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To sleep…perchance to dream.

August 1, 2015

P.1Every one of us has some type of dream that we either openly or secretly hope will come true. For some it is the health and welfare of their family, others attaining that top rung of their chosen profession or the successful attainment of what can only be called more than enough financial success. But for most it is the simplest of things like the love of their family or having enough food to eat or fresh water to drink. Ultimately the vast majority of everyone on this planet shares that one thing….a dream of something better.

Many of us have become complacent in that we have been doing for so long that our dreams are just that a dream not a goal. We have become so set in a way of life that it would no longer be to our benefit to attain that dream, because it would require us to drastically change the very life that we have grown accustomed to and are comfortable with.

However for a fortunate few of an outside influence nudges open the lid of our personal ‘Pandora’s box’ of dreams and reminds us that there is more to life than what we currently enjoy. Thus begins the turmoil of shaking off the dust of complacency we are comfortable with and donning the mantel of attaining that dream.

So late in life when one encounters a fork in life’s road
that appears shrouded with complications
it may be Gods way of pointing us
in the direction of
a better way of life.

Beating a dead horse… again

July 30, 2015

“We the people” are gullible and stupid! Weather you are republican or democrat, conservative or liberal we are blinded with a belief that our representatives can be honest and truly represent what we want. How many times have we “found” a new candidate that speaks to our very souls desire and when they are elected morph into a totally different person?

Last fall “We the people” were fed up with business as usual in congress and the senate. We wanted our government to live on a balanced budget like each of us has to do. We wanted government to adhere to the very words of our constitution by “…providing for the common defense” of our nation by securing our borders. And we wanted our government to roll back the destruction of our nations medical system. Before the elections every one of those running for election or re-election swore they would defund the executive orders pertaining to illegal immigration and obama-care. These same people also said they would work to balance the budget no mater how painful.

Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal
once again we believed these liars and
once again they betrayed us.

It could well be time for “We the people”
to once again enforce the words written in the
Deceleration of Independence.

Iran agrees to recognize the state of Israel

July 28, 2015
mky2*This is the first in my ‘short take’ postings where
I make an observation present the facts
and hope you find it worthy of further thought.

President Clinton with only months remaining in her second term announced that her legacy as a world leader has been solidified by arranging the agreement by Iran to recognize the nation of Israel. This monumental news comes after Iran allowed Israeli inspectors to remove the last of Iran’s nuclear fuel from its reactors. The Prime minister of Israel was quoted as saying it is the dawn of a new day in the Middle East while shaking hands with the Ayatollah on the steps of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Fiction of course….but no more so than what we have today with the nuclear arms agreement with Iran now in Congress. I am positive there are those out there who believe that it could actually come to pass that Iran and Israel can coexist but then again these are the same people who believe that a nation that has cheated on inspections of their plutonium production and calls for the overthrow of America can be trusted. Shouldn’t Iran demonstrate to the world first that they are serious about not wanting a nuclear weapon by allowing same day inspections for a year at their facilities before we release their financial assets and Iran gives it to Isis or other terrorist groups?

Diplomacy is is a worthy endeavor
as long as it is in balance with tangible evidence
that you are not being lied to.

Is the American worker just a cat chasing its tail?

July 26, 2015


The familiar squeak of the rubber squeegee as it was drawn down a plate glass window filled the air, but my mind was miles away driving a rented motor bike to visit my girlfriend. It had been a hard week of scouring the grill, moping the floor, washing dishes and making 40 pounds of hamburgers but Friday was here and payday was at hand. I had already figured I would get almost $40.00 this week and after the bike rental, dinner and maybe a movie it would nearly be gone. But that was OK because next week would soon be here and with her birthday looming I had to save for her present.

In the early 60’s when I got my first job I was paid $2.50 an hour for work at the restaurant, yesterday I heard on the radio that in California they were voting to raise the minimum wage to $15.00 per hour, that makes me wonder how we survived back the. Of course it is simple math when you see back in the 60’s a burger at McDonald’s was twenty five cents one could afford plenty of burgers while making $2.50 an hour. So what will McDonald’s and other fast food places do when the minimum wage goes to $15/hr? Again simple math…raise the cost of those burgers and hire less people.

I fully understand the need for people making more money when everything from rent and utilities to food and gasoline is costing much more than we can afford. However I also understand that by giving everyone a raise every business will then have to charge more for their product, it is indeed a vicious cycle that must be broken. There was a way back when I first got married to make life easier financially, it was to get a second or third part time job. Today it seems most people however want the government to jump in and solve our financial problems.

A minimum wage of $15.00
will only increase the cost of everything
and we will continue to
to live like a cat chasing its tail.

Is something better than nothing?

July 23, 2015

Was Shakespeare thinking of people like myself when he penned the words, “….tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in its petty pace from day to day and all our yesterdays have lighted fools way to dusty death….it is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing”, because it appears to aptly apply to my present existence here on the edge of nowhere.

Like tombstones in a graveyard the icons of numerous unfinished postings litter my computers desktop, waiting for some miracle of insight to have them blossom forth and render them worthy to see the light of day. Alas no insight comes and they languish like the wrecks of incomplete automotive projects accumulating rust. How many times have you and I read the words on someone’s blog stating that they had nothing to write about, yet they did like I am doing wrote about this nothingness.

My current malaise is fostered mostly by my inability to weld the pieces of a major road trip together and the daily skirmish with internet access to my blog. At times I wonder if this daily battle has led to wisps of depression entering my psyche. For even my ADD habit of keeping my domain uncluttered now evokes a vision of a hoarders hovel with nary a path to walk through any room.

I am currently pondering a change in format from my former verbose postings to ones that are pithy and to the point in hopes of being able to maintain quality while casting off quantity of words. I am also considering surrendering the daily fight with internet access and sticking entirely with making my postings via email over short wave radio. This would guarantee that I can post whenever I want but would not allow me to do any research or post any photographs. In any event like everything in life what will happen is subject to outside influences and the ability of this old curmudgeon to deal with whatever is thrown his way.

Though fighting a dense mental fog

I decided to post these personnel thoughts
not to seek out your support
but to inform you my friend
that I have not stopped writing but I am
just trying to make sense of life
now stuck in neutral.

*This posting made possible by Winlink
the amateur radio email system.

The view from my window… a fire update

July 16, 2015

P1020765For the past three days we have had some very strong showers here at the cabin. The rain though creating temporary rivers in the dirt has quelled the Aggie Creek fire and dissipated the smoke so now only the White mountains to my East are shrouded in white.

Then this morning I was greeted with welcome rays of intense sunshine, which not only filled my batteries with much needed solar energy, but also cut through my mood that was as dark as the smoke filled skies. Though not quite ready to ponder the intricacies of national or world events for this blog my spirit has brightened enough to let you know the fire is being dispatched by hundreds of souls on the fire line and now also apparently with aide from the heavens above.

On Wednesday I had occasion to meet some of these hardy men who travel far from their homes to battle fires and I must admit I came away inspired. The men I met were from North Dakota and as they drank there coffee they embodied an ‘ah shucks’ attitude over the sacrifice they exhibited each day on the fire line. These young men traveled thousands of miles to place themselves in danger to protect our homes with never a thought that they may never return to their families.

I say this because I remember the forest fire in Arizona where within minutes a fire reversed course and killed an entire group of smoke jumpers. Yes I know these men are paid to fight these fires but for the most part fire fighters fight fires in or near their own homes, these men are literally in the middle of nowhere and still they have the resolve to do a job and do it well.

My thanks and prayers
goes out to everyone of those
firefighters who are here in Alaska
risking their lives to protect our homes.

Alaska continues to burn

July 11, 2015


Because most of the 302 current fires in Alaska will continue to burn until ‘mother nature’ quiets them with her blanket of snow I am reminded of a quotation from the bible, “God gave Noah a rainbow sign, no more water the fire next time”, may right now be more applicable to Alaska than Noah.

Of those 302 fires myself and those who live nearby are keeping watch on the 26,141 acre Aggie creek fire which as of this writing is approximately 12 miles Southwest of us. As of today there are 401 fire personnel and 4 full time helicopters working to ensure it does not reach 54 cabins in the area or do any damage to the Alaska pipeline and its pump station that runs along the Eastern border of the fire. The cost to date to keep the blaze in check is $7,440.000 and they say it may burn until the fall when it snows again.

My photographs may not depict
the fierce flames that usually incite interest and awe
but to me the sight of miles of smoke chimneys evokes feelings
of ominous approaching danger.


Link to the full article in the Fairbanks Newsminer