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Russia and Trump a nonissue…. except in the media

July 18, 2017

….with many millions of taxpayer dollars spent on eight months of allegations and investigations that bear no fruit, the phrase borrowed from the movie Network, I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore should be heard echoing from every home across this nation. With the national debt rising higher every day and foreign nations rattling their nuclear capabilities in our face ‘we the people’ have real problems for our representatives to address.

With the daily drone of meaningless news and congressional ‘slight of hand’ where they have us focus on one thing while we actually need to be concerned about our nations survival I have risen from my political slumber to once again to state the obvious and point the way to common sense. For those of your that have persevered over the years with the ebb and flow of my eclectic blog postings dealing with everything from Alaska to politics and my numerous bouts with my dark traveler…. I am back. I can only explain my reemergence with the analogy of a child blowing up a balloon when unknown to that child the next breath was just too much for the balloon and it burst. After months and months of the same crap emanating for our overpaid non-productive congressman, senators and the media I can not take it any more.

Russia…. though no friend of America one has to understand that even before the election, President Obama spoke of Russia hacking in the fall of 2016, then the media fixated on the hacking and manipulation of the Presidential election and finally it is back room deals with the Trump administration. However with millions of tax dollars spent and months of *investigating and no chargeable offenses have been found I ask why can you not turn on the national news without every broadcast leading with President Trump and his connections with Russia? Could it be that some people will not quit until something anything is found that they can call an impeachable offense? Is it possible that their slight of hand is to keep you from realizing that they are continuing to spend millions of tax dollars while doing absolutely nothing beneficial for ‘we the people’ in congress?

Like when the emperor Nero
played his violin as he watched Rome burn
once again
our representatives in Washington
focus on a non event
while our nation sinks further into the abyss
of a debt
we can never recover from.


*There are or have been at least eight separate ongoing investigations at various levels of the American government into Russia’s efforts to influence the US election, including probes at the FBI, CIA, NSA, Department of Justice, Senate intelligence committee, Senate Judiciary committee, House Intelligence committee and House oversight committee and to this date no criminal activity has been found.

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  1. July 18, 2017 10:48 pm

    All of this is just water under the bridge, and, what’s done is already done, and whether or not Trump had connections with Russia or not, is no longer as important as running the U.S., but, the citizens’ attention is completely diverted by the case of Trumps dealings with Russia, keeping them away from what is truly important, not allowing the economy of the U.S. to get run down to the ground!!!

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  2. Jon permalink
    July 19, 2017 7:30 pm

    I’m probably being redundant with thoughts of others on here, but I agree with Rush; neither side of the establishment, especially the left, politicians want this president & his administration to succeed simply because he is not one of them. So the investigations & other delays in implementation of his policies & his administrative picks are meant to stall his administration while hoping to get rid of him. Get used to this for the duration of this presidency.


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