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Never bring a butcher knife to a gun fight

November 29, 2016

It was just another day on the Ohio state campus with students walking to and from the library and dining hall, their biggest problems at that moment were upcoming exams and whether they did something embarrassing over the weekend that they don’t remember  ….then within seconds their lives change forever as a car plowed through them and a man jumped out and began stabbing and slashing them with a butcher knife.


The perpetrator Abdul Razak Ali Artan who drove a car into a crowd left 11 people injured either from the car crash or from stab wounds, including one who was in critical condition, wrote on Facebook just hours before he drove into that crowed that, “America! Stop interfering with other countries, especially Muslim Ummah (community),” and “We are not weak. We are not weak, remember that”

Artan was shot within minutes of him attacking students with the butcher knife because 28-year-old Alan Harujko an OSU police officer was on the scene due to an earlier gas leak when he approached the suspect and said ‘Drop it and get down or I’ll shoot‘. Soon after, the officer followed through on his threat and shot Artan, killing him at the scene.

If the ‘armed’ officer was not there how many more would have been wounded or murdered? It is another glaring example of why I believe people, including students and teachers, should have the right to carry a firearm no matter where they are. If one of the students near where Artan first crashed his car into the crowd had a handgun how many students would be saved the pain, suffering and maybe even death Artan unleashed that day.

Just another example of why
you should be allowed carry your firearm
even on school grounds
a butcher knife
never wins out over a handgun.

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  1. Jon permalink
    November 29, 2016 1:06 pm

    Former Dem. V.P. candidate Tim Kane reportedly called for gun control when he found out about this. Wonder if he was in Colorado when he said that.

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  2. November 29, 2016 9:51 pm

    But if you are allowed to carry guns everywhere you go, you would feel even more compelled to use the weapon that you carry to defend yourselves, even if the situations you’re faced with isn’t at all life-threatening.


    • Kris permalink
      November 30, 2016 10:42 pm

      Which is where wisdom and common sense are used. The greatest weapon is between the ears. Anything else is just a tool. I trust my guys to carry. They are responsible citizens and would use the things as a last resort. Unfortunately, not everyone does this. Nor does everyone use common sense……


    • December 5, 2016 12:07 pm

      For nearly 15 of years I lived in Alaska I always carried a handgun. After a while it just becomes a part of how you dress. And competent people know when to use it and when to walk away. It is not the gun that causes the harm it is the unbalanced person that carries one that does. And I do support stricter laws checking peoples background (including mental history), because too many people have guns that should not.


      • December 5, 2016 5:31 pm

        Right, so instead of GUN control, we should lean towards more of PEOPLE control, after all, people are the ones who are firing those guns or rifles at random, guns usually don’t just, fire themselves, do they…


  3. Del permalink
    November 30, 2016 5:12 am

    Agree Pete…..


  4. November 30, 2016 7:00 am

    If college campuses decide to make their areas ‘gun free’ then that’s their choice but when something like this – or any one of a number of other acts of senseless violence occurs – then they damn well better not whine about not having police let alone civilians armed and able to intervene. While it would nice if we all lived in ‘la-la land’ replete with unicorns and rainbows the sad truth is the world is a dangerous place and even in this country there are many people looking to kill everyday Americans…

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    • Kris permalink
      November 30, 2016 10:45 pm

      See ANC news…..When the man incarcerated in Fairbanks found out who killed his son, he was shocked. If that childhood friend, a perp, who had killed several, hadn’t been taken out, who knows how many more innocent persons would have had their lives stilled.


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