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Just the truth and common sense…. as seen here in Texas

February 20, 2019

It’s amazing that after walking over 1,000 miles the migrants took the time to ‘print’ up posters in English, but you would think they would be waving the American flag not the one from the country they are “fleeing” !

I know we are all tired of hearing that the news we see and hear is for the most part ‘fake news’ but who can one truly believe? The conservatives have Rush, Hannity and O’Reilly and sometimes the Fox network, the liberals have 90% of the rest of the media so what are we left with if we want just the unvarnished facts? To which I have to ask have you grown so used to someone else telling you how to interpret the facts of an incident that you can no longer think for yourself?

I haven’t written any postings since January 30th for a number of reasons one of them because of frustration, frustration at watching the same stupid and harmful things happening in Washington and around the world over and over again. I have come to the realization I was just using this blog to vent and that other than that it had no other purpose.

For a long time I did however believe that for some unknown reason I might be subliminally touching those who philosophies and agendas are opposite of mine because when they came to the blog looking for postings about Alaska they may have ended up reading some I posted about our miss-representatives in Washington and the inane actions of leaders of nations around the globe.

One current and glaring example of fake news driving ‘we the peoples’ emotions and political decisions in Washington is the thousands of people walking from El Salvador and Honduras and attempting to cross our border illegally. If one were to take some time and think about something besides the hardships those people endured and for some reason the belief that when they got to the border we would welcome them, one would see that there is something wrong with the image the networks are portraying.

Personally whenever I embarked on a long trip I did a lot of planning, now multiply that by tens of thousands of diverse people and you start to see it was not a spur of the moment movement by people who were living under a threat of death in their home country. Also you do not embark on a “walk” like that without some financial resources to ensure that you will be able to buy food and necessities. You may not need a ‘Motel 6’ and would may be comfortable sleeping under the stars but you would surely need a few changes of cloths for you and your family, all of which cost money. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying no immigrants should be allowed in the U.S. you are all welcome here just follow the rule of law to get in.

I am saying
conservative or liberal
do not accept the news media
as the final say on national events
step back and
think for yourself

_ . _ .
_ _ _

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  1. Jon permalink
    February 22, 2019 2:10 pm

    Lots of reports or stories that these people walk only when the cameras are present, otherwise they ride buses. You’re right, if things are so bad back home why are they waving their country’s flag & complaining about America, but they’ll happily take our benefits. Go home & fix YOUR country!.

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  2. unalaska permalink
    March 29, 2019 11:09 am

    With all due respect, your race precludes your ability to understand the decisions that might be made by an asylum seeker.


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