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Just an old Alaskan…. knocking around in Texas

May 15, 2018

OK so my truck has learned to accept the fact that it is no longer a truck that was free to wonder over the mountains and streams in the Alaskan wilderness and it has calmed down a bit. I fully know how that feels because down here there are a lot of rules I never had to worry about back home like not being allowed to pull over to the side of the road when nature calls or park next to some unnamed stream, set up some cans and ‘have-at-it’ for a little target practice and I am sure my neighbors would not appreciate me bringing home some road kill and butchering it out in my yard, but still for good or bad I am growing accustomed to the amenities I never had in my off the grid cabin.

So because I am finally surrendering to the inevitability of life in Texas I am in the ‘planning’ stages for a re-vamping of my blog, starting with a new name, and a bit more biting reality in my writing to match my frustration at the loss of my old home. It is kinda obvious that ‘Pete’s Alaska’ has nothing to do with me living in Texas, and one would think changing one’s name would be a piece of cake but not so… at least for me because first and foremost I do not want to loose my Alaskan slant on the way I see and write about things and after all a new name might ‘tint’ the glasses that I view the world through.

So lets see what a posting on this new blog,
“Just an old Alaskan…. knocking around in Texas”
would read like when I wrote this posting

…just sitting here writing these words my arms are clammy against the desktop and I can feel the droplets of moisture rolling down my forehead, even with the fan on. Lately I am on a new quest to wake up earlier to avoid the heat and get out and do my laps around the apartment complex. This however is easier said than done being I have no earthly reason for getting out of bed except to go outside and exercise…. which is not a great motivator for me.

So why the great need to exercise, well if I don’t I will explode! Since I stopped smoking I have gained over 30 pounds and find it difficult to even breath when I am out walking thus the urgency to drop the weight. Now like most of those who need to loose weight I know just what needs to be done because the weight equation is simple, ( weight=calories not burned or calories consumed), so all one has to do is do some exercise’s to burn the calories and eat the right foods in smaller quantities.

Simple huh? Not really if it was then all those weight loss companies would be going broke. I realize that evenings are my worst time for gaining weight because I just sit in front of the television and ‘snack’ all the while deluding myself these small snacks don’t add much weight but when you take almost 6 hours of ‘snacking’ you have almost the same calories as another entire meal. So all I would have to do is get off my butt and get outside away from the temptation… but I don’t.

So here I sit wishing that typing blog postings
would burn enormous amounts of calories
and realizing that the path to weight loss
is entirely up to me
and is
just outside my door


My truck saying goodby to its Alaskan home

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  1. john w8wej permalink
    May 15, 2018 3:10 pm

    at 77 my biggest problem is wind(I am a non smoker), there are so many ham radio antenna projects that i want to do, but run out of wind doing them… I have to schedule some daily , leave it at that , and be very grateful that I can do what I can do..grateful for what I do have .. keep it up..setting around tv ,, try psk and ft8,, you will be amazed what you can do…antenna restrictions?, Put a mobile antenna, ham stick or what ever on the truck,, run the coax, and roll it up when you are done… Other than local channel weather radar , I watch tv one hour a week… that other stuff will rot your brain… best wishes,,, 73 john w8wej

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  2. May 16, 2018 2:02 pm

    Hey Buddy – since ya now have reliable broadband may I suggest you start using ‘’? Use the free version; it will allow you to track everything you put in your mouth, as long as you are accurate and diligent, and will give you your calories, carbs, fats, sodium and a number of other nutritional parameters. Their database is huge; I’ve almost never found a brand name food item that was listed. I’d wager if you use the site and are religious about recording what you eat you’ll be horrified to see how many calories come from ‘junk’. If nothing else it’ll help you make better choices regarding your diet. And your Garmin PFM seamlessly links with the site! It’ll show you how your daily exercise translates to additional calories, carbs and what not when aiming at a specific weight. I abandoned all my cumbersome spreadsheets for this site and I swear by it. But, just like dieting, ya hafta be honest regarding what you record. This also forces you to start measuring all your food be it via weight or volume and ultimately this will cause you to start being a lot more careful regarding your portions…

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  3. Tricia permalink
    July 13, 2018 5:36 pm

    First… keep the original blog name, it is more befitting.
    Second… I think you should give Forever Alaskan idea a whirl, why not… I actually think I will do it too!
    Just my two cents
    Love You


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