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The end of life as we know it…. or shameless politics?

February 29, 2020

NBC network news reported…. this“outbreak has sickened at least 14,413 people since March, killing at least 5,177 of them as of Nov. 14 — making it by far the worst outbreak of the virus in history, according to the World Health Organization.” If you were to tune in to any network newscast lately you would think it was the end of civilization in the United States and all because President Trump is not qualified to handle the spread of the coronavirus.

If you were to pay attention to the constant attack adds by the democrats who are running for their parties nomination for President only they could save our nation. Where has all the conspiracy talk show hosts gone because I see what looks to me to be a coordinated attack by WHO the (world health organization), network lead anchors and those who are running to replace President Trump all saying the same thing America is doomed because Trump is President.

Come on folks don’t you find it a little strange at the timing of the perceived pandemic? The United States doing the best financially in decades unemployment at all time lows and minority employment at an all time high and BAM all the sudden a world wide pandemic threatening the lives of every American at the same time crashing the stock market?

No don’t get me wrong I am not saying the coronavirus was man made or planted as some dark plan to overthrow the President. What I am saying is the media every democratic candidate for President is shamelessly using this natural disaster for their own personal gain and the network news hounds are almost smiling when they announce another victim of the virus in the U.S. But isn’t this a valid example why we should have tighter border enforcement instead of Federal judges stopping the President from restricting the flow of illegal immigrants?

In 2014
there was an outbreak
of the Ebola virus
with a number of people
in the US dying
there was no network news anchors
overplaying the danger
and the Ebola virus
was dealt with,

now the only difference is

President Trump beat the democrats

and won the election!


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