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Brain freeze… or how I know Santa is real

December 9, 2016

The morning low in the DFW area was +24f and temperatures for the foreseeable future, except Sunday, will be in the 30’s and 40’s so for Texans it is cold. However not as cold as when my daughter woke up this morning in Fairbanks and it was -22f. Since I am used to that -22 I peteconsider the weather here spring like because back home when it hit +30 you could find many Alaskans starting to BBQ again. But you and I know this posting is not about the weather but the absence of new postings on my blog…

I will make this short and sweet because I just do not have it in me to be inspired to write anything of worth. This posting was prompted by a dream I had last night. Now you will say so big deal we all have dreams but for me the past four days have accumulated only seven hours of sleep in total and the dream last night was more like a hallucination probably brought on by the lack of true sleep. In it I was confronted in my new apartment by none other than Santa himself. He was ranting like some crazed lunatic about how I had offended him because he had given me the greatest gift he could think of, a new life in Alaska, and I had thrown it away.

Yeah I know definitely weird but in the light of day I can deduce it was brought on by the sleep deprivation and my feelings about leaving my old home. None the less though my ‘id’ took on the persona of Santa in my dreams it did prove that in that instance Santa was indeed real.

As far as my postings… I can’t guarantee anything because my pain is still a daily companion and no amount of medicine seems to quell it so my brain is focused on that one thing and any creative work of worth will not be accomplished until it disappears just like Santa did when I awoke with a start this morning.

So until I can change my focus from pain to reality
I will be absent for a bit
but hopefully soon the other real Santa
will bring me that gift of insight
I have lost.

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