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An eclectic thought…. and the pandemics unsung heroes

August 9, 2020

….back in my old home it was common sense to make as much noise as you could when traveling in the woods simply so as to not surprise a bear and end up being its dinner. You might say it was a matter of life and death to not walk quietly through the woods no matter how much the silence enhanced the wilderness experience, but to many persons dismay a large number of people, visitor and local alike, ignored that life saving pronouncement. The same is true today all across our nation, people are either ignoring local laws or just not using common sense and still go out into society without wearing a mask, endangering themselves and the people they encounter by promoting the spread of the coronavirus.

Here is one many of us in the ‘older generation’ don’t have to worry about… isolation. We are now a little over 4 months into the policy of staying isolated. Now if one choose to do it for themselves, like I did in Alaska, it is self inflicted and one should not gripe, but if your young, married and have children the current state of staying isolated, working and attending school from home these four plus months must truly seem oppressing to some.

There are many ‘heroes’ of the pandemic out there from those we hear about everyday in the healthcare field the police and firemen and EMT’s to the business owners who struggle to keep their employees working and end up donating many many meals to those in need, and the over the road truck drivers who travel across the nation into highly infected states delivering the food and supplies we need.

But we forget about that everyday person who now works from home and for months now has also taken on the role of teacher to their children. More than four months of living within the confines of their home only venturing out sporadically to help break the monotony. Add to that those who have a special needs child and those everyday people begin to appear like super heroes who can balance the day to day work from home and the constant needs of their family.

So please
lets not forget
those who stay at home
and keep our nation working

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  1. August 10, 2020 8:28 pm

    That’s a lovely sentiment to finish with. Peace to everyone who is suffering, large or small.

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