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Perseption is everything

August 19, 2014

The grasses, mostly weeds, surrounding my cabin are now around three and a half feet high due to all the rain and now three days of solid sun, one can almost see them getting taller. We haven’t had another sighting, after those first four, of any bears which is good, but now with the sun comes a rise in temperature hearkening a shorter life for the ice in my ice chest on the entryway. Some would say go out and enjoy the sun and the great wilderness around you, and others would say that I am never content with what I have. Either opinion would be right depending on ones perspective of the world around me that day.

I in turn would ask what do you perceive when you step out your front door? If you see your family and friends interacting, maybe over a BBQ where congenial conversation and smiles abound, then you may feel secure in that you have a job that allows you to live in a nice home or apartment with ample time for that BBQ with friends. If your children have activities to fill their summer waking hours and a spouse or significant other that loves and supports you, at this instant you ‘perceive’ that all is good in your world.

In the evenings when you sit down to watch some television you may shy away from news because it only makes you uncomfortable, so you focus on sports, drama or entertainment shows. You tell yourself that you have enough to deal with just making the pieces of your family life work so that everyone is happy. You also think there is nothing one person, like yourself, can do to change what is wrong in the world so why watch the news and have to think about the suffering that is taking place in our country and the world.

We never understand that by watching these ‘mind candy’ shows our perception of what makes a good life is being slowly altered. No I am not talking about all the bias that exists on the news programs or talk shows, but ordinary television with its commercials telling us that our lives are lacking unless we have the newest this or that. Or within the shows themselves when they show us how life is so much better if we ignored the morally right thing to do and just enjoyed ourselves. Or how about the movie or TV show that lead us to believe we are prejudice if we do not accept or support alternate life styles.

Webster’s defines (perception) as, “the knowledge gained by perceiving…or observing”. From the commercials on TV and in the movies, display adds in newspapers and online one cannot ‘observe’ far without seeing something telling us how our lives would be so much better if only we bought into what they were offering. So in a sense we are daily being subtlety brainwashed to want what we do not need.

Is it any wonder
that overall most people are unsatisfied with their lives,
when we are told ‘subliminally’ over and over everyday,
how unsatisfactory our lives are because we lack the newest things?

Is it not time to say we can be content we what we have?

Breaking news…Democrats and Republicans in Agreement

August 12, 2014

Honey I really don’t think we should be going on this vacation right now.
We will be fine Mary, dad will watch the house and besides the kids are excited about going to Disneyland.
But Mike you know we can’t afford it….
Mary don’t start that again the trip is already paid for, I just put it on the credit card like I do with everything else. Besides I know you are more concerned about all those homeless people flooding into our town and maybe our home, and I understand you are also thinking that the police are doing nothing to stop them from coming here and moving into the empty houses. Those illegal’s must be crazy because once they move in they run up cable and internet bills and eat all the food that the owners have in those houses, it is like they think they can have what we do for free.
But Mary like I said dad will watch out for our home…
I don’t think so Mike he seems more interested in sticking his nose into the problems they are having in other countries.
Well Rose dad is an important man and he thinks people should listen to him.
Oh Mike you should know by now the leaders of those other countries think he is an all talk no action buffoon, because he ignores common sense solutions to problems back here where he lives.
Listen Mary just finish packing and don’t worry so much, these problems will eventually work themselves out.

Despite the fact that we continue to spend more money than we take in
and our borders are being flooded by people

illegally looking for the benefits of citizenship,
our President maintains his focus on problems elsewhere and our representatives
have decided it is more important to go on vacation and campaign for their re-election.
And for some reason you will reelect them…

A letter to my mother

August 7, 2014

Dear Momma,

I am sorry it took so long to send this letter but you must tell everyone in the village about how wonderful life is for me now. It is true that the weeks it took me to get here were indeed horrible: no food or water, blisters on my feet, the abuse by the coyotes and the two weeks being processed by the immigration people, but now it is behind me and I am living better than anyone in our village or maybe in our whole country!

The coyotes took me across the border only after I agreed to carry bags full of drugs for them. After I delivered the drugs the coyotes took us to a place we could surrender to the border police. I spent almost two weeks in a cramped jail waiting for someone to see me and tell me what to do. Then I was put on an airplane and taken to my new American home, and you would never dream what wonderful things they have here.

The camp has the best food I have ever eaten and you can even have as much as you want! In our newly built dormitory the beds are better than the best hotels in our town. They even have a game room with a 49 inch television which gets hundreds of stations and along the walls are many smaller TV’s and computers for games and the internet. Outside they have built a soccer field for us and you will not believe it but they have a building with an indoor swimming pool! I know you worry about my health but here they have a doctor and nurse living with us in case we get sick at any hour of the day or night…and everything is free!

You must tell everyone what a wonderful place America is and that they should come and live here. I have even heard that their President will soon make us all “legal” citizens of the United States so tell everyone to hurry.

In Alaska the food banks are running out of supplies
to help our children, veterans and homeless.
Maybe if we made crossing the border less of a wonderful experience we would have fewer illegal’s draining our resources
and we would be able to better help
the people of America who need it.

This article posted over the ham radio email system ‘WinLink’

The ‘out of paper in the outhouse award’ for July goes to….

August 4, 2014

0uthousePresident obama for saying that “Muslim Americans built the very fabric of our nation”. I am wondering why in all the literature on the founding of our nation not one word was written about any Muslim participating in the establishment of this country. One would think in the thousands of books and historical documents there should have been some mention of a Muslim participating in the founding of this country. These same historical documents and books often refer to our founders religious beliefs when used as a basis for their thinking. So indeed where did obama obtain his facts for such a ludicrous statement.

In a statement on the official website of the White House, Obama for the occasion of Eid-al-Fitr, which is designated as the conclusion for the month of Ramadan said “In the United States, Eid also reminds us of the many achievements and contributions of Muslim Americans to building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy.”

Because there is no historical record of Muslims at the continental convention or at the signing of the Delectation of Independence, this leads one to wonder on what did the President base his statements. We understand his allegiance to the Muslim faith, his backing of the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt and his support for al-Qaeda in Libya but Muslims “strengthening our democracy?

For this statement alone I present obama my
‘out of paper in the outhouse award’


*Dishonorable mention for the month of July goes to the State of Alaska for acting more and more like our federal government with regards to its people. The Bloomberg business news network announced that, “U.S. production of crude oil, along with liquids separated from natural gas, surpassed all other countries, including Saudi Arabia and Russia, this year with daily output exceeding 11 million barrels in the first quarter of the year”

With gasoline and heating oil prices at an all time high in Alaska you would think the state would give its citizens some relief considering it takes in millions of gallons of crude oil each year in the form of royalties from oil producers in the state. Maybe it should take a hint from the oil rich countries in the middle East and sell the oil to its citizens at cost.

So a tip of the hat
for maintaining high gasoline prices to the State of Alaska


Need help from my readers

August 3, 2014

If anyone who has a blog on WordPress and is a reader of my blog and is having problems logging on to WordPress please contact me. I have tried using Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer and have been told I cannot connect to my blog.

If you are having problems let me know, especially if you have figured out why this is happening. Those that have my WinLink address please use that because I can check that any time during the day.

Thank you for you time and help


The thinning of the population?

August 2, 2014

Due to weather conditions here in Alaska HughesNet has not been working since Thursday so today I am using the WinLink ham radio email system to make this posting.

Today, (Thursday), I heard a story on the radio that leaves me scratching my head. Why is the United States bringing to our country two Americans infected with the Ebola virus? Seeing how quickly the deadly virus is spread one would think we should leave these people where the outbreak is happening, not bring them here with a chance of it spreading throughout the nation. Since it is 60% fatal and they have been infected for weeks plus there is no cure I can not understand the reasoning for their return to the US. Could it be the conspiracy theorists are right that the globalists want to thin out the world population?

The end of civilization ?

July 29, 2014

Bill was thinking how lucky he was as he sat quietly on his porch and watched his dogs playing in the yard. Like a king standing on a homer endmountain watching the multitudes scramble as the world ended, Bill was witness to his countrymen destroy each other over basic necessities. What started years ago as a feeling of dissatisfaction for his current environment and a plan for his future retirement, now paid dividends far greater then he could ever imagine. He had taken that first big step and retired to a world far removed from what he had know all his life. And now he was smiling as he realized that first step had probably saved his life.

In July 2012 the sun let loose a major mass ejection of ionized particles and it headed straight for earth. To earth’s fortune it missed by barely a day, but other than a few sensationalist newspapers no one really took notice. So please explain to me why is it that a hurricane, mudslide, tornado or other act of nature makes the headlines and ties up the network news channels for days, and this near miss to the end of civilization go virtually unnoticed? Could it be that at the present time we have absolutely no way to stop this end of the world event, and our government’s leaders did not want this pointed out?

I keep repeating the statement ‘end of civilization’ and by that I mean an almost total global shut down of all electrical power, caused by a direct hit from a solar event of this proportion. When you take the time to realize that right now there is very little we do that is not effected by a shut down in electricity you start to see what this means to you. From the pumps that run to give us our drinking water to the banks that hold our money and store account information on computers to the fuel that is pumped into our vehicles right down to the cell phone towers, everything we use today is at some point or other dependent on the electricity being on!

Bill had decided long ago he wanted more from life than chasing the almighty dollar so when he was financially secure he started to look for a new life and a new home. Like most when he visited Alaska he probably thought what a truly beautiful place but with winters that extreme who would would live here. However after a few visits to Alaska and spending a number of weeks getting to know its people he decided this was where he would spend the rest of his days.

One of the first things Bill learned is that most of the people of Alaska are very self sufficient, even those living near the few big towns. This was promulgated mostly because at times during the year you may be unable to leave your home because of the weather and at other times you may have no electricity, phone or television. Getting stuck during a three or four day snow or ice storm one learns to have some extra food and water on hand. Some locals have even taken the next step and have obtained a radio operators license so they can always communicate with others when cell service goes down.

And though not every household has a generator in their garage 3 out of 10 Alaskans do have one or more within reach when the power does go out. Add to that it is not uncommon to find many homes with a room devoted to food storage and you have the makings of what outsiders call ‘Preppers’. Though many in Alaska do not consider themselves survivalists they indeed live like one. This ethos has now become part of Bill’s everyday lifestyle, and today he was very glad it had.

Daniel Baker of the University of Colorado says…
“If it had hit, the power of this event would have raced across space to knock us back to the dark ages
and we would still be picking up the pieces two years later.”

sun burps