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Free money… or America’s funniest debate

June 25, 2019

….I can’t wait because its been a long time since I watched a live comedy show, er I mean a Presidential primary debate. Yes I will be on the edge of my chair watching the blood bath of which democratic candidate will lie/promise more for those who vote for them. This all important election will not only be televised on NBC but it will also be broadcast on Telemundo, presumably in Spanish, for those who are too lazy to learn the language of the country that is giving them their freedom.

For two nights we will see one candidate after another try and out do each other with providing free stuff for all those voting for them. Now I am willing to bet that not one of those candidates will address the fact that America is awash in national debt and it no longer takes in more money than it spends. I am also willing not one will address any cuts in social welfare programs to balance that debt because it would be political suicide and their carriers would be over.

Just take a quick look at a couple ideas the candidates have proposed to win your vote…

Like former U.S. Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden he is proposing to spend $1.7 trillion over a decade to bring U.S. greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050 by investing in clean energy research and reducing emissions from the nation’s buildings by 50% by 2035 oh and he says it will not add to the national debt.

Or how about Bernie Sanders his proposal would make two- and four-year public and tribal colleges and universities tuition-free and debt-free, and erase the roughly $1.6 trillion in student loan debt currently owed in the US and currently, about 45 million Americans have student loans. This would cancel debt for all of them — regardless of their income or assets…. again saying no increase to our national debt.

…and Robert O’Rourk plans to spend $5 trillion on clean energy research and extreme weather preparations over 10 years

….also Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) proposes spending $700 billion to create a network of government-funded childcare centers.

….and lastly (for now) Washington Governor Jay Inslee proposes that by 2030 all new light- and medium-duty cars and trucks sold in the U.S. would have to be fully electric, and all U.S. electricity would have to come from carbon-neutral sources I wonder if that means only wind and solar which we know is impossible.

The republicans no different than the democrats
when it comes to lying to the public
to win your vote
so I say sit back enjoy a cool drink
and have a few laughs
after all
there is no way
we could ever balance our budget
because no one wants to hear about cuts
in social welfare programs
we only want free stuff


***Democratic primary candidates proposed ideas click here.

*****The current national debt click here


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3 Comments leave one →
  1. Jon Rukavina permalink
    June 25, 2019 9:26 pm

    I would think with all of these impossible promises the commies are making, even a sensible liberal (are there any?) would see through this charade. but then again their hatred for Trump (& joined by more than a few rinos) may, & probably will for some, overrule all of their sensibilities. After all, a nut case like AOC beat a 10 year in office Democrat.

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  2. June 25, 2019 11:05 pm

    that’s how politicians work, they make you empty promises, with absolutely, NO intentions of fulfilling them, and besides, they all believe, that the constituents have only, a three-minute (might be less…) attention span, and after they get the votes, they have AMNESIA!!!

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  3. Michael Fritz permalink
    June 26, 2019 1:32 pm

    I’m just upset Ophra is not running:(. Years ago she said I don’t have what it takes to be president. Then a few years ago when asked again if she would run she said 😐Well hell yeah.. if Donald Dump can do it a five year old could. .I honestly think she was mistaken though.. she shoukd have said three year old.


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