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The ACLU …. nevermore the upholder of U.S. Law

September 13, 2018

This one will be quick and (to me) unbelievable. The aclu has won a $50,000 settlement for an illegal alien, wanted on a warrant for being in the U.S. Illegally. Yes my friends even though Alex Caceda defended a coworker from assault the Palmer, Alaska police placed him in custody because there was an immigration warrant for his arrest.

The aclu won not only the $50,000 settlement for him, but an apology from the city of Palmer and changes in the some policies within the Palmer police department, to include….

Acknowledgement that
unauthorized presence in the United States
is not a crime

I guess the members of the aclu
never read
8 U.S. Code § 1325 – Improper entry by alien

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  1. Jon permalink
    September 15, 2018 2:46 pm

    It IS UNBELIEVABLE!! But again if memory serves me right, the ACLU started out promoting communism in this country. Most if not all of their fights are politically motivated of course & if you’re a conservative person they won’t take your case but liberal for the same case, you bet.
    They pretend to be for your rights but they do pick their cases according to their political agenda.


  2. September 19, 2018 12:49 pm


    I admire you honesty and way of life.

    It is unbelievable how out country has deteriorate over the last 30 years with the Pathetic PC-ness digging it’s teeth into our society. I do no see anything, BUTT disaster over the next 20 years or sooner. We are well on our way.

    In my opinion, we are just seeing a slight reprieve from the insanity with PDT in office. If CHC and her HUBBY were sitting in the love seat, it would be total disaster. .

    The ACLU and the Clintons are all cut out of the same cloth; beat-up, leftover hippies from the 60’s, dope smoking, free love fools with demented and outrageous values.

    I am always optimistic about everything in my life, BUTT not for the health and longevity of the USA.

    You are in a good place!!


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