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An Alaskan epiphany…. or time to move on?

October 12, 2015

The thoughts in my mind are like adding a dye to swirling water, mixing and blending to a common nothingness. Hundreds of things to write about and hundreds more to deal with in the real world now all mixing together and creating a noise in my head that borders on insanity……….

….At one time or another over the years the postings on this blog have been read, digested and commented on by thousands of people from around the world. My words have touched people from China to Germany and Australia to Iceland and in the United States from California to Pennsylvania and Florida to Ohio. Some have even ventured forth from the lower forty eight, Germany and Australia to visit this old curmudgeon’s cabin…..but until now I have never stopped to think why anyone would be interested in what I think or have to say.

A couple of recent events have prompted this mental house cleaning including my current inability to use this computer to access my wordpress blog and a reader taking issue with what I have written. Those of you that have followed me for a while know, weather you agree or disagree with my postings, I have never censored any comments. These postings are my thoughts about a subject and the comments are your thoughts and unlike those in Washington and the media I do believe in free speech.

I have however come to think about the many times I listen to the radio and wonder just who is this person explaining a theory or some new international incident? Then I wonder why their opinion should matter on that subject, and this is when my epiphany happened. Who am I to think that what I think matters? I am just some old guy living alone out in the woods, so why should what I say matter to anyone. I have no expertise on anything, and absolutely no experience in politics, philosophy or psychology so what value could there be to what I think about these subjects?

I have been told that over the years my policy of starting a posting and leaving it on the computers desktop to simmer then going back every day to reread it and add or subtract something that enriches it, produced some of my best work. However of late I have tried to stay current and publish a posting shortly after what prompted it, and this has diminished the quality of my work. When I went back into old postings I see that this simmering of a posting is a correct assumption. Not being a writer when I quickly create a posting it lacks ‘flavor’.

By that I mean it is like the books I cherish
because they not merely present a story
they surround the basic story with writing
that enriches it, ‘flavors it’,
and leaves you

Thanks to Winlink
the ham radio emergency email system
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The myth about gun laws

October 7, 2015

Am I truly a knuckle dragging, gun toting, wrapped in the flag conservative Christian because I can not see how any new gun law would stop the mass shooting’s we have witnessed of late? Even as obama said we should enact gun laws similar to those in the country of Australia, there was a mass shooting incident in Australia. Then Hillary and a few Republican candidates for President jumped on the new gun law bandwagon, because they know very well that many voters do not understand the basic truth….that crazy people and criminals will NEVER obey any laws concerning guns!

If we just step back and look at the numbers they would show us that gun laws have no measurable effect on homicides by guns. In 1950 there were 7,020 gun related homicides and in 2012 16,692 even though there were more laws put in place between 1950 and 2012. This gives an indication that there is no correlation between gun laws and gun homicides. Or if we look at the city of Chicago which now has a 45% increase in gun homicides even though it has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation.

Why can’t people see there is no correlation between having more gun laws and a reduction in homicide by gun? The simple answer is because there is no black and white answer to solving the problem so people will grasp at any solution they are told will work. I believe the solution is complex and will involve something most people do not have patience.

I believe ‘we’ caused the increased amount of gun violence we are witness to today, and that it is based on our actions and inaction’s with regard to how we raised our children and in turn how they are now raising their children. If we go back to those figures we see an astronomical increase in gun homicides between 1950 and 2012, we must ask what has changed in our society during those years. I know you who have followed this blog have heard me say it before but… we see a definitive lack of respect for authority and a definite lack of morality in our society.

Little by little ‘we’ have either removed or allowed these cornerstones of society to be removed from each succeeding generation. We have allowed our government to dictate to families how to raise their children to the point that any discipline now is a practically a crime. We have allowed our government
to virtually remove any mention of religious morals from our schools and at the same time allowed our government to open the door to more and more violence and immorality on television and entertainment.

So is it any wonder our children and our children’s children have no sense of what is morally right? After more than 50 years of this gradual erosion of what our children see as right and wrong is it any wonder they think nothing of seeing someone shooting another person? We have created through our own inaction this society that thinks nothing of settling an argument with a bullet.

Our parents once said
you made your bed now sleep in it,
then we taught our children that they
do not need morality or respect,
now we have to live with the consequences.

Department of Justice homicide by gun numbers can be found at:

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Alaska….a personal note

October 2, 2015

A few forsaken plants swayed madly as the arctic wind ripped across the frozen tundra, the snow not so much falling as flying horizontally across the barren landscape. Almost everyone has seen film or video of this on a PBS or National Geographic special, but to work in that kind of weather shoveling snow against conditions like this is like trying to empty the ocean with a bucket.

I can remember quite a few winters as described above, where I would be shoveling snow at the mouth of the driveway and the Elliott highway and think for a brief second one could not live a more exciting life than me! I would flash back to some television special of wind swept Arctic tundra and indeed feel I was the luckiest man on earth. Well here we are decades later and more to the point decades older and the allure of fighting the elements is fadeding.

The last snow event has cemented my belief that I may not be fit enough anymore to handle the extreme conditions Alaska can throw at you. Though this last snowfall, of less than two feet, was not a major one it took me four days just to shovel the 25 feet of my driveway. The woman who owns this property always amazes me because to her it was just another start to winter and at most an inconvenience. But what can one expect from someone who though a bit older than I continues to build new cabins when I put my hammer down years ago.

Now after twenty five years in Alaska for the first time since my arrival here in 1995 I have been focused on experimenting with a five month vacation of sorts. It is more a trial run of to see if this old man can readapt to civilization or to find out if I have indeed lived alone in the woods for too long. Such a drastic lifestyle change will I know not come easy based on the the fact that when I make my supply runs to town I can not wait to leave and return to my wilderness home.

Because life comes with an expiration date…
I must soon choose between
a solitary life here in the Alaskan wilderness
or more time with my grandchildren
who barely remember a grandfather
that lives in a land touched by the hand of God

A heads up and a thank you. First as most of you know I am no longer able to post directly to WordPress and can no longer upload any photographs, so I invite you to visit my Face Book page, (Pete Burokas), to see some of the photos that I would normally post here. Last but not least another thank you to Winlink the ham radio email system for making this posting possible.

We have cowards running this nation

September 30, 2015

When you consider that the founding fathers of this country ‘literally’ put their lives on the line to establish this nation, then I am sure they are screaming from their graves at those we elected to represent us are doing to that same nation today.

From the newest congressman and senator to the President every one of them are cowards! For years now they have ignored the fact that the United States takes in less money than it pays out. They have indisputably ignored their job to maintain a balanced budget because of fear of loosing their elected status. They understand that when they do have to face balancing the budget it will hurt every one of us and they will never be re-elected again. They also understand every time they put off balancing the budget they increase the pain every American will have to endure when they can no longer print enough money to pay our bills.

These men and woman in Washington are powerful and rich not stupid that is why they continue to adopt extensions for our budget. I must point out that I am not just talking about normal budget items like the budgets for the military, Social Security and other departments of the government. But even though they understand what they are doing to our nation they continue to lay on the ‘pork’, in these budget extensions, ignoring the consequences.

Yes I truly believe if those founding fathers were alive today they would once again rise up as one and declare independence from those running our country and if need be like they did to the British they would run them out of office at the point of a….
The media blasts away with news of the Pope’s visit, the Presidential race, the Treaty with Iran, more school shootings and anything but what will without a doubt destroy the United States.

Have all of you forgotten that America is broke?

Have you forgotten that when the US
spends any money it must print worthless dollars
to cover that debt?

Right now your representatives are voting
to kick the can of American collapse
with another budget extension.

I know you smile when anyone talks about preparing
for economic collapse…..

…but remember what would happen sooner or later
if you did not pay your bills on time!

Dr. Carson the constitution and a Muslim President

September 27, 2015

A tip of the hat and thank you once again goes to WinLink the amateur radio emergency email system for delivering this posting and those that follow. It now appears WordPress will no longer allow me access to my blog because of my outdated browser and OS. So until I find a way to upgrade my computer my postings design may appear a little strange and without any new photography.

The first amendment to the Constitution of the United Sates starts with the words, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. Earlier in article two of the constitution it states that for a person to be President they must be: a native born Citizen Thirty five years old and have been fourteen years a resident within the United States. So if I am to remain faithful to my belief that the constitution is the bedrock of law for our Nation, how can I agree with Presidential candidate Ben Carson when he said that an Muslim extremist should not be president?

……but I do agree with him. Granted there is nothing illegal with a Muslim becoming President, in fact it would be against everything the constitution stands for but I think the founding fathers never envisioned a religion that called for the destruction of America! I do not think the Catholics, Baptists, Jews, Mormons, Buddhists, Protestants or any other religion has stated that one of its goals is the destruction of any nation or have ever called for its members to behead or burn alive all those who do not accept their religion. I have not heard of any of those church leaders calling for the bombing of other religions houses of worship. But one only has to search the internet to find hundreds of web sites with proclamations by Imam’s, Muslim church leaders, directing their followers to murder unbelievers and destroy the ‘great satin’ the United States.

One example of a country using the Muslim religion as the foundation for their new constitution is Iraqi. America sacrificed the lives of our soldiers to free the people of Iraqi. This blood was shed to allow the people of Iraqi to be able to live lives under the freedom of a democracy they established as its new government. But in the beginning of the new Iraqi constitution it states that no law will be established that conflicts with the laws of the Muslim religion. Those soldiers died in vane because there is still no freedom of speech or religion in Iraqi… ask any Christian who lived there.

So though I am a staunch defender of our constitution,
unless millions of Muslims rise up and
condemn their extremist brethren
I must agree with Mr Carson’s remarks
that no Muslim ever be allowed to serve as President.

Some anniversaries are different than others

September 24, 2015

In this day and age celebrating ten years of married life
and still being in love with your partner
is close to being a miracle.

But miracles do happen
and many normal marriages do exist
but to shoulder the weight
of not only life together for ten years
but additional responsibilities
that have destroyed many families
now that is truly a miracle.

So to my son and his wife
that have walked that challenging road
I love you very much and
from my heart I say


Happy Anniversary

Anthony and Claudia

It was 27 overnight……

September 22, 2015

ice3No matter whether it is summer or winter, millions of people visit and enjoy Alaska and all that it has to offer. From summer river rafting trips, back country hiking and fishing for Salmon to winter when they ride dog sleds, cross country ski or watch the nightly light show of Northern Lights all is experienced within the backdrop of wonders literally created by the hand of God. Those fortunate few hundred thousand who have chosen to make this wondrous place their home have at our fingertips the chance to do these activities year after year and have one additional Alaskan adventure few visitors encounter…..

The distressing fall and spring changeover. With the temperature last night dipping into the 20’s and rain and sleet occurring off and on each day we no doubt will soon experience once again the unnerving feeling of suddenly loosing any control of the vehicle we are driving. Weather it is because over the months we have forgotten how to drive on roads of ice or we had become so used to being able to make a turn or stop without thinking, that first ‘real’ taste of fall takes it’s toll.

Of all the seasons this time of change, to me, is the worst part of living here in Alaska. I remember one year when every store in Fairbanks was out of stock on crampons, tiny spikes that strapped to your shoes, because the ice was so bad one could barely make it out of the house without falling. One would think that because our roads are ice and snow covered for about 5 months driving would be terrible the entire time, but not so. It seems that when winter finally sets in and the temperature is between minus 10 to minus 50 it actually becomes better to drive the colder it is. This happens because of the extreme cold your tires do not generate as much heat and so do not create that thin film of water between the tire and the icy road.

So as the ice starts to cover the streams
throw another log on the fire
winter will soon be here..
…and our slippery transition
will be only a memory soon forgotten
as we sit back and relish our lives
in the wilderness of Alaska.