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Irony…. a brief Presidential example

September 3, 2017

On September 2nd Enrique Peña Nieto, the President of Mexico said in his state of the union message, “We will not accept anything that goes against our dignity as a nation”, when addressing the unsettled relations with the United States.

Isn’t it irony
when he speaks of a nations dignity
that millions of its citizens are crossing the border
to get away from it?


Hurricane Harvey…. destruction and hope

August 30, 2017

(AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

….my entire body was bent over at a forty five degree angle with hands outstretched and gravity never once deemed to bring me crashing to the ground. On the contrary at times the wind gusted and I could just feel the beginnings of my body being lifted from the earth. Though tree branches and the occasional small tree whizzed by what 8 years old would not think this was the greatest thrill of their entire lives.

Hazel 1954

Looking back those 63 years I do not remember how in the world I was able to sneak out of the house while in the middle of the storm of the century, but I did. It was October 1954 and hurricane Hazel was pounding the East coast with a fury that wrought devastation along its path. Hazel we later learned had recorded gusts at the Philadelphia international airport of 100 miles per hour and sustained winds in the 80’s not the kind of weather one wanted to be out in unless you were an dumb kid wondering what all the fuss was about.

Now many decades later watching the news about hurricane Harvey and its wake of destruction is better understood because of my youthful indiscretion. Though we did not have anywhere where near the level of flooding felt in Texas the carnage that was wrought by the winds and rain we received did alter many people’s lives. Put that together with my recent displacement by a construction crew here to finally repair hail damage, to my roof and ceiling, I learned first hand what it felt like to remove all your possessions during their repair work and I have a minuscule taste of some of those in the path of hurricane Harvey.

Siting here and watching daily the ever rising number of people being ‘saved’ from their flooded homes gives rise to hope that no more will die because of the storm. The faces of those rescued alight with happiness at being rescued tinged with the uncertainty of what faces them in the future. Due to the massive amount of rain that fell in the past few days it is obvious these fortunate people though their lives are secure their future is not. It will be weeks maybe months before they can return to their homes and that will just be the beginning. What will they face when they do return… not only the possible loss of much of their possessions, but for some homes that are too water damaged to repair.

This posting has no objective it is just an observation of what happened
and something positive that came out of it.

The observation that boggles the mind is
it is in times like this
people are here helping each other
the color of ones skin
their political leaning or their social status
if only we could live in harmony
like this all the time.

A dark cloud covers the world…. Fantasy or fact?

August 27, 2017

….he threw the computer against the wall and the sound heard as it hit resounded like a shotgun firing, unsettling every man sitting around the table that had been deadly silent since the meeting began. Though the power of each of these men was impressive enough to be able to destroy anyone’s career whether you were an ordinary citizen or a congressman, at this moment they were in literal fear for their lives.

The organization they belong to has been around, working behind the scenes of almost every government in the world, seemingly since the beginning of time. At times its handiwork could be seen in even social organizations when their objectives were in concert with that of the group, and no institution was untouchable if the group decided that it could further its mission. But now even in the middle of its greatest success in history, the destabilization of Europe, an individual was creating enough havoc that its master plan for the world looked to be in jeopardy.

First their handpicked choice to lead the United States was defeated by a nobody, a blowhard with no real political allegiances. Then that very same nobody had the nerve to dismantle all the group had accomplished through their puppeteering of the last President. True they had since he was elected thrown everything they could at him to discredit him but he stood his ground and pushed forward with his own agenda, an agenda that was anathema to the group.

Since his election they have pulled the strings of every congressman and senator they controlled to get him impeached, using one excuse after another from a conspiracy by the Russians to help get him elected to implying his family was making back room deals with those same Russians to sell influence with the United States. They also had their fingers in most of the media outlets so whenever the President spoke those outlets were sure to report an altered meaning of what he said. They took every national incident of merit and made it look like it was somehow linked back to something the president did or said to further inflame the people of America.

They had not yet won the battle of removing him from power, but they were definitely wearing him down with this war of a thousand cuts. The people of this nation for the most part unaware of their actions because anyone who brought it up was considered crazy, or at the very least an extreamest. But one only had to look at Europe and see the effect of their tampering. By instigating a mass migration of millions of refugees they had begun to destabilize the entire European continent. This destabilization created a unrest of the people withing each nation and would soon allow the groups chosen leaders to emerge.

They were well on the way to that same goal here in America with the previous Presidents policies with regard to illegal immigrants but the new President was working to overturn those policies and this was a big reason they are now working so hard to remove him from power. The group knew they already control groups currently demonstrating against the President so it should only be  a matter of time before they could extend that hatred to the masses.


Yes a posting of sheer fantasy

but we have had bad Presidents before

and never seen the level of hatred and violence

we are witnessing today

so just maybe there is a thread

of truth in this

flight of fantasy


A different point of view…. on burning books and revising history

August 23, 2017

….the posting, “Lets go out and burn some books…. Revising American history”, has once again brought to light the fact that I am not a writer. This posting like hundreds of others was prompted by my bewilderment and exasperation over the vocal and physical opposition to civil war statues. As usual with me when something strongly motivates me as soon as possible I write down my feelings in a first draft, then return to it after a bit to flush out my thoughts and verify any information the posting is based on. In reading the comments on this posting it became glaringly obvious in the words of one the people following my blog that I indeed did not get my sentiment across.

The following is the comment that woke me up…..

And you and I differ once again, Pete. I just have a few thoughts. For those self-appointed defenders of history and monuments as history, it amazes many of us how they are so silent on the fact that there are no monuments of slave ships, none to lynchings. None to the near genocide of the indigenous peoples of this land. This is truly lying by omission. Most of the monuments that are in question were put up nearly 2 decades after the Civil War ended. They were not put up because the whole of the United States was in reverence and awe of these people. They were put up to try to change the the remembered history of the outcome of the Civil War and to keep alive the “ideals” of a defeated Confederacy. The Confederate Army did not fight for the United States of America. They fought against it. These statues are not innocent remembrances of a benign history. They purposefully celebrate a fictional, sanitized Confederacy. Vice President of the Confederacy, Alexander Stephens, said in a very public speech that “the cornerstone of the Confederacy rests upon the great truth; that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery – subordination to the superior race – is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth.”

History is not changed by removing statues. The Civil War was won by the side on the right side of humanity. The Confederacy was on the wrong side…on the wrong side of history and on the wrong side of humanity. The Confederacy’s purpose was to rip this nation apart and subjugate human beings to slavery. I hope that all the statues are taken off their pedestals. No need to destroy them. Simply put them off of public lands as we have no further use for them. Their power has been beaten and their presence is abhorrent.

Though as usual when I am in conversations with others my mind was directly connected to my mouth, (or in this case my keyboard), without any filter. Thankfully hindsight and the diligence of the readers of this blog inspires me to amend my posting.

You make a very sound point, but because of the way I wrote the posting you never saw the idea I was trying to convey. Now I am not saying I agree with their removal but it is (not) civil war statues that I think should not be torn down… but the fact that what they represent, (an offensive terrible time in our nations history), should not be removed from our nations conciseness. Free speech by its very nature is quite frequently offensive (to someone) yet those that founded this nation knew everyone has the right to their opinion, as long as it is not forced on others, was the idea that I was attempting to convey.

I thank everyone who takes the time to comment on my writings.
I do not censure any comments
whether they agree or disagree with what I have written.
Freedom of speech can only work
when we hear both sides.

Two ships not passing in the night…. A brief thought

August 21, 2017

Does anyone besides myself find it strange that two destroyers, (the USS John S. McCain and the USS Fitzgerald), have had collisions with commercial ships withing the past few months? These billion dollar vessels are equipped with the most sophisticated radar know to man…. yet they could not see ships more than twice their size heading directly for them.

Having run a boat on the Yukon river and even though it was barely 24 feet in length I know it takes a bit to change course once the ship is running at speed but I can not help think something is being held back by the military. We also know that besides the radar on Navy ships they have seamen on watch around the vessel, looking to ensure that a collision such as we have witnessed does not happen.

So either the millions spent on the ships radar was wasted
and all the men standing watch were asleep
or our ships are being targeted.

In the mean time
since there has been no outcry from the public
Washington is content
to once again pat us on the head and say
they are investigating.

Lets go out and burn some books…. Revising American history

August 18, 2017

….Hitler burned books, ISIS destroyed statues and temples and here in America it looks like there is a growing sentiment to follow their example of destroying statues of people, events and history we do not like. I would like someone to explain to me how we can call what ISIS and Hitler did as an atrocity at the same time doing exactly what they did?

In almost every area ISIS has occupied it has destroyed statues and temples that represents any position other than what it espouses, and now it appears if there is a growing movement to do the same in our country. I have to ask is not our tearing down of statues and memorials commentating people and events from our nations history exactly the same as what ISIS has done?

The targeting of civil war statues however can be seen as only the first step in a revision of our countries history. We now have people defacing the Lincoln memorial in Washington DC and television personalities ridiculing our nations founding fathers, and calling out for someone to “blow up Mt Rushmore”. Is not the lessening of stature of the men that created this nation laying the groundwork to later amend how they appear in our history books, and better asked does not everyone calling for those changes have some blemish on their otherwise good lives?

We may as yet not be following in Hitler’s footsteps of burning any books but it does appear that we are headed towards some people trying to revise what is written in them. Yes we had a dark period in our nations history where slavery was commonplace but that time is now well into the past and we have learned from our mistakes. It has been said that ‘we must learn from our history or be doomed to repeat it‘, and as far as slavery is concerned we have learned, but it appears that though we are not ‘yet’ burning books we are definitely trying to change what is written in them.

Are these two pictures not the same?

Changing hearts and minds…. through violence.

August 16, 2017

…in 1967 I returned home from a tour of duty with the army in the far east. For some reason I do not remember why I went into Philadelphia’s center city, in uniform, but I ended up coming face to face with a massive anti-war protest. Like thousands of other servicemen and women in uniform I was the target of many unpleasant comments but during the hours that I walked through the downtown area I never encountered any violence. So I sit here and wonder why today many demonstrations end up with the violence we saw in Charlottesville.

USA Today 8/15/2017 – “President Trump’s argument Tuesday that left wing groups were just as violent as the white supremacists who staged a demonstration in Charlottesville set off a firestorm,” and I have to ask why?

Yes the President has openly changed the direction of his condemnation three times since the violence and death that occurred at a protest demonstration in Charlottesville on Saturday, but like his first remark what he said today, “I think there is blame on both sides, you had a group on one side that was bad. You had a group on the other side that was also very violent. Nobody wants to say that. I’ll say it right now,” is closer to the truth.

So why does his condemnation of what happened in Charlottesville have the people of this nation so upset? Could it be once again the fact that people do believe in free speech as long as it doesn’t offend them? Could it also be that because he did not single out the white supremacists as the only cause for the violence, like former President Obama did when he ignored the fact that a part of the city of Baltimore was destroyed by people upset over the killing of a 25 year old in police custody.

Oh hell…. I tired of tiptoeing through this politically correct minefield of crap, the Klan and their supporters should be arrested and sent to their own little island of hate filled idiots where they can live in ignorant bliss. However I also want to state that there was violence on both sides with the alt-left combination of black lives matter and the antifa group that from what I have read and observed in news videos are far from blameless. So maybe they should, if they are so unhappy with our society, also be given an island where they can live without the threat of police brutality, and where they do not have to worry about as they have stated… kill any police or whites.

Some after reading this will believe I am a racist
I am not

I just think we should (all) live our lives
bound by the same laws
where you are free to say and think whatever you want
just do not try and force your views on me.