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CBS all access… should be called cbs sometime access

May 14, 2020

With all the coronavirus and Trump impeachment postings

you may not have noticed that your old friend the curmudgeon has been absent…

well he’s back with this short tirade.

I sometimes never learn my lesson and hold out hope things will be better the next time around and this holds true with ‘cbs all access’. I have subscribed to it three times and this last time I canceled after only a couple hours because nothing has changed.

At least to ( me ) and streaming through ( my Roku ) cbs all access definitely sucks! It will play for a bit then the video will freeze but the dialogue keeps going or sometimes it just crashes for no reason and the Roku has to restart, and don’t even think of fast forwarding more than once because that also triggers an automatic crash.

Sure it has some of the best crime dramas from Blue Bloods, Wire, NCIS and CSI to landmark science fiction series like Star Trek and Enterprise but what good is great content if it takes 90 minutes to watch a 40 minute show?

So folks save the $9.95 because they don’t refund your money even when you sign up for the 30 day free trial. True you can cancel but it will not shut down for 30 days… you agreed to that when you signed up. So that free 30 day trial is bull just check your credit cards balance during or just after the 30 days.

Oh and it wasn’t my equipment that was the problem
because I checked the ‘Blue Bloods’ TV series
on both cbs all access and Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime played with no problems
no matter what I did.

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