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The Presidents words

November 21, 2014

The following are the Presidents words
from his speech on executive action on immigration
and my thoughts on ‘his’ words.

The President said, “My fellow Americans, we are and always will be a nation of immigrants….even as we are a nation of immigrants, we are also a nation of laws…..undocumented workers broke our immigration laws, and I believe that they must be held accountable”. (unless they are not caught for five years or more)

It is truly a strange new world when I totally agree with the president on anything, but I can find no fault with these statements. I have spoken with family members that immigrated here and they have articulated stories of how hard it was to gain ‘legal’ entry into the United States. The spoke of months of paperwork, and weeks of being processed at Ellis Island before they were allowed to enter the country. Though my family were but one of many millions that did what they had to to be allowed to immigrate the thought of entering illegally never crossed their minds.

The President also stated, “We expect that those who cut the line will not be unfairly rewarded” and that “undocumented workers broke our immigration laws, and I believe that they must be held accountable”. If he believes this then why is he not deporting them and making them apply for admission like the tens of millions before them?

The President also stated, “….let’s be honest, tracking down, rounding up, and deporting millions of people isn’t realistic…. After all, most of these immigrants have been here a long time”. Really? Maybe it is because you stop local police from checking for proof of citizenship during car stops. However if we were to severely fine business that knowingly employ them and enforce all current immigration laws fully we would remove a major portion of them from our country.

The President keeps reminding us that,” The actions I’m taking are not only lawful, they’re the kinds of actions taken by every single Republican President and every single Democratic President for the past half century.” Again, really? I know that the Bush and Reagan actions on immigration were not executive orders but the signing of a bills that were passed by congress! Considering that the constitution states in article number one that,”All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.” I just do not see in the constitution where it states the the president can ignore laws already passed just by signing an executive order.

The President attempted to garner support for his actions by putting an emotional face on it when he said, “Are we a nation that accepts the cruelty of ripping children from their parents’ arms”. I am thinking somewhere along the line those children’s parents had to make a decision to cross our border knowing it was illegal and that there was a chance of being deported or jailed, but they still came. I am not one to tolerate the suffering of children, but if we are truly a nation of laws then those laws must be enforced. For if we start down this road of selectively upholding laws that next knock on the door may be homeland security coming for you because you disagree with the president.

America is truly a great nation
where else will you find a country where if you break the law for five years
you are rewarded with a pass on your crime.

It is easy to find truth;
it is hard to face it,
and harder still to follow it.

A smoking gun from the obama administration

November 17, 2014

DSCF0024.JPGIn order for obama-care to pass we were assured over and over for months on end that we would save money and be able to retain our doctors under the new health care system. From the President and White House press secretary to the speaker in the Senate we were guaranteed, like little children being patted on the head, that everything will be OK if the new obama-care program was passed. Those few lone voices speaking out over the radio waves were attacked for not supporting the Presidents program and at times even called racist because of their views.

However we now not only see that we must live with higher healthcare payments and in most cases cannot keep our former doctors, we also have the smoking gun proving that the administration knew and did not care that it was lying to the American public every time it assured us nothing would change and we would even save money. obama-care architect Jonathan Gruber said, in October 2013 at Washington University in St.Louis, “the lack of transparency was a major part of getting obama-care passed because the stupidity of the American voter would have killed the law if more people knew what was in it.” More recently during a panel discussion on the law he also said, “obama-care would have never become law if the American electorate were smarter”.

I can not understand why the public at large allows this administration to get away with the constant stream of lies and evasions it presents to us as truth? This is but one of the many other smoking guns out there that deal with everything from Benghazi and government bailouts to the reason why the administration really does not want the Keystone Pipeline and why it truly wants unlimited immigration.

What has happened to the backbone of the news reporters of today? For decades reporters when they sense a buried bone of wrongdoing would risk their very lives if they had to for that story? Gone are the days of the likes of Woodward and Bernstein, putting their reputation and very lives on the line to topple a President!

Now we must settle for those few voices
crying out in the wilderness
with the truth that all the others ignore.

An Alaskan moose tale

November 14, 2014


We had been walking for hours, first on the muskeg that slowed us to a crawl and now deeper into the tall alders on an old game trail . There was fresh bear scat all along the trail and I was half expecting to end up face to face with a bear sooner rather than later. This was my fourth year as an assistant hunting guide and though not overly concerned about coming face to face with a bear it was not why we were walking this little used trail to the lake. The hunter, from Maryland, that I was guiding was after much larger game, sometimes as large as a small horse, his target was the Alaskan moose.

Me an Alaskan guide or hunter….no…..just a man that loves the wilderness and has a taste for fishing. Yes back when I lived in Pennsylvania I ran up and down a few hills in bright orange chasing ‘Bambi’ but compared to Alaskan moose, Pennsylvania’s deer were babies. My first three years living in Alaska were spent as an assistant hunting guide. Hey I did say I like the wilderness and basically an assistant guide was an intern… paid almost nothing and did everything just to learn the ins and outs of the trade.

Anyway it didn’t take me long to learn that to hunt big game in Alaska you either were very wealthy and needed a new adventure or you needed the meat to survive. Hunting moose, bear or caribou was work. You may be in the most idyllic surroundings in the world but it was a hole lot of hard work. From the hours and sometimes days of tracking up and down hills and across boggy marshes to the skinning and butchering of the animal for food and clothing. On top of that you had to get the meat out of the field fast enough so it would not spoil.

Some of the clients that we guided had no idea what was involved. Most thought Alaska was like a big supermarket where one area was loaded with moose and another with caribou or bear and that finding one was simply a matter of a short walk, a well aimed shot and they would be done. Hunting is hunting no matter what state you do it in, you have to find your game. We may be blessed with an abundance of game but we also have a state that is 98% wilderness and almost one third the size of the continental united states.

So here we were on a crisp, cool, sunny day heading down to a small lake I knew that harbored some moose that loved to partake of its many watery plants. We settled in to a spot that gave us an unobstructed view of the entire shoreline and waited. Waiting is an intrinsic part of hunting and as the hours passed we sat silently watching for any sign of our quarry. Evening was now coming on and as the sun changed color from bright yellow to crimson red we saw movement in the trees of the nearby shoreline. Tentatively the moose walked out into the water, turning every now and then as if to listen for any sign of danger.

He was a bull of modest size, with maybe a 50 plus inch rack atop his majestic head, definitely an animal worthy of this hunter. When the moose had found a feeding spot and was content that he was alone he began to feed ignoring everything around him.

I could see by the look on my hunters face
that he had the goal of his quest to Alaska in his sights.
He steadied his rifle,
took aim at the moose and fired….

Because they fought….we are free.

November 10, 2014

p0pTuesday November 11th is Veterans day.

It is the day we honor those men and woman who served in Americas armed forces so we could be free to do, say and write what we think without fear of being arrested or imprisoned.

It is indeed a sad fact that many million of American citizens will never take a moment to reflect on this as they go about their lives free from an oppressive government.

Never thinking we could be living in a country like Russia with its government controlled press or North Korea with one government television channel or China with it’s restricted internet access.

The citizens today are too far removed from the world wars of old to understand how close we came to being ruled by dictators who would control our every action.

Myself I can only say
thank you to those veterans
who made it possible for me to be free.

The storm of the century…that wasn’t

November 9, 2014

Typhoon NuriMaking his way to the bridge the captain felt the painful sting of the icy water as the waves crashed over the bow of the crabbing boat. He had weathered many other storms out here in the Bearing sea but the weather reports of 50 foot waves and wind gusts nearing 100 MPH made him think it was more prudent to head for safe harbor.

This posting was created when the storm was approaching Alaska.
It has proven to not have the intensity that was originally predicted
I have however left the posting as it was originally written.

A storm equal to hurricane Sandy is about to inundate the Alaska peninsula. Fortunately the first islands to be effected are sparsely populated and the people there have learned to deal with major storms and being cut off from civilization. Unlike the tens of thousands of people in the path of hurricane Sandy these people, these Alaskans are always prepared for any eventuality.

Over the years I have written a number of postings on ‘prepping’ or being prepared for any emergency. These postings come from years of self-imposed living, cut off from electricity, communication or nearby access to food and water. I have found however that here in Alaska many people, even those living in our cities, ‘prep’ just in case. When you consider what little effort it takes to stock some extra food, water, medical supplies and even extra batteries, to me it is a wonder everyone is not doing it.

I understand for someone say living in the city of Minneapolis or Baltimore, it is hard to imagine a need for having these extra supplies around. But what happens if a major snow storm hits Minnesota and many feet of snow fall for days on end making driving impossible or in Maryland if a slow moving hurricane comes and you can not get out to buy the food you need, and the electricity is cut off. Or the unthinkable happens when an x-class solar flare gives the earth a direct hit and the pulse shuts down all communication and power to our country?

I urge you all to check out my posting, “Food fight in Dixie”, to see what could happen to those not prepared for natural disasters. Or the posting, “The end of civilization”, for a look at how someone new to Alaska views our way of life. There are a few other postings like, “Natural disasters and common sense”, with some simple steps to take to getting ready and I urge you to read them.

Having a closet with extra food and water in it
may at times be in your way
but someday it may indeed save your life.

The T-shirt that destroyed our economy

November 6, 2014

With temperatures dropping below zero and the snow that fell over the weeks now remaining until next spring I believe I can say with confidence that winter is finally settling in out here in the Alaskan wilderness. Though my thoughts disorganized as usual and with me still unable to focus on the myriad number of injustices befalling our nation, one seemingly trivial itch needs to be scratched and that is about some T-shirts I purchased recently, but before you click on the close button please hear me out.

While shopping recently and in definite need of some T-shirts, (that is any without holes in them), I came across a bargain that common sense should have told me something was amiss. A national manufacture of T-shirts had a package of six for under $5.00. Unlike our government I live on a strict budget and this purchase was definitely a bargain, so I naturally bought the shirts. It was later at home that I found the reason for the “bargain”.

When I opened the package and donned the first T-shirt I notice instantly that the material was tissue paper thin, and realized they would not last half as long as those I had previously purchased. I had in the past bought many t-shirts from this company and they were all solidly constructed and made of ample cloth. Why had the company made such a drastic change in the weight of the material thus creating a vastly inferior product?

The answer of course was simple… because ‘we’ demanded a lower price this mega company found that by using cloth that was 30% thiner than their normal material they could increase profits and still lower the price. This is but one example of many millions of products that companies have opted to use cheaper and at times inferior material to produce the same product. These same companies wanting to garner more of the market share for their item have also found another simple truth…. American labor is expensive. Yes this flood of manufacturing jobs fleeing to nations where the workers pay would be an unlivable wage here has indeed dropped the price for the product, but now with less skilled manufacturing jobs around who can buy them?

‘We the people’ have demanded lower prices
and for better or worse
the manufactures have heard us.

Freedom vs the common good

November 2, 2014

P.1As the rich aroma of my morning coffee drifted in the air I was mired in thought, pondering a virtually unsolvable problem. As an American how would I feel giving up my personal freedom for the common good of my fellow citizens? For most it is an easy question to answer and one that the majority of people I think would automatically say the common good overrules a persons individual freedom. However in the back of my mind I knew something did not sit right, and that was the metaphorical ‘itch’ of incremental expansion.

When one considers my current lifestyle, living in the vast expanse of the Northern Alaskan wilderness with its definitive lack of any form of regulation or law. One would immediately assume I would opt in choosing freedom over common good, or else why live in those primitive conditions if it was not for personal freedom. However as I sit here this morning and reflect on the question, I found I have no absolute answer.

This question comes to the surface, partially, because of the numerous states that have enacted a 21 day quarantine on anyone returning from African nations where ebola is active, and more specifically on the healthcare worker who is refusing to abide by the quarantine. She is calming that because she shows no signs of the dreaded disease no government authority has the right to restrict her freedom. However one wonders why as a healthcare worker she does not even consider the remote possibility of developing ebola and accept a self imposed quarantine.

Over the years both state and federal authorities have enforced quarantines on people for various reasons. From the early nineteen hundreds when all immigrants coming to the United States passed through Ellis island and were held until they were ruled not carriers of any infectious disease, to the present when anyone with an infectious disease such as TB or the H1N1 flue are isolated until they were free of the sickness. So the establishment of a precedent is there, but I think we were also glad when the city of Dallas unilaterally restricted the movements of those who were in contact with Americas first ebola victim.

I bring this up because we know what happened to our freedoms after 911. First we were searched at airports then more invasive searches and body scans were adopted. Later we found that our every phone call, email and text was also being monitored. This too started with what we considered reasonable restrictions because of the incidents on 911, but today has taken the foreboding look of George Orwell’s book 1984.

I cherish my freedom above everything but God and family
and I also see the need for protecting the public,
but we must not allow this to open the door
for unlimited government restrictions.