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The Presidents path to better jobs…. shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline

March 2, 2021

Porcupine herd, moving past Prudhoe Bay Arctic Drilling Rig, North Slope, Alaska.

Apparently the 11,000 or so people out of work because the President shut down the XL pipeline are not really out of work they can find new jobs manufacturing solar panels or wind turbines, of course they will have to wait months or a year before the plants are built and then there is the training before getting back to a decent paying job, but I am sure everyone except for maybe those out of work pipeline workers and their families and the businesses that benefited from those workers are happy.

I mean we were approaching the level of becoming almost self sufficient in petroleum production, but like President Obama did to the coal mines, President Biden is doing to American oil production, and as you see from the list (click here) there is no way ‘we the people’ can do without oil. To think we as a nation could completely stop all gas and oil generating power plants to be replaced by thousands of square miles of solar panels and yet again thousands of mile of wind turbines is ludicrous and a lie.

Having lived 14 years in a cabin with no connection to an electric grid on an infinitesimally small scale it kinda makes me fairly knowledgeable about this. Yes I would use a Honda generator in the evenings, but all day I would be charging my battery banks from two solar panels. Now before you get all up in arms yes they were small panels and yes my electrical needs were small but the system is (exactly) the same one would need to power a city, and that means lots and lots of batteries.

My cabin’s electric power plant. Though small in size same principle you would need lots and lots of batteries for when it was cloudy, it was night time or the wind wasn’t blowing.

So not only do you need those tens of thousands of miles for the solar panel farm and wind turbines you would need a number of battery banks of mammoth proportions scattered around the nation to store the energy…. that is as long as the sun does shine and the wind does blow.

But what about the times when for weeks

it is overcast and not sunny

or we have a week

where there is no wind

or a week

of below freezing temperatures

will we see another Texas

electric grid disaster?

The objective of nature

supplying all our electricity

is admirable


does not

hold it up as fact!


**Editors note…. I still can’t kick my depression enough to write a posting from scratch so I have started to look at the many half finished postings littered across my desktop and found and polished this one from the Presidents first days in office.

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  1. TBG permalink
    March 2, 2021 12:53 pm

    Looks like a posting to me Pete. You’re already there in my book.

    I’ll put my conspiracy hat on. Why does this administration seem hellbent on doing things that weaken this country under the auspice if we don’t we’ll all expire in 10 years? I’d just like to hear out the well reasoned plan and how it makes us safer against foreign threats, take-over.

    Those poor workers. The least Biden’s team could have done was to put together a plan whereby the impact to the workers wasn’t so catastrophic. A logical transition that minimized the effects. Heck, with the 1.9T pork fund couldn’t the D’s at least write in relief for these poor workers and their families? It makes no sense, so absent logic conspiracy theory wins.

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    • Jon Rukavina permalink
      March 3, 2021 9:19 pm

      This administration doesn’t care a tinker’s damn about those workers or anyone who doesn’t kowtow or agree with them.
      To have Kerry address these worker’s plight in the manner of brushing a pesky fly off his shoulder is one of the most disgusting things yet. The Democrats don’t care about this country and are doing their best to destroy it as fast as they can. Witness the Great Reset.

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