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Terrorism in America…. just your neighbor going nuts

November 7, 2017

….no quaint little personal story to start this one off, today I offer only a splash of mental ice water to wake up those still believing that it is the firearms that are the problem not the people behind them. Though not done in the name of religious terrorism like we witnessed in: San Bernardino (14 killed 22 wounded), Orlando (49 killed 58 wounded) or New York where 8 people were run over by a supporter of isis…. right here outside of Dallas Texas 26 people were killed while at Sunday church service and another 20 taken to the hospital. Yes just like the mad man in Las Vegas who killed 52 and injured 527 people both attackers had semi-automatic weapons but if you truly believe it is the fault of the firearm then maybe you should leave this country because there are millions more firearms in the hands of American citizens.

Having 26 people murdered while attending church service is truly saddening to hear
but hearing our politicians once again call for new gun laws is also disturbing.

New gun laws would not have stopped the Las Vegas carnage
because the gunman bought his guns legally!

New gun laws would not have stopped those senseless murders
at a church here in Texas
because the gunman bought the guns legally!

Now in the case of the gunman here in Texas he should never have been able to buy any guns because as the Air force says they made a mistake! In 2012, while he was in the U.S. Air Force, he was court-martialed for assaulting his then-wife and stepson. He served a year in confinement at a Naval facility in California after a plea bargain, and under federal law his conviction disqualified him from legally possessing a firearm, yet the Air Force never notified federal authorities.

So once again it is not a matter of needing new gun laws but the enforcement of the ones already on the books. However I do agree we need some form of law placing the names of people diagnosed with mental disorders on the ‘no buy’ list, but I can not believe that one doesn’t exist already. I think it is more a matter of Psychiatrist’s and mental health workers concerned they will be sued if they notified the federal authorities.

……even if you are staunchly anti-gun (please) consider this, in the gunman’s vehicle were more weapons and ammunition and when he left that church he was on his way to kill more people because he had nothing to loose. If it wasn’t for an armed citizen living across from the church, who pursued and shot the gunman, the death toll may have been much higher.

You want to see an end to mass shootings

by disturbed individuals

then tell your representative before they enact more gun laws

you want un-balanced individuals

bared from owning firearms!


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  1. Del permalink
    November 7, 2017 2:05 pm

    Good guy with a gun…..

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  2. Mike Hohmann permalink
    November 7, 2017 5:23 pm

    Vegas shooter and the recent TX shooter both used semi-auto, not auto… big difference. More people licensed to carry need to start carrying more regularly, as a protective measure against these kind of crazy shootings. Let’s hear it for the good guys/gals with a gun… as Smokey the Bear might paraphrase… ‘Remember, only you can prevent a nearby massacre.’ Wear your gun to church, grocery shopping, when you’re out eating, taking a walk, going to the gas station, liquor store, hardware store…Or here’s another take on it… ‘Remember, you might stop the next crazy shooter!’ Get to the range often and practice!

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    • November 8, 2017 10:43 am

      Thanks for the correction Mike,
      I should know better than some, after 3 years in the infantry, the difference between auto and semi-auto…. and your comments about wearing your handgun wherever you go and to hit the range and practice are spot on.

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  3. November 7, 2017 6:03 pm

    As a liberal, anti gun for fun, and Canadian to top it off. I feel a absolute NEED to weigh in on this matter. …….. ….. ….. …… ………
    It’s all been said and done before. It’s not about the guns, It’s not about quacks. It’s not about law suits, it’s not about politics. It’s not about, ” If I go then they go with me”, It ‘s not about left wing liberal or staunch conservatives. It’s not about criminals, It’s not about poor and rich. It’s not about suicide. It’s not about life. You’ve been down this road so many times. When will people realize that nothing is really going to work. You are all too far in to make a change. At least in this generation. For many many many decades and centuries guns have been a part of US .. should I venture to use the words . right of passage, or culture. The US is steeped in the gun culture. You can take the gun out of someone’s hand but that won’t stop them. From the founding of the nation based on war for Independence to the wild wild west, to wars with your neighbors to the South AND to the North. Guns and death have always been a way of life.
    Does that mean you give up HOPE. By no means. I just think any of the tabled, or under the table solutions will work. They are ALL to short sited. It’s going to take changing the way people think, not the way people behave. It’s like smoking Pete ( a subject you are all to aware of at this point in your life). 50-60-70 years ago this was the ” IN” thing to do. No matter how much harder you made it for people to get cigarettes people still continued.
    Yet today less and less people are smoking. Is it cause you took smokes away. Hell no. Prohibition will contest to the fact when you take something away it only comes in, in a different way.
    The way it changed was slowly. One commercial at a time. One quitter at a time. Education. Education and Education.
    Mind you gun control will be a tricky one. It was easy to introduce no smoking into school curriculum. or to put and add in prime time TV showing a person dying of lung failure.
    Not going to be so easy for gun control. There will always be those thinking that more guns is the answer. BTW. You said that the one guy who opened fire on the suspect. I read two stories that that he almost hit another vehicle carrying a child. Also the killer ended up taking his own life, Perhaps the other shooter had something to do with it. However, and I may be totally wrong. the third shooter did little to stop the killer and in fact he is the other articles are correct ( albeit they may be left wing fanatics) he may well have been a killer himself and shot a mother and child.
    BTW. I always love to point this out. Per Capita Canada has far far more guns than you guys do. However, we have very few gun related deaths. Is it cause we have a very high population of immigrants that absolutely love this Country and all that it stands for as a Nation. I must admit up to about 5 years ago I was a proud gun owner. Two rifles and two hand guns. One a 1978 Webly Bulldog 5 shot .38 pocket revolver. Man that was something else.
    So over and out from your Liberalist Canadian friend. Always friend with everyone. Until I need to shoot them. Ohh wait we don’t do that up here in Canada. We scream and shout all over Facebook. Damn right. ;)

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    • November 8, 2017 10:55 am

      Once again Michal your comment eloquently puts forth the other side of the coin in reference to gun control. I can vividly see your point about the man that fired at the shooter, yes he could have missed the shooter and hit the other people, but he did not.

      I respect your opinion and beliefs and once again hope we can agree to disagree.

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      • November 8, 2017 11:30 am

        What I like about you Pete is you don’t let my rants get under your skin. They are not intended to but to show there are always two sides.
        BTW. I said 1978 Welby Bulldog 5 . Correct is was a 1878 Welby Bulldog 5.

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      • November 10, 2017 1:13 pm

        Your comments are never considered by me as rants just one man’s opinion.

        Michael there are fanatics on both sides who will never be open to reason, but hopefully there are more like us who will listen and contemplate opposing views without all the anger and violence we see in the news.

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      • November 10, 2017 2:51 pm

        This world is made up of leaders and followers.
        What defines the two are they way they think or lack there off.
        I had a university professor that would often tell us. He was not there to teach us “things” his job was to teach us to think about things and make our own decisions.
        Fanatics are people who have been told things and they grab that thing and run with it without rhyme of reason.
        There are just too many leaders today who are so uneducated and ill equipped to take on the task they believe they incapable of doing. In fact.The truth is, as long as you are able to make the masses BELIEVE you can do it then they will follow.
        You mention people not being open to reason. I agree but at the same time do believe many of them are acting reasonably. How can you persuade someone to turn away from the truth even if it is a lie.
        BTW. Day early but thank you for you service in the military. Salute.


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