how many tens of thousands of lives were sacrificed to allow me the freedom to cast my vote and the weight of this simple act weighs heavily on me.

Some may find this anguish amusing in fact in all the previous elections that I have voted in I have never even given the act of voting a second thought…. so why now? Could it be that there is to my mind no worthy name on the ballot? Could it be that any choice may produce a result that will, in my opinion, either maintain us on the road to socialism or may produce some unknown result that will endanger the safety of all Americans? Or maybe I feel the weight of my seventy years on life’s road and do not know if this will be the last time I get to cast a ballot for President?

For whatever reason
and probably a combination of all of those presented
I feel the gravity of making that choice.
So I think maybe,
just maybe everyone should feel this way
and by recognizing the importance of this election
you also will make a thoughtful decision.

Mea culpa

October 18, 2016

One of the main things that originally endeared me to the people of remote Alaska was there sense of openness in speaking there mind, and I knew I had found kindred souls with their at times brutal, conversation. Over the years I had gotten in trouble for wlkartdoing the same thing, but at that time I was living on the East coast and what you see is not always what you got when dealing with the people that lived there.

This blog when it started out many years ago was originally intended for my family because I had no other means of staying in contact with them. It contained, for the most part, personal information to let them know what I was doing between those infrequent phone calls on my trip to town. I did not fully understand, when I first started writing this blog, that my words were in essence out there for the world to see. So my at times blunt comments on matters other than my life soon started to garner a readership.

Now understanding that indeed ‘the world could be reading’ what I have written, I may have at times self censored my thoughts when transposed into the words you read. However there are at times my old ‘shoot from the hip’ from my brain to the computer screen comments that do squeak through uncensored, and I have found over the years that some of these infrequently offended my readers.

My last posting, ‘Sex and the Presidential elections’, is an example of that, and I apologize that it did offend some of you. I can validate my reasons for writing what I did, and I personally feel it is based on solid observation, but for the purpose of this posting I am sorry if it offended anyone.

Its just me following
where my ‘big brain’ directs me to go
to engage my censorship filter
just writing what I feel.

Sex and the Presidential election

October 17, 2016

Lately no matter what time of day or what station you listen to or watch whenever the ‘news’ comes on you can be assured you will be confronted with soundbites about how horrible Mr Trump is because of all the woman he allegedly groped or fondled. mky2This despite the fact that no in depth research has been done on their allegations and that for some inexplicable reason they all surfaced at the same time this close to election day.

I find it quite strange that these unsubstantiated allegations are more news worthy than anything else happening around the world. Apparently peace has been declared in the middle east, the flood of migrants around the world has stopped and our economy is now back to Reagan era 4% GNP. Even more surprising is the fact that apparently Mrs. Clinton thinks Trump’s alleged interactions with these woman should now be the focus of her campaign. I find that strange because when President Bill Clinton was having sex with an intern inside the White house she did everything she could to dampen the news coverage.

Unless you are a moron or blinded by your fervor for Mrs Clinton you must see it is just another underhanded tactic by her to defeat Trump. She is scared because with the election just around the corner Trump is still close enough to defeat her, and I fully expect more of the same from her in these last few weeks before the election.

We used to joke about the state supported news media in Russia because according to them the old Soviet Union never had any internal problems and their nations economy was always in good shape. Here in America our news media was supposed to be impartial and unbiased but now anyone with a brain can see that they are following their Soviet counterparts and towing the party line, never showing the lies and corruption coming from Hillary and gleefully spending hours trashing Mr Trump.

Again I ask that you to
stop letting the soundbites influence you
and take the time to understand
that we are heading down the road
to a nation controlled by Washington
and those who will do anything
to stay in power.

Armageddon and the Presidential election

October 12, 2016

When I awoke and pulled the cover down off my face, the overnight chill was like putting ones head inside a freezer. Once again I had miscalculated how cold it would get overnight and failed to turn the stove on before going to sleep. I dressed quickly climbed homer_simpson_end_is_neardown from my loft and after I lit the stove and waited for the warmth to come I pondered the simple fact that living in the wilderness meant one had to think ahead and that required my big brain to think rationally, but obviously once again it failed me.

I am going to continue with my ‘big brain’ metaphor from the previous post because with now only days left before the Presidential election maybe it is time to actually ruminate about our choice and not let our big brains have us vote just on impulse and sound bites. That first paragraph did in reality happen not once but many times proving big brains are prone to mistakes when we do not take the time to think things through.

I fully understand that absolutely no one should listen to what I am saying because I am truly a non-entity. I have no weighty collage degree, no years of experience in politics, finance or international relations I am truly no one of any import. I am however, much like everyone else, Mr average Joe who wants the best for my family and my country. I have no political affiliations and for the majority of my lifetime voted only on the issues and never the propaganda that the candidates espoused.

I do however have one thing that forces me to see the reality of this upcoming election and that is the personal experience of 70 years of life in America. That decades long experience has taken me through many changes in our nations direction and philosophy. I have lived in a time when respect for others was a paramount trait and when one was proud to be an American. My lifetime journey had me witness to a time when people everywhere felt truly blessed to be living in a land directed by the constitution and rule of law.

Today however I see this great nation being dismantled brick by brick into some form of global mediocrity. Where we must not only accept others way of life but we must support it, even if it not only offends us but at times is against the tenants of our faith. We are living in a world today where we have observed that if something happens to harm one of us others, even strangers, are expected to react violently and the ‘rule of law’ be dammed.

We are now living in a land where it is alright to rob and destroy other peoples property but it is wrong to voice disdain at what they are doing and you are labeled a racist. If one says that they believe
it is wrong to oppose the immigration laws on the books they are a bigot, and if you do not want to alter the constitution that made this nation great your considered a radical looking to oppress other peoples choices.

So I say to you this election
may or may not be our nations Armageddon
but if you want it to continue on the present path
listen to the media and the sound bites and
let you big brain tell you who to vote for
because that candidate has said
it will be 4 more years heading in the same direction
but if you want to try and reverse its present path
then vote for someone
who makes those in Washington tremble
because he is beholding to no one in power
‘we the people’.

Galapagos, big brains and politics

October 9, 2016

Having just reread, for the umpteenth time, Kurt Vonnegut’s book Galapagos, I offer a tip of the hat to Mr Vonnegut for the inspiration for this posting. His books over the years have not only given me a fresh if not ‘unique’ way of seeing life but have provided many hours of entertainment. I apologize for woefully trampling on his style but I have attempted to convey his essence to my musings of todays world.

It was one of those infrequent cold damp Alaskan fall days when no matter what cloths you layered on it did nothing to keep the chill from penetrating right down to your bones, and after an hour away from the camp fire I was beginning to feel like a human icicle. I was making a short trip down the ridge line to a nearby stream for some water and somehow got turned around in the doh_homer_simpson-1084brush and was having trouble finding my way back to camp. My big brain had done it again because I had let my mind wonder a bit as I filled the water jugs and now was lost in the thick brush surrounding the creek.

It was not the first time my big brain has failed me because over the years I had made many a blunder following what that big brain told me to do only to realize after the fact that it must be malfunctioning and shouldn’t be trusted. It also appears that the vast majority of humans, these days, are having this same problem with a distinct lack of common sense and respect for others as evidence of a world wide malfunction in their big brains.

Take for instance the big brain’s in a small number police officers who think that shooting first and then figuring out what a persons intentions were is a good idea. This action then resulting in a great number of peoples big brains was to think it meant that they should go out to rob and destroy other peoples property or to assault people who didn’t think like they do.

This impairment in peoples big brains does not seem to be relegated to only the populace but its leaders as well. This is witnessed in the fact that not only for many years now our representatives can not balance the budget for our nation, but that the President thinks it is a good idea to go around the world apologizing to other countries, saying that America is a bad nation not only because many of its citizens believe America is better then any other country but because we want other countries to adapt our freedom and way of life.

my big brain is wrong to think
that we are an especially blessed nation
because no other country upholds the same freedom
to practice the religion you want
to speak your mind without being arrested
and to be whatever sexuality you want without being murdered for it
for once I think my ‘big brain’ got it right

Muddy waters… no October surprise

October 6, 2016

I never realized when I was siting in my cabin in Alaska the one of the benefits of being so far from civilization was that I did not receive any television reception. Now here in Texas my son hooked my TV up to an HD antenna and I have a number free hillary-clinton-recklesschannels to choose from, most have nothing but crap on them unless of course you are easily excited by reality shows or 25 minutes of commercials each hour.

In any event a few days ago I was making dinner and had the television tuned to the evening news when my cooking was interrupted by the sound of Hillary’s voice. It was a political advertisement not based on what Hillary thought she had accomplished but an out and out skillfully edited attack add. The commercial cleverly used a number of photographs of children and woman edited with sound bites cherry picked to make Trump look like he had nothing but disdain for woman.

I not only found that commercial offensive but ludicrous. Granted not being a female I am standing on shaky ground condemning the add but one would have to be and moron to believe that what the add was portraying Mr Trump as was true. One would think with the election just a little over a month away every cent of advertising would be spent on showing ‘we the people’ what they have done and will do for us.

I know full well that Mr Trump has at times sunk to Hillary’s level but it appears he only does it in response to an attack from her. Trump appears to rise above the fray and continues to speak about his goals when he is elected. Granted his background in business shows the limit of his knowledge on many subjects needed to run this nation, but like any successful businessman who has risen to his level he know how to hire the best minds in their fields to guide him.

So we are left here in October
to watch the final barrage of advertisements
with Hillery slinging mud
and Trump responding with his vision for America.

October surprise…. the good, the bad and the ugly

October 2, 2016

The good….
Just a quick update about life here in Texas. Though the weather has begun to ‘cool’ down and some of my neighbors have started to put on more cloths for their morning and evening walks, I believe that ‘cool’ is a relative term. I guess if you lived here all your octoberbloglife and are more accustomed to 100 degree temperatures than 70 it is definitely cooler, but I do remember back home when it reached 70 I had a fan on and I was sweating. I have however have actually begun to enjoy this ‘cooler’ weather and am happy to be able to open my windows and shut down the air conditioner. So it is definitely ‘good’ when I can enjoy the nicer weather and save money at the same time.

The bad….
Even living here in civilization at times it feels like I am back in my cabin in Alaska because last week I lost my internet connection. Some of you may have noticed I have not made a posting lately and I want you to know I am working on it, but I am also considering shutting down the blog and foregoing an internet connection because of the cost. Until I decide what path to follow I will continue to attempt to upload sporadic postings at the apartments office center.

The ugly….
The campaign for President continues, but not based on real issues but personal attacks. I could never understand why politicians resort to personal attacks rather than deal with the issues effecting the lives of ‘we the people’. I think I would go out of my way to vote for a politician who runs on issues alone and ignores any and all personal attacks. Someone who sets themselves above the mud-slinging is definitely worth my vote.

So until
I can connect with the world again
I will continue to enjoy
a cooler Texas
and wonder
what will become of our nation
when those campaigning for President
are more concerned with personal issues
making a our country better for
‘we the people’