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Impeachment, Russian collusion?…. Nope just a potential apocalypse

December 11, 2019

When is doing what is right…. Wrong?

….because of my 20 years living in Alaska I still follow four of the newspapers from around the state to keep up on what is going on in my old home and since the beginning of the year there has been a fierce battle raging between the governor and the people of Alaska. It is somewhat similar to what is happening in Washington, with the impeachment hearings, in that there are people in Alaska that are working to recall the Governor from office. Now Governor Dunleavy has not accepted a bribe or committed a crime the only reason for his recall is he wanted to balance the states budget.

The governor has said the state faces a $1.6 billion deficit and he has proposed cuts that are larger than that figure because the state is forgoing some federal grants that require a certain amount of state spending. The Governor has told reporters that, “This budget is going to impact all Alaskans.” It is because of these cutbacks that a large number of people are calling for his recall.

Now knowing how President Trump appears to have a total disregard for what others think of him when he believes in his heart he is doing the right thing for the American public, I can see him after his reelection fighting tooth and nail for a balanced budget. Especially since the Federal reserve has been once again quietly bailing out our nations banks, and seeing what happened in Alaska one can only assume our nation will be up in arms trying to stop him from balancing the budget on ‘their‘ backs.

In Alaska
the two horsemen of the Apocalypse
driving the recall
are the state workers
and school board employees

If President Trump
attempts to balance the federal budget
I am sure it will be the
leading the charge
to oust him once again.

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  1. Del Hoskins permalink
    December 12, 2019 2:31 pm

    And its all on our dime Pete… Disgraceful Gov spending…. Just gander at the waste!!

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  2. December 14, 2019 10:23 am

    During good economic times, a balanced budget should be the goal of the goverment because the private sector can absorb the decreased goverment spending. Now we are in deficit spending in both good and bad economic times. Any basic economist or logical person can see the disaster this irresponsible spending can create. Yet, much of this irresponsible spending is going to elite private corporations that lobbied for goverment contracts. If we all ignore the coming economic crisis, it won’t happen.

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