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The U.S. is ripping families apart….

June 16, 2018

For the short attention span sound-bite generation it definitely sounds like the current administration is doing horrible things to illegal immigrant families, but not to the rest of us who have a brain because we see what the headline truly represents. Yes the U.S. is separating children from their parents just like we do with children of any American who commits a crime and endangers the welfare of a child.

One would think you do not bring you children with you when you are going to commit a crime but every month thousands of people cross our borders illegally committing a crime and therefore putting their children at risk. So rather than lock the children up in a regular jail with their parents they are separated and placed in ‘protective custody’ for their safety…

or would you rather that the
children be placed in a regular jail cell
with their
criminal parents?


***want a look at the conditions for those children click here.


Its all relative…. now please excuse me while I wipe the sweat off my keyboard

June 14, 2018








….I grabbed my coffee and opened the door this morning and walked outside to great the new Texas day. The sky devoid of any clouds was bright blue and with a mild breeze washing over me it was not too bad for 83 but for this old former Alaskan just another Texas day that was way too hot. As I stood there and waited for the caffeine to wash over my neurons and awaken them I pondered my dilemma, because I was now going into my third summer here one would think I would be used to the Texas heat but alas it is not so.

I think most of our lives are ‘relative’ and by that I mean the way we interact or accept things is based totally on what we have been exposed to for most of our lives, and this is not just relegated to things like one’s aversion to heat but to how we view other people. If a child is brought up in a household where the parents continually berate authority figures like police, teachers and politicians then one must expect that child to have the same views. Whereas if that child is brought up in a home where the parents live not only a moral life but one that supports authority figures then there is a very good chance that that child will do the same.

The same is true I think for living in different extreme climates. I have seen 1st and 2nd grade children playing outside during recess when the temperature was 20 below zero and they were all having fun. They were raised being exposed to temperatures going down into the 50 below range so they never knew any difference in climate and thus adjusted to it, even myself when shipped to the far East by the Army after half a year I barely noticed the daily 100% humidity and 90 degree temperatures because my youthful blood had adjusted to the heat.

….however unlike 1964 when I was 18
and shipped to Southeast Asia
now at 72 and after two years of Texas heat
I can see I will not be adapting

Social intercourse…. or true color’s

June 12, 2018

One would think when you are as famous as some of our celebrities and have millions of people listening to your every word, when given the opportunity you would say something that was intelligent however on Sunday night Robert Di Niro chose to exemplify liberal thinking by using profanity when speaking about the President. Then we see a standing ovation from the liberal elite who concur with his beliefs.

If I used my 1st amendment rights to write
the same thing about Obama
how long
do you think it would be
before there was a knock at my door?



***Just another example of the celebrities that the youth of today look up to and how they set a fine example of respect for authority for our children to follow.

School shootings…. and common sense

June 3, 2018

….it was late when I heard the knock on the cabin door and I was more than a little surprised because no one ever ‘stops over’ this late unless it was an emergency. However I didn’t hesitate to answer it because like every other person living out in the wilderness we were almost always armed. This time it was a stranded motorists that saw my lights from the highway and not a neighbor in need. For those of us living so far from civilization it is just a mater of common sense to carry a firearm as we go about our daily life because one never knows when a bear or stranger may come looking to do us harm.

There are some people who have their head screwed on right and there are those that think letting their son wear a dress to school and play the FPS game “Active shooter” for hours on end is a good way to raise him… I mean her or whatever. We may not be able to stop parents from raising their child as a potential terrorists but we can do things to protect the ones brought up with morals and common sense.

New online FPS game ‘Active shooter’, where you kill children and adults in school

I used to think Alaska was the only state that got it right when it came to firearm laws but a few days ago I listened to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott when he unveiled a slate of policy and legislative changes dealing with firearms and though a staunch advocate of my second amendment rights I think the Governor is on the right path to stop school shootings in Texas.

The Governor’s plans include; adding school marshals plus allowing teachers who are licensed to carry firearms go through training to be armed while in school, state courts that must report people “mentally unfit to have a gun” more quickly by tightening that deadline to 48 hours from the current 30 days and ‘hardening schools’ with fewer entrances and an active shooter alarm system.

Even the Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick commented on the school shooting issue by stating that the vast majority [of psychologists and psychiatrists] will tell you violent video games leads the children who play them to become numb to violence, to have less empathy to their victims and be more aggressive.

I just do not understand

how any company could survive

after it offered a game

where you go into a school

and get points


killing people.


Frustration…. a way of life when you deal with doctors

May 30, 2018

….there are times when you quit smoking after 54 years that it is definitely not a good thing, especially when ones stress level is through the roof. When I arrived for my doctors appointment and was brought back from the waiting room my BP was a miraculous 127 over 82 but I am willing to bet my life that now after having been waiting for the doctor for over an hour and a half it is borderline fatal!

I have written about doctors not honoring appointment times before because like almost everyone of us it has happened before. Since being here in Texas it has occurred three times and I have gone so far as changing doctors the second time it happened. Even in my beloved home of Alaska I walked out two times, once from a clinic visit and once because my cardiologist decided to eat lunch while I was in the waiting room making me wait an additional hour.

Much like my blog posts on school shooters and politicians
I have no ideas on how to change a doctors attitude
about making patients wait,
other than to suggest maybe cutting back
on the number of patients
they see every day
….then again maybe I just need a shower?


Visit my original article about doctors

Memorial day…. a day to remember those who died for our freedom

May 27, 2018

To the vast majority Memorial day means a backyard BBQ
to those that understand the true meaning of Memorial day
any words I use will never be sufficient so I humbly offer
these pictures and one thought…

Freedom only comes at great sacrifice

NFL owners fumble…. on Memorial day weekend

May 25, 2018

On this our nations memorial day weekend
when we are supposed to take some time to remember
those that gave their lives so we are free
the NFL owners terrified at loosing more money
because their players are disrespecting the National Anthem
came up with a way
for the players to remain in the locker room
in protest during the National Anthem.

It didn’t take a day to go by before
Eagles Chris Long and Philadelphia teammate Malcolm Jenkins
made it clear Wednesday that they don’t think much of the new policy,
and that their social activism will continue.

Yes it is my home team.

Yes I have followed them for decades

in their quest

for the super bowl,

but on this

Memorial day weekend

I am ashamed to support them…


@Scott Stone