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You made your bed…. now you have to sleep in it

January 18, 2018

….I don’t know how many times my dad said that to me but until today I never truly understood the reality of it. Earlier today we were making the bed and I was on the last conner of one of the fitted sheets and it was a struggle to get it past that corner of the bed and try as I might I had to stop, sit down and breath. While I waited for my breathing to return to normal I pondered those words my father spoke so long ago.

Granted it is not yet two months since I stopped smoking but come on one minute of pulling on the corner of a bed sheet and lifting the corner of the bed puts me on my ass? Makes me wonder if the struggle of not smoking is worth it when there is nothing to show for your effort. My fathers words echoing down through the decades are reminding me, indirectly, that smoking every hour of every day for 56 years was definitely not a good idea, and that two months or for that matter two years of not smoking will not return my lungs to normal.

Over the years of our lives

we are metaphorically

making the bed of our later years


on this end of the road of life

we must accept what we have done.


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  1. unalaska permalink
    January 18, 2018 2:12 pm

    Pete, it’s not you. It’s the damn deep mattresses and the snug sheets. So let’s focus on the crux of the matter; sleeping in your made bed. Certainly, you note that it has only been less than two months since you quit smoking, but you seem to infer that the benefits are not visible. I guess that depends on what made you finally stop. I can guarantee that there are people in your life who are beyond thrilled that you are giving them this chance for more time with you…quality time, to boot. So, luxuriate in that made bed and know that you’re still capable of kicking butt. Pun intended.

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  2. Mike Hohmann permalink
    January 18, 2018 7:23 pm

    Pete, you’re on month 2 of your effort to quit smoking and feel nothing like better health yet. Hell, maybe after 6 months you’ll cough a little less, but you can’t expect miracles after smoking as long as you DID! Maybe after a year or two you’ll feel less winded after taking a walk. The real goal is two-fold -to stop/reduce the deterioration of your lung function (shortness of breath, etc.) AND to lengthen your time remaining to spend with family and friends on this earth (gaining months/years of life you wouldn’t have been able to enjoy if you’d continued smoking). Hell, you may even sleep better in that bed you’ve made for yourself! Pun intended! ;-)

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  3. Dwight permalink
    January 19, 2018 4:03 am

    Don’t give up Pete. Smoking cessation is worth it! Takes a while to see significant benefits. For one thing think of the oxygen you are going to save.

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  4. January 19, 2018 9:28 pm

    Keep up the fight, Pete, against both the smoking and the sheet corners!


  5. February 12, 2018 1:55 pm

    Yes, Pete, it is worth the struggle! And you do have much to show for your efforts of which money saved is just one piece. Hang tough, my Man!!


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