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Collage…. merely tangible memories?

July 10, 2018

….in Philadelphia and my cabin in Alaska I have had an eye for personal art and in particular the collage that adorned those walls. Looking up the definition of collage one finds it ‘officially’ is the collection of various things to make a new piece of art. To me it is mostly a collection over the years of photographs representing important things in my life…..basically my life at a glance.

Few of us have a collage on the walls where we live but I think I can say that everyone is walking around with a collage of sorts in their pocket, their cell phone. Even I who shunned the use of a smart phone and its camera now have some pictures stored on it. I am sure most of you have a good number of ‘important’ pictures, but important to who?

I have been on a minimalist bent since moving to Texas so a few days ago I looked around the apartment with an eye to eliminate some more unnecessary “stuff”. It was then I realized that I have just about reached the point of not having any junk laying around, and that all the unnecessary stuff I have left was now personal ‘memorabilia’. We all have stuff like that from the bride and groom off the top of our wedding cake to a flag from the casket of a deceased loved one

Now those important things we keep don’t have to be as monumental in our lives as a wedding or death but simply as mundane as a coffee cup from some exotic country we visited or a nice rock that caught our eye as we were on a new hike in the woods. Plus hundreds if not thousands of actual photographs taken before the digital camera was invented.

So what happens to all this ‘stuff’ when we too join the ranks of our long deceased relatives? I think we can get an idea of what happens by looking around ourselves and our family for memories passed down from generation to generation. Some people hold memories in high esteem and either carefully store them or reverently display them, whereas others put them in a box to be once again handed down until someone will open the box and not know why anyone bothered to save them.

or a picture
is a frozen moment of our lives
for us to revel in
when we need
the touch
past happiness


Definitely not just another Alaskan winter storm

July 6, 2018

This actually happened…well most of it anyway

….it was one of those rare Alaskan winter nights when the storm howling outside my cabin window seemed, after two days, like it was never going to end. I had to shovel a path to the generator shed and outhouse every few hours or else it would be above the knees and way to deep for my old bones to dig out. Now raging snow storms tend to happen here more often than not but this one took place during an extended cold snap and tonight could end up being the coldest I have ever experienced since I arrived in Alaska.

I had just finished eating dinner by the oil stove because when the wind is blowing and it is this cold it is one of the warmest places in the cabin. I tried using my Coleman camp stove to warm my fingers, after I washed my dish off, but the temperature must now be in the -50 degree range because that’s when propane in outside tanks turn to liquid and will no longer light. However since my generator was still running I threw a blanket on the floor under my chair and as I sat down to watch some DVD’s I wrapped my upper body in my old sleeping bag, I figured I’d might as well entertain myself while trying to stay warm.

Though my generator was a tried and true Honda which has never failed me I decided to cut my TV time short and head up to bed. The loft has always been the warmest place in the cabin as long as the wind is not blowing, but when it does it finds its way in the few cracks that missed our building inspection. In fact there is one crack near the head of my bed that when the wind is really strong my hair will blow around while I lay in bed! Getting in bed was in itself an experience because even under all those blankets both the top and bottom sheets were like layers of ice. In any event wrapped in almost every blanket I had and topped off with a quilt and sleeping bag I laid down and tried to fall asleep.

Sleep of course was hard to come by with the constant howl of the wind and the cold that had settled in my bones that even all of these blankets could not erase, but sleep did come in fitful snatches punctuated by dreams best forgotten.

Why write about this now…
Well since the rest of this nation
and for that matter the rest of the world
struggles to deal with the heat
I thought it would be a nice break
to go back in time
and remember fondly
that which at the time
was quite miserable weather
and just maybe
take some comfort
in it not being

Happy birthday America

July 4, 2018

for 242 years

this nation

is the one nation

that people from around the world

did whatever they had to to become a citizen

I guess we are not that bad a nation after all


Trail Etiquette: Alaska rules

July 1, 2018

For the second time since I started the blog

I am providing a link to another bloggers posting.

I just thought we all needed a smile

every once in a while.

via Trail Etiquette: Alaska rules

I’m loosing time…. or am I just slipping between universes

June 28, 2018

I must have drifted off for a bit but I just awakened to a news report that President Trump is selling Detroit to the Russians and California to the Chinese, and as the fog of sleep cleared I heard President Trump saying that without help from congress he has eliminated the nations deficit…. then I felt myself once again slipping….



.so there I was

.so there I was writing

     about another news story

attacking the President

          and I slipped into a parallel universe

where there was yet another

   slightly different news story attacking the President

and I slipped yet again


The multiverse is not fantasy but a scientific explanation, based on mathematics, for an infinite number of parallel worlds where you, I and everyone else exists with just minor differences. Now in no way do I understand the mathematical foundation for their existence but then again I do not understand mathematically why airplanes can fly, so lets just say I can accept the premise and move on.

In this bizarro parallel universe that I now find myself one could question why separating illegal immigrant children from their parents is more offensive, under President Trump than it was under President Bush, Clinton or Obama. Or why is it more horrendous separating children from their American borne parents when the parents committed a crime and were placed in jail but then I am sure the news media would find another ‘destroy Trump bone’ to chew on and further mislead the nation.

No I think it is time for me to quit attempting to emulate Don Quixote using my words to spark intelligent discourse when writing about the absurdities of the news media and societies push towards liberal thought and socialism.

In this current alternate ‘universe’ apparently it is everyone’s right to be an American without having to follow the rules to become one. The people who want to ignore the laws on how one enters the country want YOU to obey the laws and feed, cloth, house and educate them… now that’s an example of an alternate universe where not only the laws of physics but the law of man is ignored.

I mean how can my words sway someone who lives in a universe where despite the fact that they have male sexual organs they say they are female or want to have more gun free zones despite the fact that criminals do not obey the law and see that sign as an invitation to rob those without guns and what about states and cities that openly ignore federal laws yet jail citizens who fail to pay their taxes. It makes this old man wonder what bizarro universe I have fallen into when I am in the minority because I am proud to be an American and stand when I hear the National Anthem.

The America that I was raised in and lived in for the early part of my life no longer exists I now live in a world where the rule of law no longer applies to everyone especially if it offends them. It is now a land where there is freedom of speech only as long as you go along with what everyone else is saying, and where there is freedom of religion as long as you ignore its teachings and celebrate what your religion considers a sin.

I think its time for this old man
to turn off his computer
and join the masses
who think the most important things in life
are making money,
getting drunk
and having sex
and let the rest of the world
collapse around them
I could just kick back
and read

The U.S. is ripping families apart….

June 16, 2018

For the short attention span sound-bite generation it definitely sounds like the current administration is doing horrible things to illegal immigrant families, but not to the rest of us who have a brain because we see what the headline truly represents. Yes the U.S. is separating children from their parents just like we do with children of any American who commits a crime and endangers the welfare of a child.

One would think you do not bring you children with you when you are going to commit a crime but every month thousands of people cross our borders illegally committing a crime and therefore putting their children at risk. So rather than lock the children up in a regular jail with their parents they are separated and placed in ‘protective custody’ for their safety…

or would you rather that the
children be placed in a regular jail cell
with their
criminal parents?


***want a look at the conditions for those children click here.

Its all relative…. now please excuse me while I wipe the sweat off my keyboard

June 14, 2018








….I grabbed my coffee and opened the door this morning and walked outside to great the new Texas day. The sky devoid of any clouds was bright blue and with a mild breeze washing over me it was not too bad for 83 but for this old former Alaskan just another Texas day that was way too hot. As I stood there and waited for the caffeine to wash over my neurons and awaken them I pondered my dilemma, because I was now going into my third summer here one would think I would be used to the Texas heat but alas it is not so.

I think most of our lives are ‘relative’ and by that I mean the way we interact or accept things is based totally on what we have been exposed to for most of our lives, and this is not just relegated to things like one’s aversion to heat but to how we view other people. If a child is brought up in a household where the parents continually berate authority figures like police, teachers and politicians then one must expect that child to have the same views. Whereas if that child is brought up in a home where the parents live not only a moral life but one that supports authority figures then there is a very good chance that that child will do the same.

The same is true I think for living in different extreme climates. I have seen 1st and 2nd grade children playing outside during recess when the temperature was 20 below zero and they were all having fun. They were raised being exposed to temperatures going down into the 50 below range so they never knew any difference in climate and thus adjusted to it, even myself when shipped to the far East by the Army after half a year I barely noticed the daily 100% humidity and 90 degree temperatures because my youthful blood had adjusted to the heat.

….however unlike 1964 when I was 18
and shipped to Southeast Asia
now at 72 and after two years of Texas heat
I can see I will not be adapting