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North Korea…. Armageddon or a spoiled child’s tantrum?

April 21, 2017

Watching the news lately I have been wondering
or maybe having a brain fart with no answers

……I remember once back in high school when I was threatened with death. This bully and all around nasty guy could not stand to see that anyone was his equal or better than him. Through intimidation and a sparse few random acts of violence he now had what you would call a posse that did whatever he told them to do, and in his warped mind he saw threats everywhere. At times when someone actually fought back he threatened his, nuclear option, which was retribution on your home, family or even your demise. Here 52 years after I graduated we come face to face with a nations leader very much like the kid I spared with back in high school.

But I have to ask what does the President have to gain by this show of force in the South China sea? When you confront a bully the only thing he understands is a punch in the face not threat of one, because a threat only provokes him all the more. So could the President be ‘poking’ the bully with a stick, the Carl Vinson battle group, wanting him to take some action so he could then use force against him? But once again I have to ask why would he want to take military action when this bully is at the very least morally supported by the only other two super powers in the world with proven nuclear weapons?

President Trump in his meeting with China’s leader has already gotten China to tighten the financial noose around North Korea by stopping coal importation from North Korea and the US and a number of other nations have stopped any imports from North Korea so why not just let the raving lunatic continue to bellow as his nation collapses.

Many questions and sadly I have no answers
but if we let North Korea’s leader
continue to bellow
eventually the people of his nation
should see that
the emperor indeed has no cloths.

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  1. Mike Hohmann permalink
    April 21, 2017 2:21 pm

    The guy has to be stopped. He/they become stronger every day and the more dangerous it gets, the worse the confrontation when it does come… and it will come. Hit him hard and fast in effort to protect S. Korea from his weapons. My two cents!

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  2. Jon permalink
    April 22, 2017 8:46 am

    Continue to starve this raving lunatic & having China, their main supplier continue their pressure. If this doesn’t work may be time for more severe consequences.
    I sometimes wonder if all this uptick in this unfriendly action both abroad & here at home isn’t a concerted effort by the left & the rinos & other enemies of America to run Trump out of town & it’s back to business as usual. Then again, I’ve been called crazy before.


  3. May 10, 2017 1:27 pm

    Highly unlikely China will batter North Korea to the point of destabilizing the regime; they do not want the refugee crisis bringing down the existing regime would produce. In addition, if South Korea moved into North Korea with the intention of unification then China would have a southern border with South Korea, a staunch US ally with American troops currently on its soil. And, of course, that would most likely bring THAAD even closer to the country and China is dead set against that system even when housed in the southern portion of the peninsula.


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