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….and now a word from our sponsor (not!)

October 17, 2017

The other day I sat with my son watching the Thursday night football game and asked, “why doesn’t everyone have one of these”? “Why would anyone buy DVD’s or pay a subscription to watch movies or television show’s”? It was a tight 4th period between the Eagles and Panthers and my son was totally focused on the game, he just idly said “I don’t know”. As for myself I have watched too many Eagles games where they were doing great for most of the game and lost it in the final minutes, so I went back to ponder why would anyone spend money when they do not have to.

First lets get clear on one thing this is not a sponsored posting just my way of letting more people know about something called the ‘TV Box’ or when I was doing an online search the proper name was ‘BOMIX mxq pro Android Tv Box‘. So for an initial investment of $39 you can cut the strings to Netflix, Amazon Prime and all the other subscription based content providers.

I have found after a month of usage you can watch any TV series you want any time, even those older TV series that have not been aired for years. Added to that is you can watch any movie you want any time even many of those movies still in theaters and do all of this without ever spending any additional money. Unlike many of the subscription services you are not charged the .99 or $1.99 for current episodes of some of the shows or even the $2.99 Amazon charges for semi-new movies. When you add that to the fact that you are not forced to decide between the limited content that the subscription services are offering and what more could you ask for.

Now you know I am an old curmudgeon and with me I always find a down side and as with most things in life there is no such thing as a free lunch and it is so even with the TV Box. When you first start to operate the ‘TV Box’ it can be intimidating and for this old fossil I was so frustrated at first it sat un-used for weeks because each time I started to use it I would get lost in the myriad of choices facing me to get it to work. However faced with running out of TV series to watch on Netflix one night I stayed with working the box until I had an Eureka moment.

Now I use it exclusively every night and watch whatever I want, because there is basically only a few steps to get you to the correct menu to chose whatever TV show or movie you want. Now here is the big down side to the TV Box, it is supplied with these movies and TV shows by ordinary people from around the world and as with everything in life the quality of what you will see sometimes varies. Not all providers to the TV Box have the money to have large, fast servers so there will be times when you click on on provider and not be able to get the best quality image or another provider may be overloaded and you will experience the dreaded ‘buffering‘ logo, but the answer is simple just pick another provider click on them and you will get a quality picture with no buffering.

No not a sponsored posting
just my attempt to spread the word
as long as you have a WiFi signal and the TV Box
you’ll have whatever movie
or TV series
at your fingertips
for free!



Our children…. the future of America

October 13, 2017

….it takes quite a bit to amaze this old man but before I moved to Texas and only visited during the Christmas holiday’s whenever I saw or heard my, (then preschool age), grandchildren speaking or reading in German it knocked my socks off. My daughter-in-law, now a naturalized U.S. Citizen, wanted her children to be fluent in both English and German for their visits with her parents in Germany. This is iron-clad proof to me that whatever we nurturer in our children from birth they will absorb like a sponge and remain a part of them.

Then again it is just plane common sense that our children absorb what they hear and see as they grow up. Their actions towards others and their beliefs are molded by what the adults around them believe and how the adults around them act towards others. So is it any wonder that today’s adults are so lacking in morality, national pride, a willingness to stand on their own two feet and are not so thin skinned that they get upset if their beliefs are challenged?

When we frequently see some protest or other turn into a riot with total disregard for others freedom or property, or are witness to the wave of ridiculous national grief like we saw over last Novembers election one must ask how did these people get this mixed up. And when we also see these same people supporting the enactment of laws allowing men to use woman’s bathrooms or forcing states to issue ‘gender neutral’ drivers licenses and calling anyone bigoted who oppose them one must wonder where these beliefs were instilled. The icing on the cake of this ridiculousness is that these same people who claim they must be allowed to do these things because of freedom of speech will without a second thought riot causing destruction and mayhem when someone is scheduled to give a speech opposing them.

Yet is not the parents alone who are responsible for what we see in today’s society but any adult in authority over those children and even the children our children play and go to school with who are to blame. One glaring example would be the children’s teachers. Our children today spend more time interacting with them their their own parents, so is it any wonder that a teacher may have the same or even more influence on our children’s beliefs than their parents? So even if a parent’s every example reflected high morality and love on nation if the child’s teachers thought and shaded their teaching differently it would no doubt weaken what the child was exposed to at home.

One may ask how did today’s teachers develop their beliefs…. one possible answer is because their parents may have grown up in the 60’s era where they developed a hatred toward a government that was at the time pro-war and they lived in a society that was loosing its moral center with the mantra, ‘if it feels good do it’. It is obvious when looking back on the history of the social shift in this nation that this is where the foundation for today’s lack of morals, disrespect for those proud to be American and desire for their country to give them whatever they want for free was established.

We may have thought we were doing what was best for our children but what we have done was lay the groundwork for a nation of children, now grown into adulthood, who now have the power to change the direction of our country. Where once we were a generally conservative nation proud of it heritage based on freedom and morality we now have leaders steering this nations course toward liberal socialism where some people are no longer proud of what the United States has accomplished in its 241 year history and anyone who still adheres to living morally is considered stupid and behind the times.

….but like the current evolution towards liberal-socialism
it takes time to change the course of this nations population
and with today’s current mindset
one must wonder
if we can ever steer her back
to those original founding principles.

Is President Trump trying to eradicate Puerto Rico

October 3, 2017

The answer to that question is of course no, but if you are anyone living in the United States and get your news from your iPhone, computer tablet or sound bites from the talking heads on the news broadcasts you might think that is the case. I read a number of web news services and for the most part they focus on President Trumps Tweets about the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto and the fact that he has not done enough for Puerto Rico.

On 9/30/2017 President Trump tweeted about Cruz for criticizing the White House’s hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico, and said that the island’s residents are not doing enough to help themselves. The Cruz the mayor of San Juan, who was very complimentary of the United states help only a few days ago is now slamming President Trump for not doing enough. So in this era of fake news who is right?

The facts taken from ‘
that I have been able to substantiate so far are:
7,200 military personal
3000 non military US government workers
52 helicopters
18 USN ships including the USNS Comfort a 1,000 bed hospital ship
and FEMA reported delivery of
2 million meals and
2.5million liters of water
in Puerto Rico right now.

With the above numbers of people and supplies on hand in Puerto Rico in the two weeks since the storm hit the island one wonders how much faster can the U.S. work to have the talking heads in the media stop bashing President Trump for acting too slow. I wonder if they even consider that the government is still working to help the hurricane victims in Houston and Florida or will we reach a point when the United States has no more men or supplies left to send to anyone?

We must also consider the ‘perfect storm’ that was Puerto Rico before the hurricane hit. With the government infrastructure breaking down due to a government nearing bankruptcy and the state power company broke and as a result the power company abandoned most basic maintenance in recent years, leaving the island subject to regular blackouts, one can see the nation was ripe for disaster. Currently there are at least 10,000 containers of supplies including food, water and medicine sitting at the San Juan port, said Jose Ayala the Crowley shipping companies spokesman. He went on to say a shortage of truckers and the island’s devastated infrastructure are making it tough to move aid to where it’s needed most.

But then we all know the media’s (mandate)
is to tie every tragedy and disaster it can to President Trump
so we can expect the media will continue as before
and slant the truth to fit their mandate.

The beat goes on.

NFL vs America…. it’s not all black and white!

September 27, 2017

….can you imagine what an uproar there would be across the nation if President Trump signed an executive order requiring all professional sports teams to kneel during the national anthem? There would be law suits and court injunctions appearing across the land and the aclu would literally be drooling at the opportunity to skewer the President over this executive order. Just think about it, this one action would have every talking head on television and liberal radio talk show host so overjoyed at the opportunity to bash the President for such a requirement that they would be literally drooling through their entire broadcast.

But lets look at it another way, if President Trump would shift gears and say he would like every professional sports player that felt so inclined to show (more) reverence for our national anthem they should kneel…. what would those players who have been kneeling do?

Colin Kaepernick said that when he first took a knee it was because “ There’s a lot of things that need to change, one specifically police brutality. There’s people being murdered unjustly and not being held accountable.” More recently he said, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” So I have to ask that since the National Anthem is a musical representation the nation we live in and its constitution, is Kaeperncik not protesting the very thing that allows him the right to protest?

Much more to the point is the fact that we respect our nation, flag and anthem because of the millions of men and woman who died, since the birth of this country, to allow us to be free. One could say kneeling is a form of respect but Kaepernick has said that the reason he is kneeling is not respect but protest and thus is he not dis-honoring those that sacrificed their lives for his freedom?

President Trump was wrong in his handling of the NFL’s approval of players protesting, but I can see how his frustration at this mockery over a song representing the United States would lead to his comments. I have already see many people refraining from attending the games, sure the beer filled can’t live without my football fix fanatics would still fork over the exuberant amounts of money to go to a game, but even the numbers of people watching the games that are broadcast is dropping precipitously.

If Mr Kaepernick thinks America is so racist
I would ask Mr Kaepernick one question…

Why are so many millions
of people of color
coming to our country?

Could it be that they see this country not in black and white terms
but also the red from the blood of those who died
so that everyone here could be free.


I have never added a post script to my postings but in this case I truly believe it is warranted. At the Monday night game between the Cowboys and Cardinals the Cowboys did kneel but Texas has a great respect for our country and they did it without disrespecting the national anthem. The entire team including its owner knelt before the anthem was played and stood with locked arms while our national anthem was preformed…. so a ( half ) tip of this old mans hat to the Dallas Cowboys and its owner for trying to have it both ways.

Despite an in depth search of photographs from Monday’s game almost all found shows the Cowboys and the owner kneeling while very few show him standing anyone see some form of bias in that?

Alaska daydreaming

September 24, 2017

….the late September Texas sun blazed down on me as I walked to my apartment after checking my mail. Nearing the end of the month and temperatures here in Little Elm Texas were hitting 96, and like the newscasters on the East coast not content with actual facts or temperatures when they used the wind chill in cold weather here they were saying the heat index was 104. To me though after 20 years living in Northern Alaska whether it was 96 or 104 is was still too dam hot. As usual in my daily routine in Texas I painfully listened at 3 pm MST to the live noon news from Fairbanks and heard the words that less then an inch of snow was expected in the Delta Junction area and I longed for the feel of those frozen angel tears on my face.

Well after more than a week of being inspired to write about the various hurricanes causing destruction and the many acts of heroism and anguish I am now left with a void where inspiration once resided. My daily routine of scanning many on line news sources, a few obscure web sites dealing with odd news and reading some of the hundreds of blog postings and Facebook comments I am at a loss to find any motivation to write.

Sure we have an escalation of words and a potential war with North Korea but am I the only one not overly concerned because I see that just one United States destroyer with Cruse missiles could destroy the nations infrastructure? Then again probably the only reason the President hasn’t pushed the button yet is because he does have the common sense to realize China wouldn’t stand for that.

Or I could write about Congress and its continuing stalemate to actually work on any legislation that would really help this nations people. Instead of tax reform, a balanced budget or lowering the countries debt they continue to butt heads over healthcare. Why don’t they realize that they have an excellent plan in place, the Affordable Health Care Act pushed through by President Obama? I mean after all it is already imploding and if they just ignore it for another year it will collapse on its own.

However we all know they are just biding their time waiting for the millions of dollars they are spending every month on the witch hut for a connection between Russia and President Trump to bear fruit, which will no doubt come to a head right before the mid-term election. Of course it will still not show any link but after months of digging they should be able to find at least one person who shook hands with a Russian businessman and the President.

So while yesterday was the first day of fall

and they are calling for snow

back home in Alaska

I sit here and wonder why

the motto of every congressman

shouldn’t be


No it’s not Armageddon…. but it is a great example of why we should prep

September 17, 2017

…whether a forest fire or earth quake blocking roads or a hurricane or tornado destroying everything in its path, the results are the same the peoples lives touched by these disasters are forever altered. No man can predict what these storms and natural disasters will do, nor can we foresee where to live to avoid mother natures at times violent hand. We can however use common sense and be prepared for for almost any eventuality.

Over the years I have been writing this blog I have made a number of postings about off-grid living and prepping, and it is evident today more than ever that everyone even those living in major cities should be prepared for a worse case situation. Form the following photographs we see what waiting until the disaster is upon us leads to.

Grocery shelves empty of supplies

and hours in line to get what supplies are left

The simple act of storing 10 or 20 gallons of water, a week or two of some emergency food like military MRE’s, (meals ready to eat), or a closet full of caned goods at the same time having a camp stove and some spare propane bottles will soften the pain in the weeks after a storm. If one was to have a small generator and a couple large batteries that would quell the anguish of spending many long nights in the dark, plus for those in hotter states they would be able to run, not air conditioners but at least fans.

The penalty for failing to prepare before the need
is spending days and even weeks in emergency shelters

…and relying on others to supplying us with what we need to live


A storm or natural disaster
dose not differentiate between rich or poor
so if you were blessed to not be effected
by the tragedies now unfolding
isn’t it time
to get prepared


Hurricane Harvey…. “The rest of the story”

September 14, 2017

….when I was much younger there was a radio program hosted by Paul Harvey entitled ‘the rest of the story‘ where Mr Harvey would present some little known or unreported facts about people and events in the news. Well hurricane Harvey much like hurricanes Sandy and Katrina drew the nations attention and desire to help for a period of time the destruction to the lives it touched lingers even today, and much like Mr Harvey’s broadcasts there is a much bigger story to tell.

We have all seen the news broadcasts of peoples lives being saved during the hurricane and inwardly felt a little better as we sit hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Of course we also have witnessed the at times total destruction of peoples homes and have been motivated to pick up our phones and donate to one organization or the other helping those people get their lives back on track, but the truth is as glaring as the Texas sun that now shines on the areas devastated in Houston and elsewhere…. their lives will never be the same.

Many people who lost their homes during hurricane Sandy are even today five years later still fighting to rebuild their lives. So when we see the thousands of people in emergency shelters we are basically looking at refugees who will never return to the same home they once lived in. They lost their home when the flood waters invaded it because other than any stone walls and foundation everything else must be torn out and replaced because of water damage and mold.

Living like they did in a major metropolitan area I am sure they never imagined that something like this could happen and even today living in those temporary shelters I believe many think they will still return home. However I can relate to them because at one time living in my cabin in Alaska a forest fire came within half a mile of the homestead I was living in. Smoke jumpers had set up a perimeter around the property and set up emergency sprinklers to wet down the cabin if the fire got any closer, but I had accepted the reality that if the fire broke through and reached the cabin I would in essence be homeless. Different type of disaster same outcome but because I lived with this reality every day for the 14 years I lived their I understood I would have to find a new home, while those living in Houston think somehow their insurance, FEMA or some other government agency will rebuild what they once had.

Whether fire, water or earthquake
the destruction can be heart wrenching
but at these times they must
no matter how hard
look inside themselves and find the hope they need
to rebuild our lives.