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Dallas welcomes 3000 juvenile criminals…. but forces homeless Americans to relocate

March 18, 2021

Yes I know tomorrow is Friday’s Facebook top 10 but watching the news yesterday and listening to what has been going on in this city the past week makes absolutely no sense. Why in the governments infinite wisdom are they catering to illegal teenagers from other countries who are criminals by the very fact that they are in our country but forcing our homeless (with children) to relocate from their camp in front of the Dallas city hall?

Forget the fact that when the homeless asked the police where they are supposed to go they received no answer. Just tell me why the city of Dallas is opening the doors of its biggest convention center setting up eating, sleeping and showering facilities and staffing it with doctors and nurses all free for illegal kids and telling our own citizens to go figure it out when it comes to the basics of life?

And this is not just here in Texas because the “US Health and Human Services has been rushing to open facilities across the county to house migrant kids who were otherwise being held by the US Border Patrol,” totally ignoring the homeless in the cities they are moving these criminals to. And yes I use the word criminal why not, are you not a criminal if you break the law? How is some kid from South America worth more effort than a kid from Texas or California or anywhere in the US?

So as we see the news footage of

Dallas police with riot shields

forcing the homeless

of Texas

to relocate

we also see

the shinny comfortable buses

bringing thousands


illegal aliens

to their comfortable

new home.

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  1. Jon Rukavina permalink
    March 19, 2021 8:51 pm

    To answer your last question, Pete, add them to the list of useful pawns to ensure a permanent Democrat majority in Congress through their vote. Yes, it’s a headscratcher but since this administration took control, it’s obvious tax-paying Americans are last on their list of people to care about.
    On another topic, look what’s happening in Virginia school districts. What’s right for this country is being shouted down, threatened, & in some cases legal action.
    America first to America last in 2 months.

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