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Talk radio or spending time with a loved one…. one old mans view

January 18, 2019

My family from around the world meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska

….come on that is a no-brainer even for an old sometimes confused curmudgeon like me, talk radio isn’t even in the same league as being with loved ones whether family or friends but your quick answer missed the point…. many people live alone and far from family while others like myself are an acquired taste and have few true friends so we have a radio or TV on just to fill the background silence.

I’m not saying whether this is good or bad just the way things are and this isolation grows exponentially with age because as we get older it takes us longer and longer to do the simplest of things. For example the mere fact of getting up from bed and out the front door that used to be almost a single uncomplicated action now requires what one did to plan a major road trip.

Even considering the longer time it takes those older bones to get flexible after a night of little movement in bed and how long it takes to just get washed and dressed, back when we were younger we could have gotten the entire family ready for that road trip in the same amount of time. Then we come to the part where we have to use our un-caffeinated brain and figure out whether to take our water pills and medications depending on the logistics of nearby facilities makes just getting out the door akin to a dissertation for a doctoral thesis.

So though living alone we always have
the radio, TV and computer
it is the ability
to be near and spend time
with ‘understanding’ loved ones
that breaks the sameness of life
on this end of the road.

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  1. Jon permalink
    January 18, 2019 10:49 am

    Also have to mention person to person voice conversations instead of using all forms of electronic media we have at our disposal now to communicate.
    But then again, at a lot of family gatherings for Christmas etc., I’ve noticed a lot of people are engrossed in their smart phone or the game on TV instead of visiting & catching up.

    I do have to admit I finally caved in & bought my first smart phone around Christmas after my slider keyboard failed on me. I’ve already disabled my gmail. I can read that at home on my desk-top. Not going to install Facebook (which I call feces book because everyone’s crap is on there, lol!) I will install a weather app & maybe the MnDOT app for road reports. I have better things to do besides mesmerize myself with my phone.

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  2. January 20, 2019 6:52 am

    Living in Alaska, the only voice we hear comes from NPR. Love the “back country” hour!

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  3. February 7, 2019 11:31 am

    So many people cannot understand some folks just do not prefer to be surrounded by lots of acquaintances and may even opt for a more solitary lifestyle. Relocating up here left me with having to ‘re-start’ my social situation and this has required a lot of effort and taken much longer than I anticipated. Thankfully, I have wonderful neighbors who check up on me and sitting on two local boards provides me with lots of socializing. The Talkeetna area is finally going to have a CERTS presence thanks to a lot of hard work by some great folks; I will be participating in the training and hoping to grow participation in this worthy function. I also expect to meet even more new folks during this training and subsequent operation of a CERTS effort. However, I do need lots of time alone and I can get kinda ‘wiggy’ (technical term..!) when deprived of said time. And while I can be very social I much prefer to share my time with a smaller number of true friends as versed with lots of ‘acquaintances’. And, of course, there’s also my canine family members…


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