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Midsummer thoughts… deep in the heart of Texas

August 7, 2016

DSCF2982My new morning routine was quickly halted when I went outside to drink my coffee and was hit with a blanket of dense hot air. The normal breeze that made drinking hot coffee when it is 88 degrees bearable, was absent and as I turned to go back inside sweat was already forming on my brow. Just another August morning in the heart of Texas.

I believe I am done writing about politics for a bit, I mean truthfully what difference will it make if I post another 300 or for that matter 3,000 words on the two unfit candidates running for President. Yes I know it is a sad state of affairs for a great nation, but nothing I write will have even the smallest of impact on anybody that reads my words.


                             My old cabin after seven years

So I have decided to reminisce a bit about the my three months in my new home here in Little Elm, Texas. If you have been reading this blog for a while you know I have just spent the past 20 years in Alaska with the final 14 years of it in a remote cabin in the wilderness. So even though I lived for 48 years in a major East coast city, moving from the off grid life to living in a modern apartment was both pleasant and depressing.

Pleasant because of the modern conveniences that I believe everyone that reads this blog enjoys and takes for granted everyday, but for me after 14 years it was a wonderful change of lifestyle. From showering daily in ‘on demand’ hot water and a refrigerator to be able to keep food fresh to electricity whenever you need it without the hassle of maintaining a generator. But the one thing that shouts modern life the most, to those who live off-grid, is not having to walk outside in a raging snow storm at -20 to use the bathroom.

Sheldon Outhouse

Yes life is good here in Little Elm especially considering that I no longer have to travel a 120 mile round trip to get my mail or groceries, and whenever I want to I can go and enjoy my grandchildren who live a mere 14 miles away. Though as important as these things are to me, as an old Alaskan fishing guide the fact that I could look out my side window and see a 29,000 acre lake is reminiscent of my life in the wilderness.

So by now I am sure your are thinking why would there be a downside, and that is a hard one to explain to anyone who has never been in Alaska. If you have never lived there or even visited I guess it sounds silly but leaving there was/is like loosing a loved one. You literally feel like your heart has been wrenched from your chest. And even though I am sitting in air conditioned comfort with a cold glass of something in my hand if I let it creep in I feel that something important is missing from my life.



   Thanks to my son, after three months its starting to feel like home.

However just like with the loss of my wife or my parents… time… only time will lesson the loss of my home in the wilderness. In the meantime I settle in more and more as the days pass and though barely begun I try and accent my new home with mementos of family, career and Alaska. Though furnishing my new apartment has been slow, I have what I need as I continue to establish my home in this new frontier.

As I have written for years
we each travel down our own life’s road
where mine started in Philadelphia and then Alaska
now it is time for me
to travel this new road in Texas.

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  1. August 7, 2016 12:32 pm

    Nice to see you are starting to get “settled in” as best as you can. Alaska to Texas can be a huge jump in differences weather wise. The friendliness and Nature aspects of Texas as well as the “independent” character of people I’m sure as kept the adjustments to a minimum. Having resided in a few different states in the “48”, there are some things I’ve come to miss from different states that cannot be found in others as easily. 73 and hope you become “radioactive” again soon.


  2. August 7, 2016 1:02 pm

    Time is the greatest healer of ’em all, Pete! Of course you will miss Alaska; I dealt with that same emptiness from 1996 through 2013 as I could only visit for two to three weeks each year and then I had to deal with another 48+ weeks before I could return. Just be happy you have such amazing memories; so many folks never come to know the majesty and amazement of our 49th state. Hang tough, my friend, and remember to stay6 open to all possibilities..!


  3. Jon permalink
    August 7, 2016 5:59 pm

    After a really nice week-end with low dew points & low 80s for temps., it all turns to soup again late tomorrow here in the Twin Cities. Say Pete, with your thoughts still drifting to the Great North land, you wouldn’t have anything to do with sending that Texas weather in the same direction now would you? :)
    I do like the flags on the wall & looks like you’re finding more positives than negatives in the short time you’ve been down South.


  4. Del permalink
    August 8, 2016 8:13 am

    Yes I miss it too Pete.. Outhouses and all! lol It sounds like you need to hit the lake and fish!


  5. tricia permalink
    August 9, 2016 10:28 pm

    Nice to hear that Little Elm is growing on you. :)


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