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Drugs, sex and the supreme court

June 28, 2015

P.1In the news today June 19, 2020 the supreme court of the United States ruled that no states could make the sale or use of marijuana illegal. This is based on the 14th amendment that says it would be discriminatory because it is legal in many other states. This ruling harkens back to 2015 when the court ruled that states have no right to deny a marriage license to gay couples when in some states gay marriage is legal.

Yes it seems that another of Pandora’s boxes has been opened and the unintended effects will continue to ripple for decades to come. If you have been following my postings you know that I do not care what lifestyle ‘you’ choose to live just as long as you do not try to have me accept it. This is after all America and the ultimate basis for our nation is ‘freedom’. Freedom to believe in whatever God one chooses, freedom to think and say whatever we want and freedom to not accept what we believe is morally or politically wrong.

Most of us are aware that the supreme court was wrong because in article ten of the Constitution, it states “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the ‘States’ respectively, or to its people.” So if a State like Texas bans marriage to any couple other than a man and a woman it can not be overruled by the supreme court.

Than again the supreme court also ruled that the federal government can force us to buy medical insurance or be penalized, when the Constitution does not state, where it enumerates the duties of the federal government, the establishment of a federal health system.

They say looking back at the good old days

were in reality not as good as we think they were.

But in the good old days

our politicians did not openly lie to us or

our President did not apologize to other nations and

our belief in God and love of country

was more important

than our acceptance of gay marriage.

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Alaska is burning… redux

June 25, 2015

fire1Rubbing the charcoal stick onto the cave wall the pictograph was almost done, it showed a scene as if drawn from the Bibles book of ‘revelation’. The man finished slowly rose and dropped his stick as he walked unsteadily out of the mouth of the cave into the dense smoke filled air. As he looked up the sky above opened to reveal a small hole in the smoke, enabling him to see the colors of a rainbow with an intensity never before witnessed. At the same instant the earth beneath his feet danced madly and threw him to the ground. He cried and started to moan knowing that this must surely be the last moments of his life…..


….or maybe just another day in the life of someone living in Alaska. By the time this is published there
have been over 427,000 acres of land burned by fires that continue to blot out the sky over much of the state. With over 500 fires still burning and a number of villages and towns now being evacuated the 4,000 firefighters here seems at times insignificant to hold these fires at bay, but when one compares that to the 4.7 million acres burned in 2004 it almost appears if this is a low fire year.

However added to the destruction caused by the forest fires we have had two major CME, (coronal mass ejection), events created when the sun thew massive amounts of energy at the earth and to literally put the icing on the cake and yesterday we had a 5.8 magnitude earthquake centered near where one of the states larger fires burned. It may not be a glimpse into the book of ‘revelation’ but it certainly looks and feels that way on just another summer day out here in the Alaskan wilderness.

Flames that endanger lives,
smoke that burns and blots out the sun.
The suns radiation that inhibits communication
and earthquakes that can kill
just another day
or a wake up call from a higher power?

Fire reference material

Earthquake reference material

The burning of Alaska… or news vs reality

June 22, 2015

Around the world many indigenous cultures have a vastly different terminology for the changing of the seasons. The great majority of them base this terminology on their subsistence survival way of life. For example our spring may be called fish because it is the time of year when fish return to the waterways. Other times may be designated for when bears or moose are at there best for harvesting. Having been in Alaska for now over 20 years I have personally designated this time of year the season of ‘smoke’.

The emotionally stirring vista of the hills and valleys surrounding my cabin are once again obscured by the haze of smoke, and the smell of millions of burning tress. Sometimes I wonder at the irony of a news report that leads with the tale of a major forest fire in California threatening homes. Touted in the report as a ‘massive’ 1,000 acre fire I can only be bemused at the use of the word massive. I wonder what we should then call some of the fires we now have here in Alaska. Just this past weekend 38 new fires have started and that does not include the one that tops out at over 30,000 acres and was fought by over 700 fire fighters.

This yearly dichotomy of news versus reality
only reinforces my belief that
‘news’ is in the eye of the beholder
and at times has no bearing on reality.

Fathers day thoughts on being a parent

June 20, 2015

Last week I was transferring some 8mm movies to my hard drive and was watching a scene where my dad and I were walking on the steps of our nations capitol. For a moment my mind transported me back to me running up the walkway outside the White House and turning and seeing the look on my fathers face…. not a word passed but I knew I was ‘acting silly’ in a ‘place’ that deserved respect and I went
back and waited in line with them before they let our group into the White House.

Though he passed in 1994, I still wonder if he would be mad at the life I am now living. I know it is strange I would equate my value on a mans opinion that is no longer alive, but I believe this is because as he raised me he instilled the character traits that would frown on this type of escapists lifestyle. I know
it is because of him I feel the way I do about my faith and my country, and just like him I have a number of faults… some I have overcome and some will remain.

In our present society fewer and fewer children are allowed the benefits of being raised by both a mother and father, some because of divorce and others because of our nations loss of morality. Whatever the reason the results are the same, a lessoning of that children’s character, because that lone parent must divide their time between making a living and raising the their child. Yes I hear your thoughts saying how can I say that a single mother or single father can not do just a good a job as a married couple, and I say you are wrong.

If you are honest with our run away economy and you making just enough money to survive, for most families, there is very little quality time left to share with your children. It is not anyone’s fault it is just the way life is at present. However we must step back and realize the importance of what being a father or mother is and stop ourselves from chasing the dollar and instead invest that extra time in our children.

For if we continue
to chase that newest car or iPhone
instead of taking the time to
pray, play and educate our children
we will have soon
lost them forever.

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An Alaskan metamorphosis

June 18, 2015

Walking this earth now for almost 70 years as everything from a printing pressman, video editor, and fishing guide I have decided to join the 21st century and declare I am no longer an old Christian conservative white man but a Muslim liberal black woman! I have for some time now been unhappy with the ‘shell’ that I have lived in all these years and am now freeing myself from the shackles of that restrictive mold.

YES….I have seen the light and have been reborn…and why not, if an Olympic champion who has children and a couple wives can become a woman and make the cover of a national magazine. And a white girl can become a black history professor who works for the NAACP, than this old curmudgeon can find a new life as a liberal Muslim black woman.

For sure I will stay out in the 21 hour sunlight of summer we now have here in Alaska to darken my skin, but I think I will put off having any surgery. I also find it hard to pray twice a day so I may find it a bit much to pray seven times a day. The worst thing however will be having to apologize, after all these years, for being proud to be an American. In addition I will need to learn to ignore those that say ‘Liberalism is a mental disorder’ and jump on the band wagon of liberalism where it is now OK to use the woman’s restroom whenever I get the urge.

Just writing this has me flashing to the beautiful insanity of books like ‘Hitchhikers Guide’ by Douglas Adams, ‘Player Piano’ by Kurt Vonnegut and ‘Big Fish’ by Daniel Wallace. The mere thought of being borne a man and deciding that you could not deal with life so you think becoming a woman will answer all your problems is truly the epitome of being absurd. However what is even more absurd is society’s reaction to our youth thinking it is their choice to make.

Instead of making them face the reality that is their life, society is now supporting their misguided decisions. Americas culture today has obviously forgotten the terms ‘man-up’ or ‘grow-a-set’ and instead of accepting and dealing with the tough times we all face when growing up we are allowing them to ‘think’ they can escape into a newer and better life.

Somehow we must open their eyes
and make them understand that
the grass is not greener (or any better)
on the other side of the street.

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Internet detox…a personal perspective

June 13, 2015

Some days I want to take my computers outside
and introduce them to the business end
of a fully automatic M-60

So far this spring the weather here at my cabin has been quite mild with daytime highs in the 50 to 60 degree range and a nice shower every now and then. This is the exact opposite of what has been happening with respect to my psychological withdrawal from the internet. Up here in my loft I have my beloved iMac and two PC’s a Dell and an HP, graciously donated by a fellow ham in Fairbanks. But even with more computing power than on Americas first mission to the moon, I can not get the pieces together to make regular postings.

It could have something to do with the outside influences that have me straining at the bit to write about the past weeks totally moronic actions by some of my fellow Americans, like… A protest march by supporters of the kids who broke the law by using social media to create a flash mob at that Texas pool party. Or maybe the fact that a Florida high school teacher was fired because he posted on his face book page that he supported the police officers actions up in McKinney, Texas.

Or even closer to home the fact that the Alaska legislature has finally approved a state budget, and even though they made it look like they were working to find cuts to balance the budget they simply stuck their hand into all Alaskan’s pockets and voted to draw the money needed from the constitutional reserve. This of course placated the thousands of state union workers because they would now not only not be laid off but would get a raise in pay! Yesterdays newspaper made it sound like the $800 million in budget reductions they achieved was a job well done, never mentioning they were still more than 2 billion dollars over budget.

Yes it could be any one of these actions by our neighbors and elected officials that disrupted my thoughts while endeavoring to write something worthy of your time but it doesn’t help that computer ‘a’ can only do this and computer ‘b’ can only do that and that I have to transfer everything to computer ‘c’ to send it out over my short wave radio. Also let it be known that though not as often as I like I have found a way to check my email and I do read and appreciate your comments even if I can not at this time respond.

So I must continue to ask for your patience
while I look for a more direct route
from my mind to your eyes.

Trouble in Texas or lack of respect

June 10, 2015

……My internet connection has been severed so my postings will for the time being be just my personal opinion and thoughts on the subjects presented. The sources that spark my writings are: FOX, NBC, CBS and NPR news programs. For the sake of full disclosure many postings are also sparked or reinforced by the myriad of talk shows I listen to. I can no longer use the internet to research any stories that I base my writings on, so please take all of my postings as simply this old man’s observations of the world as it passes by his cabin window.

Once again there is a media frenzy focused solely on another example of excessive police force. I say ‘solely’ because I have heard no mention of any arrest or charges being filed on those involved with the trespass into the pool that sparked the officers actions. From the news stories, I have heard, that the officer used excessive force to subdue the woman and he un-holstered his hand gun. These same news stories also mention that while he was subduing the woman, (who would not obey his order to vacate the premises), two men approached the officer even though he told them to move back.

Today there are now additional stories stating that the officer had just been involved with a suicide attempt before he was called to evict and or arrest a mob that was trespassing at the pool. To me this is not an excuse for his actions. Police officers go through training to ensure that even with the stresses of
their job they will not overreact. They must be able to handle stressful situations like entering a domestic dispute or robbery in progress never knowing what to expect and still maintain their focus. For the majority of all officers they do maintain that focus but like anyone of us they can have a day when they are not at 100 percent.

This police officer reacted to the situation that he faced, he ‘may’ have used more force than necessary but if we ‘honestly’ think about it and two men were fast approaching you after you told them to move away would you wait to see what they were going to do or would you draw your weapon? I also find it strange that nothing is said about the mob that started this. Were arrests made or anyone charged with trespassing?

It comes down to a basic fact
that if those people had not broken the law or even
if they respected the police when they arrived and told them to disperse…
there would be no major media story on every TV in America today,
then again that’s just my opinion.