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911…. the forgotten

September 10, 2019

Have we have forgotten

that on

September 11, 2001

we were attacked by cowards

2749 civilians

343 fire fighters

71 policeman

were murdered that d


We vowed to ‘never forget’


18 years later

we are still fighting

those that hate America.



Just another Texas summer….

August 15, 2019

….Reuters news service reported Tuesday that electric usage in Texas will surpass Monday’s high of 74,531 MW and hit 75,100 MW surpassing the record all time high usage of 73,473 MW on June 19th, 2018. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), grid operator for much of the state has more than 78,000 MW of generating capacity to meet demand this summer, but warned low reserves could force it to issue alerts urging customers to conserve energy, before it has to be rationed.

Now I am not a scientist nor someone who knows a lot about climate change, but are we not heading into one of the earth cycles where our temperatures get warmer? Doesn’t the earth ice over for a few thousand years and then the glaciers retreat as the earth gets warmer? Isn’t that why we have found plant life in the arctic that is normally found in the mid-West? Or why evidence that glaciers once covered Eastern Pennsylvania and New York city?

So if we are entering this change in climate to a hotter one where more energy is needed to cool our homes and places where we work why are we pushing to literally double or triple the power demand by switching to electric vehicles? Common sense says that if we are near to using all the electrical capacity we currently have why would we add to that demand?

Oh and don’t forget we are not licensing any more nuclear power plants and we are in the process of shunting down the coal fired ones, so where is the increased electrical power going to come from? Yes I have heard talk of massive state sized solar panel power plants but that would also take state sized areas to house all the batteries for power storage, and what happens when there is a cloudy day?

Electric cars
charged from solar panels
is a wonderful dream
I also remember
talk in the 1940’s about
the promise of free, unlimited energy
from fusion reactors
run on water
but 70 years later it too
is still only a dream.

Apocalypse asteroid heading toward earth…. Scientist say it could herald the end times

August 5, 2019

….Dateline Alpacka, NM August 5th CNM today has learned that a potential life ending asteroid is hurtling toward earth and is due to impact on August 9th. Scientists at the prestigious Alpacka science center here in New Mexico said they have found the reason for its unexpected appearance. Robert C. Johnson PHD director of the science center said the reason for this life ending asteroid is the many years of rhetoric and hot air spewed forth by President Trump.

Now that of course as anyone with a brain cell can see is obviously fake news, but what about the headline from Reuters news service August 4th that read… “Democrats target Trump rhetoric after deadly mass shootings” now we all understand that mental illness is not something that would have developed in the time that Trump has been President, but that hasn’t stopped those cold blooded enough to use a national tragedy to blame the President in hopes that ‘we the people’ are weak minded enough to believe their drivel.

I know I have written about the increase in violence a number of times over the years and I believe it is caused by the acceptance and societal encouragement of the breakdown of the family unit. Added to that is the lack of respect for ‘laws’ and authority not only taught to our children but observed by them in the behavior of their parents and lastly the violent environment that has been on our television, in the movies and in the games the children play for decades. Our children have over the years acquired a thirst for violence in their entertainment, so is it no wonder that those who are unstable often take that violence to the next level….reality

U.S. Senator Cory Booker said
“Donald Trump is responsible for this.”
on CNN’s “State of the Union.”
if you believe this
then remember August 7th is
the end of the world.


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Alaska’s Yukon river….

August 3, 2019

It was 1995….

and our first time on the Yukon river where

we were shooting the second part

of our women in Alaska series

below is the television promo for that show.



Beating a dead horse…. the President and his Russian connections

July 27, 2019

….two years and seven months ago, actually it was even longer because the democrats started blaming President Trump for collusion with Russia against the Clinton’s campaign even before all the votes were in, but who is counting? Because if we were we would have to add up the ten’s of millions of dollars spent on that witch-hunt and the thousands of hours our congressmen and senators lost by their involvement in a dead issue instead of taking care of the business of government we sent them to Washington to do.

The Mueller report when released showed there was no evidence with which criminal charges could be filed and now Mueller himself forced out of retirement by the (we won’t ever give up democrats) has reiterated that one simple fact that ‘it did not establish that there was a conspiracy between Trump associates and the Russian government to interfere with the election’.

So despite the lack of evidence
of the Presidents collusion with the Russians
the democrats
continue their jihad
against President Trump


If the democrats
have been this mad for over two years
because they lost in 2016
I can’t imagine
how they will react
when President Trump
wins again in 2020

Do more electric cars…. equal more brown outs?

July 23, 2019

….people still haven’t found a good way to deal with the heat instead they just let their air conditioners run full blast 24 hours a day. I am sure we all remember the brown outs that hit California in early 2000 true it was promulgated by some shady dealings by the electric companies themselves but it was exacerbated by the heat wave the fact that they would not build new coal or nuclear power plants and in a lesser instance by the electric cars California was promoting.

Those that were around when we had the blackout of 2003 when 45 million people in eight U.S. States and another 10 million in central Ontario went without power for up to two days would understand what real loss of electricity means! Or how about the Northeast blackout of 1965 where another 30 million people were without power for 13 hours. Either way even in 2003 electric vehicles were only a minuscule draw on the power grid and did not have anything to do with the loss of power, one can only imagine what it will be like when the percentage of electric cars is up at 30%.

Today in 2019 we have states across the nation setting goals of various percentage for electric car usage and some are even looking at restricting the use of anything but vehicles run by electricity. That is just pandering to the ‘green movement’ because whomever is promoting it has no common sense… after all if we have power shortages today when its hot, and more than 750,000 electric vehicles on the road in the US, what do they think will happen when 30% of the vehicles on the road are electric cars?

Those new state mandated electric vehicles
will add an additional strain
on the electric grid
and without any increase in
power production
it is a disaster
waiting to happen.


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Turning American’s into snowflake’s…. both physically and mentally

July 18, 2019

….on the way back to my place from the hospital this past weekend my son and I were talking about the car I saw on a television commercial where the driver lets his vehicle drift out of his lane and the car autonomously steers the car back into the lane. I am sure everyone has seen that one or the one where the car does an emergency stop by itself when it detects a possible collision in front of it.

Now I am not saying the entire population of the United States is equivalent to the ‘Stay Puff Boy’ but even if 30% are working out or in shape the advancement in technology is taking away the necessity to do more and more things that we did in the course of our normal day just a few years ago.

Think I am wrong about this? I am sure not many remember that just a few years ago every home had a land line telephone and when we were out in our vehicles and needed to make a call we stopped and used a ‘pay phone’ to make those calls, because the cell phone hadn’t been born yet. Imagine having to get up out of our chair and walkover to wherever that phone was in our home and on the road we had to get out of our vehicles and ‘walk’ to the pay phone. Your saying not much of a workout but over the course of our lifetime that’s a lot of calories burned.

Now that may not make us fat fast but every calorie not burned is just more weight we are gaining, but if your not concerned about getting soft and fat how about exiling yourself and becoming a loner. The advent of the cell phone shortly brought us the luxury of text messaging and what started out as a novelty is now a solidly entrenched ( addiction ).

Look around on any street, shopping mall or airport and you will see hundreds walking with their heads down, ( bowed almost is some form of prayer ), texting. Just like the computer keyboard has made some unable to physically write a letter or memo to communicate, the act of texting has put this detached wall around all our communications and we have lost our personal connection with each other.

So as we sit in our car

hands and mind

oblivious to the highway around us

we can ponder what technological wonder

will come along next

to free us from the burden

of experiencing

our lives.