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A peek behind the curtain

April 11, 2014

securedownloadLike a black bear rummaging for food I bang around my cabin muttering to myself that lately I never complete what I start to do. Occasionally going outside to fire off a few rounds at the squirrels that now call my cabin home. The squirrels in return run up trees and mockingly chatter back that I am interrupting their lunch, knowing that these days I can not hit anything as small as them.

What force is at work that first inspires me with ideas for postings as I write down bits and pieces but later when I sit in front of the computer my mind cannot connect those random inspired thoughts into a solid intelligent posting? I wonder at times if this is one of Dante’s circles of hell, to have the makings of good work but to not be able to finish it.


As you can see from the photo of my current desktop there are five postings in various stages of completion and no matter how long I stare at one the pieces of the puzzle it remains like my Rubik’s cube…unfinished. Last night I uploaded a completed posting called, ‘The cutting edge’, but when I went to edit it on WordPress I felt it was too insensitive to post and put it aside.

It was a parody on the liberal view of gun control where I used the recent stabbings in a Western Pennsylvania school. I had a state senator proposing a bill to outlaw knives across the state because of the violence caused by the stabbings. When I wrote it I did not think about the victims of the stabbings, but as I sat there editing it for publication for some reason I just could not hit that publish button.

Instead I ventured out to read some of your blogs and found the one that I re-posted. I was deeply touched by the first paragraph where the writer says that too often we focus on the seriousness of dealing with children with special needs. When in reality these children for the most part are happy with their lives and we should share in that with them.

Weather it was the hand of God or something else
I am glad I found and could share that posting with you.

The world from another point of view…

The world from another point of view…

April 10, 2014

For all of us who have or know of a child with special needs

 this re-posting should bring you a knowing smile


The world from another point of view….

My view ‘out the cabin window’

April 4, 2014

DSCF1414.JPGI know a while back I berated writers posting numerous topics on their blogs when I wrote “blog postings that briefly touch on many subjects but other than to bring the facts to ones attention, they seem to lack….substance. I too have infrequently compounded my postings with several subjects but they have left me unsatisfied with the results.” There is however an inverse rule to this, that being when one’s mind is carrying multiple topics of note and cannot create a worthy posting for each…should one just let them pass unnoticed? I therefore ask your indulgence and submit the following:

In a speech at the beginning of the month the President spoke of “his legacy” being fulfilled. He said that as of the March 31st deadline 7, 041,000 people have enrolled in obama-care. I have to wonder if the people of America agree with him. Considering if you subtract from the population of the US 316,128,839 those already on Medicare and Medicaid. Then if you further subtract 7% (those listed ‘officially’ as unemployed from that figure we arrive at 15,409,018. Lastly subtract the 7,041,000 “enrolled” and we have 8,368,018 people new criminals, in violation of the new law. I wonder if those people or the ones that already had health care plans but lost them because they did not follow the obama-care guidelines would think his legacy was a good thing.

Today yet another US court said that “We the people” have no right to decide how we live. First it was a California court today it was one in Ohio that overturned a voter initiative. I was brought up to believe that when you have an election or vote and weather it is state or nation wide whatever the voters decide will become the law of the land. NOT SO because narrow minded people in robes can take that decision away from tens of thousands of voters… I do not believe any mention of this was in the constitution.

On a personal note…e-cigarettes. The New York Times has published an article equating e-cigarettes with regular cigarettes. Being a smoker and urged by my family to switch I have started to adjust to e-cigarettes. They contain only nicotine nothing else, there is absolutely no by products except water vapor. The Times made it sound like they were worse than regular cigarettes. I wonder if they will publish an article on the 20,000 poisonings caused by tooth paste in 2012?

….and lastly in a lighter vain floating on my desktop for more than a week is a note about the bulwark of American journalism CNN. Because there was so little actual news about the disappearance of flight 370 and with CNN running almost 24/7 coverage of ‘no news’ it was to be expected that sooner or later they would be scraping the bottom of the barrel for something to say… but even I who has enjoyed listening to Art Bell’s many unorthodox guests had to pause when a CNN news anchor suggested that a “black hole” swallowed flight 370…..

…..maybe we can get him to redirect it to the White House.

Alaskan quicksand and the economy

April 1, 2014

It was a terrible feeling of helplessness….the more you struggled the deeper you went
soon it would totally cover me…..

I had brought the boat ashore about a mile above our present location, right after we first saw the record size bull moose. After tracking it in and out of the shoreline we were finally getting very, very close. The only problem was as I lead the hunters near the shoreline I was too focused on the moose and not my surroundings and I was now waist deep in ‘Alaskan quicksand’ unable to get out. After one of the hunters threw me a few large tree branches,to keep me from sinking deeper, I told my assistant to hug the tree line with the hunters and get that moose.

Alaskan quicksand, aka glacial silt, builds up for decades and is just as deadly as any other quicksand. In some areas it will support your weight for hours only to have it instantly turn to a muddy soup swallowing anything on the surface……just like our present economy. Has anyone noticed that there has been absolutely no news about any continuing efforts to balance our budget or stop the buildup of the nations debt?

Of course this being an election year, both parties have unconsciously (?) agreed to a truce about laying blame for who is doing more damage to the economy. They want each of us to forget about that cliff we are heading to and focus on what great men they are. In January both parties agreed to raise the nations debt limit and with the stroke of that pen they figured we would all forget that every day we are spending money that we do not have.

I find it inconceivable that so few of us are concerned about what will happen in the future when our financial markers are called in to be paid. Each of us knows full well what happens if we do not pay the rent, mortgage or utility bills, the property gets repossessed, we are evicted or the utilities shut off. What do you think will happen when some of the less friendly nations turn in our treasury bonds for payment and we have no cash to pay for them?

It will be like the mud on that shoreline
only this time it will swallow up a once great nation


…oh yeah about that hunt, I was eventually pulled free of the mud, and the hunter got his moose.

Alaskan Ugly

March 28, 2014

Those few that know me understand my dislike with spring and summer in Alaska. The picture postcard beauty that is unequivocally equated with this state, at this time of year is missing. Instead we have thousands of miles of dirty snow, barren trees and here and there trash that has fallen in the snow and disappeared during the winter. Soon the many driveways like ours will be ankle deep in mud and running water from the melting snow.

Welcome to Spring time in Alaska.


Our driveway off the Elliott Highway

One would think this overabundance of ‘ugly’ would be enough to darken one’s spirit but then it would be if one never read a newspaper or turned on the radio. When you add the constant raping of our nations wealth by our elected representatives and their supporters in big business plus the fact that the media, (print, internet and TV), is no longer the watch dog of ‘we the people’ but publicity outlets for both parties you have a truly ‘ugly’ spring.

So when I find a solitary government representative acting to benefit the people he represents, it is like finding a beautiful flower in the barren wilderness and I must bring it to your attention. Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, announced at his state of the state address, last week, that his state is one of the few that actually has a one billion dollar income surplus. I bring him to your attention more importantly because he wants to give part of that surplus back to the people of Wisconsin in Income tax cuts and property tax rebates. What is interesting to see is how the legislature is up in arms over his actions. They want to spend the surplus and do not want to give any part of that surplus back to the people.

It will be interesting to follow this news item
and see if the people of Wisconsin can win out over their elected representatives

On becomming obsolete

March 23, 2014

Sometimes as I sit here and look out through my cabin window watching winter transform into spring, it does indeed seem like the world is passing me by. I think that no matter where I am….be it a supermarket or an airport the ‘young’, (anyone under 50), of today are in a hurry and oblivious to everything but what is in front of them. At the supermarket the may be waiting in the checkout line but they are intensely focused on the latest text message on their phone and at the airport with their heads bowed, as if in supplication, as they ‘bow’ down to their computer screens. Whenever they do look up their faces a blank stair with their minds stuck in a far different reality.

Whenever I talk about how things were when I was young and they do look up at me I get a look that says, quit living in the past. I have no doubt to them become: out of date, no longer of use….’obsolete’. We are now living in a new age where obsolescence is built into not only humans but all the material things we purchase. So is it any wonder that those of us who long for the ‘good old days’ are also categorized as obsolete?

We now see that everything we purchase have a short shelf life. They are manufactured to breakdown and be replaced within a short span of time. The purpose of course is that the company manufacturing them can increase their profit by selling a replacement. This obsolescence is a direct result of the fact that we consumers demand bargain basement prices on anything we purchase. The manufactures in order to supply these products at the lowest price naturally turn to the cheapest labor and material they can find. This in turn gives us a product that is indeed low in price but also one that will have to be replaced in a short span of time.

Computer manufactures, and the reason for this posting, have found another way to make us give them more money…. upgrades and compatibility. They have unilaterally decided to constantly change compatibility between the computer it’s peripherals and software. There is never consideration given to the few of us who are totally satisfied with the system we have. The manufactures continuously find ways to improve or update their systems and then no longer support outdated systems.

As in my case when my ‘beloved’ printer died, what was I to do? To have it repaired would cost more than replacing it so I was forced to seek out a new printer. For those who have not been on this quest recently you will find that almost all new printers are WiFi printers, needing no hard line to connect to their computer. When I eventually found one that fit my needs I brought it out to the cabin and set it up only to see when the instillation disc was booted those dreaded words….”This software not supported by this operating system”. Apparently I have had my computer too many years and the operating system can no longer communicate with many newer programs.

Moral of the story… we the people are screwed. We demand the lowest prices and for the most part are getting what we asked for. However that lower cost comes with the burden of inferior short lived products. Or else we get a solid product, like cell phones, that once a year is rendered impotent by the next generation of “better” cell phones that we must have.

Maybe we should start demanding a product that
does what we want it to do
and doesn’t need to be replaced or upgraded every year.

Did I mention that I have a set of Craftsman power tools that I bought in the 60′s
and still works like the day I bought them?  

Sex, drugs, American idol and the NFL

March 19, 2014

In the eighteen hundreds, ten’s of thousands of people walked or rode in covered wagons across our country to new unexplored lands. Sometimes they traveled thousands of miles to find a place where they could build a home and a new life for themselves. With their own sweat and blood they cleared land and built homes for their families. They did not ask for help and for most none was offered. If today’s generation of young adults were somehow transported back in time and had to relive this feat, the majority would fail.

For the most part Americans today are a nation of sheep, never knowing that they have become nothing more than ‘domesticated humans’. When you do take the time to look up from your texting or TV and see that wrongs are being committed weather in Washington or around the world some people do, for a short time, get angry but it does not last long before you go back to the TV or head over to gym to work out and soon all is forgotten. Because so few people follow through with any tangible action to change the way things are done those who are in control continue to do whatever they want.

This nation has been domesticated, not overnight, but by a slow inexorable process of indoctrination and brainwashing. It may not have started with the explicit purpose of changing the very face of our country but the end result is the same….the America of today is not the America of 50 years ago. Some may say that this is a good thing and even I have to admit that there have been some positive changes in our society, but they are far outweighed by the loss of belief in God, family, morality and the almost total annihilation of pride in America.

OK your are asking where is the sex, drugs, NFL and American Idol I put in the title of this posting. It is all part of the matrix that has been weaved, by the powers that in actuality run our government and our world. ‘They’ create this matrix type of alternate world to occupy your mind and to keep you from taking any concrete action to change the way things are done. The people that settled this country had nothing to escape into when life went from hard to unbearable, so when England increased the tax on tea it was part of that final straw that moved these people from talk to action.

They did not just rollover and say there was nothing they could do they banded together and said enough is enough and declared their independence. Today we have higher taxes, massive loss of jobs, illegal people from other countries taking our tax dollars for free medical assistance and food. Plus government intervention in every aspect of our daily lives from what to teach our children in schools to which doctor we can see. We have a government that records our every phone call and email and says it knows better than we do how to spend our hard earned money by throwing it away supporting companies going broke and sending financial aid to countries that hate us.

What will it take to get you to put down that cell phone and remote?


Because there will never be a change in how Washington operates until we rise up as one voice


and shake the very foundations of our nations capitol


by saying enough we want our country back.