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No it’s not Armageddon…. but it is a great example of why we should prep

September 17, 2017

…whether a forest fire or earth quake blocking roads or a hurricane or tornado destroying everything in its path, the results are the same the peoples lives touched by these disasters are forever altered. No man can predict what these storms and natural disasters will do, nor can we foresee where to live to avoid mother natures at times violent hand. We can however use common sense and be prepared for for almost any eventuality.

Over the years I have been writing this blog I have made a number of postings about off-grid living and prepping, and it is evident today more than ever that everyone even those living in major cities should be prepared for a worse case situation. Form the following photographs we see what waiting until the disaster is upon us leads to.

Grocery shelves empty of supplies

and hours in line to get what supplies are left

The simple act of storing 10 or 20 gallons of water, a week or two of some emergency food like military MRE’s, (meals ready to eat), or a closet full of caned goods at the same time having a camp stove and some spare propane bottles will soften the pain in the weeks after a storm. If one was to have a small generator and a couple large batteries that would quell the anguish of spending many long nights in the dark, plus for those in hotter states they would be able to run, not air conditioners but at least fans.

The penalty for failing to prepare before the need
is spending days and even weeks in emergency shelters

…and relying on others to supplying us with what we need to live


A storm or natural disaster
dose not differentiate between rich or poor
so if you were blessed to not be effected
by the tragedies now unfolding
isn’t it time
to get prepared



Hurricane Harvey…. “The rest of the story”

September 14, 2017

….when I was much younger there was a radio program hosted by Paul Harvey entitled ‘the rest of the story‘ where Mr Harvey would present some little known or unreported facts about people and events in the news. Well hurricane Harvey much like hurricanes Sandy and Katrina drew the nations attention and desire to help for a period of time the destruction to the lives it touched lingers even today, and much like Mr Harvey’s broadcasts there is a much bigger story to tell.

We have all seen the news broadcasts of peoples lives being saved during the hurricane and inwardly felt a little better as we sit hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Of course we also have witnessed the at times total destruction of peoples homes and have been motivated to pick up our phones and donate to one organization or the other helping those people get their lives back on track, but the truth is as glaring as the Texas sun that now shines on the areas devastated in Houston and elsewhere…. their lives will never be the same.

Many people who lost their homes during hurricane Sandy are even today five years later still fighting to rebuild their lives. So when we see the thousands of people in emergency shelters we are basically looking at refugees who will never return to the same home they once lived in. They lost their home when the flood waters invaded it because other than any stone walls and foundation everything else must be torn out and replaced because of water damage and mold.

Living like they did in a major metropolitan area I am sure they never imagined that something like this could happen and even today living in those temporary shelters I believe many think they will still return home. However I can relate to them because at one time living in my cabin in Alaska a forest fire came within half a mile of the homestead I was living in. Smoke jumpers had set up a perimeter around the property and set up emergency sprinklers to wet down the cabin if the fire got any closer, but I had accepted the reality that if the fire broke through and reached the cabin I would in essence be homeless. Different type of disaster same outcome but because I lived with this reality every day for the 14 years I lived their I understood I would have to find a new home, while those living in Houston think somehow their insurance, FEMA or some other government agency will rebuild what they once had.

Whether fire, water or earthquake
the destruction can be heart wrenching
but at these times they must
no matter how hard
look inside themselves and find the hope they need
to rebuild our lives.

The curmudgeon arises…. a brief look at personal frustration

September 12, 2017

….well folks it has happened again right here in the land of thousands of doctors. At an appointment made not by me but by at my doctors request he once again failed to show up at the appointed time, or even a half hour late or would you believe an hour after the appointment time, prompting me to say ENOUGH and to walk out!

In July he had me take not only a cardiogram but two additional echo-cardiograms. Which on the bill sent to Medicare, for $3,900, was called an extracranial bilat study. Now that may sound important to you and I but apparently not so much to my doctor because by mid august after calling for the results I had not heard from him. My last call to the office was finally returned and I was told nothing important was found and to come in for my regular checkup in another month.

Then last Friday I got another call saying I needed to come in to see the doctor… I knew all of my previous appointments were always booked weeks in advance because he was after all a very busy doctor. No she said I could come in today the very next working day after the call. This made me think he finally saw the results and was concerned.

Once again not so much because even though I showed up a quarter hour ahead of the 11 am appointed time, an hour later after I watched five other people go into the office I sat once again fuming. It is said that the cost of the visit reflects the importance of the doctors time and I can accept that, but what about our time sitting there way past when they said he would see us? Even if he does not value our time one would think if there was something so important that one must see him the next day he would at the very least poke his head out and pass on the importance of that visit.

I am sure things would change if everyone of us
refused to wait more than half an hour
past our appointment time.

I’ll join all of you in protesting my doctors tardiness as soon as I have had my coffee

We will never forget…. 911

September 10, 2017

Never forget
that for the second time in history
on September 11, 2001
the United States was attacked by cowards


2749 civilians
343 fire fighters
23 policemen
were murdered that day


We vowed to ‘never forget’


16 years later
we are still fighting
those that incited those murders.

** PREMIUM CONTENT-SPECIAL RATES APPLY. CALL FOR RATES ** Brooklyn firefighters George Johnson, left, of ladder 157, Dan McWilliams, center, of ladder 157, and Billy Eisengrein, right, of Rescue 2, raise a flag at the World Trade Center in New York, in this Sept. 11, 2001 file photo, as work at the site continues after hijackers crashed two airliners into the center. In the most devastating terrorist onslaught ever waged against the United States, knife-wielding hijackers crashed two airliners into the World Trade Center, toppling its twin 110-story towers. This year will mark the tenth anniversary of the attacks. (AP Photo/Thomas E. Franklin/The Record (Bergen Co. NJ)) MANDATORY CREDIT

While hurricane’s Harvey and Irma wreak devastation in America…. A divide nation comes together to rebuild.

September 8, 2017

With the passing of hurricane Harvey and the massive flooding and destruction that caused nearly 30,000 people to evacuate, the United states is now facing another monster hurricane with winds even more powerful. As government agencies and private companies work to help send relief to Harvey victims we also see people from around the country join together to aide the people of Texas. None of those involved even considers the victims race, religion or political affiliation all that is seen is their need for help.

It makes one feel good to not only see churches hundreds of miles from where the storm hit host refugees from the hurricane but restaurants over 300 miles away from Houston end up in the hardest hit areas serving free meals. Looking through my own stereotyped eyes I watched in unfounded amazement as the Cajun navy move their boats from Louisiana to Houston and save anyone in need of help.

Now as we await the aftermath of hurricane Irma coming so soon after Harvey one wonders how thin can our governments resources be spread. The White house has done a far better job than it did with hurricanes Sandy and Andrew but one must wonder will this one two punch of national destruction be more than Washington handle?

With hurricane Harvey the rebuilding has begun
while with Irma the worst is yet ahead.

American has endured more
and will once again
with Gods help
be reborn

Today’s brief mind puzzle…. Why did North Korea build a thermonuclear bomb?

September 7, 2017

On Sunday September 3rd Kim Jong Un detonated North Korea’s first thermonuclear bomb. The explosion was a quantum leap five times more powerful than any previously detonated by North Korea, but one should ask why. Why does North Korea need such a powerful weapon and why does North Korea continue to provoke the worlds most powerful nations including their ally China?

For years North Korea has poked a stick at the world and the United States in particular in an attempt to get concessions that would help its stagnating economy. Previous administrations in the United States have traded enormous amounts of food and financial support in exchange for promises from North Korea that were never fulfilled. But lately North Korea is for some reason deliberately provoking the US and the world to take some direct military action. One can say as many do that Kim is psychotic but could there be an ulterior motive?

Could Kim’s nation be on the verge of collapse
and he sees as many leaders from around the world realized
that war would take his peoples focus off of him?


The buck stops here…. no more!

September 5, 2017

President Harry S Truman had a sign on his desk in the White House that read ‘The buck stops here’, in reference to decisions concerning the welfare of the people of the United States. Truman firmly felt major decisions stopped at the President’s desk, and whether for good or ill any blame for mistakes belonged squarely on his shoulders.

Today we witnessed a worrisome passing of the buck by our current President. I say worrisome because for the first time President Trump is not ‘fully’ standing behind his campaign promise to the the people who voted him into office. During the campaign for election Trump had said he would not support the DACA program enacted by executive order by President Obama. Trump plans on terminating the program yes, but is delaying the action for six months therefore allowing congress time to come up with a replacement bill.

Is this just the first step
in moving to the middle of the road
and will his line in the sand
with North Korea also disappear?