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“We the people” can not win!

October 29, 2014

Those who have followed this blog for some time know I spend a lot of time writing about our government ignoring our problems and usually acting with what seems little or no common sense. I have stated over the years this is not a Democratic or Republican issue because almost every representative from the President down appears to ignore reality and does what he or she wants to do. As many of you that follow this blog know I do my best thinking in the morning as the first molecules of caffeine activate my neurons and the fog of sleep is lifting, so this morning as I sat there watching the snow falling I had an epiphany of sorts on why our present government is so screwed up, they just don’t care about ‘we the people’ !

The government our founders envisioned, “of the people, by the people and for the people”, has long since gone by the wayside. First let it be know I am not ‘one of those people’ who see a global conspiracy behind every government action, but I do see how a small number of uber-rich people do control who is elected. And thus these elected officials are beholding to those supporting them and not the people they are supposed to represent.

For the most part, other than the electoral collage, elections are won by the number of people who vote for and individual running for office. Also for the most part those casting their ballots do very little research on the candidates. Instead they rely either on the constant bombardment of radio and TV commercials or the influence of their own organization or union, to sway their vote.

Thus the formula is simple, those with enough wealth can have almost any candidate they want elected simply by buying enough advertisements to overwhelm the competition. At the same time investing in the establishment of ‘grass roots’ personnel to make sure their potential voters make it to the polls. With a system like this an individual attempting to buck the system has very little chance to win. To solve this dilemma we have to fight to severely restrict financial contributions of any kind, and yes I know an almost impossible task. But if it is not done there will never be any real change in our government.

More to the point
those that do win the election
will ignore actions good for the voters
in favor of those that financed their election.

Today nothing happened…..

October 24, 2014

DSCF1372I wonder how many of you have experienced a day or a week like I have experienced. I have often opened my blog postings speaking of waiting for the fog in my mind to clear as the caffeine did its job, well for the past week I have had a hard time rising above that quagmire in my consciousness. The sharpness of thought at times did spike through but something just would not allow me to ponder the many mysteries that I encountered.

One could attribute this partially to the relief I felt from hearing that those in Dallas under quarantine and the nurses are ebola free and that cities cloud of fear has been lifted. But just a short exposure to the latest news, one would expect, should have me typing furiously about: the attempted beheading in Oklahoma, the soldier shot in Canada by a lone terrorist, the religious fanatic who went nuts and used a hatchet to attack police officers in N.Y., and the fact that our government has still leaned on the side of political correctness and not restricted travel to the United States from ebola ravaged countries.

But no….my fingers lag along even as I types this posting waiting for any spark to ignite the mental fireball that could produce an worthwhile article…yet I am still ending up with nothing. Right at this minute the strongest feeling I have is satisfaction for my daughter because she experienced her first ‘moose in the driveway’ at her new cabin. Now we know dear reader, that with all the turmoil and horror going on in the world today, some connection somewhere in my brain has snapped when I am sitting here focusing on a moose! I actually sat here at the keyboard yesterday and thought just maybe it was time to put the keyboard away….but we will have to just wait a bit longer and see if this state of atrophy will pass.

I do have one incomprehensible thought to ponder….
Why does a medical doctor who has just returned from treating ebola victims
decide to immediately after returning to the United States
go out to dinner then ride a subway and go bowling
when he has a temperature?

A ray of hope shines through the ebola cloud

October 20, 2014

IMG_0694The people of Dallas have been living under a dark cloud of fear over the people infected there with ebola. Because government experts have continually changed what constituted a risk of contracting the disease, they truly never knew if going about their daily activities would expose them to ebola. Since Mr Duncan was first diagnosed with ebola, and seeing how fast it is spreading in Africa many of the people of the Dallas area were in a constant state of concern. I too because my son and his family live just outside of Dallas and because I am planning a Christmas trip to his home, have had some very real concerns as witnessed by my two previous blog postings.

However today quite a bit of that concern has been lifted with the news that, Louise Troh, Mr Duncan’s fiancee, her 13-year-old son and two nephews were allowed out of confinement after the 21 day incubation period for ebola ended. Also released from the 21 day observation were 34 medical and associated personal. With this release some of that dark cloud of seeing potential ebola infection whenever you left your home was pierced by a bright ray of sunshine that ebola may not be casually communicated.

I am however sorry to have to mention this but I also have a problem with this assumption. One must wonder why Duncan’s fiancee who was in very close contact with him for several days has been cleared but two nurses who one would think had no direct physical contact with him are diagnosed with ebola. Until it is equivocally resolved as to how the nurses contracted the disease I may feel better but will remain on the edge of my chair waiting for the answer.

On another matter related to ebola in the United States, the administration has named an ‘ebola czar’ to oversee all of our countries efforts to ensure ebola does not take hold here like it has in Africa. Now one would think it would be one of Americas eminent infectious disease professional, but as with everything else the President has done during his administration he opted to appoint a former trusted White House advisor and ( Lawyer ), Ron Klain. Mr Klain was formally chief of staff to Vice President Biden and has no healthcare experience whatsoever.


The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away….
The ray of sunlight of the medical release of potential victims,
and the cloud of the appointment of someone
who wouldn’t recognize what ebola looks like under a microscope.


Pandoras box…..redux 2.0

October 17, 2014

At the end of September I mentioned a novel by Steven King called the ‘Stand’. In it Mr King began the novel by showing how just one person could essentially infect and kill more than half the population of the United States. Now when I wrote this we had one ebola patient quarantined in a Dallas hospital, with the head of the CDC claiming that in no way could ebola spread to the general population of America……well he was wrong and we are now seeing the beginning of ebola spreading its deadly tentacles across the face of this country.

First it was one nurse infected with the virus, then her boyfriend was infected, now we have a second nurse who a day before she was quarantined flew on a commercial airliner. The CDC now realizing that ebola is in the population in general is asking for everyone who was on that flight to contact them. I am sure that soon the CDC will be looking for everyone who was in contact with those passengers to be monitored as well. This reality unfolding before our very eyes is a mirror image of what Mr King described his book. In that book he wrote about the casual contact between people who never knew they are carriers of the deadly disease spreading the virus wider and wider into the population.

We have indeed lifted the lid on Pandoras box
and as time progresses the spread of this deadly disease
will touch every corner of this nation.

This article posted via Winlink, the Ham radio email system

Pandora’s box…..Redux 1.0

October 15, 2014

This morning, as the coffee worked its magic clearing the fog of sleep, I heard something on the radio that would normally seem so obvious yet no one until now was talking about it. The reason we are not restricting travelers from Africa is because then we would actually have to also ensure our borders are also secure. Common sense says that if we restrict flights from ebola ravaged countries these people would just fly into Mexico and walk across the border.

For years now both political parties have been fighting each other about tightening border security with nothing accomplished. I think this is partially because they would be seen as racist for closing the border, but also because they see these criminals as potential voters. So now, because of their inaction, they have a major problem in that they could not restrict anyone entering the United States from African nations without making sure that anyone crossing the border is also not carrying the ebola virus. Of course the only way to do that is close the border’s down and inspect every person entering the United States.

Now I have always viewed our government representatives
as suspect in anything they say or do
but would they really put our nation in danger
because of a political agenda?

This article was posted via the Ham Radio email system Winlink.

Lifting the lid on Pandoras box of ebola

October 13, 2014

P.1Most of us have at one time or another seen a movie where the actors are in a high security laboratory dressed in what looks like space suits. The premise of the scene is usually that the actors are working to figure out how to stop some new deadly bio-weapon. The equipment and the laboratory are modeled on the ones in use by the CDC in Atlanta and other military facilities. Up until a month or so ago I did not know that ordinary hospitals around the United States were also equipped with these secure laboratories. After all they must be if our government brought the most deadly disease on the face of the earth to these hospitals instead of the CDC or military bases.

I can think of no sane reason why we would bring to our shores the ebola virus, then again I also can see no reason why we do not shut down travel completely between the US and any nation that has ebola running rampant. As of today France, Great Britain and Saudi Arabia have restricted travel to these nations… and here in the US if your coming from an country that has ebola we have you fill a questionnaire out and take your temperature.

What happens if there is a suspected traveler with a high temperature, do we take them to the nearest ER or quarantine them in a local hospital that has no experience dealing with deadly diseases? What about the other people on the airplane who came into contact with that traveler? Or what about the plane itself, is it decontaminated or put out of service?

Today we also are dealing with something new, the first person to contract ebola within the US. One would think that anyone, especially a nurse, working in a secure area of a hospital that had a patient with ebola would take every precaution to not infect themselves. And I am assuming that this nurse did follow all guidelines so just how did she get the virus?

Our government has stated that ebola is not airborne
but if the nurse did follow all guidelines how did she become infected,
and more to the point how many others did she infect?

A personal lament

October 10, 2014

P.1I remember when the only TV one could buy was black and white
When you phone weighed 5 pounds and was virtually indestructible
When you were not home you used a pay phone because the cell phone hadn’t been invented yet
When the only computer was called Univac at the University of Pennsylvania
and it weighed more than a car.

My mind drifted as I thought about the upcoming final exams, when a blur flashed before me that quickly focused into my fathers large hand. As the fog of concern about those exams cleared I heard him asking for a wrench. It was another typical Saturday in the 60’s with me helping dad with projects he couldn’t get to during the week. Sometimes we worked in his shop in the basement fixing household appliances that had broken or like today out here in the garage lovingly dissecting the valve cover on my mom’s 59 Ford Fairlane.

Their was a time not too long ago when your most prized possessions were those that lasted for years and sometimes decades. Back in the 40’s, 50’s and even the 60’s most people’s major purchases, cars, air conditioners, TV’s, and appliances were only bought because they knew they would ‘stand the test of time’. Back then when something broke or did not work right you either fixed it yourself or took it to one of the thousands of repairs shops in the area. People of that era would never think about throwing the device away and buying a new one, to them that would be insane.

Today that insanity rules, not because people just got tired of fixing things but because companies realized if they manufactured something with fixed lifespans you would have to come back and buy a new one. And yes they forced the majority of those repair shops out of business by not making parts for ‘that particular model’ anymore or the part cost almost as much as a new appliance. Today those companies are selling items so cheep it is now a way of life to buy new instead of fixing. But have you noticed that the general price of those ‘cheep’ replacement items are going up.

Lets get to the crux of this posting I am both depressed and mad because my printer has again crashed. In shopping for a new one I have found that the price for printers is almost the same as for a set of new ink cartridges however I can not get one compatible with my computer! It seems that the printers will only work with the latest update of my operating system and they are now connected by WiFi not hard lines. So once again someone in some corporate office decided that you and I must upgrade our computer if we want to have a printer that works.

Oh and have you noticed that you are constantly being told that your this or that computer program must be updated? I do not know about you but when I finally figure out how to make a program work at its best and it does everything I want it to do, I would like to keep using that program not have to learn all over again how to make some new replacement program function.

Yes I am just an old man longing for bygone days
when the things we bought did not have a built in failure date
and stood the test of time.