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Fishing in the Alaskan wilderness….

February 14, 2016


Many of you enjoyed the short fishing video I offered a while back, so I dug through the miles of tape and found this longer fishing video that I used at outdoor shows and as a demo to potential clients.

Though I am retired now I still enjoy watching the smiles as my clients landed their fish.

This video blog is dedicated to L.A.R.A. and LAARK amateur radio clubs

in the Little Elm Texas area.

Please ignore the sales pitch and sit back and enjoy the show…..

Super delegates…. proof that your vote does not count!

February 12, 2016

I have written before that what ‘we the people’ want from our government falls on deaf ears in mky2Washington, but as my morning coffee gradually awakened what few brain cells I still have they were shaken into awareness when Glen Beck was talking about the latest election news out of New Hampshire. It seems that although Mr Sanders won the election by 60% Mrs Clinton has gotten more delegates than Mr Sanders, and if we were to look at the total number of delegates already committed to them it is 394 super delegates for Clinton compared to the 42 that Bernie received even though he decimated her in the popular election and lost by a razors margin in Iowa.

How can someone who was nominated by the people of New Hampshire not be represented at the convention by more delegates than the person he handedly defeated? Simple… your vote does not count! It seems that the powers to be, both Democratic and Republican, have devised a way to move the nomination of a candidate in the direction they want regardless of the popular vote. In essence if you do not support the candidate they want they will just ignore you and their super delegates will vote for whomever they want.

On another little noticed item from the elections, when was the last time you heard any news cast or talking head ramble on about Ted Cruz and his win in Iowa or his third place win in New Hampshire? Most news reports spend quite a bit of time talking about how Kasich is now the man that will take down Trump. And though Rubio finished in fourth place he too is spoken about more than Cruz. No matter where you get your news it is all about Trump, Kasich and Rubio or Sanders and Clinton. Take for instance my typical day listening to the radio. From early morning with Rush through Mark Levin, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham Cruz’s name was only mentioned in passing if at all. Only one, Glenn Beck, spent any time pointing out that though still a strong contender he was treated as if talking about him and his success was verboten.

Our founding fathers established
one person one vote
the current leaders in both parties
are using the super delegates
to abolish that!

Alaska, politics and ham radio an eclectic mix

February 10, 2016

My first drive back home

In 1998 when I started guiding fishing trips along the Tanana and Yukon rivers I had a 24 foot inboard jet-boat. It had a heated enclosed cabin for my clients and the 400 horsepower ford engine had enough power, I thought, to handle even the mighty Yukon river… I was in error. I found out quickly that when attempting to land the boat where I wanted it to land it was more a balance of wit than horsepower.

I discovered that the waters of the Yukon did not like it when you tried to turn across or run against the current. I bring this up because we have seen in 2015 that even though ‘we the people’ threw out enough Democrats to give the Republicans the majority in congress that the ‘mighty’ flow of the government did not change course from its disastrous ways. We were promised a balanced budget, repeal of oboma-care and a clamp down on the funding for illegal aliens, instead we got the exact opposite.

Yesterday in New Hampshire the voters said they would like either Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump running the country, and I ask why? Many republicans say they want an outsider not a political hack but Trump is anything but an outsider. Wake up….he is a billionaire who has worked the system for decades and by nature of his wealth may know how to succeed financially, but at whose expense? On the other side we have Mr Sanders an self confessed ‘progressive’, doesn’t his followers know that progressive is just another word for socialist.

Though it is still early in the campaign I am not liking the direction it is headed. I believe eventually Trump will fall by the wayside and someone backed by the Republican establishment will end up their nominee. On the Democratic side I do not think Hillary will make the cut and again the establishment will propose someone at the last minute maybe even Vice-President Bidden. Of course I am probably wrong about all of this but the point is I do not think these ‘primary elections’ have meaning anymore. The establishment will let us get excited about this one or that one and in the end our vote will not count.


When it comes to many things, OK most things I am a stubborn old fart. I was told years ago to bring my power source closer to my transceivers, but did I listen…. Well when I returned from Texas I brought a ‘newer’ battery up to my shack in the loft and like magic I can now speak with pretty much anyone I can hear on the radio. Just over the past week I have made contacts with states from NY to TX and received 5/9 reports. I am just saying sometimes an old dog does indeed have to learn new tricks or at the very least be open to try something new. I plan to try and be on the air at 20:00 UTC or 11am Alaska time somewhere around 14.345 + or – depending if the frequency is being used. Also if anyone wants to schedule a QSO with me please send me an email with a day, time and frequency and I will try and make it happen.

Everyone one of us want:
a balanced budget
affordable healthcare
and legal immigration
but I fear our representatives in Washington
and our next President
will continue to ignore ‘we the people’
unless we stand up as one voice
and demand change.

A return to the wilderness ….personal notes

February 3, 2016

Other than many new moose tracks, the snow still more than waist deep lay almost untouched around my cabin. As I opened the door and walked in the cabin for the first time in many weeks I was glad the weather here in Alaska has been mild while I was away, because even though each breath I exhaled turned into a cloud of frozen moisture when I glanced at the indoor temperature it read a warm 18 above zero.

It took a few hours after I got a fire burning in the stove for the chill to disappear and the room temperature to be a tolerable 48 as I began the fun of unloading my truck and finding out what frozen surprises awaited me. Each year I try to remove all liquids from the cabin while I am away but there is usually one or two that I miss. This year other than my half filled water jugs there was a bottle of ‘extra virgin’ olive oil that had frozen and turned an unappealing greenish-yellow. As I looked at the frozen container my mind drifted and I wondered if they had indeed hired extra virgins to make that olive oil?

In the mean time a quick reading on my battery bank reviled them to still be holding a charge, (12.4), so to fill the time waiting for the cabin to warm I fired up my radio to see what could be heard on the airwaves. Thus on January 30th I reached out and had a QSO with Gene KC4WAO in Georgia. He gave me a report of 5/8 for my signal but each time I keyed up and spoke my transceivers SWR meter and the overhead LED light would dim noticeably. I shut down and decided to wait until the batteries are fully charged before resuming my search for contacts on the air.

Looking back it was a very good visit with my family and I hope you all can understand but I have found an apartment near my family in Texas. Yes I feel like I am deserting my lifelong dream but after my failure to keep up with the snow last fall I have come to face the fact that I may no longer be capable of physically dealing with winters in the wilderness. The plan was to drive down in May for about six weeks and return to Alaska for the summer and then back to Texas for the winter. But even now I have begun to question wether I can drive the three… 3,800 mile road trips so there may be some adjustment to the ‘plan’.

In any event the world around us continues to demand our attention and a number of times I have started to mumble and growl incoherently when listening to the news so I believe it is time to unleash the curmudgeon from the grip of his euphoric family vacation, and let him once again speak his mind on the foibles and ills of the world.

Hopefully when we next meet here on the blog
I will once again have something
for your to read
that is worthy of your time

This posting made possible through Winlink
the emergency ham radio email system.

Saying goodbye….

January 28, 2016

 When we visit family or friends

spending time with them is wonderful,

but it is the memories


 we take with us



when we leave





 that will last a lifetime….





Coffee at -42 degrees

January 27, 2016


Many think it is an urban-myth

that hot coffee will turn into solid drops,

but as I found out one ‘cool’ morning

a steaming hot cup of coffee 

definitely becomes 

a solid when tossed into the air

at -42 degrees!

Just click the link


January 26, 2016

This note is addressed to my fellow ham’s but it also applies to my friends and followers of this blog. First to the hams that I “promised” a contact from Texas, I am sorry I could not make it happen. It was/is a compounding of factors related pr3to me personally, (not spending enough time on the radio), and then when I do the background noise makes it near impossible to hear any signal so I do not even attempt to call CQ. Please do not feel you were personally frozen out because for the 6 weeks I was here I made a total of 4 contacts, and none better than a 5/5. 

For the non-hams out there I can offer only one excuse for not picking up the phone and calling you, and that is….even now with the hearing aide I cannot understand most phone conversations. I think for that reason and the fact that I can’t keep running my mouth, is why I am now leaning to writing more emails.

On Thursday I will leave Texas and be in Fairbanks late that same night. I will however not get out to my cabin until the next evening because I have to restock my supplies and even when I get out there it will take (at least) a day for the heat to warm the cabin and the battery bank that runs my radio and email system. For those of you who have the Winlink ham radio email address I should be up and running by Sunday the latest, otherwise you can still get to me through my yahoo address or the ‘contact pete’ button on my blog.

Thanks for your patience with me

and hopefully 

I will talk to you from Alaska