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I am just wondering…..

April 4, 2017

To some this posting may seem an odd issue to address, but we all know the adage about ‘beating a dead horse’. Well the talking heads and radio talk shows haven’t produced one solid fact showing that the Russians did indeed change a single vote in the election so I am tired of this rehashing of non-information, and thus I am looking in a different direction.

Personally I can not hold a grudge long, and sitting here I can think of only one that has lasted more than a year. Then again I am an old curmudgeon who lived in the wilderness for over a decade so that may account for my lack of old animosities. Or even more likely because whatever grudge I came across, during my lifetime, my brain no longer remembers anything about it.

However I am wondering what was done to make all the police departments across our nation un-biased and un-racist? Surely there must have been some federally funded intensive program that every police officer in the nation had to participate in to make this accelerated and sweeping change in how the police react when confronted with violence from a suspect. Even more surprising I wonder what they did to make ‘stop and frisk’ more civilian friendly.

We all remember the protests over excessive force and ‘stop and frisk’…. Most of the protesters angrily proclaimed it was racially motivated, even though those that were ‘stopped and frisked’ matched the description of the suspect witnessed in the crime. In other cases protesters started to act out because they thought the police were biased against illegal immigrants because when they were stopped they were asked for some identification proving there citizenship.

Now I am not saying that there are not a number of men and woman serving as law enforcement officers who do not see certain crimes with a biased or racist view, I am just asking where have the protesters gone? Why do we not still see the at times violent law breaking demonstrations we once did? I am sure we have not rid our police departments of all the racist patrolmen. Also if only half of what we read in the news is true immigration officers are cracking down and now actually enforcing immigration laws, so where are the demonstrations we have seen in the past protesting this enforcement of immigration laws already on the books?

I postulate that most of the major demonstrations were financed by as yet un-defined people who have their own agenda. In many of the instances from Ferguson to Baltimore it was reported that protesters were bused into those cities and told to fan the flames of unrest. Now for some reason the money has dried up and thus so has the demonstrations. Though we still have ‘stop and frisk’ and are finally enforcing the immigration laws does it not matter anymore….  or are the protesters waiting for their next paycheck?

So does this mean people only care when they are paid to care?

We still have people serving in law enforcement who should not be there
law enforcement is still stopping suspects
while the border patrol is now allowed to do their job
with the money now gone
many demonstrators who broke the law themselves
nowhere to be found.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Jon permalink
    April 4, 2017 5:31 pm

    They may be out of sight, but lurking in the background awaiting orders from Soros or Obama or both.


  2. Del permalink
    April 5, 2017 8:01 am

    Yes Jon.. Soros really is the problem….


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