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A victory celebration…. oboma-care will continue

March 25, 2017

While grown men curse and holler at each other in the isles of congress, across the nation from the crowded apartments of Manhattan and the farms of California to the myriad of homeless camps in San Francisco a sigh of relief was heard, when the President said enough bickering and canceled a vote on the republican replacement for oboma-care.

For years the republicans have attempted to either repeal or replace oboma-care and now when they have the majority in both houses and control the Oval Office they go down in flames fighting with each other. One would think after all these years they would have the replacement bill locked away just waiting for such an opportunity. However like everything else this nation needs our representatives can not agree on how much pork, (amendments), each member is entitled to. No I do not think it is a mater of them arguing over details of the replacement, but how the amendments will benefit the congressman or their financial backers.

I have had medical insurance all my working life and this was at a time when the government was not involved at all. Yes rates went up over the years, but so did every other thing ‘we the people’ bought for our daily lives. But as soon as oboma-care went into effect the cost of health insurance skyrocketed, to the point that it is like paying your home mortgage twice each month. Now I am not saying oboma-care was totally unnecessary because it did enact a number of policies that the health insurance industry ignored, paramount among them the ‘pre-existing condition’ clause, but what good is it to have this and not be able to afford the insurance to cover it?

So because the new congress is acting like a bunch of spoiled kids who want it their way or else… we are to stuck with the affordable care act directing our health care. As for myself I am happy they could not agree because no matter what they came up with in the end there would be problems and I am sure the democrats and media would have a field day pointing out those flaws. Now when oboma-care self-implodes maybe just maybe someone will realize they should have never gotten involved in the first place.

When congress had a chance to help us
all they did was
republicans fighting republicans as if they were democrats
and once again
‘we the people’
are left to fend by ourselves.

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  1. Kris permalink
    March 25, 2017 10:57 pm

    I was sort of sad to read your intro. I know so many people who would have been in deep trouble without medicaid. Middle class families with severely handicapped kids and lonely adults in nursing homes. I do agree that you would have thought they’d planned for this in advance, though. I hate how expensive it is to be a person with Diabetes, but the other plan really cut our legs off at the ankle. I didn’t buy test strips today, I didn’t want to pay 40$ for 100 of them, I can wait.


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