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You never know…. when chickens will fall from the sky

November 15, 2021



…if you take a cup of coffee and pour in cream you loose the rich fullness of its flavor, which is akin to what I see happening to our nation, so maybe I’ll write about something else that I can ‘grump’ about ;-(

A friend of mine from Alaska remarked in his last email to me that, “You sound particularly positive and energetic”. Now that is hardly normal for this old curmudgeon who normally walks around with a scowl that would frighten little children even when it wasn’t Halloween, but I have been on an upswing lately buoyed no doubt by the visit of my daughter and a Halloween with the hole family.

Her visit may have been the catalyst for me to resume my walking routine and I managed almost an entire week of half mile walks everyday. In fact I mentioned to my son when asked about getting outside in the nice weather that I indeed was and in fact was gout free for a couple months.

But (and here’s the rub) never give in to overconfidence when you do reality has a way of dumping on you. On Sunday I decided it was time to increase my walks to a mile a day getting close to my old routine of 2 miles a day and the walk was not bad. My COPD was almost nonexistent thanks to a new maintenance inhaler and no discomfort anywhere on my body.

Waking up today the chickens had come home to roost and both my big toe and ankle were echoing back to my worst gout days, was it a change in my diet, the walk or truly gout? I opted to take the gout Rx and hope for the best.


the best time

to go out and walk

is in the



Texas winter

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  1. TBG permalink
    November 15, 2021 5:50 pm

    Having had gout once in the joint of my right large toe once I hope to never experience it again. So sorry you have to struggle with this, I hope you plug away when conditions allow.

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    • November 16, 2021 10:26 am

      Thanks for TBG I will no doubt continue on because I have been down the gout road many times before and ‘it to will pass’. I am sure you had a smile when you read about how I wanted to achieve my daily 2 mile walks.


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