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The end of civilization ?

July 29, 2014

Bill was thinking how lucky he was as he sat quietly on his porch and watched his dogs playing in the yard. Like a king standing on a homer endmountain watching the multitudes scramble as the world ended, Bill was witness to his countrymen destroy each other over basic necessities. What started years ago as a feeling of dissatisfaction for his current environment and a plan for his future retirement, now paid dividends far greater then he could ever imagine. He had taken that first big step and retired to a world far removed from what he had know all his life. And now he was smiling as he realized that first step had probably saved his life.

In July 2012 the sun let loose a major mass ejection of ionized particles and it headed straight for earth. To earth’s fortune it missed by barely a day, but other than a few sensationalist newspapers no one really took notice. So please explain to me why is it that a hurricane, mudslide, tornado or other act of nature makes the headlines and ties up the network news channels for days, and this near miss to the end of civilization go virtually unnoticed? Could it be that at the present time we have absolutely no way to stop this end of the world event, and our government’s leaders did not want this pointed out?

I keep repeating the statement ‘end of civilization’ and by that I mean an almost total global shut down of all electrical power, caused by a direct hit from a solar event of this proportion. When you take the time to realize that right now there is very little we do that is not effected by a shut down in electricity you start to see what this means to you. From the pumps that run to give us our drinking water to the banks that hold our money and store account information on computers to the fuel that is pumped into our vehicles right down to the cell phone towers, everything we use today is at some point or other dependent on the electricity being on!

Bill had decided long ago he wanted more from life than chasing the almighty dollar so when he was financially secure he started to look for a new life and a new home. Like most when he visited Alaska he probably thought what a truly beautiful place but with winters that extreme who would would live here. However after a few visits to Alaska and spending a number of weeks getting to know its people he decided this was where he would spend the rest of his days.

One of the first things Bill learned is that most of the people of Alaska are very self sufficient, even those living near the few big towns. This was promulgated mostly because at times during the year you may be unable to leave your home because of the weather and at other times you may have no electricity, phone or television. Getting stuck during a three or four day snow or ice storm one learns to have some extra food and water on hand. Some locals have even taken the next step and have obtained a radio operators license so they can always communicate with others when cell service goes down.

And though not every household has a generator in their garage 3 out of 10 Alaskans do have one or more within reach when the power does go out. Add to that it is not uncommon to find many homes with a room devoted to food storage and you have the makings of what outsiders call ‘Preppers’. Though many in Alaska do not consider themselves survivalists they indeed live like one. This ethos has now become part of Bill’s everyday lifestyle, and today he was very glad it had.

Daniel Baker of the University of Colorado says…
“If it had hit, the power of this event would have raced across space to knock us back to the dark ages
and we would still be picking up the pieces two years later.”

sun burps

Random thoughts brought to light

July 26, 2014

Enjoying the first sun in weeks!

As my eyes opened this morning panic struck because I thought the cabin was on fire. I jumped out of bed, grabbed my pants and boots and headed for the stairs. The adrenaline pumping was enough to start to clear some of the fog that clouds my mind each morning and halfway down the stairs I realized it wasn’t a fire it was…..the sun!

Funny how we react to things that we haven’t seen in a long time. With the cabin situated on the side of a hill facing East in normal years when the sun rises it fills the place with what seems like massive ‘flood lighting’. So after being deprived of sunlight for so many weeks while I was down having my morning coffee I thought I would soak up some vitamin “D”. Coffee time during the summer usually is a time I ponder topics for this blog. So today while enjoying God’s silent gift many thoughts rumbled through my mind and I decided to just write them out, unfinished as they are, for your consideration.

*I find myself wondering what may be causing the strange summer we are having. I know in past years there have been weeks of continuous rain during the summer but never anything like this. In the past I have thought the people running around like chicken little saying ‘climate change’ were nuts……but when one doesn’t see the sun for 22 of the last 26 days it makes me wonder.

*Our Primary elections are coming up in less than a month and I have looked into the background of the candidates and decided who I will vote for. However there must be an evil angle sitting on my shoulder because I keep hearing in my head..’no matter who I vote for it won’t make any difference’. Have we come to a time when indeed no matter who we vote for it will not change the mess out state and nation is in? If so what can ‘we the people do’?

*Does it sometimes seem like we are truly living in the ‘Twilight Zone’, where our government continually supports groups that want to destroy the United States? First it was the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt then al-Qaeda in Libya.

*Does our President seriously think that ‘sanctions’ will stop Russia from its expansion in the Ukraine?

*Doesn’t it seem strange that tens of thousands of teenage boys and girls are capable of traveling thousands of miles through jungles and deserts, living off little or no food and then they say they are not able to survive in their own country?

*And lastly of course we still have the problem that will destroy our economy…government spending. Has anyone noticed very little is heard from our representatives about this lately? Could it be that with the November elections approaching they think if they get tough on spending they will not get re-elected. Of course it doesn’t stop our President from calling for a multi billion dollar spending bill for the suffering children who are illegally flooding across our boarders. I say how about closing the border or at the very least deport everyone entering illegally.

Our constitution states
“…whenever any form of government becomes destructive
….it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it,
and to institute new government.”

Communication detox….a brief thought

July 22, 2014

garfieldThe only sound heard was the cawing of the ravens as they circled the camp. George awoke and within minutes felt the emotional drag of something absent…. He wondered around the cabin in a daze looking for something but not knowing what. As he made his way to the kitchen to make some coffee he turned again looking for something, something that was missing. It was like when you misplaced your car keys a feeling of something being there on your mind but just out of reach. Then George realized that it was his constant companion, an alter ergo of sorts…….it was his phone, computer and instant news on the television that was missing, and this was because George has gone cold-turkey and enrolled at a communication detox camp!

Yes maybe a flight of fancy but when you consider that the youth of today have a problem writing in cursive and in retail stores employees stumble without the aid of the cash register or calculator. Or consider when was the last time you went for more than an hour without a cell-phone call or text? Can you even remember how long ago you sat in silence without the TV or radio being on?

It is no wonder that more and more of the population is suffering from stress when your every minute is saturated with an invasion of noise and the emotional pressure to respond. Wouldn’t it be great if that camp George went to is real? A place where there are no cell phones, computers, television or radio to break the absolute silence. A place that for a week you could go and never think about how someone would feel if you did not answer their call, text or tweet.

Hey wait a minute I live in just such a place
maybe I should put up a sign
communication junkie detox center?


The Angels want their HAARP back!

July 19, 2014


In an article published on July 10th in ‘The Astrophysical Journal’ it was reported that the radio telescope at Arecibo received a signal burst from beyond the edge of our galaxy. The signal was deemed a reply to transmissions sent from HAARP in Alaska, and interpreted as a warning to not discontinue those our transmissions. How those transmissions from HAARP could have made the 100,000 light year journey, to the edge of our galaxy, in the 7 years since the 2007 activation of HAARP remains a mystery. One technician, the infamous Art Bella PHD, explained it simply as a mater of the transmission traversing a quantum singularity and popping out on the edge of our known universe.

Yes part of that first paragraph is fiction, but then again considering the signals transmitted from HAARP travel at 186,000 miles a second they may indeed one day reach a planet with intelligent life….we just have to be patient. However if the US Air Force has its way HAARP will remain silent. As of June 2014 the last transmissions from HAARP have ended and the Air Force is due to demolish the $300 million dollar facility. HAARP did get a “death row reprieve” and will not be bulldozed until May 2015 but as far as the Air Force is concerned it is still destined for the scrap pile.

Barring conspiracy theories some of the research conducted at HAARP addresses improving the reliability and performance of communication and navigation systems such as GPS. It has also looked at advancing underwater and underground research which may lead to improve methods for submarine communication or the ability to remotely sense and map the mineral content of the terrestrial subsurface.

The main instrument at HAARP is the IRI or Ionospheric Research Instrument. This is a high power, (3.6 megawatts), high-frequency phased array radio transmitter with a set of 180 antennas covering 33 acres. This IRI is used to temporarily energize a small portion of the ionosphere. The study of these energized areas yields important information for understanding natural ionospheric processes, and may one day help understand ways to mitigate ionospheric disruption due to solar activity.

Entities such as the University of Alaska Fairbanks and others have expressed interest in keeping the facility open and used for research but for some reason the Air Force wants to dismantle the facility. Could the thousands of conspiracy buffs be right that it holds a top secrete agenda or many gadgets and gizmos that the Air Force and DARPA or the NSA wants to keep hidden?

University of Alaska Professor and researcher at HAARP Chris Fallen has said “that a letter writing campaign organized by the Geophysical Institute at UAF has succeeded in delaying irreversible demolition of HAARP…..and that the US Government at all levels is receptive to citizen input” Personally I do not understand why the US Air Force would rather destroy a 300 million dollar investment rather than donate it to private entities for research.

If you believe that HAARP should have a new lease on life I urge you to contact:
The Honorable Chuck Hagel
Secretary of Defense
1000 Defense Pentagon
Washington, DC 20301-1000

Chris at Harp

Noah’s Ark now sailing in Alaskan waters.

July 15, 2014

We loaded every animal we could find from the surrounding woodlands into the boat and now many of the valley’s families were either cutting extra supplies of wood or harvesting whatever crops the rains have not destroyed. The boat, aka Ark, was nearing completion and it was just in the nick of time. Because the rivers and streams that had been flooding the valley for weeks were now washing away most of the homes and cabins.

OK maybe that is a bit of a stretch but after almost 13 of the last 15 days having rain in them and the month of June breaking a 100 year record for rain, one does begin to think about getting their boat ready. Yes I know the last posting was about ‘global warming’ and how hot it had been but almost as soon as that posting was published the weather pattern changed. So now I am going with ‘climate change’ instead of the global warming theory. Since I do not have an inflated ego and can accept that I sometimes back the wrong horse, plus the fact that temperatures are now running in the mid 50’s to 60’s every day and that the rain has caused a genetic change by forming webbed feet in humans…I know when to say I am wrong.

More to the point this inexorable constant rain, dampness and raw cooler weather has sapped my energy and creativeness for writing and I am, once again, at a loss for words. So I humbly submit to you these three photographs I have been experimenting with and hope you find them of interest, and ask that you patiently ignore the loss of my written words.




Global warming hits Alaska

July 6, 2014

Snow on America’s highest mountain, Denali, has been observed melting!


Too hot for lemonade?

Of course the snow is melting (a little) on America’s highest mountain, it is after all summer in Alaska. When I lived in Philadelphia August was the hot, humid, ‘dog days’ of summer, but here at the cabin high summer struck yesterday when the temperature passed the 80 degree mark. Yes I know my son in Texas is smiling right now thinking he would love to have 80 degrees for summertime high but this is Alaska….right?

Those of you that have been following my blog for a while know, except for the cost of heating oil, I love the winters in Alaska. My mantra of ‘no bugs, bears and tourists’ would be a tattoo on my body if I wasn’t such a coward. You know it is warm for me when I am seriously considering a road trip South to Anchorage or Talkeetna where the high temp’s are only reaching 70 degrees, even though it would cost about three hundred bucks.

Today was the first step to full summer for me because I had to bring in my refrigerator, ( cooler), from the entry way, to inside the cabin, because it was a few degrees cooler and the ice would melt slower. The final step for me, designating full summer, is to plug in my fan and try and think about the fact that it should be fall in about 7 weeks.

No….its not global warming melting the snow on Denali
just another summer here on the edge of heaven

One Alaskans politicaly incorrect observations

July 4, 2014

Photograph by Sal Veder AP

I wonder how many of you remember seeing on television newscasts the images of the Vietnam POW’s returning home. A number of the newscasts showed them walking on the tarmac along side massive military airplanes… then with open arms embracing wives and children with tears streaming down their faces. This scene was repeated a number of times after the end of the Vietnam war when our POW’s were released. Yes they did spend some time in a hospital making sure they were physically OK but after years in a Hanoi POW camp these men desperately wanted to be reunited with their families.

Why is Sgt Bowe Berdahl’s return to his family and the American public so different?
Why did we trade four important terrorist murders for Berdahl?
Why has he not told the American public thank you for his rescue?


At times I am a firm believer in the old military principle of “KISS”, ‘keep it sweet and simple’ so with
with just these next few words I hope to stir your minds to wonder ‘why’.

Our President is once again making a push
to get the ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act’ though congress.
I ask why not enforce the Immigration laws already on the books?


Does anyone find it strange that in the news lately we are hearing about al-Qaeda in Iraqi taking over a WMD, (weapons of mass destruction), factory. The talking heads are saying that the factory has many “old” biological weapons stored there, but we should not worry because they ‘believe’ al-Qaeda can not get the plant back in production.

I know I have a touch of ‘old-timers’ but……
didn’t they accuse Bush of lying about these same WMD factories?


Even in Alaska there seems to be no common sense when it comes to making fiscally responsible action. The government here has been working on different natural gas line proposals for years and has spent millions of dollars yet still no action has been taken. Yet Hundreds of families are leaving because it is just too expensive to heat our homes in the winter.

Maybe they should look for a plan that involves spending no government money.

Like giving the fuel the oil companies give us each year in royalties

to the people of Alaska at cost!