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Part #3… The republicans go to the ‘dark side’ and democrats use the ‘force’ to build a better tomorrow

August 2, 2016


The sun had just risen over the top of the hills as I broke through the dense alders to an open expanse of shoreline along the lake. The crystal clear water was as still as a mirror and rising in swirls from its surface were tendrils of smoke-like mist. I hugged the shoreline alert for any sound as I continued my search for any bears near our camp.

OK by now you are asking yourselves what has this to do with the candidates for the upcoming Presidential election and I would have to say… a lot! Because just like my years as an assistant hunting guide in Alaska, the years I have been writing this blog combined with ones own inert common sense were both learning experiences. You don’t think a man who lived for 48 years in an East Coast big city would know how to stay alive in the wilderness of Alaska, of course not… he must learn over the course of many years the skills necessary to navigate that wilderness. The same is true with my years of writing this blog and the thousands of hours spent researching, absorbing and understanding how our political system works as opposed to how it is supposed to work.

You dear reader
may no doubt already be firmly behind one candidate or the other
and that is your right
but I need to ask you to do just one thing
search for the truth in what they say.

Right now those of you who have no intention of changing the way you feel about who should be President I ask you to, for a time, reflect on what your choice has accomplished and the direction they are moving in. Yes they both made interesting acceptance speeches and as is the norm promised that our lives would be better if only we would vote for them, but how much of what they said was smoke and mirrors and how much truth and reality?

I know it has been said many times before but I do feel in my heart that this year, more than ever before, it is a very important election. I do not feel that America will fall if either candidate is elected but I know it could mark a turning point in Americas history either into a new direction or down a path we have been traveling for decades.

So I ask you to turn away from your normal, just the headline line low information, news sources and find other reputable ones and see what they have to say. I ask if a candidate makes a claim that you not accept it at face value and take the time to research it and see if it is the truth. Because like I said in an earlier posting we know everyone lies but when a President lies those lies will touch the very way that you and your loved ones live.

If Hillary Clinton is elected you will have a woman know to world leaders, one that has influence in the highest places in politics and business. You will have a woman who will ensure that policies started by the current President are held in place and even expanded. You will have a woman who said she will change America into a more progressive nation.

If Donald Trump is elected it will indeed be interesting to watch if his words turn into reality. It will, without a doubt, be a different Presidency because he is beholding to few if any lobbyists or corporations. And for better or worse as we have seen he often lets his words come forth unfiltered, so maybe, just maybe his actions will follow the same route and change the direction in which our nation is headed.

You, your children and grandchildren’s future
will depend on who is elected in November
so hold on to your choice
but please
search out the truth behind their words.

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  1. Jon permalink
    August 2, 2016 4:25 pm

    Over the last 8 years, we’ve seen the better tomorrow the left has promised. I alluded earlier to Hillary’s “perfect union”. She’s just going to exacerbate & make worse or better depending on how you look at it. She’s been part of administration that’s apologized for America, left 4 of our finest in Benghazi out to dry, doubled the national debt, realized her dream she started in ’92 of socialized health care, all the scandals both now & back all the way to 1st lady of Arkansas. And the Clinton Foundation, a money laundering scheme the Mafia would be proud of. She admired Saul Allinsky enough to do a term paper, & on & on. She’s proven she can’t be trusted at least to those of us who are paying attention. I believe that she hasn’t been convicted because the ones who would go forward would face the wrath & revenge of the Clintons & they don’t want to lose their careers.

    That said, I guess it’s obvious who I’ll be voting for. Sure Trump is bombastic & at times maybe a little crude, but he says what he says & makes no apologies. A lot say we need experienced politicians; look what they’ve given us from both sides. He’s an outsider & a threat to the “establishment” so that’s probably the biggest reason they don’t like him. Well, that’s too damn bad. I’ve always felt if you asked him & he had the time, he’d sit down & have a cup of coffee with you. I wouldn’t be in the same town as Clinton.


  2. Del permalink
    August 3, 2016 4:41 am

    right on Jon but the fix is in sad to see….. Amazing!!!


  3. August 3, 2016 5:58 am

    One of the major issues with our electoral process is the ‘good ole boy’ network – it is politically neutral – just keeps feeding us the same ole garbage in terms of major candidates. In hindsight I haven’t seen a candidate from either party I could get excited about seeing in office since Reagan and that was 36 years ago! Now we have uber-liberal idiots hijacking the Democratic Party while a boatload of tired old white guys continue to try to run the Republican Party in the same old ‘business as usual’ manner. ‘We the People’ deserve better but it isn’t going to happen by itself; we need to take an interest in our country and its direction if only for the sake of our children.


  4. August 3, 2016 7:38 am

    I agree, it is important to research the candidates, and see if Trump really is “not beholden to few if any lobbyists or corporations.”

    When I search Trump & Super PACs, I get pages of informative articles:
    Looks like he’s going to be beholden to quite a few people.

    Who’s Who: Meet the Super PACs Backing Donald Trump

    The War Among the Donald Trump Super PACs

    Trump blesses major super PAC effort
    Candidates’ top aides participate in briefing with major donors for super PAC that has raised $5 million in recent days.

    All the while Trump touts $80 million in “small dollar” donations.

    So, politics as usual. Big envelopes in secret,
    while speaking only of the “grassroots” support.

    You’d think as a Great Deal Maker, he’d tout the big support he has.
    Unless it’s coming from places you’d really rather not know about.


  5. August 7, 2016 6:09 am

    I think it’s a very sad situation. I truly believe in my heart that the entire system is corrupt. I don’t mean that elections are fixed because to me that’s ludicrous in that they’d have to fix them in all the counties of all the states or a majority of them. It’s fixed at a much higher level. I’m also convinced that Trump is in it so Hillary can win. Yes it’s THAT evil. :(


  6. Captain permalink
    August 13, 2016 9:33 am

    Media in all of it’s forms is propaganda, Hollywood has been desensitizing us, national polls are psych-ops, research is slanted to interests of funders, repubs against their own party are dirty as sin, globalist elites are installing Clintons back into WH and even if the outsider gets the popular vote Nov 8th- (Diebold voting machines are owned by whom??), the electorates (estab insiders and elites) vote and are the ones actually picking the POTUS (ref Bush:Gore). I’ll perform my duty and vote but might as well bend over and learn the Koran now people. It’s been here and sadly the coup happened decades ago. For this the world laughs at us ‘stupid Americans’. I can only hope I have to eat these words come January.


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