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The careful use of words in sound bites…. Why YOU may see things differently

May 18, 2018

You are not me and I am definitely nothing special, but what I can do because I have more time than most is listen, read and watch what is presented to us as news and take the time to analyze if what is presented on the newscast is actually what happened.

REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

What prompted this blog posting was a news story about the death of an 8 month old infant during the (protest?) in Gaza. First off the Palestinians were rioting not protesting, I have marched in protest’s in the late 60’s and what the Palestinians were doing was rioting not protesting, it was akin to what we saw in the Baltimore riots over the shooting of Freddie Gray in 2015. Second and even more important I believe is the question WHY did that babies mother bring her to the riot’s? The Palestinians have been protesting for decades and those protests have for the most part always led to riots where the Palestinians start to throw rocks or Molotov cocktails and the Israelis reciprocated with tear gas and rubber bullets escalating to real bullets when an Israeli is wounded.

News organizations in this nation and others have touted this Palestinian riot in Gaza as a ‘protest’ over Israeli occupation not the riot that it truly was. They failed to report that Israel’s security force did not engage until they were attacked with rocks and molotov cocktails. I think it is obvious that when you see on television a woman holding a baby that was purported to have been killed in the riot it is being shown to inflame people with anger at the Israelis, but I challenge you to look at that photograph and not wonder WHY that mother brought her baby to the riots?

If we needed any further evidence that it was a riot not a protest yesterday we had Hamas claiming that most of those rioting were members of their terrorist organization, and were there with the purpose of inflaming other Palestinians to attack the Israelis.

REUTERS/Mohamad Torokman

The time has long passed
that when we sit down
and watch the evening news
we are told the truth.

we must take everything
we reed, see and hear
with a grain of salt
and disbelief

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  1. May 18, 2018 11:23 pm

    So very true, because there are so many biased news stations, that only report on what the station believed to be true, and sometimes, these stations that we rely on to give us the facts, are giving us false facts, opinions, masked up as facts, and, if we’re not careful enough, then, we’ll, get affected, and our own belief systems will become, tainted too…

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