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Rock and roll…. old style

June 6, 2017

.…I shut the television down, no sense wasting a good mystery when I could barely stay awake. It was 2 am and as I had for the past few months I was binging out on Netflix detective shows every night until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. This being the direct result of my overwhelming feeling of fruitlessness over the passing American scene. I guess it was more that I felt the more than 700 post’s I have written over the years were nothing more than an exercise in futility.

I believe I have come to the crossroad in life where it appears it may be more advantageous to just join the masses of citizenry and focus on the ‘me’ more than the ‘us’. I do realize that this overbearing feeling is compounded by the harbinger of summer here in Texas, the heat, but even without the compounded misery of the heat and humidity the literally daily witnessing to a total lack of common sense shown by our elected leaders has, I believe, broken me.

Why bother being concerned with anything that happens in Washington or for that matter around the world when there is not one thing anything I say or do will change things. It may be time to join the majority of Americans in their pursuit of personal happiness. When you consider only 57 million out of our nations 325 million people even took the time to vote one must consider that 268 million people just don’t care what happens to our country so why should I.

After all when you have our countries elected leaders acting totally insane why should we bother wasting our time with them. When I see Nancy Pelosi berating the President for not visiting countries in alphabetical order during his first international trip or even the Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Wolf supporting school policies that force children to share shower facilities with members of the opposite sex and neither of them being called out for their stupidity I figure why should I care.

So as the weather report calls for
the beginning of a long week in the 90’s

I ponder the fate of Sisyphus
as he fights to roll that boulder up the mountain
only to have it roll back down

and compare it to the tens of thousands of words
I have typed over the years
and wonder whether I should continue
join the masses.

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  1. June 6, 2017 5:57 pm

    Your picture of ” futility” of a man in front of a tank brings back another picture of another man standing in front of a tank.
    When young I felt a deep urge to help change the world. I believe all of us at one time or another, often in our youth, have a desire and belief that we can help change the world. For me it led me down of road that eventually saw me join an International Relief Agency. I was NOW in a real position to help change the world. However, it was not long before my belief system of changing the world was blow out of the water. Nothing I did seemed to make a grandiose difference at all. I was faced with despair. Surprisingly it was a young child that brought my perspective to my life. After having been in war zone and having helped dozen yet not being able to make an ounce of change to stop the atrocities a young child in broken English came to me and told me ” thank you for saving my dad, without him my world would have ended”. After many tears and deep reflection of my failures to change the world, my eyes were opened. I was not going to change the world. Rather I was helping one person at a time changing other peoples lives. Perhaps one day one of these people I helped would change the world. It was no longer about changing the world. It was about changing one person at a time either in word or action.
    Pete you words are important for everyone. You bring perspective to to those 268 million people. Everything you say has meaning and is never futile. You may not see the change but even if you challenge ONE person to think ” hey maybe I can make a difference” then you have done your part in changing the world.
    I like what you have to say. Our political views are polar opposites on the present US government. However, I don’t toss your words out in the trash. You bring perspective, albeit different than mine but it makes me think. That’s the world of difference you make my friend. I wonder how many others you have changed through your ramblings. thoughts, views and dissection of the ” truth”.
    Keep “er” up.
    If all else fails. We can always fall back on “Covfefe”

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    • June 7, 2017 12:33 pm

      If only more of those other 268 million people had an open mind like yours our world would indeed be a better place. I sit back and watch opposing protesters do battle with each other rather than have an open peaceful dialog and see only the growing futility of opposing sides coming to any compromise. Michael you may be one in a million with an open mind and I am pleased to be able to dialogue with you. I know you see how lucky you are that you were by actually being able to see tangible evidence that one persons actions can make a difference. Thanks for taking the time for a great comment on my posting.

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      • June 7, 2017 12:53 pm

        I’ve learned over the years that” truth” is very ambiguous. More times than not the way we define truth has more to do with the filters we use to formulate facts into a nice package that we can accept and fits nicely into our ” box” of how life is and or should be. Because of that, I learned a long time ago, that if I really wanted to know something I had to respect the thoughts and perspectives of others to be able to create ideas in my own mind. That said, I’m worse than a stubborn mule on many things. LOL. :D

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  2. June 8, 2017 12:27 pm

    I feel, and share, your feelings of frustration and helplessness!


  3. June 10, 2017 2:49 pm

    I totally agree when you mentioned why should you care when politicians like Nancy Pelosi berates President Trump on minor things and the media is all out to get the president. The majority of the world don’t care about voting and that’s why I don’t vote. I lost all hope in our government because they don’t live up to their promises and never will. I just hope in God that he takes away all this mess soon.

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