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An eclectic thought…. and the pandemics unsung heroes

August 9, 2020

….back in my old home it was common sense to make as much noise as you could when traveling in the woods simply so as to not surprise a bear and end up being its dinner. You might say it was a matter of life and death to not walk quietly through the woods no matter how much the silence enhanced the wilderness experience, but to many persons dismay a large number of people, visitor and local alike, ignored that life saving pronouncement. The same is true today all across our nation, people are either ignoring local laws or just not using common sense and still go out into society without wearing a mask, endangering themselves and the people they encounter by promoting the spread of the coronavirus.

Here is one many of us in the ‘older generation’ don’t have to worry about… isolation. We are now a little over 4 months into the policy of staying isolated. Now if one choose to do it for themselves, like I did in Alaska, it is self inflicted and one should not gripe, but if your young, married and have children the current state of staying isolated, working and attending school from home these four plus months must truly seem oppressing to some.

There are many ‘heroes’ of the pandemic out there from those we hear about everyday in the healthcare field the police and firemen and EMT’s to the business owners who struggle to keep their employees working and end up donating many many meals to those in need, and the over the road truck drivers who travel across the nation into highly infected states delivering the food and supplies we need.

But we forget about that everyday person who now works from home and for months now has also taken on the role of teacher to their children. More than four months of living within the confines of their home only venturing out sporadically to help break the monotony. Add to that those who have a special needs child and those everyday people begin to appear like super heroes who can balance the day to day work from home and the constant needs of their family.

So please
lets not forget
those who stay at home
and keep our nation working

Christopher Columbus’s racism or hundreds of people being shot…. which is more important?

July 26, 2020

I am going to say very little on this matter because I know I have an intelligent readership that will see the insanity of these actions quicker than I can describe.

Speaking about her removal of a statue of Christopher Columbus the Mayor of Chicago said, “This step is about an effort to protect public safety and to preserve a safe space for an inclusive and democratic public dialogue about our city’s symbols”.

“It comes in response to demonstrations that became unsafe for both protesters and police, as well as efforts by individuals to independently pull the Grant Park statue down in an extremely dangerous manner,” her statement said.

Does Mayor Lori Lightfoot believe
that removing statues
of old white historical figures
will stop the bloodshed in Chicago
or is she bowing down to
black lives matter intimidation?

Is it freedom of speech…. or anarchy?

July 22, 2020

Don’t you find it strange that black lives matter is protesting in Portland and not Chicago where over the weekend 65 mostly black people were wounded and 10 were murdered.


….the evening was typical for a July in Texas, still in the mid 90’s and a humidity that would coat you with a film of moisture as you walked through it . The group started to gather about an hour ago in the restaurant parking lot in Pine Creek, Texas. There were now about 120 people and the protest march from the Pine Creek Independent senior center was now underway, and though it was only two blocks too the target of their anger, the nearby Post Office by the time they arrived they were definitely fired up.

When they arrived a few gave speeches about the problems they are having with missing mail and most importantly to them missing Social Security checks. The few police monitoring them started to try and break up the protest when their permit expired and many of them left….but a few stayed and this is when things got out of hand. Those remaining protesters started to spray paint the side of the building and others tried to light a small fire in the post office entryway. The outnumbered police called for reinforcements and soon the post office parking lot was a cloud of teargas with a number of seniors on the ground.

Far fetched you say? I say it is nothing more than what is happening literally every night in Portland. The rule of law in that city & state barely exists and with more and more of the political leaders there calling for the defunding of police it can only get worse.

The purpose of this piece was to show the absolute idiocy of people like the mayor and city council who say there protesters have a right to deface and attempt to destroy public property under the guise of freedom of speech.

I am getting tired of reading that it is alright for one group of people to riot because they feel they are oppressed but if you or I tried to deface a statue or start a fire in a public building we would be arrested and jailed and free speech not told it was our right to protest that way.

No matter the reason
if the rule of law keeps diminishing
our nation will end up
looking like
a mad max movie.

Portland, Washington 1960 and 2050 ?

Sometimes the grass isn’t always greener….

July 8, 2020

My wilderness sanctuary for 14 years in Alaska

….a while back my daughter up in Alaska and I were talking and she said to me that metaphorically the grass isn’t necessarily always greener on the other side of the road. Basically she was saying that as much as I think things are better some place other than where I presently am, they really aren’t. This came about when I lamented I should have never left Alaska because of all the insanity of riots and destruction and of course the coronavirus here in Texas and the ‘lower 48’ in general.

She actually turned out to be correct when I took the time to look at the big picture. When I actually took the time to consider more than the self reliant, respectful you do your own thing and as long as it doesn’t encroach on me way of life that most ‘bush’ Alaskans have my actual day to day way of life was much harder to maintain than it is now. It was the little things of hitting my mid 70’s with a body that was not molded from birth to life in the wilderness that had me reaching my tipping point.

It seemed that carrying 20 gallons of water every three weeks to refill my stockpile or hand pumping 55 gallons of fuel oil at -20 or even having to shovel almost ¼ mile of driveway every time I wanted to drive the 130 mile round trip to town on solid ice was quickly becoming a major pain. That’s not even thinking about carrying the generator in and out of the cabin every night to ensure it would start and I would have electricity when my battery bank was drained during those cold Alaskan winters.

So though nearing 100 degrees outside today I sit typing in air conditioned comfort, with electricity on demand and most importantly running water and a flush toilet. Some of the newer followers of my blog have contacted me and requested a look at my old home of almost 20 years so even though I do not like blogs with a lot of photographs I hereby submit my shelter of sanity in the Alaskan wilderness.

Side view of my cabin in the spring


The arctic entry way with my two coolers (aka refrigerators)


My gourmet kitchen


My living room


My oil heater


Personal fuel deliver


Personal water delivery at -28


Battery bank for lights, TV, computer and Ham radio


My wilderness office

Happy birthday America

July 4, 2020

@Scott Stone

….even though the 56 delegates to the second continental congress didn’t sign the deceleration until August 2, 1776, we celebrate our nations founding on July 4th because in 1776 the second continental  congress ratified the deceleration of independence on that date.

Today most people look to the 4th of July as nothing more than an extra day off from work or time for a party while watching fireworks, these same people do not understand that there are others trying to bring down the very framework of this nation. Whether by openly disobeying the rule of law or defacing and destroying statues of the men who built this nation, like the coronavirus this hatred of what America stands for is spreading.

Without respect and the rule of law as demonstrated on the network news every night when we see domestic terrorists take over a portion of a city or when gangs of thugs attempt to deface or destroy statues, we are one step closer to the ‘new’ America these people are calling for.

I have no answer…

I can only pray there are those

who still hold

God, family, nation

as their personal cornerstone of life.







Respect and personal responsibility during the covid-19 pandemic

July 2, 2020

A photograph of the peace and tranquility I once lived in, and for those in the South suffering from the heat imagine yourselves out in this snow!

….it hits 94 degrees with a humidity that brings back memories of the jungles of South East Asia during a monsoon, and here I am with gloves and a face mask on doing my weekly supermarket run. Yes I know its Texas in July during the coronavirus pandemic so I should expect to be wearing protection and suffering in the heat but what about the 30% of people I encounter that are wearing no protection on at all?

Texas is now rivaling the early days of the pandemic when N.Y. had the largest number of COVID-19 cases and still no matter where you go you will find people not wearing a mask. Now some of my fellow hunting guide buddies back in Alaska would say as they sat around the campfire at night that it is an ideal way to ‘thin the herd’ of the shall we say the less intelligent of our species.

The only problem with that theory is those not wearing a mask are endangering anyone they may encounter. We have been told since the pandemic started that you could have no symptoms, while carrying the virus and still infect people if you are not wearing a mask.

I believe
it is your right
not to wear a mask
when no one is near you,
it is ‘we the people’s’ right
that you wear one around others.

The scary doorway…. a personal observation

June 26, 2020

The world has gotten a lot scarier over the past few months and living alone like I and others that I know and love makes dealing with this unknown, unfamiliar world all the more scary and lonely.

Personally I did manage well living for 14 years “alone” in a cabin in the woods, but I was never truly alone because I could walk or drive to a friends home or I would have a visit from my children who at the time lived in Philadelphia and Texas. I could welcome them with the traditional hug that though many do not understand could recharge one’s soul from a drought of loneliness.

Now we have the threat of the coronavirus holding me back from that hugging and recharging of my soul and when you add on the insanity, stupidity and total lack of respect for our nation and its founding fathers exhibited by tens of thousands…. well my soul wilts and my depression grows.

However unlike some that I love much too much for words, I always have the unselfish love of my nearby grandchildren to reach out to when things get overwhelming.

To those who do not have this ‘safety net’ I say when there is no one that will just sit and absorb your pain and help you get back on your road of life turn to your family and cling to them for they have no ax to grind except your well being!

If your present situation stops you from forgetting the pain than you must distance yourself from the physical closeness of those bad memories find your path where you mind will not continually go back to things best forgotten and yes that somewhere else may not be a place you would choose but it is one your soul needs.