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Sex, lies and the truth… a new mindset for this old curmudgeon ?

February 16, 2017

Just down the hallway from the oval office she was hurriedly wiping drops of liquid from her dress as she rose from her kneeling position. Because of the location and participants the occasional encounter between these two monica2consenting adults this encounter soon to become national news when described as ‘not having sexual relations‘.

Standing before the podium and a room full of news people and cameras it was stated as fact that the ‘affordable care act’ would save you and I $2,500 dollars over our present medical coverage and we would be able to “keep the doctors we now have”.

Are we not all tired of the same twisted truths told to us by our political leaders? Aren’t we also totally feed up with a news media that drones on for days, like a dog ripping apart an old bone, when they have even the hint of foul play withing the government irregardless if it is based in truth or not? Well I am and I have found that for the past week since I have avoided any televised news casts or read any online news web sites my general aggravation level has diminished, but there has also been a down side to this personal censorship…. loss of inspiration.

It seems to me that without exposure to any national or world news I have no seeds of illumination. It is akin to when you were young and fell and got a bad scrape on your body, as it scabbed over you would find yourself absently scratching at the scab, well that’s what the news did to me. I would repeatedly hear some act of stupidity or arrogance on the news and after a while, just like that old scab, I had to scratch that itch or as in the past write about it.

Now resigned to the fact that I am just one voice shouting into the wilderness against the wrongs that I perceive I am joining the tens of millions of people across this nation who just don’t give a dam what happens. Sure I am ignoring that there is some organization or hierarchy out there that is continually mustering and financially supporting agitators to thwart any actions by the current administration and that same group is making sure the media attacks every move emanating from the White House, but my words will have no effect on their actions whatsoever.

Now that I am a neophyte in the world of Americas uncaring I must find new subjects to write about. I have thought of and no doubt will write in depth about my life in the Alaskan wilderness but remembering the old adage to ‘write about what you know’ it can be a bit daunting.

So what is left to write about
but ones own life
from births and deaths
to the many struggles we all share.

…..Then again
our nation was founded by
ordinary people
speaking and standing up
for what they believed was right
so this old curmudgeon
mat yet return
to poke his nose in where it doesn’t belong.

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  1. February 16, 2017 12:30 pm

    Always ready to hear of your Alaskan adventures, Pete..!

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  2. February 16, 2017 1:41 pm

    You’re missing the best part. Trumps own staff self-destructing all on it’s own within the first month. LOL.I’d love to hear about any ” near life threatening” encounters with Alaskan wildlife you may have had. I’m sure being a guide you had many close encounters.

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  3. Jon permalink
    February 16, 2017 2:12 pm

    Your nose belongs wherever you choose to put it, Pete! LOL!!


  4. Kris permalink
    February 16, 2017 9:08 pm

    Home is where my heart is. I’d be pleased to read more of Alaska. You could even bring up past politics in this great state. Fun things like reindeer season being suspended for a few hours on Christmas Eve to protect Santa or maybe stories about Ted Stevens or small town politics. So much to ramble on about, Pete!

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  5. February 16, 2017 11:22 pm

    Oh Pete, Pete. You failed to mention that the lying press never covered that story inside out, hence the need to regurgitate the tale: You also fail to mention that it’s Obama’s fault, whatever it is. Trump’s incompetence can’t be blamed on others, it’s glaringly obvious and repetitive. You own that.

    Show some courage and a little honesty: Ask your man to shut up and start acting like ‘a President’ instead of an empty-headed vulgarian overwhelming us with lies.
    Reagan, Bush 1, Bush 2 (funny guy, tough, likeable). these men were ideologues but they were ‘real’ presidents. Trump isn’t, yet! His base (you) need to start pressuring him to cut out the B.S – he won. All three branches. Time to put up. Time to govern.
    You have the power; only thing missing is the civility. Please. Stop. Ask him to stop.

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    • February 19, 2017 9:55 am

      Iexborgia, I agree with you that Trump’s mistakes are his own. From saying the first thing that comes into his mind to an under thought and overbearing executive order. Now as President he needs to weigh his words because of their national and international weight however I totally support a temporary ban on immigration until we can be assured of the background of anyone wanting to enter this country and I do support the removal of anyone in this country illegally, I do however wish he had been more specific in those it affected. I also hope you note that I do believe in free speech and in no way censor opposing views.

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