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The Trump administration is guilty of torture and murder…. ?

June 28, 2019

From Reuters news June 25, 2019

Is the U.S. Government guilty of murder and torture

or just like the many nations in the E.U.

being critically overwhelmed by tens of thousands

of criminals flooding its borders?


Last night on the NBC nightly news Lester Holt stated quite emphatically that it is the “Trump administration” that is responsible for the accidental death of Oscar Martinez and his 24 month old daughter and the deplorable conditions in the immigrant camps in Texas set up solely for those crossing the border illegally.

Should not the question have been what kind of man would force his 24 month old daughter to walk 1,600 miles in horrendous heat and with limited food and water through surely more dangerous areas than back in his home in El Salvador? Is there no place in South American closer to El Salvador than the US that is safer than his home? Or is it that there is no place in South America willing to provide whatever is needed to give you a better life to anyone making it across its border and becoming a citizen?

Above is a picture of Oscar Alberto Martinez and his 24-month-old daughter Valeria that has gone viral on social media and sparked renewed debate about the plight of refugees and migrants who are mostly from Central America. The pair had traveled from their home country of El Salvador and were seeking asylum in the United States, but because of the hundreds of thousands of other illegal immigrants that were flooding our borders they tried to gain entry illegally rather than wait the months it would take to do it legally and the result is pictured above.

Yes the photograph is painful to see but it is in no way the fault of our government or the Trump administration. No matter how bad living conditions are where one lives you do not up and force little children let alone infants to walk thousands of miles in blazing heat and with limited food and water to reach a country that has already said if you criminally enter the country you will be sent back.

To complicate things at the border a group of attorneys have asked a federal judge to hold the U.S. government in contempt of court for “flagrant and persistent” violations of the terms of a 1997 agreement that governs the treatment of children in immigration detention. This action was taken because Children as young as 7 and 8, many of them wearing clothes caked with snot and tears, are caring for infants they’ve just met, the lawyers said. Toddlers without diapers are relieving themselves in their pants. Teenage mothers are wearing clothes stained with breast milk, and most of the young detainees have not been able to shower or wash their clothes since they arrived at the facility, those who visited said. They have no access to toothbrushes, toothpaste or soap.

Truly deplorable conditions and one could compare these conditions to a form of torture if it were not self-inflicted. What do these criminals that break into our country by the tens of thousands expect from us when we provide everything they need but because so many continue to break the law we just do not have enough manpower and supplies to address the needs of all of them. Even the richest of nations will eventually run out of money and people to help those in need.

So Mr Holt and NBC nightly news

we know you are looking to shoulder the blame

for the torture and death of the illegals

on President Trump


don’t you think that father

has some responsibility for the infants death?


just maybe congress and the senate

for not tightening our border

and providing enough

people and money

to have what is needed there

for those who enter our country legally?









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  1. john permalink
    June 28, 2019 2:57 pm

    yep,, blame everything on Trump, all the left has is lies, lies, and more damned lies. This administration is attempting to stop the very things that are happening, the left sees this as votes..nothing else.. here is my offer , to the make each one of the left take into your home 2 illegal folk-, by lottery, and put your practice where your mouths are. Come back in 2 months(if you are still alive), and still embrace no wall. john

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jon permalink
      June 29, 2019 8:03 am

      You’ve echoed the sentiments I’ve had for a long time. We saw their true colors when Trump offered to send all of them to the sanctuary cities & all of them backed off.
      Since the Hollywood phonies didn’t move to Canada, how about them taking in a few hundred to fill up their several thousand square foot mansions which run on solar power (snicker) & provided everything they need & demand on their own dime with out taxpayer funding & see how they like ’em then.
      I know, I’m dreaming.


  2. June 28, 2019 5:10 pm

    Could be wrong, but the Dems have aborted millions of potential voters, so now will stop at nothing to usher in illegals to vote on 2020. Hmm.

    Liked by 1 person

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