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Heard stupidity…. or how we are filling all those hospital beds

November 19, 2020

Yes like everyone else in the nation I am tired of hearing about the election and also tired of being careful to ware my mask, social distance and wash my hands frequently. As for the former the news media barely mention President Trump except for his various law suits so that chapter in American history will soon be behind us…at least until 2024 but the latter, the ongoing battle with the virus remains and is now increasing with a vengeance.

To my mind one only needs to be observant and you can see why our hospitals are now reaching their capacity limit, the stupidity of your average American. When I make my once a week trip to the supermarket I pass quite a few restaurants and in every parking lot it appears that they have as many customers as before the pandemic began. Add to that the news accounts of many of our young adults packing bars and restaurants around the country and their propensity to have large parties where no safety measures are observed and you have a formula for disaster on a national scale.

Also with the end of summer many have found that getting outside one last time before the cold weather puts them in close quarters with others, (as seen on news broadcasts of people walking, running and just hanging out in the park), but that does not dissuade them because all the months of social distancing has left a void in many lives… a need for social interaction despite the danger.

Lastly you have the mindset of tens of millions of people who think they know better than those telling us to ware a mask and social distance and for some reason they believe it is their right to do what they want (no mask) and go out to packed bars and restaurants.

So the results of this lack of caution

are becoming painfully obvious

as our hospitals handle more cases

than at the beginning

of the pandemic


if not corrected

there will be no room

left at the hospital

for any


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  1. Dwight permalink
    November 20, 2020 4:59 am

    I like your message, Pete. I think it is right on.
    Our patriotic duty, wear a mask for a few more months!

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