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To some the polar vortex is Armageddon…. to others just another winter day!

January 30, 2019

….just a short posting to say thank you to the news media. Yes I said the news media because I have been down lately and their nightly news brought a chuckle to this old man. They opened with dire warnings of bodily harm if anyone went out during this cold snap and proceeded to show how important this cold wave was when they showed that they had six reporters covering the event. One would never know that our government is broke and spending money it doesn’t have at the same time pushing for open borders so they will have more uninformed people to vote for them.

Granted -20 is cold, I know because for 14 years I experienced it every winter, but did you know in Fairbanks Alaska they do not close schools when it is -20 but they may when it is 20-30 above zero? Apparently the parents in Fairbanks know how to dress their children for extreme cold but in the lower 48 they don’t…. and the reason for sometimes closing schools when it warms up is because roadways and sidewalks are solid ice and definitely dangerous to walk or drive on.

So the government
in the lower 48
has shut down mail delivery
and canceled flights
but still 5 people have died
because of the cold and snow.

How formidable must the people be
who live with these conditions
every year of their lives?

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  1. Jon permalink
    January 30, 2019 9:06 pm

    Well, Pete, you’d be right at home in Fairbanks if you were here for just one more night. -29 forecast tonight.
    I was scratching my head when I heard there would be no mail delivery. I think this is the first time for this. For cryin’ out loud, 3 days of below zero weather and the whole world is going to end. You should see the local media practically hysterical over this with interviews with “experts” in survival, car care, frostbite, etc. We used to have 2 weeks of this kind of cold when I was growing up, and plenty of cold spells or “snaps” over the last 4 decades. while it’s true it hasn’t been this cold here in the Twin Cities in about 23 years (-32 Feb. 2, ’96) it isn’t that unusual.
    Schools have closed for the 3rd day this week I believe state-wide. And stores have closed earlier, something else I can’t remember before.
    The good news is traffic is light, almost like Sunday morning since so many people have been cowed by the media to hide in their basements until spring.
    Saw a comic of Al Gore at Antarctica with a blow torch. LOL!
    Get over it everybody!!!!!!!!

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  2. February 7, 2019 11:20 am

    We really have become a nation of wimps! The damned lame-stream media is feeding this trend with all the horror stories of the dangers of extreme temps be they hot or cold. I’d agree -20° F would be cold for many locations in the lower 48 but hardly the end of life as we know it. Anything to get more hits on social media or sell more papers, I guess…


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