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Welcome to the new normal…. Seattle’s capitol hill autonomous zone

June 13, 2020

**I know I did not write much for this posting about the takeover of the police building or the annexation of public buildings and roads in Seattle by the domestic terrorists, I just don’t think they are worth the effort.

….councilwoman Kshama Sawant demanded on June 12th that the Seattle police department surrender the East Precinct building permanently to community control. She was echoed by Seattle’s mayor Jenny Durkan when she said, “We’ve got four blocks in Seattle…that is more like a block party atmosphere, it’s not an armed takeover.”

Many watching these event wonder where the police are while this was happening and Seattle’s Police Chief responded in a video addressed to that East Precinct Officers… In it she “ emphasized it was not her decision to abandon the precinct. Rather, it was the city that relinquished to severe public pressure, resulting in protesters — including Antifa members and self-described anarchists — setting up a six-block perimeter, CHAZ, around the area and deeming it a police-free, “autonomous” zone.

She now says the police have been “unable to respond to rapes, robberies and all sorts of violent acts”. So I guess we now have a glimpse at what our nation will look like under black lives matter philosophy of refunding and abolishing police departments.


Do you really believe that
millions of diverse people
around the world
organized themselves that quickly
or using common sense
do you not see
some unseen hand
stirring the pot?

Either way
you now see
what a liberal mindset
like Seattle’s mayor, city council and police command
are doing….
do you want that for your city?


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  1. Jon Rukavina permalink
    June 13, 2020 7:53 pm

    More than one hand stirring the pot. Obama & his OFA (Organizing For America) & of course, our usual suspect George Soros who spends his billions funding these terrorist organizations.

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  2. TBG permalink
    June 14, 2020 11:14 am

    Well Pete. The sequence of events, and co-opting the origins of BLM, has me concerned there is something more going on than meets the eye. I guess I’ve always thought black lives have mattered all along without ever having had the need to call it out as such, but that all doesn’t matter now.

    The cataclysm of events (anti-Trump & gop, cooped up due to covid exponentially increases youth frustration needing an outlet, a media bent on selling news to topple Trump & America, and a patient anti-American underground is upon us.

    Durkin may say one thing but her actions are contrary, yet no one calls her out, nor do they care to.

    The enemy is within our walls.

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  3. Mike Hohmann permalink
    June 14, 2020 5:32 pm

    A big pot of BS! You buy it, you own it!

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