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Memorial Day…. The true cost of our freedom

May 23, 2020

To the vast majority Memorial day means a backyard BBQ
but to those that understand the true meaning of Memorial day
any words I use will never be sufficient so I humbly offer
this picture and one thought…


Freedom is not free

CBS all access… should be called cbs sometime access

May 14, 2020

With all the coronavirus and Trump impeachment postings

you may not have noticed that your old friend the curmudgeon has been absent…

well he’s back with this short tirade.

I sometimes never learn my lesson and hold out hope things will be better the next time around and this holds true with ‘cbs all access’. I have subscribed to it three times and this last time I canceled after only a couple hours because nothing has changed.

At least to ( me ) and streaming through ( my Roku ) cbs all access definitely sucks! It will play for a bit then the video will freeze but the dialogue keeps going or sometimes it just crashes for no reason and the Roku has to restart, and don’t even think of fast forwarding more than once because that also triggers an automatic crash.

Sure it has some of the best crime dramas from Blue Bloods, Wire, NCIS and CSI to landmark science fiction series like Star Trek and Enterprise but what good is great content if it takes 90 minutes to watch a 40 minute show?

So folks save the $9.95 because they don’t refund your money even when you sign up for the 30 day free trial. True you can cancel but it will not shut down for 30 days… you agreed to that when you signed up. So that free 30 day trial is bull just check your credit cards balance during or just after the 30 days.

Oh and it wasn’t my equipment that was the problem
because I checked the ‘Blue Bloods’ TV series
on both cbs all access and Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime played with no problems
no matter what I did.

Mementos and memories…. taking a break dealing with life and death from the virus

May 10, 2020

Memories.. my parents and my daughters wedding picture, and mementos.. including a piece of a building from Hiroshima, and tools of the printing trade.

….it seems like many months have passed since the news everyday was focused on impeaching the President whereas everyday now we hear about how many people are dying and sick from the virus and for me it is reminiscent of when Americans were held hostage in Iran and we sent in a foiled attempt to rescue them, and every night on the news there would be a ‘days of captivity count’…. no matter my feeling is the same I need a break from the heavy lifting of carrying around the possibility of going to the grocery store and catching a deadly virus.


A coffee cup from my wife reminding me I am not perfect, and a trophy and a copy of an award winning DVD about Alaska and a truly prized possession the hammer I used for the 14 years I was building on the Northern Alaska homestead.

So it may be because I had a birthday recently but I have lately been looking more and more back to things I have done and places I have been. This is probably triggered by my son returning to me (for my birthday) two dog tags, mine and my fathers that I gave to him for safe keeping years ago. I had always thought I would attach them to the lanyard around my neck that holds my nitroglycerin pills, but when I was about to do that I had this feeling of fear that for some reason I might loose them.


A ceramic sculpture, (monkey considering its origins), my wife made for me, an Alaskan bowel from my daughter and a plaque my son made commemorating my 14 years living in the wilderness

This got me to thinking exactly what are mementos and why do we place such a high personal value on them.Scattered around my apartment I have a number of shelves dedicated to ‘things’ that most would ignore but to me are cherished by the very nature of how they came into my life. Now no doubt in 74 years of living I have touched or used many things but still there are a few that rise to this high level of importance in my life…why?


Photo’s of my family and I plus some awards centering around an American flag my father displayed before his passing.

That is actually a question that has no one answer,

but as I ponder an answer

I gaze up at the wall behind my computer

and once again

forget about the life and death struggle

that surrounds us all

and allow my mind to find

a safe harbor to weather out the storm.

Photography by Anthony


Coronavirus numbers don’t lie…. but it seems they do in Texas

May 2, 2020

….it must be some form of new math but I have been tracking the coronavirus numbers, (cases, deaths and recoveries), on the official Texas web site and funny thing the day the governor of Texas implements phase one of reopening the state web site never gets updated. Could it have been because it showed the largest rise in number of COVID-19 cases and the highest number of fatalities since the beginning of this crisis thus making the governors opening plan in direct opposition to the governments guideline, (a downward trajectory of documented cases within a 14-day period), for states to reopen?

I see that I am not the only one noticing this discrepancy as many business owners have decided not to reopen until there is no rise in COVID-19 cases. I do understand the governors thinking because in the past month I have gone food shopping three times without contracting the virus and it appeared to me that many of the grocery store employees have also gone virus free. I know this because after 4 years of shopping the same store and seeing the same people I know when someone is missing.

So despite the spike in numbers of infected and dead the governor believes that adults can responsibly go out and have a meal without an increased danger of becoming infected. 

Though I have already seen
young adults hanging out together
without a mask or gloves
ignoring the possibility of infection
I pray the governor is right
and this is the first step
back to normalcy

Coronavirus and the coming incarceration…. I mean shelter in place

April 29, 2020

….for the most part humanity has stood by and watched while injustices were perpetrated on other human beings as in one warring faction slaughtering another on the continent of Africa, at the same time we read of warring drug cartels decimating one another in Latin America and too in the Middle East we watch as one country bombs another and forces its people to leave their homes, but now a new form of surreptitious incarceration is gradually emerging from the coronavirus pandemic and that is the push to isolate only seniors.

On April 19th I wrote the posting “coronavirus… and the obamacare death panels” where hospitals and medical staff were evaluating critical health care resources based on the point system of your value to the nation, today this new injustice is far worse because it touches every senior citizen whether healthy or sick.

If I was a believer in conspiracy theories the frequent news articles focusing on the statistics of the pandemic showing that majority of those that die from COVID-19 are senior citizens with underlying conditions, combined with the now recurring talk shows repeating these statistics and the more and more numerous protests occurring across the nation promoting the opening of our economy and lifting of the shelter at home restrictions is like a well orchestrated plan to get the public behind the ‘senior stay at home’ policy.

I have heard it said that

it is for the good of all seniors

if they just stay at home

while the rest of the population gets back to work

never mentioning

that it may be eighteen months

before it would be ok for the seniors

to return

to their normal routine,

but then again blanket statements

most times turn a blind eye to fairness.

The Yin and yang…. good and bad during a pandemic

April 27, 2020

The stupidity of many people during a shelter in place


…and the positive that comes from some other people getting together


Yes there is always hope

for a better







Coronavirus…. could it cause the crash of our nations economy?

April 24, 2020

Germany during the second world war and money was practically worthless

….we had been on a grizzly hunt in Northern Alaska for almost two weeks now, and though we had a number of opportunities to down a bear we had nothing to show for it except running low on ammunition. Now we were face to face with a charging brown bear and the hunter I was guiding was out of ammo. In that instance the result could have been my or my clients death, today here in the United States it is potentially far worse.

You are probably scratching you head trying to figure how in the world I could come to that assumption, but even blinded by the all encompassing coronavirus threat I can see the writing on the wall and so should you. Two items come to mind that should make you realize the truth in what I say.

First…. In 2013 I wrote a posting about the national debt and what each of ‘we the people’ share in that debt would be. I wrote it at the time because the federal reserve had “misplaced” some gold assets other countries had given us for safe keeping and congress once again was trying to pass a bill to fund the government for three months without passing a balanced budget. Today we mirror this same insanity by the president signing the second coronavirus bill spending money the government does not have, and congress drooling at the thought of yet a third spending bill.

Second…. When the senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says “I would certainly be in favor of allowing states to use the bankruptcy route” rather than the federal government bailing them out due to the coronavirus pandemic I think we are in real trouble because he is basically admitting that the US doesn’t have the funds to bale out every state in the union.

If you add to that the national debt had gone from 14 trillion dollars in 2013 to 24 trillion today you have a financial hole we will never get out of. The nations Bureau of engraving that prints our currency is working around the clock to keep up with the multi-billions congress is doling out to fight the shut down of our nations economy, and with every dollar printed without being backed by assets that dollar becomes more worthless.

Right now we are faced with

the life or death battle

with the coronavirus


we will face the fact

that the money

we spent fighting it

may be akin to facing

a charging bear


no bullets.

Here in this photo many Venezuelan dollars equal only one U.S. dollar, will we end up seeing this here?