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Lets go out and burn some books…. Revising American history

August 18, 2017

….Hitler burned books, ISIS destroyed statues and temples and here in America it looks like there is a growing sentiment to follow their example of destroying statues of people, events and history we do not like. I would like someone to explain to me how we can call what ISIS and Hitler did as an atrocity at the same time doing exactly what they did?

In almost every area ISIS has occupied it has destroyed statues and temples that represents any position other than what it espouses, and now it appears if there is a growing movement to do the same in our country. I have to ask is not our tearing down of statues and memorials commentating people and events from our nations history exactly the same as what ISIS has done?

The targeting of civil war statues however can be seen as only the first step in a revision of our countries history. We now have people defacing the Lincoln memorial in Washington DC and television personalities ridiculing our nations founding fathers, and calling out for someone to “blow up Mt Rushmore”. Is not the lessening of stature of the men that created this nation laying the groundwork to later amend how they appear in our history books, and better asked does not everyone calling for those changes have some blemish on their otherwise good lives?

We may as yet not be following in Hitler’s footsteps of burning any books but it does appear that we are headed towards some people trying to revise what is written in them. Yes we had a dark period in our nations history where slavery was commonplace but that time is now well into the past and we have learned from our mistakes. It has been said that ‘we must learn from our history or be doomed to repeat it‘, and as far as slavery is concerned we have learned, but it appears that though we are not ‘yet’ burning books we are definitely trying to change what is written in them.

Are these two pictures not the same?

Changing hearts and minds…. through violence.

August 16, 2017

…in 1967 I returned home from a tour of duty with the army in the far east. For some reason I do not remember why I went into Philadelphia’s center city, in uniform, but I ended up coming face to face with a massive anti-war protest. Like thousands of other servicemen and women in uniform I was the target of many unpleasant comments but during the hours that I walked through the downtown area I never encountered any violence. So I sit here and wonder why today many demonstrations end up with the violence we saw in Charlottesville.

USA Today 8/15/2017 – “President Trump’s argument Tuesday that left wing groups were just as violent as the white supremacists who staged a demonstration in Charlottesville set off a firestorm,” and I have to ask why?

Yes the President has openly changed the direction of his condemnation three times since the violence and death that occurred at a protest demonstration in Charlottesville on Saturday, but like his first remark what he said today, “I think there is blame on both sides, you had a group on one side that was bad. You had a group on the other side that was also very violent. Nobody wants to say that. I’ll say it right now,” is closer to the truth.

So why does his condemnation of what happened in Charlottesville have the people of this nation so upset? Could it be once again the fact that people do believe in free speech as long as it doesn’t offend them? Could it also be that because he did not single out the white supremacists as the only cause for the violence, like former President Obama did when he ignored the fact that a part of the city of Baltimore was destroyed by people upset over the killing of a 25 year old in police custody.

Oh hell…. I tired of tiptoeing through this politically correct minefield of crap, the Klan and their supporters should be arrested and sent to their own little island of hate filled idiots where they can live in ignorant bliss. However I also want to state that there was violence on both sides with the alt-left combination of black lives matter and the antifa group that from what I have read and observed in news videos are far from blameless. So maybe they should, if they are so unhappy with our society, also be given an island where they can live without the threat of police brutality, and where they do not have to worry about as they have stated… kill any police or whites.

Some after reading this will believe I am a racist
I am not

I just think we should (all) live our lives
bound by the same laws
where you are free to say and think whatever you want
just do not try and force your views on me.

Fire and ice – Texas and Alaska…. A minds journey

August 13, 2017

….it wasn’t a heavy snow falling that made it hard to see more than a couple car lengths in front of me but the wind that accompanied it blowing in near gale force that gave it the look of a blizzard, but combine that with a road that was essentially a 65 mile ice skating rink and you have another interesting drive to town for supplies in the winter of my Alaska.

I don’t know what prompted this posting…. maybe opening my front door everyday for the past few weeks and having it feel like opening the door of an oven that has been set at 350 for hours or today looking at my weather station and reading only 77 I erroneously thought going outside would be a nice change only to be engulfed in what felt more like a steam bath with its 98% humidity, whatever the reason as I sat drinking my morning coffee and looked out at the falling rain my mind wondered back to one of my semi-monthly winter drives to town for supplies from my cabin in Alaska.

I am sure a number of you have seen the ‘Ice road truckers’ television series but if you have seen more than one episode you know the producers attempt to hype the possibility of imminent disaster on each journey. Well I am hear to tell you a good bit of that danger is just the reality of any drive here in the interior of Alaska in the winter.

Once the snows start to come with some regularity the woefully understaffed road crew do not try and clear the road to the asphalt but merely scrape the top heavy layers down to the combination of super packed snow and ice. Now when the temperatures are warmer than 10 below zero the heat from the many big rigs tires running the highway melts that surface and in short order refreezes as solid ice. So in essence even I am a ice road trucker when I make my trips to town.

I learned quickly that you do not just hop in your vehicle and make the drive when you are out of something, but watch for the best weather on the day of your drive. You also make sure you have your own personal emergency kit stashed in the back seat consisting of a shovel, rope, blanket, extra uber-warm cloths, water and food. Only then do you venture out for a long drive in the dead of winter in Northern Alaska.

The drive that in warmer months takes 45 minutes can now stretch from an hour and a half to two hours, depending on road conditions. Having to drive over a number of 2,000 foot hills during the trip is where the drive becomes the most ‘interesting’. On a couple of drives, during my first winter living in my cabin, I learned that one does not really want to use the breaks when rounding mountain switchbacks. On two occasions I ended up doing a 180 and was thankful no traffic was around when they happened.

After learning the hard way I only used down shifting not breaks when descending the many hills I crossed, and maybe that’s why my truck at 68,000 miles still has its original breaks. Yes it is a more tense ride on these trips but the scenery that has been transformed by the snow from its lush summer green is now a vast landscape of black and white that in its starkness is just as beautiful.

So though I sit

trapped in my bubble of coolness in the heat

my spirit reaches out and remembers

those bygone journeys

through the vast and austere beauty

of a land called



*** Then again some days I never left the cabin ***

Just frustration…. or is it insanity?

August 10, 2017

….a reprieve! Yesterday I was told the larger of the two jobs, replacing the flooring, in my apartment will not have to be done. Plus they pushed the patching of my ceiling for another one to two weeks, and like icing on the mental cake of insecurity I was told they would not have to remove anything from the apartment and I could stay here while the work was being done.

Insecurity I know touches all of us at different times and degrees in our lives, from facing a new job or career to deciding what to make for dinner. But for those of us who are older that insecurity can be a very strong emotion, and understanding this I have to wonder about North Korea. Kim Jong-un is not old yet he personifies insecurity and paranoia to a degree that places his nation on the brink of destruction.

Yes with the first name of Kim being predominately a girls name it isn’t hard to see why North Korea’s leader is feeling insecure but to repeatedly threaten attacks on the US leans more to someone who is mentally unbalanced. With Russia, China and Iran all with long range missiles and nuclear weapons in their arsenal, plus a distinct hatred of the American way of life, you do not see anything nearing the rhetoric that is emanating from North Korea. So I have to ask why is Kim Jong-un acting this way?

I am sure the conspiracy theorists see some shadow countries behind the scenes acting as puppeteers pushing Kim to have America attack North Korea so they can enter the fray supporting that poor under defended nation, but the truth may be far more simple…. Kim is nuts! He has taken a page from our representatives in Washington with their magicians slight of hand and focused the people of North Korea’s attention away from there impoverished lives and is working them into a frenzy of fear and hatred toward the United States.

I remember a couple months back when all the media’s news outlets were reporting that yes he had ‘some’ intermediate range missiles but no nuclear bombs small enough to be carried by his missiles. However a week ago he fired a missile that we were told could hit most of the US and today it was reported he indeed has miniaturized nuclear warheads.

Does anyone remember the 1997 movie ‘Wag the Dog‘? No the situation today with US and North Korea is not some pretend potential conflict like in the movie but one has to wonder if Kim is not trying to distract the people of his nation from their impoverished lives while someone else is pulling the strings.

Whatever the reason
we must all hope that Kim
is made to understand

that unlike President Oboma’s line in the sand
that disappeared without any consequences

President Trump’s line in the sand
will not disappear
North Korea will

Stressful times in the lone star state.

August 8, 2017

Just a short note to let you know I am still alive but I am in the middle of my apartment being repaired, from the hail damage last April, and my world is now upside down. Sure reading and listening to the news has many potential postings passing through my brain, but being the old grump that I am worrying about the coming repair work has me unable to focus on anything but what I currently have to deal with.

I was told I would not have to relocate during repairs, (probably because they are not paying for any relocation), but yesterday I visited another apartment where they had already ripped up the flooring and it was a mess. The occupants furniture, including bed, mattress and box springs were stored outside on the ground and the interior was covered in a layer of dust. I also saw the apartments stove stored with the furniture so I wondered just how one was suppose to cook if they are not relocating.

In any event
I just wanted you to know
that I have not deserted all of you
just trying to get through another pot-hole
on my road of life.

A question of balance…. God an Arctic sponge and cancer

August 1, 2017

….I started this posting a number of times but no opening paragraph was equal to the task of telling how I felt when I first read an article in the Anchorage on-line newspaper. To me the article only confirms what I have believed for many decades, that every natural thing we see around us is in its own way an example of the handiwork of God.

The news article stated that an obscure sea sponge that was discovered between 300 and 700 feet below the frigid waters of the Gulf of Alaska “holds unusual molecules that target and kill pancreatic cancer cells in the


Photography… NOAA

laboratory.” Mark Hamann of the medical university of South Carolina and Fred Valeriote from the Henry Ford cancer institute of Detroit have stated that the sponge ‘shows promise as a tool to help patients fight pancreatic cancer, a notoriously deadly and hard-to-treat disease’.

I equate this with God’s handiwork because I believe when we look at how precisely our world is placed in relation to our sun, called the ‘Goldilocks zone’, where temperatures are just right to maintain liquid water on its surface and where we find an atmosphere roughly 78 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen, with trace amounts of water, argon, carbon dioxide and other gases. Nowhere else in the solar system can one find an atmosphere loaded with free oxygen, which ultimately proved vital to one of the other unique features of Earth — us.

So when you take the only known perfect planet to support life with the continuing discoveries of life saving ‘natural’ compounds I personally believe that all of this did not happen by chance but by the unseen hand of a higher power. I have always thought that though we have many diseases that can make us ill and even kill us our creator must have also placed their cure somewhere in nature for us to find.

I may indeed be wrong but every day in laboratories around the world biomedical researchers are finding new compounds that fight the many illnesses we deal with throughout our lives. So from the discovery of that seemingly insignificant sponge found in the cold arctic waters to the bark from a yew tree common in our Pacific Northwest to the more than 7000 medicinal compounds found in the plants of the Amazon rain forest I have evidence that to me shows God created a world that is in balance if we only take the time to seek out its treasures.

So the question of balance
I hold as a guide in my walk down life’s road
may be a reflection of our Lords
foundation of life for us all.

The affordable care act…. A great American boondoggle

July 26, 2017

…that sound you hear is the sound of our nations healthcare system slowly sinking into oblivion. It is an indisputable fact that without most adults and families in the United States signing up for coverage in the ‘affordable care act’ (aka obamacare) it will fail. This is because of the one simple fact it can not support all the people who do sign up for it because many are already sick or have a preexisting condition. Yes millions of other people signed up for Medicaid under the ACA changed rules but they too did not help pay for those that are sick because under the new ACA Medicaid policy their payments and deductibles were low or nonexistent. It is just common sense that you cannot have a healthcare system support itself with only sick people in it.

When the affordable care act was originally being pushed through congress our representatives knew full well the secret that without tens of million of healthy people signing up for it the ACA it would fail. These representatives once again used slight of hand to garner your support by touting the fact that no one will be denied coverage regardless of physical health. They went so far as to openly lie to the American public and say that we could maintain the doctors we had before ACA and that we would save on average $3,000 per year over what we were currently paying.

So with the then President almost daily telling us how good the new system will be and never mentioning that it won’t work without everyone signing up for it, the bill was passed and the Affordable Care Act became law. We then found out that the ‘penalty’ for not signing up would be a fine every year at tax time. Why didn’t we know about this before the bill was passed, well Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it”, so maybe our representatives should have read the bill and informed the public.

Healthcare is an area our government has no business being involved in. I say no business because though our healthcare system was not in great shape it was still the best in the world before our representatives stuck their fingers into it. Why else would people from around the world come to America to be treated by our doctors in our hospitals? Why would people from Canada, with their single payer healthcare system, cross the border almost on a daily basis to be seen by our doctors in our clinics? Yes the cost of medical insurance was continually rising but isn’t everything, so why did a president lie to us to get congress to enact obomacare, when he knew it would escalate the individual costs and could never work unless almost every man, woman and child in this nation signed on?

Now in Washington our representatives are fighting a battle they know they can not win by attempting to change or replace the ACA. No matter what they do they know without getting more healthy people than sick people to sign up for the healthcare plan it will fail. Lately a modicum of common sense must be emerging because a number of our representatives will not support any legislation to keep the ACA alive in any form. Now one can only wish that we could go back in time and never have the government meddle in something they have absolutely no right to be involved in.

More importantly why is congress
getting involved where they have absolutely no right too?

The 10th amendment to our constitution states

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the
Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are
reserved to the states respectively,
or to the people”.

Does anyone see in the constitution any clause or amendment
telling our government to oversee the nations healthcare?