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Whispers from the hereafter…. or learning a lesson too late in life

July 22, 2018

….I could picture the first time my father ever said it when we were sitting at the dinner table and my dad said, “ if you don’t have something important to say then you shouldn’t say anything.” Well my friends you may infer from my lack of postings that I indeed have nothing important to say even though this old earth hasn’t stopped spinning any more than Washington or the media has stopped acting without any common sense after all its not like there is nothing to write about…. I just have lost the will to write

Yes the desktop of my computer is papered with new postings folders, some half done but most merely a few thoughts and a direction I think it should head. Now I could blame the many consecutive days of mid 100 degree heat we are currently dealing with and yes it is a problem but that heat is more like ‘salt into a wound’ and I am having trouble putting my finger on the paramount reason for my lack of will. I can also cross of my current health issue because just this past week I received somewhat good news in that the blockage in my carotid has not progressed any further since my last echocardiogram in July 2017.

So whatever the reason for my absence from these pages I thought I might try something that I have found on other WordPress blogs and use just a simple photograph and a thought. Now whether this sees the light of day or ends like my previous attempt to have video blogs only time will tell. Though used over the years hopefully the photographs presented will provide a brief respite and hopefully an interesting moment in your otherwise busy day.

‘A Ray of hope’ Photography by TriciaLynn

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  1. Jon permalink
    July 22, 2018 8:33 pm

    You’ve cooled me off again, Pete. Beautiful photo!

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