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Apocalypse asteroid heading toward earth…. Scientist say it could herald the end times

August 5, 2019

….Dateline Alpacka, NM August 5th CNM today has learned that a potential life ending asteroid is hurtling toward earth and is due to impact on August 9th. Scientists at the prestigious Alpacka science center here in New Mexico said they have found the reason for its unexpected appearance. Robert C. Johnson PHD director of the science center said the reason for this life ending asteroid is the many years of rhetoric and hot air spewed forth by President Trump.

Now that of course as anyone with a brain cell can see is obviously fake news, but what about the headline from Reuters news service August 4th that read… “Democrats target Trump rhetoric after deadly mass shootings” now we all understand that mental illness is not something that would have developed in the time that Trump has been President, but that hasn’t stopped those cold blooded enough to use a national tragedy to blame the President in hopes that ‘we the people’ are weak minded enough to believe their drivel.

I know I have written about the increase in violence a number of times over the years and I believe it is caused by the acceptance and societal encouragement of the breakdown of the family unit. Added to that is the lack of respect for ‘laws’ and authority not only taught to our children but observed by them in the behavior of their parents and lastly the violent environment that has been on our television, in the movies and in the games the children play for decades. Our children have over the years acquired a thirst for violence in their entertainment, so is it no wonder that those who are unstable often take that violence to the next level….reality

U.S. Senator Cory Booker said
“Donald Trump is responsible for this.”
on CNN’s “State of the Union.”
if you believe this
then remember August 7th is
the end of the world.


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  1. Michael Fritz permalink
    August 5, 2019 2:20 pm

    Hey Pete hope all us well.
    Wanted to add a bit of “what I believe is something to ponder”.
    You make some great points of why violence in America has increased. I could agree more.
    Most countries over the melliuniumS that have thrived and grown are those that realize the need to change for the times.
    America has changed. Its security forces are considered inhuman by the internatonal community. It thirst for war has grown. YOUR country is amongst one of the MOST violent in the world according to the UN. NOne trust no one. It’s about to imploded.
    The alternative is to let go of 300 year old thinking of what freedom really is about.. is freedom about being able to carry a gun. Or is freedom about being able to go to school work worship or just an enjoyable day out at a mall. What are you trading off as freedom.
    Gun control is important… hell having lived in Colombia and knowing it ranked 3rd most dangerous country in the world in the 90s. Until strick gun control came unto effect EVEN FOR THE POLICE WHO DO NOT CARRY GUNS. It no longer even rates in the top 100 of the most violent countries… but again politic politic and money. Any who can say honestly that the NRA is not in power and using the government as puppets is in my handoors as guilty as these shooters .
    But that is my thought.. YOUR country needs to get with the times . You are NEVER IN the next 3 to 4 generations going to get rid of mental health issues. ( though honestly most shoters have proven themselves pretty sane by the amount of thought and effort put into these mass murders). Nor are you going to bring morality back to a nation lost in its in depravity. Religion that changes ones life seems to be a thing if the past. Are you going to fix the breakdown of homes. Nope.
    So what is the alternative.?????? Maybe it is time to revisit your constitution not to take people’s rights away but to give people’s rights back to them.


  2. Jon Rukavina permalink
    August 5, 2019 9:37 pm

    Nothing to worry about; AOC claims it’s all over for us in 12 years anyway.Truly dangerous times to think that someone with the mindset of hers gets into office.

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  3. August 6, 2019 10:26 am

    Hi Pete. Everything you said is true, just add music. Parents, schools, church all teach what they believe through music. Today’s music is so evil, singing about whores, killing cops, killing everyone, some of the vilest words pounded out through abominably loud base noise is helping to make crazy people crazier. Best wishes.

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