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Wheres the beef vs free, free, free, free

April 11, 2019

***For this posting we will take a break from the seriousness of our world
and take a peek under the curtain at the lighter side of society.


….back in 1984 our supper heavy non HDTV, non 4K TV’s were graced by Clara Peller in a commercial that made even the most ornery of people smile. He words spoken even today would evoke memories of a commercial that for many made us stop what we were doing and watch as soon as we heard the words…..”wheres the beef”

I do not know if it is just me but lately some of the current television commercials seem a bit dumb? If it wasn’t for the obvious target audience of the individual commercial I would say that they were created for kids who like movies like Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey or Dumb and Dumber. I just can’t figure out why a solid company like Liberty Mutual insurance would pay an advertising agency to create a number of different scenarios emphasizing the companies ability to customize its policies to fit your needs with such stupid commercials.

One for instance has the statue of liberty in the background and a bicyclist crossing the frame while he talks about customizing his insurance and ending with a shot of him implying he was covered for everything but his oversized calves? Or can anyone tell me why Liberty Mutual has a set of commercials with a Emu in it? Does that make the viewer want to rush out and get insurance from this company that is running this highly intelligent commercial?

Now I know many of you will say like art
beauty/intelligence is in the eye of the beholder
but can you truly say
that the current commercials for TurboTax is
free, free, free, free
of stupidity?

…and this years winner
of the dumbest TV commercial is…

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