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Unfailing technology…. that fails

August 6, 2018

….for a long time I used to think it was me when something I owned stopped working but I have since learned better. Case in point my mid 2007 iMac computer that has done yeoman’s work for me over the years but is now one temperamental hunk of aluminum and silicone capable of frustrating me at the drop of a hat.

I have for the past two weeks been editing, (trying to edit), a short video for the blog about the world ice art festival in Fairbanks, but it has been one step forward two backward during that time. The computer always gives me enough progress and hope just before it crashes, freezes or tells me to bug off. Now in the world of computers anyone that is still using a decade old computer it is only happening because of a miracle.

The computer manufactures do not build their machines to last…. they are built to have you continually invest more money in eventually unsupported programs or ‘better’ hardware upgrades. Think of it like your cell phone where you are constantly upgrading, (getting deeper into the hole), because you have been told the newer model is way better and your friends will think you are cheep if you don’t upgrade.

This is the era of built in obsolescence
gone is the way of the pay-phone
or even land-lines
and when was the last time you saw
an appliance repair shop
we have entered the age where
its cheaper
to replace than repair.

I guess we should watch out
next thing you know
our jobs will be gone/upgraded or shipped overseas
funny thing
we must have blinked
because that’s already happened.

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  1. August 7, 2018 11:31 am

    Personal computers became ‘commodities’ maybe fifteen years back; in many cases if one is truly fouled up it is easier to buy a new one unless you possess the skills to repair the ‘old’ one. I have relatively new systems but now they are approaching six years of age although I have updated the motherboards at least once as well as the RAM and similar. Technology marches on, my Friend, and us old farts are often just ‘bumps in the road’ as it pushes on…

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  2. August 7, 2018 3:36 pm

    Pete, you are correct. Durables are no longer being produced. Even cars are being designed as throw away items. Some of my high school psychology students last year during their class project discovered that society is also producing and selling addiction to their virtual (unreal) products. The cultural ramifications for this is still unknown, and government agencies are now issuing studies concerning the impact on our youth because of such avenues of wealth generation. Just another reason why I deleted my Facebook account. Hang in there’; keep your computer alive as long as you can because the new ones are designed to listen, watch, and create adware to your every whim.

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