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Sexual prejudice, racism, bigotry and the assumption of guilt

November 6, 2016

Once again I was prompted to writing by another posting on a WordPress. Even though a lengthy posting which I normally avoid, the blogger focused on the fact that they believe that Trump was stirring the pot of discontent in img_0694our nation. At first I was focused on the bloggers concept that everyone who does not accept and support homosexuals, trans-genders and minorities is nothing but a hate filled American. I soon realized the bloggers focus was not on the people but on Donal Trump for bringing the peoples antipathy for these various groups to the surface.

Yes Trumps campaign has brought to the fore the fact that there are tens of millions of citizens of this nation that do not like or support what we may consider a deviant lifestyle, violence over perceived wrongs or allowing tens of thousands of people to break the law by illegally coming to our nation but and this is the point that blogger missed….. we do not hate them. How does our unwillingness to support and accept them mean we hate them?

Does my vocal opposition to our President for bringing thousands of middle eastern migrants into the United States without the same lengthy background evaluation that my relatives had to endure equate to my hating all Muslims? Or does my consternation over millions of illegal aliens crossing our border and for the most part being allowed to stay and drain our social welfare system make me a bigot? Does my anger at watching the news that shows a city being burned and looted because a black man was shot by a policeman make me a racist?

It is easy to ‘assume’ that a person is guilty of racism or bigotry because they do not think like you do but it does not make it true. Because Mr Trump has echoed the sentiments of a major potion of Americans does not mean he or those who support him are hate filled citizens. It is not hate to not support something you do not believe in.

I may not agree with your sexual preference
but I would
defend your freedom to choose it.

If your here illegally

I do not want you to enjoy the benefits of being a citizen
but I would never
stop you from applying to become one.

Participate in a riot and

I want you locked up for destroying other peoples property
but I support
your right to protest any injustice.

I am not guilty of hatred, racism or bigotry

I am guilty of
freedom of expression

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  1. November 6, 2016 9:28 am

    Well said Pete. I have to agree with you on your clarity of thought over just cause you don’t like something doesn’t mean you hate it.. Perhaps it is the media spin, however, I think you ” seem” to be in the minority. There is so much distrust, outrage, arrest, protest that are often violent, Trump telling his supports to ” smack them” or ” shut them up”. i far more than not just not liking something. Here is a leader that seems to incite violence, someone who doesn’t denounce the KKK and other hate groups, in fact he seems to think the are ” OK”. Take if for what is it is worth, but I have never seen a presidential candidate inspire so many people to violence in his tones, his words, and his lack of even trying to tell people ” don’t hate, don’t fight back”, That silence on bringing calm to the country is scary.
    Again Pete, I can see you are well composed and yes, there are certainly some out there with the same clarity that you have on the subject. However, I do feel that you are in the minority on this subject.
    BTW, what are the round things sticking out of the ground half covered in snow. Beautiful shot.


  2. Jon permalink
    November 6, 2016 9:28 am

    This approaches one of many of what I would call a masterful posting Pete. I have nothing to add but this compliment. Well done.


  3. November 6, 2016 9:30 am

    Typical response from the ‘loony left’, Pete. It is much easier for those nimrods to classify anyone who doesn’t totally agree with their thoughts and wishes as belonging to one of the categories you listed in your piece. In their tiny little minds that means they can completely ignore anyone so classified; they need not try to understand where said person is coming from or even if they might have some salient points. With regard to Trump ‘causing’ people to hate…that’s complete nonsense. If some people hate it is because of how they view circumstances and scenarios. No one can ultimately make someone do something they truly do not want to do. Trump may make some people believe it is suddenly okay to become violent or race-bait but that’s their issue, not his. Classic liberal drivel that said people are somehow not responsible for their actions because they were ‘driven’ to do so by an outside influence or force. Whatever happened to taking responsibility for one’s actions?? On a lighter note we received a whopping 2.5″ of snow yesterday. I guess it’s better than no snow at all..?


  4. Del permalink
    November 7, 2016 5:28 am

    You hit that one out of the park Forever Alaskan….


  5. tcriggs permalink
    November 8, 2016 5:58 am

    “everyone who does not accept and support homosexuals, trans-genders and minorities is nothing but a hate filled American”

    You remove all the emotion out of it… great points. The problem is that there are those in your community that do “hate”. And their actions have (historically) tainted the whole movement/group. (i.e. what is called “conservative” now…)

    Some of the most bigoted things I have heard from the left side of the argument revolve around the concept that people should just “get with the program” (yes, someone actually said that…). I just raised my eyebrow at them and said “hello” to their id. lol.

    I think if we go some while without people shooting doctors for performing abortions, or beating someone to death because they’re gay, or… hell, you get the idea. (some of these are pushing 20 years old…)

    Because the fact is that this is a diverse country, lots of opinions, nationalities, cultures, and even a few extra languages now… and it is getting more diverse by the decade. We have to learn to TALK to one another again. And get back to some semblance of moderation.

    I forget which supreme court justice said this… (I am just now on my 2nd cup of coffee, lol), but they said, “You know a compromise has been made when NEITHER party is happy.”

    Wise words indeed, sir.


    • November 9, 2016 9:38 am

      You said, ““everyone who does not accept and support homosexuals, trans-genders and minorities is nothing but a hate filled American” I would humbly add that anyone that doesn’t accept and support my right to my opinion is also full of hate. I must also ask why must people hate me because I only accept but not support your right to do whatever you want with your life?


      • tcriggs permalink
        November 9, 2016 12:18 pm

        That was a quote from your own blog dear. Not my words, but the things that others have been saying.


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