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Health and a tiny bit of political irony…. day 26,797 on my walk down life’s road

May 31, 2019

….i’m kinda liking the journal/blog thing because I can just write about my day instead of researching items in the blog postings I am writing. However a thought occurred to me why not combine the two, my real life and whatever news of the world that interests me even the fantasy world of our representatives?

OK so after two days of not being able to do much more than hobble around accompanied by some heavy pain, today though still quite uncomfortable to walk around it is a quantum leap better than the past two days. I am thinking because the Colchicine did not dent the pain it wasn’t a gout attack at all but maybe one of the many muscle spasms that I have wrenched a muscle or tendon in my foot? In any event as I sit and write today there is no pain as long as I am not walking.

….on that other point of writing briefly about news items that catch my attention during the day…. well this is actually at night, late night to be exact, but on the radio show ‘Red Eye Radio’ a mostly political talk show for truckers when I tuned in last night I almost threw my pillow at the radio because they were once again going over the darn Trump/Russia thing. That show has since I arrived here in April of 2016 been focused almost nightly on the Russia probe and I drives me nuts but because of my bad hearing for some reason their show is quite legible to me.

Many say timing is everything and last night ‘they’ may actually be correct because when I tuned in they were explaining why they go over the same stuff day after day for years. The host of the show said that even though the probe is over and no chargeable crimes were committed the democratic party will not let it go and insist on repeating the claim that there could be collusion between President Trump and the Russians. Therefore because the democrats repeat the same non-crimes the hosts of the show feel they must do the same by explaining that Trump committed no crime.

The democrat’s believe
if they repeat the same lies day after day
you will believe that it is the truth
when all they are doing is
preaching to the choir.

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  1. john permalink
    May 31, 2019 1:40 pm

    Amen. lies, lies, and damned lies


  2. Jon permalink
    June 1, 2019 8:13 am

    We all know once the Dems will keep this narrative going with one thing or another until Trump is removed from office, hanging in Times Square, his family & administration is in jail, his fortune confiscated & his name wiped from all publications & all trace of him is gone.


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