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The capitol is echoing with the words, pass the pork…chops!

December 18, 2014

The juices from the steak dripped unknowingly down the hunters face and into his beard. Like the others he didn’t miss a beat as he shoveled forkful after forkful of food into his mouth. We were supposed to be in camp for two weeks and normally we would have had no problems except that the temperatures dropped and during our last week we were eating more and more because our bodies were burning it up as fast as we could eat. Add to that the fact that the plane did not arrive on time because of heavy snow and we ended up being stranded an additional three days with only crackers and some soup.

Gluttony…yes but with a purpose…survival.

pork1I was thinking of this fictional scenario when I read about the current budget proposal awaiting the Presidents approval. The 1.01 trillion dollar spending bill is a testement to unfettered spending, and special interest provisions garnered by most congressman and senators. One can only ask where are the politicians who were just campaining on a balanced budget? More to the point where is the media announcing to the public the many deals congress is making with your money? Yes I know those elected in November will not be in office till the new year, but the majority of those who voted on this ‘porkbarrell express’, were just a few weeks ago were out there ‘promising’ to you and me about how they will cut the spending!

At this very moment you, I and everyone around us is personally in debt to the tune of $143,000 and that increases literaly by the second. Don’t believe me click here and watch your debt increase. This is a debt that we will never pay off and will be passed on to our children and grandchildren, isn’t it time we try and stop the flow of our nations life-blood?

Now I know you will be saying not again when I ask why not work out a balanced budget NOW. You who have followed my postings know I regularely bang my head aganest the wall with this one but if you and I must live in balance, why is the American government any different? If you did not pay the electricity or rent it would be turned off or you would be evicted, and unlike the government we can not just print worthless money when we need it. I think we MUST in the next election EVICT those who refuse to bring this nations finances into balance. However, right at this minute our representatives in office have nothing to fear from the voters if they did reduce financial support to any pet project or cut programs! The men and woman in office have a lock on their office until the next election so I say get off your asses cut the spending and balance the budget.

But of course this will not happen
because by cutting pet projects they would loose campaign donations
and by cutting the budgets of most of the federal departments
they would loose the vote of the people being laid off!

Profiling, demonstrations and a golden rule

December 15, 2014

The instant I saw the flashing light in my rearview mirror, my foot eased up on the gas. I was just entering the outskirts of Fairbanks, Alaska on my twice a month supply run Pdriveand now I was thinking this could be an even more expensive trip to town. As I sat and waited for him to approach the truck, I was sure the officer was running my plates. I lowered my window as he was asking for my license, registration and insurance card then as I handed the cards to him I let him know I had a loaded handgun in my truck. His demeanor instantly changed as his hand moved to the butt of his handgun…….

The other day I was on Termr, another web based blogging site, and happned upon a posting by Mr. Lawrence Graham a Harvard educated lawyer, writer and an African American talking about how he wanted to ensure his children would not have to endure ‘profiling’. He has even gone so far as to create guidlines for his children that he hoped will ensure this, to this I can only say I wish you good luck.

I do not care how meticulous one is about how we dress, act or speak…..when you are having an interaction with a law enforcement officer all bets are off. I have, for no good reason, been subjected to what I considered an over the top car stop, where the officer treated me like he already knew I was a criminal. Granted here in Alaska the great majority are always armed but he was not happy when I informed him as soon as he stoped me that I had a loaded gun in the armrest, but it still does not make me a criminal. Nor does it when a young black teenager is walking down a street, but like my ‘armed’ traffic stop, it is all about how we respond to the police officer.

To the father trying to help his children I say to try and weather the waves of racial profiling. There are indeed men and woman working in law enforcement that inhearently distrust and at times hate people of any color other than their own. There are also many other officers who for whatever reason have to prove that they have the power over anyone they stop. They are however in the minority because the majority of police officers who put their lives on the line day in and day out are nothing like them.

On the other side of the issue when I see the “leaders” of these demonstrations across the country demanding this and that I know full whell it is purely for show because what they are demanding will not weed out the bad police officers. These protest “leaders” only want to continue the cycle of racial anomisty so they will continue to have a job. When they lead the protest in Ferguson what was acomplished by burining those stores? Did the NYPD fire any officers after protesters closed down major roads and highways in New York City? But please remember when over a quarter of a million people listened in peace to Dr. Martin Luther King give his “I have a dream” speech those in power listened and then acted!

We must have a better system of weeding out 
 those that see everything only in black and white!

California the oil boom and illegal voters

December 13, 2014

P:trkThe weather has been mild in the 50’s and 60’s here since the day my plane landed in Texas, and though no excuse for not working on a new posting, it sure doesn’t help, (as witnessed by the photograph of me in a t-shirt right before going into the pool). My days have been filled with adjusting from a solitary life to one with a few more people occupying the same space. With my grandchildren around and a year of absence I try to make up for lost time, knowing I will never be able to regain the time lost while I was away. I am saying all of this so you may understand why my postings may be shorter, a shade softer, less biting than you are used to. That said I can not hold my tongue about these three items.


California… did that state do something to incur God’s wrath? For the past two years we have been hearing about California’s drought, water rationing and forrest fires, and there was even talk about recycling the gray water. Then this week came the rains, at times compared to what Noah must have endured in Biblical times. Then on Friday there was a call for forced evacuation of an area near LA!

Either to little rain and the drought and forrest fires arrive
or too much water and the sides of hills roll back into the ocean
It seems they can not win in California


Then again even the American citizen can’t win… For the past year our nation has been on the road to an oil boom not seen since the original boom in Pennsylvania and Texas. These new wells came about in spite of the fact that our government, though espousing oil independence, blocks efforts to drill in ANWR and off the coasts of the United States. Now when we reach a production level equaled to and surpassing any in the world OPEC decided to flood the market with oil and thus dropping the value of a barrel of oil making the newer American operators suffer to the point of having to layoff workers and cancel future drilling. Here in Alaska the price has not dropped as much as in the ‘lower 48′ but when you see a drop in price at the pump we think it is a good thing but once the new oil producers are out of the picture our fuel prices will climb once again.

If we are approaching the number one oil producer in the world
why are we still importing oil?


……and the winner is, the illegals! New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that illegals are allowed to register for the city’s municipal identification cards in 2015. They will not only receive free admission to the city’s top cultural institutions but he is willing to consider granting non-citizens voting rights in city elections.

With receiving free medical and housing and food assistance
plus the right to vote in the city
why bother entering the United States legally?

Racism, politics, violence and terrorism….not this time

December 10, 2014

It’s funny that when you are flying and about to land it seems to take forever as you slowly descend garfieldand the individual houses and cars begin to resolve themselves. When my flight was about to land in Washington and it was coming in low over the islands and bays near the pacific ocean, I thought about the many different people that make up this land of ours and how we all had our own views on what was right and what was wrong. Looking down on this microcosm of America I came to the realization that though of differing and at times diverse opinions we shared one inalienable fact….everyone of us wants to live in peace and freedom.

You will have to excuse me for this posting because I once again have no ‘pie’. I just can not take the many thoughts running through my brain and put them into a posting worthy of your consideration. It may be the loss of sleep before the flight or being back with the grand children after a year apart or just having my son nearby to talk with but it’s just not happening. Yes I had a nice train of thought about the many different views on how our country is being run but for the time being it will have to wait.

Hopefully after I get settled into a routine I will find that ‘sweet spot’ where brain, fingers and time allows for creativity. In the mean time I will enjoy the 50-60 degree temperatures later this week and try and keep up with my grandchildren. To my friends back home check out the price of a gallon of gas in the picture on the right.

* ‘no pie’ a referance to the speach writers inability to craft a speech for the president on TV’s ‘West Wing’

Where will it end?

December 9, 2014


It may be just facts and figures but this blogger has found a wealth of “TRUTH” exemplified in this facts and i wanted to share his work with you my readers.

Originally posted on Just Cruisin 2:


We’ve been following the uproar over two arrests
that went bad since they happened. In both these
instances the person being arrested died. Although
tragic, it seemed like a very rare occurrence to us.

So we looked. According to the FBI, there were an
estimated 12,408,899 arrests in 2011. Of those, 74%
were male, 69.2% were white, 28.4% were black, and
the remaining 2.4% were of other races.

Once again the race card is being played and the
deceased shown in the media as model citizens. We
will readily admit that nobody deserves to die at
the hands of another, but are the police really
deserving of the wrath?

108 officers and 20 police dogs have been killed
so far in 2014. In 2013, 100 officers were
killed, 51,625 were assaulted, and 14,857 had
injuries resulting from assaults. Those figures come from the National Law Enforcement Officers

View original 90 more words

Pot, Ferguson and oil…clearing off my desk

December 3, 2014

petecomputerartJust days now before I head down to spend the Christmas season with my grandchildren we of course have a ‘winter storm’ hitting. Not anything akin to what was seen in Buffalo, but a mere 6” to 12” enough to make shoveling my driveway and the 60+ mile drive to Fairbanks a royal pain. In between packing and trying to make sure everything is secure I daily face the ‘desktop’ on my computer with a few half started articles for my blog. So why not once again take these random thoughts and mix them together like the plethora of vegetables in a good stew and serve them to you as my last posting from Alaska for 2014.


This first one personifies the word ‘Irony’. One cannot go a day without hearing on the radio, seeing on television or in the newspaper some public service ad for how harmful smoking is to your health. I also believe every state has a ‘quit smoking’ hotline with access to free medication and counseling, so with this nation wide driving force to stop us from smoking why are people celebrating the passage of the legalization of pot smoking? Is smoking marijuana that much less harmful than smoking a cigarette? Yes I can hear the refrain that pot does not have all the added cancer causing chemicals in it that cigarettes have, but have any of you looked at the medical studies that show that merely by smoking anything you are harming your lungs. Add to that you do not know what the growers of the pot have used on their plants to keep them healthy, and I say that your actions are very ‘ironic’!

Isn’t it ironic that it rhymes with moronic?


While listening to the ‘Joe Pags’ radio show the other day he said something that made a lot of sense about the people who were rioting in Ferguson. When reporters interviewed the protesters they repeated the refrain of how they could not understand the jury verdict, because they see the verdict, literally, in black and white. A dead black teenager and a white cop that shot him. They repeat the testimony of witnesses who said Mr Brown was surrendering when shot, but they do not repeat the testimony of the many more witnesses who said he was attacking the police officer. In either case it definitely was not a reason to destroy peoples business and burn police cars. Mr Pags wondered if those interviewed would ‘be honest’ and say that they were rioting because of the frustration over decades of oppression and prejudice that it would be a more valued reason for their actions then basing them on the untruths of some witnesses.

In the light of day
truth is the only reason to support action.


Life seems a little brighter now that it costs me only $26 to drive to Fairbanks instead of the $37 it used to, and one can hope this drop in fuel prices will continue. But this is how I personally feel about the falling cost of oil thanks to OPEC’s continuing overproduction of that oil. It has taken many years but OPEC is now afraid of the US and its continuing expansion of oil production. The US is witness to an oil boom unseen since the first oil wells in Pennsylvania and Texas. We recently have become the world leader in oil production and OPEC is doing something about it by continuing to flood the market with their oil and dropping the per gallon price of crude. While this is good for you and me it is very bad for all those new and old companies drilling throughout the United States. It is also very bad for the state of Alaska because our very survival is based on oil revenue to fuel our state treasury.

One result I would expect from the falling oil revenue
would be a cut in the states budget
but then I still hope to find that one big gold nugget.

December 2, 1964…a personal retrospect

December 1, 2014

DSCF1755.JPG*This is a personal prospective intended for family and close friends but

I think in sharing it others may benefit from my experience

We had been sitting here for quite a while now, just watching the swiftly flowing river pass by. It was a silent moment of thought about the things were were just talking about, punctuated with the sound of the air moving the tree tops layered over the almost inaudible hiss of the passing water. Our conversation ended with a reminisce about our ‘honeymoon’. Not a normal honeymoon in the sense of going away right after the wedding, because I was leaving for the Far East the following week. In fact it was eleven years after we were married before we could afford to go on our ‘honeymoon’.

These new frequent outings to the rivers edge had come about by what I now consider an act of God. For years I was too wrapped up in supporting the family with at times two extra part time jobs and then in my free time being a typical male, by ignoring my wife’s need for us to have some time alone just to talk. It’s funny we never seem to see the true reason for things that happen in our lives until quite a bit of time has passed.

It seems now that I am getting older I am thinking less about the future than was has transpired over the course of my life, and if there can be one glaring example of the handwork of God it was in April of 1993, when I broke my wrist. It not only stopped me from working any jobs but focused my attention on to my wife. She had been diagnosed with Scleroderma and it was concentrated in her lungs. Fortunately it was in her case a slowly progressing form and we were to have many years left together.

With the broken wrist and no work to go to we evolved into a routine of me taking her out much more than we did before my accident. You see she also had generative arthritis in the hips which made walking any distance impossible. So I rented a wheelchair and we started to go out and share our days together. One of her favorite spots was on the banks of the Neshaminy Creek, where we would bring a lunch and just talk…unlike we ever did before.

I bring this up because she died in May 1993, two months after my accident and without that accident I would never have shared those hours alone with her. It is now decades later and I regret that I was such a selfish husband never thinking of what she needed. And too late realized that it took the hand of God to make me stop that life and open myself to her needs.


A wedding anniversary awakens many memories

and as long as we remember those that passed

they will always live on….in our hearts.