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Smoking, snowflakes and politics…. much ado about nothing

December 14, 2017

….in this world we live in each of us has their own specific priorities and things that matter most to us. For the most part what you consider important the person next to you probably wouldn’t and the three topics I will be writing about today no doubt fit into that ‘so what’ category, but to me they are like a itch that must be scratched or in this case put front and center in the world of bits and bytes.

We are still moving forward on the not smoking front, however another problem has now reared its ugly head….food! Yes I am still smoke free but in the 16 days I haven’t smoked I have gained almost 10 pounds! If this continues to be the case by the time I reach two months smoke free I will be passing 300 pounds and no doubt be heading for a heart attack or stroke. I knew it was just too easy dealing with my urges throughout the day but ignored the fact that instead of a cigarette in my hand it was a glazed donut.

That term snowflake raised its head recently in the news when Mount Holyoke College established an, “alternative space” for students who were offended by a speech given by a black, female, gun rights activist Antonia Okafor. Where once in collages across the nation free speech meant having speakers present topics of every stripe including those that the majority may find offensive, today we have these same collages offering a safe space for those who feel traumatized by the very fact that a speech they found offensive was being held.

Lastly we have politics, which is basically the same as it was last month and the month before that and….well you get the idea, nothing of great importance seems to ever get done in Washington except more of the same back and forth bickering. Although lately they have added a new/old wrinkle of sexual misconduct just so the public won’t loose interest. It is as if all the people we elected think by stirring a little sex into the headlines we will ignore the fact that lately in Washington nothing is getting done.

When did our nations schools of higher learning
become day care centers
for the
that are supposed
to be the future of America
when did overcoming one addiction
have to lead to
replacing it with another one?

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  1. Mike Hohmann permalink
    December 14, 2017 4:19 pm

    Lay off the extra food, Pete -especially the fatty, sweet stuff. Get out and walk 2-3 times a day and fill up on water. Doesn’t sound very interesting I know… but it just takes some getting used to.

    Safe spaces sound like the bathroom or a closet to me. If the snowflakes can’t take anything they don’t agree with 100%, then they should just stay home.

    Public colleges/universities around the country were taken over by the safe space-snowflake crowd over the past two decades -right-wing controversy not allowed! It’s now happening at the public elementary/secondary level in our public schools across the country… probably has something to do w/ the left-wing faculties and public school unions. And a healthy dose of snowflake parents extend the school day at home and push agendas at PTA, etc. International elementary/secondary test score comparisons show a declining USA relative to other industrialized countries over past decade.

    Large segments of US population eating too much fat and sugar and general health is declining… ie. diabetes and heart disease. Most over 35-40 are overweight, with significant #’s classified as obese -even kids! SAD as some would say!

    Non-smoking and healthy eating go hand-in-hand, Pete. And remember, don’t listen to all them fat ladies singing… it don’t mean noth’in! Listen to the wild outdoor critters, the music you enjoy, and the friends you like to be around. Forget the snowflakes, we’re too old to let them bother us. Enjoy life and make the most of what you’ve got… friends and family! And keep ur powder dry!

    It’s all easier said than done, I know. But you know I’m right. There’s no free lunch, and freedom always has a cost… it takes work/effort to maintain it! Good luck Pete.

    73, Mike, KEØGZT

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  2. December 14, 2017 4:44 pm

    You’re not alone with the weight issue. Many before and after will struggle with all the extra free time you find yourself with now that you have quit AND the fact that you have two hands that are used to having something in them all the time. I struggled with this and found having a dull pencil was a cheap alternative but what really helped were un-shelled sun flower seeds. Check out online, I’m sure there are a hundred suggestions for alternatives to fill that time gap and giddy hands. Those two I suggested just worked for me. I also NOW love those spinner toys. They are a good way of keeping your hands busy
    As the above Mike mentioned. Get out there and do some walking, biking.or some form of exercise. Do something that is easy and doesn’t require a whole lot of prep work of having to drive somewhere to do it. That would be setting yourself up for failure.
    Keep up the good fight Pete. That monkey will be beat!.

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  3. December 15, 2017 2:38 am

    That’s totally missing the point on the issue of free speech, free speech should be being able to say what you want, when you want, without ANY fears of persecution, and in this day and age, we’re all, watching what comes out of our lips, fearing that it might offend someone, and we get into trouble for it. And, quitting smoking isn’t easy, you just have to smoke a little less each and every day, and, weight gain, i think, is inevitable when you suddenly quit smoking, just keep up with your exercises and you’ll be fine…

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