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Lost it all

June 17, 2019

I rarely re-post another bloggers writing but this posting captured much of what I have been thinking for a while now. The posting was written by Sushil Bhattarai and the original post can be found at


We have lost it all, nothing remains as it used to be. We are thinking that the world is developing with new inventions and technologies day by day but have we ever noticed that with each and every inventions we are losing one by one components that makes us human?

The word humanity has been sent to the pages of history books as the world is suffering in its absence. Humans are considered as one of the superior animal because of their capacity of thinking and understanding but in today’s context thinking and understanding exists no more as a result of it the whole human race is suffering. We live in a society where the people find it difficult to help someone without the presence of camera in front of them. The trust and loyalty has been replaced by power and money. The more money and power you have the more respect you earn, once you are stripped of your power and you run out of money then everyone will show their back to you and you will be left alone thinking what you have done to them when you were powerful.

People are adopting the divide and rule theory throughout the world, people are divided on the name of culture, tradition, religion, politics, nationality etc. resulting to violence and terrorism. Every day thousands of people are losing their life and seems like a life in this world hold no meaning without power and money.

People no more care about feelings of others as they are focused on proving themselves right and superior to others, people have become so selfish that they have made each other like material of use and throw. They use until they can get benefit and throw away when they are done with their work.

People have left behind their own cultures, traditions, relations and origin when they are busy in comparison with others to look modern and civilized but they do not care about the process in between. Everyone pretend to show their real face but in reality they change their mask each time when they meet someone new.

In this world humanity exists no more, we cannot find trace of peace anywhere, trust and loyalty have been sold, we have already lost many components of being a human and like this one day we will lose our own existence.


Alice in wonderland…. nope just Pete joining the snowflakes

June 7, 2019

…you win snowflakes, democrats, progressives and liberals
I surrender to your will and I have officially changed my opinion
about removing our border and allowing all illegal immigrants into our nation.

I think we no longer have to even think about building a wall
and can reallocate that money to where it will be needed
because of all the new people arriving in our country.

Obviously any money
left over in our nations budget
will have to go to….

….providing them a place to live
(heck it is hard for citizens living on Social Security to find an clean affordable place to live one wonders what the government will do to find tens of thousands of good homes)

….paying for a doctor, checkups and medicine
(no easy task for someone without any medical insurance considering even middle income citizens find it impossible to find affordable insurance with a low deductable)

….being able to buy enough food for the family
(actually not that hard if you want to live your life on food from the dollar store)

….have your children get a better education than you did
(sure the local and state governments will find and hire the thousands of new bilingual teachers so they can teach you child English and their school lessons while at the same time saying to the citizens of their state that they do not have enough money for the physically challenged children of those citizens we already have)

So because I am nearing my mid 70’s I can now welcome the thousands who cross our border every day and say welcome we will provide everything that you need to start a new life, (knowing if we don’t the ACLU or some such will hall our butts into court). I don’t have to worry about skyrocketing school, property or income taxes because I don’t think I’ll last long enough to see what happens when ‘we the people’ finally see what is really happening and shed those liberal rose colored glasses and say they are tired of paying for a new life for everyone who illegally crosses our border when at the same time the government denies needed help to children of citizens of this nation.

Senility, sex and infirmity…. a personal note on day 26,800

June 4, 2019

….why does it seam that the older I get the slower I truly see what is happening around me? It is as if my brain holds back the true understanding of a situation, encounter or comment and allows the spontaneous unfiltered running of the mouth to dominate.

I found out yesterday that my actions of the past few weeks gave an impression of ambiguity that I never intended. Whereas I blindly walk down my road of life some of the actions I took appeared to be upsetting to others. Of course the ‘others’ do not fully understand or want too the sometimes complex interactions between our infirmities and our daily lives.

We who are a bit older understand that we are ruled by our bodies actions which can change quite abruptly, thus I have learned to plan for any eventuality that my body could throw at me and have adjusted my schedule at a moments notice not realizing that ‘others’ my see this as an affront aimed at them personally when it was merely an old mans body demanding priority attention.

This old man has also learned, ‘the hard way’, that there are some topics like politics that should be off limits because they tend to increase the agitation of those around you, but learning what other topics are verboten is akin to walking in a mine field and yesterday I stepped on one of those mines. True to my old mans nature I was not content to step just once but went back and repeated the stupidity.

Now though not intentional and voiced as an attempt at lame humor it upset those around me and my old brain did not take in the gravity till long after the incident. So based on the saying about ‘spilled milk’ one can only apologize, hunker down and hope the after effects do not effect others.

Health and a tiny bit of political irony…. day 26,797 on my walk down life’s road

May 31, 2019

….i’m kinda liking the journal/blog thing because I can just write about my day instead of researching items in the blog postings I am writing. However a thought occurred to me why not combine the two, my real life and whatever news of the world that interests me even the fantasy world of our representatives?

OK so after two days of not being able to do much more than hobble around accompanied by some heavy pain, today though still quite uncomfortable to walk around it is a quantum leap better than the past two days. I am thinking because the Colchicine did not dent the pain it wasn’t a gout attack at all but maybe one of the many muscle spasms that I have wrenched a muscle or tendon in my foot? In any event as I sit and write today there is no pain as long as I am not walking.

….on that other point of writing briefly about news items that catch my attention during the day…. well this is actually at night, late night to be exact, but on the radio show ‘Red Eye Radio’ a mostly political talk show for truckers when I tuned in last night I almost threw my pillow at the radio because they were once again going over the darn Trump/Russia thing. That show has since I arrived here in April of 2016 been focused almost nightly on the Russia probe and I drives me nuts but because of my bad hearing for some reason their show is quite legible to me.

Many say timing is everything and last night ‘they’ may actually be correct because when I tuned in they were explaining why they go over the same stuff day after day for years. The host of the show said that even though the probe is over and no chargeable crimes were committed the democratic party will not let it go and insist on repeating the claim that there could be collusion between President Trump and the Russians. Therefore because the democrats repeat the same non-crimes the hosts of the show feel they must do the same by explaining that Trump committed no crime.

The democrat’s believe
if they repeat the same lies day after day
you will believe that it is the truth
when all they are doing is
preaching to the choir.

It starts so quietly…. an ends in a whimper

May 30, 2019

….this is not a ‘real’ posting just vents from day 26,796 on my journey down life’s road.

Have I been in a comma for years and suddenly awakened? I have been in Texas three years now and the difference between when I arrived and today is literally like night and day. For instance the other day it was a major effort to get out of bed, put my shoes on and lace them up., with all the little aches and pains. Then a little later walking the short distance from my door to my truck I ended up needing to take a hit on my inhaler because I could not breath. What happened to the 70 year old guy that hauled generators and 5 gallon jugs of water around without any problem because the man I am now is definitely not the man that drove here from Alaska.

Or like yesterday when you go to bed feeling OK and wake up unable to walk, because your right foot is putting out some serious pain. Now I have know the level 10 pain that comes with gallstones and I would say this was hitting the 7-8 level. Yes I took my normal gout Rx and when I woke up this morning it was down to a 3-4 but it was still there whispering enough that I could walk but it was a shuffle step. Now after living 14 years in an isolated cabin I am used to dealing with problems like this but the availability of an the ER’s here in Texas had me thinking of heading over to one, except for the cost.

There is an old saying about sitting somewhere broken-hearted,
and the one about many others worse off than you are
so with those sayings in mind
and without any political grumblings from me
I will continue……

What cost freedom…. Memorial day

May 25, 2019

To the vast majority Memorial day means a backyard BBQ
to those that understand the true meaning of Memorial day
any words I use will never be sufficient so I humbly offer
this picture and one thought…


Freedom only comes at great sacrifice

Latest executive order…. US to shut down Medicaid/Medicare

May 15, 2019

….dateline April 17th 2025 today CMN has learned that the President has signed an executive order abolishing medicaid and medicare, he is doing this ahead of the congressional bill dismantling most of the social welfare assistance network in hopes of saving some of it.

Fantasy you think…. reality I say when we I consider people like myself and millions of others paying into social security and medicare for 50 or more years and during that time never taking back any of that money and yet today they say medicare will be broke by 2026 based on the number of people who will be needing it versus the number of people paying into it.

When the millions of immigrants came through Ellis island on our first major wave of immigration, those immigrants expected nothing in fact they were required to have a means of support when they arrived either through their own financial well being or have an citizen ready to sponsor them.

I’m not saying shut down completely all immigration to our nation just follow the laws already established that for decades have by themselves allowed in millions of legal immigrants because if we do not stop the flooding of illegals crossing our borders we may add millions more to our nations welfare roles? I am not saying that every immigrant that comes here will go on the welfare roles because it has been shown that a very large number will seek out work but most will work at jobs that are paid under the table simply because these people are undocumented, and because they do not pay taxes they do not help our nations support system.

Yes our nation’s greatness
was built on the backs of immigrants
but almost all did it legally
and were looking for
a chance to live and work
in freedom
and not looking to make their lives better
through the generosity of others.



*No it is not that I am against legal Immigration it is that I know our nation can not survive being flooded by illegal immigrants who by the very nature of how they arrived here have no respect for the rule of law. I also can see the tens of thousands of children that need help both physically and emotionally and feel for their situation but I remember that we have right here in America children who need the same help so shouldn’t we be looking to our citizens needs before helping the rest of the world?…..and yes I will from time to time continue to write about this until either I die or the snowflakes of our nation get some common sense!