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Is Texas part of an alternate reality…. or an example of what is in store for America?

June 15, 2021


….just a few short months ago Texas was thrust into a life ending emergency when cold weather and lack of fuel shut down some electric generating stations. This emergency caused the death of 111 Texans and $200 billion in damage from water pipes bursting because they were frozen from lack of electric heat.

Now here in June the evening news is once again reporting the shut down of four power plants and an urgent “request” for Texans to cut back on energy usage, or else we may once again have those extended rolling blackouts!

I ask you what is wrong with this picture….. and the answer is simple math, the electric companies can no longer keep pace with the demand for electricity, and yet we see no call to slow down the expansion of building new homes and businesses.

Texas is one of the fastest growing states in our nation and no Texas mayor is willing to step back and say they should maybe slow down with the expansion…. because that expansion brings with it tax dollars and consumer and business spending, but at what cost?

Here in North Texas the cost is obvious the power grid as it stands can not handle the increased demand and we the consumers will suffer.

111 people died here

in the February cold snap

now with temperatures in the high 90’s

and a heat index in the mid 100’s

no doubt

more will die.


Still just imagine

if most Texans changed to

electric cars

with the rolling brown outs

you wouldn’t be able to use them

and how many more people

would die

because of increased demand?



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  1. john permalink
    June 15, 2021 5:53 pm

    There is a book out from years back entitled “African Genesis” that predicted this very thing. Predicted that the system would grow until it would implode I think we are pretty much are there
    This, disregarding the insanity in Washington. But final ending is that God is still in Control and He is very much in control–for if we do not repent, as individuals ,,as nation of people, and as a nation we will surely parish. we allowed this to happen.

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