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Senility, sex and infirmity…. a personal note on day 26,800

June 4, 2019

….why does it seam that the older I get the slower I truly see what is happening around me? It is as if my brain holds back the true understanding of a situation, encounter or comment and allows the spontaneous unfiltered running of the mouth to dominate.

I found out yesterday that my actions of the past few weeks gave an impression of ambiguity that I never intended. Whereas I blindly walk down my road of life some of the actions I took appeared to be upsetting to others. Of course the ‘others’ do not fully understand or want too the sometimes complex interactions between our infirmities and our daily lives.

We who are a bit older understand that we are ruled by our bodies actions which can change quite abruptly, thus I have learned to plan for any eventuality that my body could throw at me and have adjusted my schedule at a moments notice not realizing that ‘others’ my see this as an affront aimed at them personally when it was merely an old mans body demanding priority attention.

This old man has also learned, ‘the hard way’, that there are some topics like politics that should be off limits because they tend to increase the agitation of those around you, but learning what other topics are verboten is akin to walking in a mine field and yesterday I stepped on one of those mines. True to my old mans nature I was not content to step just once but went back and repeated the stupidity.

Now though not intentional and voiced as an attempt at lame humor it upset those around me and my old brain did not take in the gravity till long after the incident. So based on the saying about ‘spilled milk’ one can only apologize, hunker down and hope the after effects do not effect others.

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