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We have not forgotten…. but our leaders have!

September 10, 2021

Never forget
that for the second time in history
on September 11, 2001
the United States was attacked by cowards


Photography by Gulnara Samoilova –

2749 civilians
343 fire fighters
23 policemen
were murdered that day


Photography by Gulnara Samoilova –

We vowed to ‘never forget’ instead

20 years later

we gave the terrorists

that sheltered the mastermind

a country



Texas death panels…. ‘aka’ critical care guidelines

August 27, 2021

…when the Obama administration was pushing to pass the ‘socialized medicine’ bill we heard much talk about the death panels every hospital would have and it looks like at least here in Texas, we are about to see them in action.

Because of the delta variant of the COVID virus and millions not getting vaccinated our hospitals are operating at full or over capacity. In some areas of Texas hospitals have had to close because they could not properly treat that many sick people, due to a shortage of qualified personnel or equipment.

To someone at the hospital in charge of these things the solution seems obvious only treat those with the highest chance of survival, and to that end the evening news presented a check list for who would best benefit from continued hospital care.

It appears that this policy has already gone into effect because doctors at Starr County Memorial hospital are already applying a “critical care guideline” to see what patients they will treat and which will not.

A Star county health official said at a news conference, ‘unfortunately we only have limited resources and our doctors are going to have to decide who receives treatment, and who is sent home to die with their loved ones’

One omission from the list

of those who

do not

qualify for help

is anyone

who did not

bother to be vaccinated

“We have no capability to rescue Americans”…. but I still won’t take questions from the media and i’m going back on vacation!

August 20, 2021

Benghazi redux

….”the demands of the office appear to be too much for the 78-year-old president. Vacation time would seem to be what’s called for. But there’s a problem: By the time the president is rested and refreshed, the world will have been turned upside down”.

*Come on folks even if you voted for him be truthful and think back to when he is making a speech, (aka reading of the teleprompter), he looks totally lost, and un-animated like a man on drugs just doing what he is told.

In all of history only a few national leaders have made their country look this and weak and inept but here we are akin to the fall of Rome, where Caesar played his violin and Rome burned down around him, we have a President who appears to be afraid to take questions from the press pool because he knows he will quickly flounder so he goes back on vacation while Americans are trapped behind enemy lines and he hopes ‘someone’ will figure out how to resolve the situation.

Yes he did come back from vacation, days after the Americans were trapped and told to “shelter in place”. He held what was labeled as a press conference that was touted in advance to be about the rescue of Americans stuck behind enemy lines, I call it a Presidential address because he took not one question from the pool of reporters. So did his ‘address’ speak to how he would fix the crisis…NO because his address was limited to information about COVID and the third injection of the vaccine and not on the situation in Afghanistan.

It was once again smoke and mirrors, getting you to look over here and not over there at something he can’t handle. Just like yesterday’s news where he is focusing on passing a bill having all school children ware mask’s and no new actions to save trapped Americans. I think maybe now those who voted for him over Trump are realizing what a mistake that was.

We have a president

that just can’t handle stress

and has thousands



in harms way

and he keeps running away

without doing anything

to save them

***UPDATE…the blog was started on Monday and this paragraph list actions taken since then.

A short while ago after almost a week since Kabul fell to the Taliban President Biden held a press conference, where he was flanked by the vice-President and Secretary-of-State and spoke of the progress to get Americans and Afghan supporters out of the country.

The emperor has no cloths or better still…. who is leading our nation?

August 16, 2021

More than a decade ago I wrote an article bemoaning the lack of respect that American travelers in foreign nations sometimes encounter. I compared it to the time when the Roman empire ruled the known world and any citizen of Rome would merely announce that he was a citizen of Rome and no one would dare do him harm.

For many decades after the first world war citizens of the United States were also treated with this same ‘hands off’ respect, because everyone knew if they were harmed no matter how inconsequential the full might of the US would come crashing down on them.

Over the years much of that respect has gone by the wayside and now Americans can be kidnapped or assaulted in nations even those supposedly friendly to the US.

Today however we are faced with actions that the government has taken that will alter the way the world views our nation from now on. Knowing that the Afghan military would collapse the minute the US military left President Biden ignored the consequences of this and called for the quick removal of all US forces… and now we see the results.

Lets not only focus on the thousands of Americans told by Biden’s state department to “shelter in place” and await news of when they can leave or Biden’s telling everyone there that there will be no American citizens first to board the airplanes, but the tens of thousands of women who for a brief time, under the umbrella of the US military were for the first time allowed to go to school, run business or even walk by themselves down any street in their city.

Thank you President Biden for

2,372 soldiers killed

trillion’s of

our tax dollars


and the horrible fate

awaiting millions


Afghan women

Is the Texas voter bill equal to the Jim Crow laws…. nope just equal to what Biden’s state of Delaware has for voting regulations.

August 10, 2021

….has anyone against it actually read the complete bill, I think not, because they would see that it is almost equal to and in some parts better than the voter laws in the Presidents home state. Don’t believe me click here and read it for yourself. Yes it does tighten up the requirements for voter ID, but only those who want to flood the elections with illegal or even dead voters would complain about the new bill.

And don’t get me started about those worthless Democrats who fled the state capital while it was in session. First they should absolutely not be compensated for their travel to Washington or their lodging and meals…. why should they, they are no different than any working citizen and if we were to walk off the job because we disagreed with what our boss wanted we would be fired… hey now theres and idea!

Lastly a few words about ‘Jim Crow’ laws

The Texas law and ones passed by other states have been called laws that are the same as ‘Jim Crow Laws’ by every democratic talking head and the mindless followers of these democratic lies buy into it, but lets take a look at what are the Jim Crow Laws as referenced by the liberal left leaning Wikipedia…….

Jim Crow laws were state and local laws that enforced racial segregation in the Southern United States and elsewhere within the United States. These laws were enacted in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by white Southern Democrat-dominated state legislatures to disenfranchise and remove political and economic gains made by black people.’

So is requiring ID to vote

the same as

the above laws enacted by Democratic’s?

Is the President treating people differently based on ethnicity…. or is it just that his COVID policy for the US is discriminatory?

August 6, 2021

….in the preamble to the constitution of the United States, it states “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal”, which many of those in congress seem to have a problem withas witnessed by the non-enforcement of laws and regulations in reference to allowing people into the U.S. during the pandemic. 

The President has once again extended the closed border with Canada based on the pandemic and today has leaked word he is getting ready to mandate all foreign visitors be vaccinated or they can not enter the US.

Also the President and the White House staff can be seen on every major newscast insisting we must get the vaccination in order to stop the COVID resurgence, yet illegal immigrants are not tested before they are released into the United States.

So what is wrong with this picture

when the President

does nothing

to close our Southern border,

or when the President

will not mandate

all those crossing

that border

be tested



Is there a reason for his actions,

and is this not


The aha-wokening Olympics

August 1, 2021

….I am sure I ‘woke’ up in some parallel universe somewhere where one can no longer enjoy just watching sports for the excitement of seeing your favorite team or player go that extra mile, no now we have to endure personal and political demonstrations by a number of disenchanted athletes.

Also gone are the days of continuous sports reports and replays of their amazing feats during a competition seemingly replaced by hours of talking heads analyzing why an athlete would take a knee or turn their back during their national anthem, and how at the olympics it showed true courage to do this in front of the whole world.

Common sense says that

it is disrespect


true courage

to disrespect the nation

that made it possible for them to compete.