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The fragmented Christian church in America…. just a thought

April 13, 2018

…242 years ago men destined to run our nation gathered and drafted a document casting off the shackles of tyranny from England with the following words echoing their beliefs in God as their creator, and never once worrying about mixing matters of church with the state.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident,
that all men are created equal,
that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,
that among these are
Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”


….no I am not naïve or lack the intelligence to see a bigger picture but for some reason from time to time I reflect on the number and diversity of churches where I am living. It makes no matter if it was Philadelphia, where I was borne and raised, Fairbanks where there are almost as many churches as restaurants or here in Texas where at times it appears there is a church on every corner…. I have to ask why?

True I have not participated in services at every church but come on every one of them from the mega 3,000 seat one to the small corner storefront with 30 folding chairs all profess to believe in God as our Savior and that one must live according the inspired scriptures of the bible… so again I ask why so many churches?

Can you imagine the power ‘we the people’ would have if we had only one Christian church in our nation? The will of ‘we the people’ in that church could no longer be ignored. We would no longer have to contend with the likes of the ACLU suing us because we stand behind our beliefs. Our fellow Christians could in one breath rid congress of every representative that supported actions restricting our beliefs or worship.

Why couldn’t
those thousands of different christian churches
believe as one.

Why couldn’t
each follower of Christ
stand side by side
praising the lord
and set the example for the rest of our nation?


Fake news, the national guard…. and a short sabbatical

April 6, 2018

….there is no pie, its just not happening, I mean once again I have lost the inspiration to write the simplest of postings. This week is a prime example with the Sinclair ‘fake news memo’ and the bloodbath response by the mass media add to that the fact that the President has called up the national guard to stop a march of one thousand illegal’s from entering this nation while not allowing those soldier’s to be armed, it was a week of events that normally would have me drooling with glee.

I mean once you get past the ironic behavior of the mass media at appearing shocked by the Sinclair broadcasting corporation stating live on camera that they would not disseminate any ‘fake news’ one must understand that the mass media considers it their job as journalists to not only (report) the news but interpret it for those of us too (slow) to understand what it means. Added to that news anchor and icon Dan Rather saying how bad Sinclair’s memo was at the same time we must remember when Rather was caught live on the air lying about the fact that President George W Bush “shirked his duties when he was in the Texas Air National Guard in the 1960s and 1970s”.

The past week has also delivered to me another ironic news item when I learned that President Trump signed a proclamation for the deployment of the national guard to our Southern border, I call this ironic only because the military cannot act as a police force and make arrests or use force they must just be there as a (show of force) and help with the observation of movement along the US Mexico border.

A number of you know that in late April of 2016 I left Alaska for Texas and hopefully a better way of life. It is now 2018 and withing 60 days I must decide if my move becomes “official” and I become a resident of Texas. This approaching deadline and a bout with ill health has overwhelmingly occupied my mind to the extent that writing itself, let alone being creative while doing so, has not been a focus for me. So Until I resolve the ‘official’ residence issue I plan to take a sabbatical from these my humble pages.

The dust on my residency
will settle by the end of May
until then no doubt
I will poke my head up
and attempt to
entertain and enlighten
any who pass this way.

Fire and ice…. a decision that burns

March 25, 2018

,,,,when I first woke up and went out front to great the day and enjoy those first sips of coffee the air was a tad warm but the breeze made it comfortable and I was thinking maybe today I could get two laps in during my walk around the complex. However when I began my walk the sun beat down on my arm and face like a sun lamp and the ground radiated the suns heat feeling like an open oven door.

Yes my ‘current’ decision to remain in Texas is literally a choice between fire and ice, the below zero temperatures plus 80 inches of snow at my old home in Alaska and here in Texas with days like today when at 11 am it was already 75 and making me wonder just what summer will look like. Even my original home in Pennsylvania is being hit by heavy snow falls with the news today talking about another snow storm heading across the country.

So here I sit preparing to surrender my Alaskan citizenship because I am too old to handle the rigors of living in a state where the snow is on the ground for 8 months and temperatures are so cold one could die from prolonged exposure.

The walk just completed I sit staring at the picture my daughter sent me of how much snow she had to shovel just to get into the club she manages reinforcing my decision to not return to that snow and cold. Though realization of that loss of home has this old man wondering aimlessly through his day, one must accept the reality of old age, and hope one can break the grip of the melancholy that surrounds that decision.

After all


a home

just a place in which to live

or is it where

your soul finds peace and happiness


The Baltimore school shooting…. just the truth

March 21, 2018

Don’t you find it strange that after the school shooting in Florida the media carried it as their lead story for days, but the school shooting in Baltimore is after only a couple days relegated to the back of the news desk? Could it be because those who made such a fuss about the Florida shooting were anti-gun and the shooting in Maryland proved that having an armed individual on campus does stop school shooters? Yes we need to find a way to keep the gun out of the shooters hand, but until then…. we can stop a shooter from inflicting further injuries if we allowed trained individuals in schools malls and other public places be armed.

The only way
to stop
a bad guy with a gun
is with
a good guy with a gun!

Students?…. march in support of gun laws

March 16, 2018

….I am in awe of the amount of work and coordination the school children of our nation exhibited in their ‘National School Walkout’ and march on Washington. The mere fact that they could coordinate with so many schools and the logistics involved with (chartering) so many buses for the Washington march and demonstration shows how mature and focused our children can be. Also when looking at some of the news photographs and seeing how carefully the children made their placards making them look like they were printed and not just drawn by hand shows attention to detail. The icing on the cake however was the ( random ) children the media interviewed and their ( spontaneous ) anti-firearm comments… it was almost as if someone else was running the show and writing a script for the kids to repeat.

On March 14th thousands of school children across the nation walked out of school in support of newer and tougher gun laws, or at least that is what someone wanted you to think. Yes it is true that in Washington DC and other cities in America students did indeed walk out of class and for some it was in direct response to the school shooting in Florida last month and their desire for tougher gun laws. But come on folks you are adults and you are not that stupid to not see that these demonstrations were not organized and implemented by school students but by those who want to see a tightening of restrictions on firearms in the hands of you and I.

There is just no way the children shown commenting on various news outlets all echo the same anti-gun sentiments without being coached. Just like those kids were not responsible for the hundreds of buses chartered or the thousands of “hand written” placards used in the demonstrations. Like they have in the past for other purposes, once again politicians and those with an agenda are using not only you and I but once again our children as pawns in a battle to control firearms.

I will not touch on the why they want to remove firearms from us because all we have are theories and suffice it to say that you will be ill-pressed to disagree with my supposition that these demonstrations are supported and influenced by people other than the children we see in front of the cameras.

Watching the youth of our nation
stand up
for what they believe
was inspiring,
but watching a school principle
remove one of those children
from the school walkout
because he wanted to stand up
for a different view on gun control
erases any thought
that these national demonstrations
were an example
of  freedom of speech.

The quickness of time…. aging before we want to

March 13, 2018

I blink my eye
and a second is gone
I turn my head
and a moment passes
It is almost like in the quiet of night
I can hear my life
whistling past my ears.

….keeping my eyes open was taking a major effort and I definitely didn’t want Sister Mary Margret to see me asleep again. The last time that happened I was awakened by the burning pain of her ruler against my knuckles. It was 1958 and I was in geography class at Resurrection parochial school just weeks away from summer break… and forget what the main product produced by Brazil is all I could think about was the upcoming summer vacation. The only problem was the closer we got to the last day of school the slower it seemed the clock was running.

That was then and now it’s 60 years later, but when I look back it truly feels like it was only last week! Living alone in my cabin in Alaska presented me with many more chores to handle and keep my mind and body busy during the day as opposed to now living here in Texas at an Independent senior apartment complex. Here many of the chores and all repairs are taken care of by the staff, leaving one maybe too much time to look back over ones life.

….and its not only looking backwards that has the clock running at ‘warp’ speed, even in my day to day life it seems like the days on my calendar get marked off almost hourly. Could this be because I/we know that this is the final chapter to our lives and though we do not want to close that book we know the time left to us is far shorter than the time that came before? We all have thousands of days of knowledge and experience within us and it would be nice to pass on that wealth of knowledge to family or friend but we understand not all of us are so blessed, so what is one to do at this point in our road of life?

Even if unfortunately
we have no
family or friends
we all have
decades of stories to tell.
….and if you are reading this
you surely know how to use the computer,
so take the next step
and write about those memories
and cast them on the cyber-sea
for other travelers
to discover and enjoy.

Cleaning house…. literally!

March 10, 2018

I was brought up in an era when it was the mans job to make a living and the wife’s job to run the house. Most men in the 1950’s and 1960’s were not concerned with cooking meals, making lunches or shopping and cleaning their home……. little did we know that that lack of experience would one day come home to roost with a vengeance.



Except for when I was on strike or laid off I worked almost every day of my married life and for half a decade held two jobs at the same time so is it any wonder I never understood what was entailed in taking care of a home. Sure for most of my 29 years of married life, except when I was in the Army, I had a ‘honey-do’ list on our refrigerator but this was for repair jobs and major projects only and the taking care of the house was the domain of my wife, unfortunately now I have switched rolls and must do all that my wife did for so many years. Its a little late but now I understand that a woman’s job at home was not one of sitting all day in front of the TV and there are days now that I get frustrated at all the cleaning needed to maintain even this small apartment.

You might ask what did I do for 20 years living alone in Alaska…. well for four of those years I had an apartment in Fairbanks and only worried about cleaning it right before I moved so I could get my deposit back. The next 14 years living in my remote cabin saw little of me even thinking about cleaning the place. Maybe once a year I would sweep the floor and every five years or so dust a little but other than washing the windows so I could see if a bear was around I never bothered to clean.

It just goes to show you
that many of us take what our loved ones
do for us
for granted