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Is President Trump trying to eradicate Puerto Rico

October 3, 2017

The answer to that question is of course no, but if you are anyone living in the United States and get your news from your iPhone, computer tablet or sound bites from the talking heads on the news broadcasts you might think that is the case. I read a number of web news services and for the most part they focus on President Trumps Tweets about the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto and the fact that he has not done enough for Puerto Rico.

On 9/30/2017 President Trump tweeted about Cruz for criticizing the White House’s hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico, and said that the island’s residents are not doing enough to help themselves. The Cruz the mayor of San Juan, who was very complimentary of the United states help only a few days ago is now slamming President Trump for not doing enough. So in this era of fake news who is right?

The facts taken from ‘
that I have been able to substantiate so far are:
7,200 military personal
3000 non military US government workers
52 helicopters
18 USN ships including the USNS Comfort a 1,000 bed hospital ship
and FEMA reported delivery of
2 million meals and
2.5million liters of water
in Puerto Rico right now.

With the above numbers of people and supplies on hand in Puerto Rico in the two weeks since the storm hit the island one wonders how much faster can the U.S. work to have the talking heads in the media stop bashing President Trump for acting too slow. I wonder if they even consider that the government is still working to help the hurricane victims in Houston and Florida or will we reach a point when the United States has no more men or supplies left to send to anyone?

We must also consider the ‘perfect storm’ that was Puerto Rico before the hurricane hit. With the government infrastructure breaking down due to a government nearing bankruptcy and the state power company broke and as a result the power company abandoned most basic maintenance in recent years, leaving the island subject to regular blackouts, one can see the nation was ripe for disaster. Currently there are at least 10,000 containers of supplies including food, water and medicine sitting at the San Juan port, said Jose Ayala the Crowley shipping companies spokesman. He went on to say a shortage of truckers and the island’s devastated infrastructure are making it tough to move aid to where it’s needed most.

But then we all know the media’s (mandate)
is to tie every tragedy and disaster it can to President Trump
so we can expect the media will continue as before
and slant the truth to fit their mandate.

The beat goes on.

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  1. October 3, 2017 1:56 pm

    I can’t even watch the main stream media, they are responsible for most of the division in this country. Good read!


  2. Jon permalink
    October 3, 2017 9:43 pm

    It’s the media’s desire (in my opinion they run the Democrat party) & the establishment politicians’ desire in Wash. D.C. to make this president look & be ineffective & so be out come the next election.
    I also think ( I feel many others do also) that the Republican establishment is willing to lose the majority in ’18 in order to get rid of Trump. I’ll re-hash everything you’ve already heard many times to say look at health care, promises made & the phony vote to repeal when Obama was still president. Still nothing & I feel the same thing about tax reform. Who wouldn’t want their taxes lowered for God’s sake?
    On the other hand the establishment was sent a message with the presidential election which they apparently ignored & the election in Georgia message which they also ignored.
    Maybe, just maybe, this trend will continue & over time we’ll “drain the swamp.” It’s our only hope.

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