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Freedom isn’t free… Memorial Day

May 24, 2015

Flag&boyNo words do justice
so just photographs to make one think
that without the sacrifice of millions of soldiers
the freedom to think, write and say what we do would not exist.


Is God listening?

May 22, 2015

Photo by Tricia

When one prays day after day, year after year, and perceives no answer one wonders if God is listening? Don’t get me wrong I am not expecting the answer to come in the form of a burning bush but is it truly necessary to have absolute faith that your prayers are answered before one understands that they were? I guess I should remember the words of Jesus in (*Mark 12:24) that “…all that you ask for in prayer, believe you have received it and it will be yours”.

At times I even wonder why God would take one second to consider my words when my life has been full of moments contrary to His laws. Who am I to think that God, who has the power to create everything in existence, would even notice me let alone my needs. But then who was he speaking to when he said through Jesus that (**Mat 6:8) ‘he knows what you need before you ask’? When you add to that the fact that my prayers are not for myself, but for the welfare of others some totally without sin and a seed of doubt creeps in.

So what is one to do, give up almost 70 years of belief in God, or continue to pray and believe that He truly understands the needs of those I pray for? As I walk these final miles during my remaining years am I to now to loose my lifelong partner on this journey of life because I think he does not hear me?

I think not……
because like a child who looks to his father
for everything in their early life
God is indeed my heavenly Father
and he will give me what He knows I need.

*New American Bible, St Josephs edition Catholic bible
**NIV study bible

Stranded near the top of the world?

May 21, 2015

With the Dalton Highway once again closed

the flooding now endangers

the Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay airport.

Prudhoe bay airport

(photo curtsey of Fairbanks Newsminer)


Vacation, protesters and oil

May 20, 2015

P1020765Next week my son will be here at the cabin for a short vacation and unless there is a matter of major import, other than a photograph or two, I will probably not be posting. Because like in days of old on my wifes refrigerator in Philly I also have a ‘honey-do’ wish list of things I would like to accomplish. Also just like my wifes list I am sure only a couple of the major items will be attended to. So please do not feel slighted if after my annual ‘Memorial Day’ posting I am silent during the week.


Irony is taken to a higher level

Hundreds of protesters marched across a bridge, outside of Seattle to terminal 5
and temporarily closed the road,
at the same time blocking port entrances with hundreds of kayaks.

*”The mass demonstration was the latest protest of the Polar Pioneer’s arrival in Seattle. Protesters greeted the rig Thursday,protest and then hundreds of activists in kayaks and other vessels turned out Saturday for a protest dubbed the Paddle in Seattle. The activists say they are concerned about the risk of an oil spill in the remote Arctic waters and the effects that tapping new frontiers of oil and gas reserves will have on global warming. ”

One of these deeply committed highly intelligent protesters Lisa Marcus said….
*”We’ve got to wake up” to the dangers of human-caused climate change, she said, ticking off a list of environmental problems that the world is facing. “Shell is trying to make it worse, and that’s not acceptable.”


To me this is the very definition of irony
when the protesters
arrive in their SUV’s
and jump into their plastic kayaks
wearing their polyester fiber rain gear
and want to end the search for oil.

When environmentalists show me
that they can live without anything at all petroleum based
then we can stop the search for oil.

 * media reference

The new American reality

May 15, 2015

P.1My awakening to this new reality came about in a quite unexpected way. I was sitting watching a crime drama on TV and it was showing a scene where the camera starts a few hundred feet over a major metropolitan city at night, one with tens of thousands of lights burning in the myriad of buildings and homes. As the camera slowly zooms in from that wide shot to focus on one building and then just one window you get a sense of having just passed millions of people until the camera enters the window into one persons home.

Inside that home the camera pans around the rooms showing various evidence of one’s daily life from books read and sports gear laying in the corner to photos decorating the walls and shelves. Everything reflecting what this one human being cherishes most. It was then that like the flash of a camera my mind realized that America as we have known it is fading into history.

I became aware in that instant, in the futility of my ramblings on this blog, that most Americans are so fixated on their daily life, that though they may complain they will not exert any continuous effort to band together to make the changes needed to save our nations way of life. Yes for many they may be at times irritated at what our leaders are doing but they are content if they can maintain the ‘status quo’. So no amount of words by me or those of the thousands of professional writers will plant the seed that will motivate the masses to demand change.

Many years ago I piloted a river boat on the Yukon river and I learned one supremely important factor that you can not change the direction you are heading when the current is more powerful than the engine on the boat. It takes the force of a powerful motor to change course and it would take the force of tens of millions of Americans to say enough….and change the direction this country is heading. This of course will never happen because we are so self involved with our own lives to do more than speak out about the wrongs that Washington is doing every day.

Each and every one of us has seen and can not deny:

There is a distinct effort to lower the moral values in America
There is an effort underway to see those with patriotism as belligerent toward other nations
The American military is being downsized and viewed as aggressive and unnecessary
The constant devaluation of our money will lead to the collapse of the American economy
The lowering of standards in our education system so that none will feel left behind
The medias view that racism and wealth is the basis for all our inner city ills
The governments determination to favor free will over Gods laws

…and seeing this do you not realize
that like the Roman and English Empires of old
Americas time of greatness is ending?

The mental mist of spring

May 13, 2015

fog bridge

Spring arrives and temperatures vary
akin to ones mind trying to focus but never quite holding.
 A fog of thoughts clouding the mind
until the sun burns through to……reality.

…a thought about Mothers day

May 9, 2015

My stomach was grumbling as I finished my home work and the attention that was focused on the imports and exports of South America faded as I was becoming aware of the wonderful aroma of a roast sitting on the dinner table. A meal fit for kings was conjured up daily for this blue collar family by a woman that at the time I took for granted, my mother. Now alone and cooking for myself I can not fathom how she accomplished this feat everyday. I have problems cooking anything that does not come from a can yet she produced meals like a roast, mashed potatoes, vegetables and garden salad on a daily basis.

My father and I may have done the dishes and taken out the trash but it was truly nothing compared to my mothers day. The amount of work my mom did from morning breakfast to packing lunches and shopping for groceries then intersperse the day with keeping a home a spotless as a laboratory you have a 365 day a year job no one would ever want. With all this work she still found time for affection for my dad and hugs when I need them.

Looking back now I can only feel saddened at how I took advantage of her efforts and treated them with indifference. I can only say to you who’s mother is still alive do not make the same mistake. Reach out whenever you can and let her know that she is appreciated and loved.

Because there will come a time
when you will not be able to show her how you feel
or tell her that you love her.Mom & Dad 2