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Impeachment, Russian collusion?…. Nope just a potential apocalypse

December 11, 2019

When is doing what is right…. Wrong?

….because of my 20 years living in Alaska I still follow four of the newspapers from around the state to keep up on what is going on in my old home and since the beginning of the year there has been a fierce battle raging between the governor and the people of Alaska. It is somewhat similar to what is happening in Washington, with the impeachment hearings, in that there are people in Alaska that are working to recall the Governor from office. Now Governor Dunleavy has not accepted a bribe or committed a crime the only reason for his recall is he wanted to balance the states budget.

The governor has said the state faces a $1.6 billion deficit and he has proposed cuts that are larger than that figure because the state is forgoing some federal grants that require a certain amount of state spending. The Governor has told reporters that, “This budget is going to impact all Alaskans.” It is because of these cutbacks that a large number of people are calling for his recall.

Now knowing how President Trump appears to have a total disregard for what others think of him when he believes in his heart he is doing the right thing for the American public, I can see him after his reelection fighting tooth and nail for a balanced budget. Especially since the Federal reserve has been once again quietly bailing out our nations banks, and seeing what happened in Alaska one can only assume our nation will be up in arms trying to stop him from balancing the budget on ‘their‘ backs.

In Alaska
the two horsemen of the Apocalypse
driving the recall
are the state workers
and school board employees

If President Trump
attempts to balance the federal budget
I am sure it will be the
leading the charge
to oust him once again.

A weekend thought….

December 7, 2019

Just a little something

to hopefully bring a brief smile to your weekend,

and to honor my first weekend thought

something with an Alaskan flavor.


Maybe…. We have one reason why illegals think America is the land of milk and honey

December 6, 2019

….I went to get an x-ray and a doppler test today and can’t wait till I get the bill for them. One would think after paying into Social Security and Medicare for 50 years my Medicare would cover the tests…. think again.

It was like the emergency ride in the ambulance I had a while back Medicare paid the lions share but a month later comes a bill for the balance. One would think that if Medicare paid $700+ for the service why would they let an additional $39 be passed on to me? Could it be the government’s way to remind me that I didn’t pay in enough during those 50 years of employment?

Well the reason I bring this up is last night on the news I saw something that once again ignited the flames of unfairness. Apparently just outside of the town of Anson Texas a prison, (Bluebonnet), it was built for 35 million Texas taxpayers dollars. It was supposed to be a state of the art prison but Texas officials changed their minds they said because of declining number of prisoners needed to be housed it didn’t need it.

Now the prison will be used to to house adult illegal immigrants detained by the federal government. So your asking why when this sounds like a good use of wasted Texas tax dollars I got upset, because it is just another example of more tax dollars being spent on illegal immigrants, instead of homeless American citizens. This ‘facility’ as ICE calls it will provide not only a clean place to live with regular meals but a dedicated medical staff to ensure the health of the illegals including a gynecologist, dentist and nurse practitioners of course at no cost to these criminals.

So yes I get frustrated when I see thousands of people a day cross our border illegally and in one form or another end up receiving free help whether it be living accommodations or medical assistance or whatever when our streets are overflowing with military veterans and ‘citizen’ homeless who would be much better off if we weren’t spending the millions a day on helping these criminals.

So once again
we let all of South America
and the world know
come here to America
and at least when you first get here
everything is free.

President Trump’s and the democrats…. a mirror image of Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner?

November 12, 2019
….most of us have at one time or another seen a Road Runner cartoon, where the Road Runner is consistently outwitting the coyote, well for some reason this had me thinking of President Trump and the attacks by the democrats.

The democrats are like Wile Coyote constantly devising new ways to destroy the Road Runner, never stopping to realize that trying to stop the President with lies and innuendos was just like the Coyote’s absurd methods of catching the road runner. For over the three years we have seen the democrats screaming collusion with the Russians to throw the election, then during those three years and millions of dollars for them to make tenuous links it seemed to me to be akin to a paid hit where one after the other those links proved there was no collusion.

Now with the next Presidential election less than a year away the democrats are throwing their ‘Hail Mary’ with an attempt to show the President illegally used his power to bribe the Ukrainian government into revealing information about any illegal past connection between them and former vice-president Joe Biden and his son. The democrats believe that ‘we the people’ are dumb enough that when we hear a lie over and over we will in the end believe it is true and if not they will no doubt drag this impeachment hearing on long enough that many will believe President Trump must have done something wrong so they will not vote for him.

So I ask you….
is it wrong for the U.S. to withhold rewards to foreign governments
who make secret backdoor deals
with the Quid Pro Quo being
a job for the vice-presidents son?

because the democrats can not find anyone to beat the President
they have tried every lie they can think of to defeat him
maybe it is time to say enough
vote them out
and realize we have a President that has
not only produced the lowest unemployment in decades
he unlike previous Presidents does not bow to foreign nations
and is
proud to be an American.

Veterans day

November 10, 2019

On this veterans day only five words are necessary……


My father during World War Two


Freedom is not free

I want to write….!

November 7, 2019

Looking closely one can see we are not smiling as much as grimacing from the “cool” Alaska air!

I want to write
….about the time my son and I drove the treacherous Dalton highway in Alaska to the top of the world. Thinking back to that moment when we stopped at the top of Atigun pass, (Alaska’s highest mountain pass), and thought it would be a great place for a picture. Only problem as you can see from our painful expressions in the photograph it was brutally cold atop that mountain.

I want to write
….about life in the ‘new world’ well my new world anyway. I know some would find it interesting that I could go from being comfortable at -20 to living at +98. Plus learning to adjust to living where your nearest neighbor was no more than 20 feet away when for decades they were over a mile away.

I want to write

….about fishing a crystal clear remote Alaskan stream so far from civilization that your phone and radio have stopped working.

I want to write
….about a government filled with people that because they lost an election are willing to spend tens of millions of tax dollars to tarnish the name of our President, just because they are afraid of loosing to him in 2020.

I want to write
….about a 73 year old body that refuses to act like it did only a few years ago in the wilderness of Alaska. A body that finds new and inventive ways to radiate pain all over its currently disintegrating frame.

I want to write
….about the thoughts that permeate this old man on a daily basis and are like a dark cloud blocking out the sunshine of a life in an earlier day.

I want to write  
….about the thousands of American citizens and veterans who are homeless and in need of medical help they can not afford and the millions of illegal’s crossing our borders every year who get both free housing and medical help.

And lastly

I want to write

about the frustration

of not being able to be physically a part

of my grandchildren’s lives

or to understand why

I worry every day

about my grown children

that they are safe and happy.

I want to write

but can’t break through the dark clouds


An Alaskan wolf tale…. redux

October 25, 2019

….it has been over 20 days since I last penned a blog posting and I am still lost in a fog of uncertainty. Yes I have started many postings as my desktop can attest but though the inspiration does exist for their creation that inspiration soon fades and despair takes hold as that fog embraces my mind. So because this incident marks a memorable occurrence while I lived and worked in Alaska and because I thought my old friends and new visitors may enjoy reading about my encounter with the wolf packs of Alaska I offer you a taste of the old ‘Pete’s Alaska’ blog, enjoy!

The illumination from the normally bright security lights was devoured by the thick cold fog and was unable to even cast a shadow from the horse corrals surrounding it. I sat, gun in hand, in the middle of the yard on my four wheeler trying vainly to keep watch on the fleeting ghost like appearances of the horses. It was reminiscent of an old black and white horror movie, with the dense fog pulsing in intensity and the nearby howls of starving wolves. At different moments and from different directions one loan wolf crunched down teeth bared would appear and as I fired…. it vanished as if it never existed.

I had worked for Les Cobb, at Lost Creek Ranch, as an assistant hunting guide for two years now and because he was away working at a gold mine he called and asked me if I could go out to his ranch and help his wife keep some wolf packs from killing his animals. I made the 130 mile journey out from Fairbanks to find his wife Norma looking exhausted from her nightly wolf patrol.

Normally wolf packs do not join forces to attack their prey but because of the numerous forest fires raging they had pushed a number of packs in the direction of the ranch. Add to that the fact that there was a good number of animals at the ranch and because the now starving wolves had all picked up the horses scent a number of packs had joined forces to go in for the kill. Norma had notified Alaska fish and game but they did not believe her when she told them that it was more than one wolf pack attacking her ranch, and would not send any people out to help keep them at bay. Apparently wolf packs joining forces to attack is relatively unheard of in Alaska.

So hear I sat at six in the morning, beyond tired, feeling cold and damp shooting at ghosts in the mist. I could tell day was dawning because the light from the security light now appeared even weaker as the fog itself brightened with the coming sunrise. I could now see maybe 20 feet away from my position and could clearly see the fencing surrounding the horses. Like anyone who stood guard for an entire night at times my fixed stair would cross over to an awaking sleep….

For some reason a colder than normal chill went down my spine and as I turned to ward it off I was shocked at the sight of a wolf not 5 feet away. In that instant the squalid, teeth bared wolf looked to be as big as a full grown bear and for that brief instant we both froze and just stared at each other. Yes I know not the actions one would expect from an Alaskan hunting guide, but with almost 24 hours of no sleep it could be expected.

Time seemed to be suspended and what surely was but seconds seemed like minutes before I raised my 357 and fired. In that same instant the wolf seemed to disappear and re-materialize on the bank of the stream 10 foot further away. I switched over to my shotgun and fired twice more as he headed down the embankment to the stream.The sounds of my firing brought Norma from the house and she arrived in time to see the wolf as he crossed the stream and melt into the dense brush.

We may have been disappointed

that no blood

or sign of a dead wolf was found

but we were content

that at least for another night

the animals of

Lost Creek Ranch

were safe.