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Hillary lost in 2016 we loose in 2020…. what is different?

January 19, 2021

….in 2016 we saw pictures of Clinton supporters like those above on every news report for days. There were interviews with sobbing women barely able to speak because they couldn’t believe Hillary lost, now in 2021 its a different story. No you won’t see daily video of Trump supporters on their knees bawling like someone close had died ‘we’ are not them!

We know that the glimmer of hope for making America a great nation again that President Trump brought us will be quickly extinguished. So being mindful that this list is nowhere near everything and emphasizing the fact that I restrained (aka censored) myself on this election day-eve I will close the book on America in recovery with a glimpse at what I know we can all expect from the incoming administration.

These actions taken from Biden’s own words

Reenter the Paris climate accord

Stop the Keystone pipeline

and tighten restrictions on oil field drilling


A pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegals

Make DACA permanent


Stop construction of the border wall

Ironic that he has erected a wall

keeping American citizens away from the inauguration


In keeping with the Obama administration

police oversight and defunding


Repair global alliances

(remember Obama apologizing to other nations

because America stood up for what was right)



was a nation

other countries looked too for direction and security

now we will face the long road down

liberal socialism

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