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When it’s 95+ in Texas… I think back to cooler times

June 13, 2021

Yes when the temperature is 95 degrees and the heat index is 104 or higher I look back fondly to the 20 years I lived in Alaska and spent hours walking through the many ice sculptural’s at the Fairbanks International ice carving competition. In the future I will try and put together additional video of the carver’s creating some of these interesting works.

So if it’s warm when you are

take a minute

and enjoy!


Black and white, conservative and liberal…. all are proud to be American

June 11, 2021

As I was falling to sleep I heard the talk show host’s comment positively on a major sports event. It seems that no players took a knee or raised their fist but respected the crowd when they brought the house down signing the national anthem.

You know it makes one feel good

to once again see people

proud to be American

Memorial Day…. The true cost of freedom

May 30, 2021

To the vast majority Memorial day means a backyard BBQ
but to those that understand the true meaning of Memorial day
any words I use will never be sufficient so I humbly offer
this picture and one thought…

Freedom is not free

God, a 7.9 earthquake…. and the fall of the American empire

May 6, 2021

.as I walked across the parking lot I first noticed that something was wrong when I glanced over at my truck and it looked like it was a boat rolling up and down on the waves, then came a weird feeling in my body leading me to think I was having a heart attack which at that moment would be very apropos.

I have often thought about the saying that “those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” in reference to the state of our nation today. I know what you are thinking but no for the first time in a long while I am not talking about politics but about; the almost total lack of responsibility people have for their actions, the loss of respect we have for those in authority and the way many people now see this country.

I also know it sounds trite but if one actually gives it a good bit of thought there were many things ‘from the old days’ that were better than they are now. Take for instance the bulwark of our society the family, and please I am not saying women belong only in the home, however for decades women ruled when it came to anything in the home…. no matter what any man says.

Today with more than 70% of married women working and over 50% of those have children one can expect parents to have problems nurturing the traits of respect and responsibility fully in their children. It is far easier after a long day at work to just let their children ‘go play’ unsupervised as long as they are ‘quiet’ and do not disturb their parents. It should be noted that the ‘go out and play’ of today bares no resemblance to the ‘good old days’ when our mother would tell us to go out and play and be sure to be home for dinner or your father will not be happy. Today’s go and play for the most part consists of our children burying their heads in a smart phone, tablet or computer and either LOLing with their BFF’s or staring blindly at a monitor while killing as many people as they can, but of course we know from the ‘experts’ that this behavior does not promote the desensitization towards violence…. yeah right. Just like it is far easier for that parent to ignore any acts of disrespect their children may do instead of confronting them and showing them their actions have consequences like punishment for that disrespect.

But I digress because part of the focus of this posting was the sentence, “those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” and if you are older you learned in school about the rise and fall of the Roman empire, where you could travel the known earth and never fear of being attacked because you were a Roman and any attack on its people would bring immediate and devastating punishment. Rome ruled the known world until it became so decadent and immoral with Romans concerning themselves with only their own pleasure and without respect for their fellow Romans that the rest of the world took notice and the mighty Roman empire became a thing of the past.

That should sound familiar because for a time America was the shining light of freedom every other nation looked to for help when needed and its citizens were rarely mistreated anywhere on the planet. Then came the gradual erosion of the truth in what our leaders said and our allies could no longer depend 100% on our support plus our enemies saw that we were becoming week and unless we had an overwhelming force, (like in Iraqi), would not engage in any conflicts.

Finely add to that the fact that here at home the concept of family with a mother and father teaching their children respect, responsibility and that actions have consequences has now been relegated to little or no respect for authority and that their actions even to the point of rioting, burning and looting have no consequence… as witnessed by the police in Washington state standing by as rioters destroyed many small business almost on a daily basis, and if you step back you can see a repeat of the decline of the Roman empire right here in America.

….so to finish the incident in the opening paragraph it is a good example of the consequences of not paying attention to things that happen in the past. Moving to my remote home in Northern Alaska I traveled as little as I could to Fairbanks the closest town, a 130 mile round trip, and because of this for a couple decades I failed to attend church on a regular basis. However when the Army was sending me to the Seattle VA hospital for some testing on my heart I thought it was time to return to church… just in case.

At 1:12 Alaska time on November 3, 2002

as I walked across

the church’s parking lot

after confession

The largest recorded earthquake

in 37 years

made my heart race


turned my legs to rubber

Only after

the earth stopped moving

did I think maybe

just maybe

this earthquake

was a


to not delay my

next visit to


Even at 75 with all the aches and pains…. one can enjoy a bit of humor and irony in a birthday wish

April 21, 2021

My daughter sent me what we used to call in the Army a care package which is now for me in reality birthday gifts. I have always held that ‘we the people’ should not be dictated to by the card and gift manufactures as to when ‘we’ give them to our loved ones. I always thought a gift or card should be given when one is merited, or when we are motivated, that said my daughter has an uncanny sense to pick some fairly offbeat cards… but ones that match my slightly abnormal psyche.

The birthday card that I copied for this posting was not only different but after a week of relentless hip pain it was a much need good moment of humor that I immersed myself in. I wanted to share it with you my readers and hope that you also will at the end have that interior feeling of wellbeing and for the briefest of minutes be removed from the immoral and disrespectful world around us.


A guy your age found a frog in the woods.

Kiss me” said the frog,

“and I will turn into a beautiful Princess

and do anything you want”

The man picked up the frog and put it in his pocket.

“Hey” the frog yelled “I said I’ll do anything you want”

“Naaah” the man said, 

“at my age, I’d rather have a talking frog.”

As I pass 3/4 of a century in age…. three quick thoughts on life’s road

April 4, 2021

….something I read yesterday that resonated with the way I have been feeling lately and I wanted to share it with you.

Is it the ‘slowness’ ?.  I am not able to walk as fast as I used to. I am not able to work as hard as I used to. There is forced retardation to our youthful pace. The joints creak. The back hurts. Is this what we dread?

Is it that point where the generations that came after you seem to be operating in a different world that you are not able to easily fit into, or even relate to in terms of technology, lingo, or living values?

Is it the passage of time that does not allow you to pursue certain things because the window of opportunity has closed? 

Beyond a point, you don’t get ‘do overs’, second chances. 

So one more time..

a reminder..

that it is the journey..

not the destination.

*The text was “borrowed” from an interesting blog at

The death of a companion…. or is a dead computer like being naked in public?

March 29, 2021


The day before yesterday I was quietly digging through the news for items of interest when I heard a sound I later realized was the last gasp of a dying computer and just like that my computer screen went black. I franticly checked to see if it might be the circuit breaker or even a power outage, (Texas has been known to loose power once in a while), but no there was power throughout the house.

So after 14 years my faithful servant was dead, now to figure out what to do. Obviously by the nature of this blog I found a quick fix, though getting it back to where I was with my old computer, (like right now I have no access to photographs), may take a while and during this time I ask your patience. I know I have been very lax in my current postings but I can only state the facts and they are that right now I am sliding down a tunnel of depression and for the most part just do not want to do anything.

That said first off this new WordPress interface sucks! then again maybe I am just old and can not deal with change but either way I want to leave you with this thought….

If our allies around the world

watched the Presidents press conference

they must surely be loosing confidence

in his ability

to lead the free world

and our enemy’s

are realizing they can now

do what they want

without too much fear of reprisal.

April fool’s Day…. the new American reality?

March 31, 2021


No April fool’s day joke could match the reality 

of life today across our nation



People can choose their gender

and ignore the sex they were borne with.


Men can now compete in women’s sports

and even use the same showers and bathrooms.


Where you are despised if you are  proud to be an American

but not a crime to murder babies before they are borne.


Where you need an photo ID to drive

but not to vote.


Where you need  a passport to fly into other nations

but not to cross our border.


Where we allow tens of thousand of people to enter our country illegally but make sure they have food, shelter and medical care free while our homeless camp on the ground outside those same shelters.


Where the news media highlight every assault and murder of  black men by law enforcement, while (never) making the same big deal about the fact that white men are also shot and killed.


Where you are now called a bigot or racists 

if you exercise your right to free speech

and speak negatively about any ethnic group.


there is no need for

April Fools

anymore because some of us

have become those fools.