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A Thanksgiving wish

November 26, 2020

During this time of uncertainty

when our very lives

are daily at risk,

it is good that we can join

with others

who are virus free

and give thanks

for the

life we share with them

Anyone needing someone to carve their turkey ‘Alaskan style’ give me a call!


To the readers of this blog

I wish you all have

a happy and safe


Heard stupidity…. or how we are filling all those hospital beds

November 19, 2020

Yes like everyone else in the nation I am tired of hearing about the election and also tired of being careful to ware my mask, social distance and wash my hands frequently. As for the former the news media barely mention President Trump except for his various law suits so that chapter in American history will soon be behind us…at least until 2024 but the latter, the ongoing battle with the virus remains and is now increasing with a vengeance.

To my mind one only needs to be observant and you can see why our hospitals are now reaching their capacity limit, the stupidity of your average American. When I make my once a week trip to the supermarket I pass quite a few restaurants and in every parking lot it appears that they have as many customers as before the pandemic began. Add to that the news accounts of many of our young adults packing bars and restaurants around the country and their propensity to have large parties where no safety measures are observed and you have a formula for disaster on a national scale.

Also with the end of summer many have found that getting outside one last time before the cold weather puts them in close quarters with others, (as seen on news broadcasts of people walking, running and just hanging out in the park), but that does not dissuade them because all the months of social distancing has left a void in many lives… a need for social interaction despite the danger.

Lastly you have the mindset of tens of millions of people who think they know better than those telling us to ware a mask and social distance and for some reason they believe it is their right to do what they want (no mask) and go out to packed bars and restaurants.

So the results of this lack of caution

are becoming painfully obvious

as our hospitals handle more cases

than at the beginning

of the pandemic


if not corrected

there will be no room

left at the hospital

for any


Veterans day

November 9, 2020

On this veterans day

only five words are necessary……




….and now the time has come

November 4, 2020




Quit complaining…. and get out and vote!

November 1, 2020

Your children’s future

is at stake and

we are now left with

just 48 hours to vote.

For those of you watching the news

and complaining about

what the guy you don’t like said

get off your ass and


Happy Halloween…..

October 27, 2020



No talk about sex, politics or the virus…. just me and my phobias

October 22, 2020

Yes I thought I would try something I haven’t done since I wrote “Just a thought”, my first blog, (actually it was short enough to almost be a text message), on May 7, 2010 and scratch at the grumpy veneer surrounding my soul.

Last week as I sat in the emergency room with my son waiting for test results I realized I had opened up and vocalized a fear I have been harboring since my wife passed in 1993, that being that I was terrified of going under general anesthesia for a surgery everyone was telling me I needed. I actually knew I might need the surgery a week earlier but it took another week to muster the will to face having it done.

So when the ER doctor came back with the test results the bottom line was yes my gallbladder was sick but not… emergent. I now love that word because basically it meant my concern for having to endure ‘general anesthesia’ would once again be put off to an unknown date.

To some my concern over the anesthesia was ill placed in this day and age of state of the art hospital procedures, but to me with first and foremost my wife not being able to tolerate her anesthesia and me with more than 40 years as a smoker and seeing the results when I can’t walk very far without sucking on my inhaler doesn’t bode well for going under any type of sedation.

So here I sit now waiting for a consult from a surgeon not making things any better by letting my mind wonder how I will tolerate the surgery if the doctor says I need to have it right away, and now you know why I can in no way focus my mind on writing about what is happening in the world around me.

I can only say

in respect to that world

its an election and

no matter who wins the world

will not end


put your dam mask on

when close to others

and be happy

you have some

toilet paper!