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The people have spoken…. or have they?

November 6, 2018

By the time many of you read these words today’s election will be history and the power controlling the House and maybe even the Senate will have shifted….or not. One thing is guaranteed to be true no matter if today resulted in a blue wave or a warm red blanket the morality and greed in Washington will not change.

So if your candidate won congratulations
but no matter who wins
do not expect;
our budget to get balanced or
our immigration laws to be upheld
the millions that your candidate spent to win
has to be repaid with favors!


November 6th…. a very important day

November 1, 2018

I realize I haven’t written anything of note for quite a while but that does not mean I do not lay in bed at night and envision some interesting postings. For example last night I pondered why in 1964 when I returned from my tour in the far East and was sitting in a coffee shop in downtown Philadelphia having an ‘animated’ discussion with some collage students about why we were in Vietnam at no time did the conversation ever rise to the level of violence…. just two opposing views speaking from the heart about their viewpoint when today that discussion would have no doubt turned to violence.

What I am trying to say is
we still have a non-violent form of protest
over those we disagree with and that is the voting booth.

So if you do not want to return to a nation
where our leaders go around to other countries and
apologizes for acting better than they are…
get out and vote.

And for those who do not want an EU type border
when any and all can enter the country
and drain the benefits that rightfully belonging to it own citizens…
then get out and vote.

Most importantly
those that do not want to see the foundation of this nation
its constitution trampled on….
get out and vote.

Time to speak out…. no filter just a stream of beliefs

October 24, 2018

One would think they would be walking under an American flag not the flag of the country they are fleeing from.

….getting out of bed is getting harder and harder, I just want to stay in that unconscious state where I do not have to deal with my life and the maniacal society that surrounds me. Lately I am sure you have noticed, by the lack of postings on my blog, I have crawled into a kind of mental foxhole and other then tentatively reading or listening to the news have tried in vain to ignore it, but the news that greeted me this morning was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back.

I am no Art Bell or Alex Jones but when I heard the words bombs and democrats used together I knew one would have to be blind to not see an unseen hand orchestrating what has been in the news lately. Because it is breaking news so far the finger of blame has not come out yet but you and I know it will infer that whoever did it was a republican. With just over two weeks left to the mid term and early voting going on what could be better for the democrats than accusations that the Republicans are behind the bombs sent to those democrats.

Knowing that these mid-term elections are the ground work for the next Presidential election and having control of congress and the senate could thwart any more progress President Trump may try to get done those behind the scene have decided to pull out all the stops to get the majority back in both houses by making the Republicans look bad.

How dumb do those behind the scene powers-that-be think the public is? Apparently very dumb because dredging up false testimony from over 30 years ago just to delay a supreme court nomination and make it look like the Republicans were supporting a sexual predator is just wrong.

Then we have the 4000 migrants who are heading to the U.S.. Every day in the news it is showing the poor children and mothers suffering for the over 1,000 mile trek. Now in itself it is not anti Republican but when our President says don’t come her you will be turned back that is sure to incite some hatred for all republicans and no doubt the result will be seen in the mid-term election.

Now we have “potential explosive devices” sent to prominent democrats and who do you think will end up with the blame? With 15 days to the mid-term election it is like icing on the cake for the democrats.

If Mr Kavanaugh was guilty of sexual assault
why did the democrats approve him
for the supreme court?

When I want to drive the 363 miles to Valdez
I need money for food, water and gas
how do 4000 poor Hondurans travel
over 1,000 miles without
monetary help from someone?

It may indeed be some conservative nut job
who sent the potential bombs
but don’t you think even a nut wouldn’t wait
until after the mid-terms?

Like I said I am neither Art Bell nor Alex Jones but
I do believe someone is pulling the strings and financing
these actions so the dumb people in this nation
will believe what they read in the news.

God or good fortune…. I know the answer

October 8, 2018

Photography by Tricia-Lynn

….It was a muggy Texas morning when I left my apartment to do my Monday routine of trash to the dumpster and food shopping before the rains came. To most an easy hour of your time, to me a struggle between trying to breath and shop at the same time. It being a light shopping week, (because of my change in diet), I was done and in line to check out in just over a half an hour. The cashier was on the last couple items when I reached for my wallet and it was…… gone

That is a feeling you do not want to experience, it was as if someone punched me in the gut. I can only equate it to (in a very small way) the loss of a loved one. My mind raced and came to the conclusion that I had not used it for days and had no idea the last time I saw it. I apologized profusely to the clerk and told her I would go back to my place and see if I could find it, for surely it must have fallen out of my pants when I put them on in the mornings or take my pants off at night.

I checked the truck before I returned home but now realize because of the Velcro it could not ‘just’ fall out so as I drove home the only answer was someone picked my pocket.

So while figuring who I have to contact because of a lost wallet I managed to ask for Gods help in having the wallet turn up. It was then I realized what fools many of us are going around praying for such trivial things like lost wallets when there are literally millions of people suffering terribly and in need of a helping hand from God. It brought to mind the words of our Lord in Matthew 6:8 “…your father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him”

Over the years of walking down my life’s road
the hand of God or a guardian angel
has reached out many times
protected this sinner.

so is it any wonder
the wallet turned up?

End of the road…. or just road construction?

October 3, 2018

….the journey begins here

….the boat glided forward even after I cut power to the motor, and unlike driving a car when I saw the rapidly rising rivers bottom I could not just stop dead or make an instant change in direction. Of course it was then that I woke up never knowing how the dream ended only remembering that in real life when it happened I ended up being stranded on a sandbar for hours.

It is said that when you are dying your whole life runs through your mind like a high speed movie, well lately though not dying I have been having a great many trips back reviewing my life in great detail. Yes many of those memories are of my 20 years in the Alaskan back country but I think those memories are coming to the surface because I am finally accepting the reality of my situation.

My personal health is such that at this moment even the drive back to Alaska would be an improbable event. However I still believe the physical manifestations keeping me from accomplishing that can be overcome. I am endeavoring at present to accomplish a physical overhaul so I can make the trip in the spring. Will I be able to do what is necessary I do not know, but I believe that for someone who only with Gods help overcame 50 years of smoking then the odds are good.

Either way and because I am tired of beating a dead horse I will ‘hopefully’ refrain from any more political vents and observations and focus on me and what progress or lack of that was accomplished during the week. If you have been following my blog because you like the political satire then you may want to search out other blogs but if you want to follow along during my struggle and see if I do return to Alaska then hang in there for a boring, uncensored, ugly trip through the hell of my transformation or lack thereof.

It has been almost a year
since I asked
our Lord
for help to quit smoking
and he answered.

Now once again I am praying for his help
to reinvigorate this old body
so I can return home.

Travel this road
with me
and lets see what happens.

….and hopefully ends here on my boat back home in Alaska

The ACLU …. nevermore the upholder of U.S. Law

September 13, 2018

This one will be quick and (to me) unbelievable. The aclu has won a $50,000 settlement for an illegal alien, wanted on a warrant for being in the U.S. Illegally. Yes my friends even though Alex Caceda defended a coworker from assault the Palmer, Alaska police placed him in custody because there was an immigration warrant for his arrest.

The aclu won not only the $50,000 settlement for him, but an apology from the city of Palmer and changes in the some policies within the Palmer police department, to include….

Acknowledgement that
unauthorized presence in the United States
is not a crime

I guess the members of the aclu
never read
8 U.S. Code § 1325 – Improper entry by alien

911…. the forgotten

September 10, 2018

Have we have forgotten

that on

September 11, 2001

we were attacked by cowards

2749 civilians

343 fire fighters

71 policeman

were murdered that d


We vowed to ‘never forget’


17 years later

we are still fighting

those that hate America.