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60 seconds on global climate change….

September 21, 2019

Even though neither dinosaurs or people can stop the cycle of climate change that happens on our planet every 100,000 years or so, I would like to know who is behind using the millions of children to win support?

….though the marches and demonstrations were at times emotional it is once again time for (you) to step back and use your common sense to cut through the media hype and see the truth that there is another agenda influencing and financing this ‘global’ movement. I mean do you honestly believe a world wide movement was created because some 15 year old school girl skipped school to protest mans involvement in climate change?

Yesterday around the world old and young made their voices heard about global climate change. From marches and demonstrations to die-ins where people occupied important government offices and laid down on the ground in mock death to illustrate the danger of the intensifying change in global weather. In the UK some carried signs stating that the “fossil fuel era is over” and in Hong Kong there were signs that were carried by children some too young to understand what the sign meant when it read, “if we don’t act fast we will be extinct too”

common sense and research shows that….
Global climate change happens on the earth every 100,000 years
when our planet has an ice age
between those events the planet warms and the ice melts
like it is doing now!

People do effect and intensify climate change from:
the heat our bodies give off
the electricity we use at school, work or home
the fuel we use to drive our cars and buses

We will never completely divest ourselves of fossil fuels
like the fictional placard saying that fossil fuel era is over
until fusion reactors are common place.

…and unlike the child’s placard
we will disappear exactly like the dinosaur
if we do not accept and adjust to
our changing climate.


††††Click here to find out more about how our children are being used like when Seattle teenager Jamie Margolin, told the House Foreign Affairs committee “I want the entirety of Congress, in fact the whole U.S. government, to remember the fear and despair that my generation lives with every day,”

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  1. john w8wej permalink
    September 22, 2019 3:43 pm

    common sense or reasoning have no place in these movements.

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