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President Trump and Kim Jong-un …. a quick look

May 13, 2018

Having just watched a news report about Kim Jong-un’s surreal meeting with President Trump next month got me to wondering what could have prompted this meeting when just a few months ago Trump was calling Kim the rocket man and that he was going to destroy him, when I thought about an incident that occurred in 1998 in the Alaskan wilderness.

The air this night was totally still and embers from our camp fire rose as if enclosed in an invisible chimney upwards to the countless stars over head. We had just finished making camp and were about to start with dinner when my reverie was broken by the sound of a riverboat landing next to mine, when I turned I saw three very big native Alaskans jump off and they said to me ‘what are you doing here’? It turns out that that piece of land was a native land parcel and off limits to everyone else. With most of my camp set up I tried to reason with them and even offered money in exchange for letting us sleep there for the night, but they would have none of it and told me to clear out. It was at that moment when an very old man I didn’t notice before stepped off the boat and spoke privately with the younger men. Withing a few minutes the others said we could stay the night and that they would be back in the morning to make sure we didn’t leave a mess. I know by now you are thinking what has this to do with Kim Jong-un and what we have witnessed over the past 6 months in the relationship between North Korea, South Korea and the United States.

If we go back in time you will remember Kim and Trump were like two grade school kids calling each other names and each one trying to outdo the other with some stupid prank, or in the case of North Korea fire bigger and bigger intercontinental missiles in the direction of the US, and President Trump with moving more of our Navy into the sea of Japan. This as you remember went on for weeks and many countries around the world were talking of a war erupting if tempers weren’t put to rest.

Then like someone turning a page in a book North Korea was to participate in the 2018 Olympics, in South Korea, and even more unbelievable Kim then meets with South Korea’s President Moon jae-in and they talk of an official peace and Korean peninsula becoming Nuclear free! If this so far hasn’t seemed like you are in some ‘Alice in wonderland’ story we now have Kim and President Trump meeting for talks in the Philippines in June.

Kim Jong-un meet in secret with Chinese President Xi Jinping

and soon after Kim is being nice to Trump…

almost like that encounter I had so many years ago

when a older more powerful leader

told those that respected him

to play nice?


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  1. Jon permalink
    May 13, 2018 7:28 pm

    One can only be hopeful at this point. As Pres. Reagan said, “Trust, but verify.”
    Your story was a very good comparison to the ongoing situation, Pete.

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