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….and now a word from our sponsor (not!)

October 17, 2017

The other day I sat with my son watching the Thursday night football game and asked, “why doesn’t everyone have one of these”? “Why would anyone buy DVD’s or pay a subscription to watch movies or television show’s”? It was a tight 4th period between the Eagles and Panthers and my son was totally focused on the game, he just idly said “I don’t know”. As for myself I have watched too many Eagles games where they were doing great for most of the game and lost it in the final minutes, so I went back to ponder why would anyone spend money when they do not have to.

First lets get clear on one thing this is not a sponsored posting just my way of letting more people know about something called the ‘TV Box’ or when I was doing an online search the proper name was ‘BOMIX mxq pro Android Tv Box‘. So for an initial investment of $39 you can cut the strings to Netflix, Amazon Prime and all the other subscription based content providers.

I have found after a month of usage you can watch any TV series you want any time, even those older TV series that have not been aired for years. Added to that is you can watch any movie you want any time even many of those movies still in theaters and do all of this without ever spending any additional money. Unlike many of the subscription services you are not charged the .99 or $1.99 for current episodes of some of the shows or even the $2.99 Amazon charges for semi-new movies. When you add that to the fact that you are not forced to decide between the limited content that the subscription services are offering and what more could you ask for.

Now you know I am an old curmudgeon and with me I always find a down side and as with most things in life there is no such thing as a free lunch and it is so even with the TV Box. When you first start to operate the ‘TV Box’ it can be intimidating and for this old fossil I was so frustrated at first it sat un-used for weeks because each time I started to use it I would get lost in the myriad of choices facing me to get it to work. However faced with running out of TV series to watch on Netflix one night I stayed with working the box until I had an Eureka moment.

Now I use it exclusively every night and watch whatever I want, because there is basically only a few steps to get you to the correct menu to chose whatever TV show or movie you want. Now here is the big down side to the TV Box, it is supplied with these movies and TV shows by ordinary people from around the world and as with everything in life the quality of what you will see sometimes varies. Not all providers to the TV Box have the money to have large, fast servers so there will be times when you click on on provider and not be able to get the best quality image or another provider may be overloaded and you will experience the dreaded ‘buffering‘ logo, but the answer is simple just pick another provider click on them and you will get a quality picture with no buffering.

No not a sponsored posting
just my attempt to spread the word
as long as you have a WiFi signal and the TV Box
you’ll have whatever movie
or TV series
at your fingertips
for free!


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  1. October 17, 2017 3:09 pm

    Here is a real conundrum that people may or may not know. It falls within the ” morality clause” of what is stealing. Most of those shows you feel are “free” are free to you but have cost millions to produce and unless they are older than 50 year they are also copyrighted. So are these people really giving them away for free. NOPE. These channels are almost entirely pirated sites. In the eyes of the law watching these IS THEFT( However on a personal bases we have define our own morality [as your last post touched on is that morality is lacking today I believe in part due to the lack of ” black and white rules”, seems today everything is grey]’ because frankly I think many if not most of us consider not paying for movies the same as getting some free money from the IRS due to their oversight. I’m not sure many of us would be on the phone explaining we want to give the government more money)

    I’m sure the authorities will not be pounding on any individual users door, though they could. Also, they are not going to go after the retailers or makers of these boxes cause they are just providing a key, the same as a locksmith who cannot be held accountable for what someone does with a key they would make.( In Canada about a decade ago Bell Canada Satellite Dish services went after the makers of the boxes that allowed individuals to get free Bell Satellite TV. After spending millions and fighting it to the supreme court they lost) Rather,the authorities need to go after those web sights that are pirating these shows. And that they are…… Well, sort of. Because most are in countries that make it near impossible to reach. Also these are not huge elaborate set ups. It’s a few people sitting at laptops stealing this info and then putting it out there some for free and others putting ads on their sites but most are based on the same premise as You Tube. For every person that views a video they make money. So When they are found out, they just close up their laptops and walk away. Only recently has the US put enough pressure on China’s law makers to make a ” slight” stand to help in this multi billion dollar industry of fraud and deception.

    Since there are millions of dollars to be made off of piracy from my understanding the money has been traced back to not only individuals, but criminal organizations, gangs, and I would venture a strong guess terrorist organizations cause that is the type of stuff they like to do.

    Gives you something to think about when sitting in front of the tube watching ” free” TV. As the saying goes. There is nothing free in life.
    BTW, If the show is older than 50 years then it IS free for all to watch. So if your morality compass gets the best of you, well you still have the golden oldies to watch. LOL.

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  2. Del Hoskins permalink
    October 17, 2017 7:11 pm

    watching the Andy Griffith show now on digital air waves..


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