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The quickness of time…. aging before we want to

March 13, 2018

I blink my eye
and a second is gone
I turn my head
and a moment passes
It is almost like in the quiet of night
I can hear my life
whistling past my ears.

….keeping my eyes open was taking a major effort and I definitely didn’t want Sister Mary Margret to see me asleep again. The last time that happened I was awakened by the burning pain of her ruler against my knuckles. It was 1958 and I was in geography class at Resurrection parochial school just weeks away from summer break… and forget what the main product produced by Brazil is all I could think about was the upcoming summer vacation. The only problem was the closer we got to the last day of school the slower it seemed the clock was running.

That was then and now it’s 60 years later, but when I look back it truly feels like it was only last week! Living alone in my cabin in Alaska presented me with many more chores to handle and keep my mind and body busy during the day as opposed to now living here in Texas at an Independent senior apartment complex. Here many of the chores and all repairs are taken care of by the staff, leaving one maybe too much time to look back over ones life.

….and its not only looking backwards that has the clock running at ‘warp’ speed, even in my day to day life it seems like the days on my calendar get marked off almost hourly. Could this be because I/we know that this is the final chapter to our lives and though we do not want to close that book we know the time left to us is far shorter than the time that came before? We all have thousands of days of knowledge and experience within us and it would be nice to pass on that wealth of knowledge to family or friend but we understand not all of us are so blessed, so what is one to do at this point in our road of life?

Even if unfortunately
we have no
family or friends
we all have
decades of stories to tell.
….and if you are reading this
you surely know how to use the computer,
so take the next step
and write about those memories
and cast them on the cyber-sea
for other travelers
to discover and enjoy.

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  1. Del Hoskins permalink
    March 14, 2018 1:39 pm

    Yea Pete I went through 12 years of catholic schooling… And sometimes I was pissed at my parents for putting through that but it really was worth it in my opinion… And they paid for 5 of us too!! I always thanked them for that. We were taking college classes in high school. Anyways and yes, times sure flies now but back then, you’re right; it couldn’t get there fast enough….
    Be well and BUY A BOAT and go fishing in that lake you live next too… Or better yet find someone that has one already!

    Liked by 1 person

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