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As I pass 3/4 of a century in age…. three quick thoughts on life’s road

April 4, 2021

….something I read yesterday that resonated with the way I have been feeling lately and I wanted to share it with you.

Is it the ‘slowness’ ?.  I am not able to walk as fast as I used to. I am not able to work as hard as I used to. There is forced retardation to our youthful pace. The joints creak. The back hurts. Is this what we dread?

Is it that point where the generations that came after you seem to be operating in a different world that you are not able to easily fit into, or even relate to in terms of technology, lingo, or living values?

Is it the passage of time that does not allow you to pursue certain things because the window of opportunity has closed? 

Beyond a point, you don’t get ‘do overs’, second chances. 

So one more time..

a reminder..

that it is the journey..

not the destination.

*The text was “borrowed” from an interesting blog at

The death of a companion…. or is a dead computer like being naked in public?

March 29, 2021


The day before yesterday I was quietly digging through the news for items of interest when I heard a sound I later realized was the last gasp of a dying computer and just like that my computer screen went black. I franticly checked to see if it might be the circuit breaker or even a power outage, (Texas has been known to loose power once in a while), but no there was power throughout the house.

So after 14 years my faithful servant was dead, now to figure out what to do. Obviously by the nature of this blog I found a quick fix, though getting it back to where I was with my old computer, (like right now I have no access to photographs), may take a while and during this time I ask your patience. I know I have been very lax in my current postings but I can only state the facts and they are that right now I am sliding down a tunnel of depression and for the most part just do not want to do anything.

That said first off this new WordPress interface sucks! then again maybe I am just old and can not deal with change but either way I want to leave you with this thought….

If our allies around the world

watched the Presidents press conference

they must surely be loosing confidence

in his ability

to lead the free world

and our enemy’s

are realizing they can now

do what they want

without too much fear of reprisal.

April fool’s Day…. the new American reality?

March 31, 2021


No April fool’s day joke could match the reality 

of life today across our nation



People can choose their gender

and ignore the sex they were borne with.


Men can now compete in women’s sports

and even use the same showers and bathrooms.


Where you are despised if you are  proud to be an American

but not a crime to murder babies before they are borne.


Where you need an photo ID to drive

but not to vote.


Where you need  a passport to fly into other nations

but not to cross our border.


Where we allow tens of thousand of people to enter our country illegally but make sure they have food, shelter and medical care free while our homeless camp on the ground outside those same shelters.


Where the news media highlight every assault and murder of  black men by law enforcement, while (never) making the same big deal about the fact that white men are also shot and killed.


Where you are now called a bigot or racists 

if you exercise your right to free speech

and speak negatively about any ethnic group.


there is no need for

April Fools

anymore because some of us

have become those fools.

Friday’s Facebook top 10…. (abridged version)

March 19, 2021

The content in the previous posting about our government prioritizing the comfort of illegal children over American homeless and children living below the poverty line to me preempts my new ‘Friday top 10’.

I think ‘we the people’ across this nation should be angered that the federal government is going to place thousands of these criminals in cities across the nation at the same time ignoring the homeless in those cities.

I guess what I am saying is

read the previous post again

then call you representative in Washington

and tell them

Americans in need come first!


…and for those who absolutely need a little humor

I offer these two Friday Facebook comments.

Dallas welcomes 3000 juvenile criminals…. but forces homeless Americans to relocate

March 18, 2021

Yes I know tomorrow is Friday’s Facebook top 10 but watching the news yesterday and listening to what has been going on in this city the past week makes absolutely no sense. Why in the governments infinite wisdom are they catering to illegal teenagers from other countries who are criminals by the very fact that they are in our country but forcing our homeless (with children) to relocate from their camp in front of the Dallas city hall?

Forget the fact that when the homeless asked the police where they are supposed to go they received no answer. Just tell me why the city of Dallas is opening the doors of its biggest convention center setting up eating, sleeping and showering facilities and staffing it with doctors and nurses all free for illegal kids and telling our own citizens to go figure it out when it comes to the basics of life?

And this is not just here in Texas because the “US Health and Human Services has been rushing to open facilities across the county to house migrant kids who were otherwise being held by the US Border Patrol,” totally ignoring the homeless in the cities they are moving these criminals to. And yes I use the word criminal why not, are you not a criminal if you break the law? How is some kid from South America worth more effort than a kid from Texas or California or anywhere in the US?

So as we see the news footage of

Dallas police with riot shields

forcing the homeless

of Texas

to relocate

we also see

the shinny comfortable buses

bringing thousands


illegal aliens

to their comfortable

new home.

Friday’s Facebook top 10….

March 12, 2021

The news media is controlled….

March 11, 2021

The news media is controlled…. If after you read this you still don’t believe the news media is told what to focus on then you deserve the government you get.

I am going to keep this as simple as possible…… every radio and television news broadcast and every online news service is touting the Presidents $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill. “Help is here,” Biden wrote in a tweet after the vote about the measure that provides $400 billion for $1,400 direct payments to most Americans, an expansion of the child tax credit and increased funding for vaccine distribution. Forecasters or those paid to hype the propaganda expect it to supercharge the U.S. economic recovery.

Little attention is paid to the rest of the bill because it actually spends more money on items not related to COVID-19 because if “we the people” truly understood we would be up in arms and would make the demonstration outside the capital seem like just another day. For instance here is a review of the bill by the liberal Forbes magazine with quotes from the ‘Wall Street Journal’.

Frankly, with $1.9 trillion spread over 591 pages of appropriations, I am surprised approval isn’t at 100 percent since there must be something for everyone in this cash-laden Christmas tree of a bill.

Estimates and opinions vary on how much of the money is specifically targeted toward Covid relief. The Wall Street Journal editorial board put the number at $825 billion.

The bill includes funding for some things that most in Congress can agree to, even if they differ on the amounts–$1,400 cash payments to low and moderate income Americans, renewal of the paycheck protection program, an extension of the additional $400-a-week unemployment benefit, an expansion of the child tax credit.

Okay, but where is the rest of the money going? The answer is toward pretty much anything that can be connected, even in a tangential way, to the pandemic. Here are just a few examples:

–$30 billion in grants to transit systems through fiscal year 2024.

–$50 million in funding for EPA “environmental justice” grants.

–$86 billion to bail out pension plans insured by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.

–$1.5 billon for Amtrak, which is sitting on roughly $1 billion in unspent aid.

–$34 billion to expand the subsidies for those buying health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

–$200 million to the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

–$800 million in additional dollars for foreign food aid.

–And this whopper: $350 billion to state and local governments despite less than expected declines in overall revenue last year and an economic rebound this year.

……….Now why do you think every time we turn on the news we only see Government checks being printed and the newscaster touting the Presidents efforts to get us that $1,400 and not the other $825 billion going to everything but covid relief? It couldn’t be that somewhere there is someone (behind the curtain) pulling the strings as to what news to focus on?


If we were to remove

just the $825 billion in appropriations

not directly related


covid relief

and give it directly to

‘We the people’

our covid relief checks

would be



do not increase our national debt

by that $825 billion!