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Hillary lost in 2016 we loose in 2020…. what is different?

January 19, 2021

….in 2016 we saw pictures of Clinton supporters like those above on every news report for days. There were interviews with sobbing women barely able to speak because they couldn’t believe Hillary lost, now in 2021 its a different story. No you won’t see daily video of Trump supporters on their knees bawling like someone close had died ‘we’ are not them!

We know that the glimmer of hope for making America a great nation again that President Trump brought us will be quickly extinguished. So being mindful that this list is nowhere near everything and emphasizing the fact that I restrained (aka censored) myself on this election day-eve I will close the book on America in recovery with a glimpse at what I know we can all expect from the incoming administration.

These actions taken from Biden’s own words

Reenter the Paris climate accord

Stop the Keystone pipeline

and tighten restrictions on oil field drilling


A pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegals

Make DACA permanent


Stop construction of the border wall

Ironic that he has erected a wall

keeping American citizens away from the inauguration


In keeping with the Obama administration

police oversight and defunding


Repair global alliances

(remember Obama apologizing to other nations

because America stood up for what was right)



was a nation

other countries looked too for direction and security

now we will face the long road down

liberal socialism

Living in darkness…. is not always a bad thing

January 18, 2021

This posting is dedicated to

Chet and Joe two fine men

with whom I shared many hours of conversation with

As I sat beneath the old Coleman lantern reading my book, the night outside my cabin window was a black beyond black, one that appears that if you were to move through it, it would swallow you up into a vast nothingness. Living 65 miles from the nearest town and having neighbors that moved out here to live a solitary lifestyle one does not expect to have visitors…. and yet.

The fog of being lost in the story line of the book I was reading was broken by the distinctive crunch, crunch sound only heard when the temperature is way below zero and someone is walking on hard frozen snow, this was followed shortly by the familiar sound of snow laden boots being banged on the lip of the entryway into my cabin. That sound, out here in the wilderness, was nothing more than common etiquette announcing one’s arrival and the courtesy of one’s boots not making a puddle of water on the floor from the snow on them.

I had already gotten up and as I opened the door and, like a hot breath on a cold day, the fog created by the heat of my cabin and the sub zero temperature outside partially obscured my friend as he entered. Our evening meetings for the most part were never planed and always welcome. If one were to listen in on the flow of our conversations they might sound to an outsider like the random dialogue in a mental ward.

Most nights the talk started down one road only to branch off to many different and often obscure paths, and subject matter traversed almost every topic one could imagine literally from A atomic energy to Z which zones on certain rivers were closed to fishing.

Now sitting here in Texas one of the more important things I miss about my cabin in Alaska is those visits and those who never lived in isolation like that they would certainly not understand the importance of them. Though I never realized it those visits were akin to sessions with a psychologist, and successful ones at that, because I never knew at the time how important it was to speak openly without concern for its effect on the one you were talking with.


there were at times

during those visits

an intermission of sorts

when we both stopped speaking

and marveled at the beauty

piercing through the darkness

outside my window.

If your over 65 you may want to wait to get vaccinated?

December 18, 2020

I’m just wondering why when we have the TV networks on every newscast reporting on the Pfizer vaccine, (which is only 93.7% effective for people 56 and up), we do not hear word one about the 100% effectiveness of the Moderna vaccine for people 65 and older.

*******Once again the media have lulled me into believing that they know what they are writing about but as usual not true! In an article today 12/19 in Science magazine the effectiveness of the Moderna vaccine for people over 65 actually drops to 86.4%….. Now the problem becomes which article can one trust?

Driving for dummies…. or passing off our responsibility to drive safe

December 6, 2020

Though now 74, I can remember, back in the 60’s, when I was learning to drive a car for the first time. My parents were smart enough to realize that teaching me would be a nerve wracking experience so they signed me up for the AAA driving school, and to add a degree of difficulty they wanted me to learn on a stick. Now I have to admit it was a good move on their part especially since it reduced the cost of my insurance by 15% and of course they didn’t have to put up with any white knuckle experiences.

OK getting to the point……..

I vividly remember the instructor having me go down streets that were barely wide enough for two cars let alone two cars and a lane of parked cars, and the near fright I felt every time a car was heading towards me. This was again echoed, years later, when I was in truck driving school and for the first time driving a big rig with a trailer. The instructor must have been related to the one back when I was 16 because he choose the narrowest most busy city streets one could find in Philadelphia. Suffice it to say I got both my regular license and later in life my CDL.

Now we come to today or rather a few nights ago when I was watching television and the commercial for Hyundai’s Lane departure assist. In the commercial it shows a guy driving close to a tractor trailer and the lane departure alarm goes off both with an audio alarm and a visual. Cut to the same scene from the outside and we see a woman standing between the car and the big rig touting the need for this alarm…. as if the guy could not see a massive 12 foot tall trailer just feet from the side of his car.

The same goes for the commercial I also saw where an illustration showed the car surrounded by some kind of radar beam to protect the car from hitting any obstacle/person. The car in the commercial detected a car in front slowing down and it did the same to avoid a rear end crash, then as it resumed speed the driver touched a couple buttons and removed his hands from the steering wheel.

Yes it is true

these technological advances

for some may make driving safer

but it also

has those same people

thinking they are not responsible

if something does go wrong.

Thanksgiving redux…. Things I’m not thankful for

December 3, 2020

Time to vent a little

about those little things


cloud the sunshine

on an otherwise great day



censoring what I post

because it is antithesis

to its philosophy



posting on my timeline

suggested for you”

pages I have no interest in



frequently changing its format



streaming video

that list a show but

when you click on it to watch

it says

content not available


In the middle of binge-watching a TV series

when you click on the next episode

amazon is charging for it


The description of some episodes

of amazons TV shows

for some reason overnight

change to spanish!

There are the good memories…. and some that hurt

December 1, 2020

Fifty five years ago on December 2nd, 1964 I was married, and other than a brief separation, we remained married for twenty nine years until the day she left us. I am absolutely positive if Terry had remained alive you would never be reading my blog, because she would have never moved to Alaska which resulted in me writing these words.

Like most married couples life’s road for each marriage though different is quite similar in that it is a journey of high and low points, and when I think about my life with Terry I do feel quite a bit of pain. Though the pain is self inflicted by an immature man who sometimes tripped over his own failings on their road of life together. Today I lament those failings and though I can not do anything about them every day I do ask her for forgiveness.


Weather she hears

my words or prayers

I do not know

I can only


that one day

we will be together


and this time

it will last

for an


More facebook intrusion…. and maybe a fix?

November 28, 2020

Facebook has come up with

yet another way to aggravate us

the “suggested for you” page

If everyone who is upset with facebook in any way

does the following

maybe just maybe we can

send some aggravation back too facebook.


…….follow the example below…….

1st left click

on the row of dots on the right corner



2nd click on

find support or report post



Last click on

spam, block, hide and next


One can only hope

that millions of people start doing this

and it actually became ‘viral’

because only then will

facebook take notice


‘we the people’