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Coincidence or collusion…. President Trumps income tax information

September 29, 2020

It is quite a remarkable piece of luck that days before the first debate and just weeks before the election someone leaks the Presidents purported tax records. I mean what are the odds that after four years of the democrats pushing and suing in court for their release an alleged copy comes into the light?

I fully expect during the next four weeks former vice President Biden and his advisors will have any number of “news-leaks” pop-up that they will say are damaging to President, and why not any platform Biden or the democratic party puts forth would be too radical for the majority of the middle of the road democrats.


So hunker down my friends

for the ride

of a


as we see what dirty tricks

they have up their sleeve next,

after all

if they can blame

the death of Americans

because of the pandemic

on the President

whats next

blame for all the gang deaths

in Chicago

because he supports

the second amendment?

President Trump lied…. to the American people

September 15, 2020

No excuses just the facts

Day after day we are now hearing the familiar refrain that, ‘Trump lied to the American people about the seriousness of the coronavirus. Well I am here to tell you thats exactly what he did and we should be thankful for that.

In N.Y. they had a verified terror threat that poison gas would be released on its subway system. When they first were made aware of it they did not know which subway it was on, where it would be detonated or how many people were involved so those running homeland security in N.Y. held all information from the public even though they knew what was about to happen. Homeland knew that to release what little verifiable information they had would cause a city-wide panic.

Come on folks
what do you think would have happened
if in January or February
the President said
we would be shutting down
all sporting events
all bars and restaurants
that we all would have to ware a mask
and not get closer than 6 feet to strangers
and that this would last
for more than a year?

Don’t listen to those who continuously lie
about the President
they would have not have done
anything different!

We will never forget….

September 11, 2020

Never forget
that for the second time in history
on September 11, 2001
the United States was attacked by cowards

2749 civilians
343 fire fighters
23 policemen
were murdered that day

We vowed to ‘never forget’

19 years later
we are still fighting
those that incited those murders.

My neighbor and the Yukon river….

September 9, 2020

Last night after spending some time with my neighbor for some reason I remembered writing a blog a long time ago about how I felt running my boat for the first time on the Yukon river in Alaska. Now you may not see the connection but let me explain. I had no comprehension how strong the flow of the Yukon river was and when I first tried to bring the boat into the boat ramp the current pushed me a hundred feet or more down river.

It has been 19 days since I have published anything on this blog and its not that I haven’t sat down every one of those days and started writing. On my desktop I have 7 started articles with titles like; Trump and Biden, getting old, Dante’s Hell, political correctness, black lives do matter, police shootings and I’m not stupid), but though started they have yet to see the light of day on the blog because I just get depressed over the fact that I think they are a waste of time.

Now because of a chance encounter with my neighbor who was checking to see if I was OK because she hadn’t seen me in a while, I believe I have a reason for not finishing the unpublished posting’s. The connection between my conversation with my neighbor and that river more than 4,000 miles away is what you do not see. In Alaska you do not see the strength of the river flow and only experience will sharpen your ability to land your boat where you want too, whiting political postings to try and influence an anti-Trumper is like fighting that unseen current.

My neighbor who is not a supporter of President Trump will I believe, after our conversation last night, never be swayed to change her opinion. Now I have always lived by the policy that each of us can do, say and believe what we want to as long as you do not try and force me to believe what you do. My neighbor is just such a person because it was I last night who started to talk about the President not her and when we were done I realized that she was like the tens of millions of people opposed to the President would never change their minds about him.

I say thank you
to her
for opening my eyes
to the futility
of my
Don Quixote-sk
tilting at windmills

More slight of hand to confuse ‘we the people’….

August 21, 2020

….like any good magician our political leaders have saved the best allusion for last. Throughout my childhood I remember my parents dragging me to the polling station and reiterating the same sermon about how important it was that we have the freedom to elect whomever we want to run our city, state and the federal government. I carried that tradition on when I came of age and had my first row-house in Philadelphia when my garage became my wards polling place.

The first time in my life that I voted with a mail in absentee ballot was when I was stationed in the far East and then again when I lived in my remote cabin in Alaska. In fact millions of absentee ballots were cast each election and no one had a problem getting them in the mail on time. But even then we had to verify who we were by using our driver license or voters registration number and have someone witness the signing of the ballot.

More to the point when in our history did voting day get extended by early voting? For decades ‘we the people’ had no problem dragging our butts to the polls on election day now it seems we have weeks to go there and vote, but even this is not good enough because now with the COVID-19 virus some politicians are screaming we must make sure we can vote by mail, but I am wondering if we have a week to vote in person instead of a single day would not that insure that we are staying the safe six feet apart?

OK no big deal we can do the mail in ballot and it would have to be the same process as before, valid ID and a witness to request a ballot and we mail that in say no later than a month before the election it gets processed and we are sent a ballot which in turn must be returned postmarked no later than election day.

Yes I am worried about voter fraud with so many millions of homeless and illegals in our country that are in need of money, it would not be hard to buy votes if one wanted too, plus all those who are vehemently opposed to Trump and would do anything even vote numerous times just to get him out of office I think it should be a one week voting period culminating on November 3rd and you must produce valid ID showing you are eligible to vote.

So lets let everyone have
a 7 day voting period
and you must have valid ID
no mail in votes
unless you are physically disabled
and you still need to present valid ID


Joe Biden’s gift to America….President Kamala Harris

August 18, 2020

….no the Texas heat has not fried my brain I am simply using personal observation and common sense. During this presidential election cycle we have seen over 20 democrats fight it out for the nomination spending tens of million of dollars on advertising campaign and hours and hours of television debate, but it was only a smoke screen to deceive ‘we the people’ that the democratic party leaders had a plan in motion that you would never allow if you knew it was taking place.

Joe Biden sat quietly behind the scene’s as those millions were spent by other democrats knowing the fix was in and the party elite had told him he was their man. So after the dust settled and only he stood as the party’s representative we began to hear rumors about his mental qualifications, then we saw him making errors during live television interviews after which he stopped all live TV and just remained sequestered, (aka hid in his basement), thus laying the groundwork him to be declared mentally unfit after he was elected President.

Finally the icing on the democratic parties cake was reveled Biden’s vice Presidential pick of Kamala Harris., thus setting the stage for what the party wanted all along the first African American woman President.


It is strange though

if the democratic party

originally wanted Ms Harris

to be their candidate

why not just nominate her

and let the people

vote her in?


Defunding the police…. not fake news but a reality

August 15, 2020

….sure most readers of this blog would smile when we hear on the news about people wanting to defund the police departments across this nation, because we have the intelligence and common sense to realize it will never work. Well it looks like the Austin city council has no common sense because they just cut, (aka defunded), the cities police budget by $150 million dollars in the cities 2021 budget. Now I know the ‘Christian Broadcast Network’ is against murder when they are saying a portion of that money will now go to abortion providers but even in an article by ABC news they state the same fact that $21 million of the $150 million will now go to social services including abortion access.

Now it is true Austin does not have the homicide rate like some other big cities but come on folks we have seen the police that are not defunded across the country just stand by and watch as BLM and intifada rioters rob and destroy business in many major cities just imagine what it will be like with an even smaller police presence. Austin councilman Gregorio Casar said about the defunding…”we should celebrate what the movement, (blm and intifada), has achieved for safety, racial justice and democracy.” I hope Mr Casar never needs a policeman.

Here in Dallas they are now talking of stopping the police from using non-lethal methods of crowed control like rubber bullets, tear gas and taser’s so  that leaves the policeman facing a mob of people looting a store with either harsh language or their gun?

Do some now seriously think
reducing the number
of police
will reduce the number of crimes
across our nation?

I truly can not wait
till one of those defunding supporters
is assaulted and needs to call
the police for help.