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More slight of hand to confuse ‘we the people’….

August 21, 2020

….like any good magician our political leaders have saved the best allusion for last. Throughout my childhood I remember my parents dragging me to the polling station and reiterating the same sermon about how important it was that we have the freedom to elect whomever we want to run our city, state and the federal government. I carried that tradition on when I came of age and had my first row-house in Philadelphia when my garage became my wards polling place.

The first time in my life that I voted with a mail in absentee ballot was when I was stationed in the far East and then again when I lived in my remote cabin in Alaska. In fact millions of absentee ballots were cast each election and no one had a problem getting them in the mail on time. But even then we had to verify who we were by using our driver license or voters registration number and have someone witness the signing of the ballot.

More to the point when in our history did voting day get extended by early voting? For decades ‘we the people’ had no problem dragging our butts to the polls on election day now it seems we have weeks to go there and vote, but even this is not good enough because now with the COVID-19 virus some politicians are screaming we must make sure we can vote by mail, but I am wondering if we have a week to vote in person instead of a single day would not that insure that we are staying the safe six feet apart?

OK no big deal we can do the mail in ballot and it would have to be the same process as before, valid ID and a witness to request a ballot and we mail that in say no later than a month before the election it gets processed and we are sent a ballot which in turn must be returned postmarked no later than election day.

Yes I am worried about voter fraud with so many millions of homeless and illegals in our country that are in need of money, it would not be hard to buy votes if one wanted too, plus all those who are vehemently opposed to Trump and would do anything even vote numerous times just to get him out of office I think it should be a one week voting period culminating on November 3rd and you must produce valid ID showing you are eligible to vote.

So lets let everyone have
a 7 day voting period
and you must have valid ID
no mail in votes
unless you are physically disabled
and you still need to present valid ID


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  1. TBG permalink
    August 21, 2020 10:09 pm


    I’m ok with a well thought out plan, but last minute shenanigans with a high probability of failure and disruption to our transfer of power doesn’t work for me.

    I could work with what you proposed.

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  2. Jon Rukavina permalink
    August 22, 2020 9:52 pm

    People in Iraq walked 20 miles to vote the first time they could & proudly displayed their thumb with ink on it to signify they’d been fingerprinted to I.D. them.
    If you want to vote, you can get to the polling place in your area.
    The same people who bitch about how hard it is don’t really care about elections & will immerse themselves in their usual haven of their phone.

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