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A dark cloud covers the world…. Fantasy or fact?

August 27, 2017

….he threw the computer against the wall and the sound heard as it hit resounded like a shotgun firing, unsettling every man sitting around the table that had been deadly silent since the meeting began. Though the power of each of these men was impressive enough to be able to destroy anyone’s career whether you were an ordinary citizen or a congressman, at this moment they were in literal fear for their lives.

The organization they belong to has been around, working behind the scenes of almost every government in the world, seemingly since the beginning of time. At times its handiwork could be seen in even social organizations when their objectives were in concert with that of the group, and no institution was untouchable if the group decided that it could further its mission. But now even in the middle of its greatest success in history, the destabilization of Europe, an individual was creating enough havoc that its master plan for the world looked to be in jeopardy.

First their handpicked choice to lead the United States was defeated by a nobody, a blowhard with no real political allegiances. Then that very same nobody had the nerve to dismantle all the group had accomplished through their puppeteering of the last President. True they had since he was elected thrown everything they could at him to discredit him but he stood his ground and pushed forward with his own agenda, an agenda that was anathema to the group.

Since his election they have pulled the strings of every congressman and senator they controlled to get him impeached, using one excuse after another from a conspiracy by the Russians to help get him elected to implying his family was making back room deals with those same Russians to sell influence with the United States. They also had their fingers in most of the media outlets so whenever the President spoke those outlets were sure to report an altered meaning of what he said. They took every national incident of merit and made it look like it was somehow linked back to something the president did or said to further inflame the people of America.

They had not yet won the battle of removing him from power, but they were definitely wearing him down with this war of a thousand cuts. The people of this nation for the most part unaware of their actions because anyone who brought it up was considered crazy, or at the very least an extreamest. But one only had to look at Europe and see the effect of their tampering. By instigating a mass migration of millions of refugees they had begun to destabilize the entire European continent. This destabilization created a unrest of the people withing each nation and would soon allow the groups chosen leaders to emerge.

They were well on the way to that same goal here in America with the previous Presidents policies with regard to illegal immigrants but the new President was working to overturn those policies and this was a big reason they are now working so hard to remove him from power. The group knew they already control groups currently demonstrating against the President so it should only be  a matter of time before they could extend that hatred to the masses.


Yes a posting of sheer fantasy

but we have had bad Presidents before

and never seen the level of hatred and violence

we are witnessing today

so just maybe there is a thread

of truth in this

flight of fantasy


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