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Running out of time

October 20, 2016

After many weeks of political postings and a couple thousands words it is the preverbal time when the rubber hits the road to ballotdecide who I would like to see as our next President. Now I know in the grand scheme of things my one vote from a state that barely registers on the richter scale as far as the electoral collage go is not noteworthy… but for some reason to me for the first time it feels very important.

When we hear almost on a daily basis about the overabundance of voting fraud perpetrated on the American people one can ask of what import is my one vote, but sitting alone here in my apartment it looms like a giant tsunami about to wash me away. I think about how it will effect the future of my children and grand children and country. I think about how many tens of thousands of lives were sacrificed to allow me the freedom to cast my vote and the weight of this simple act weighs heavily on me.

Some may find this anguish amusing in fact in all the previous elections that I have voted in I have never even given the act of voting a second thought…. so why now? Could it be that there is to my mind no worthy name on the ballot? Could it be that any choice may produce a result that will, in my opinion, either maintain us on the road to socialism or may produce some unknown result that will endanger the safety of all Americans? Or maybe I feel the weight of my seventy years on life’s road and do not know if this will be the last time I get to cast a ballot for President?

For whatever reason
and probably a combination of all of those presented
I feel the gravity of making that choice.
So I think maybe,
just maybe everyone should feel this way
and by recognizing the importance of this election
you also will make a thoughtful decision.

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  1. October 20, 2016 9:35 am

    Hey Pete – I think without a doubt this election has a definite ‘mass’ to it based almost entirely on the extremely poor choices we’re offered. I, along with so many others, just have no desire to pull the lever – or, in my case, color the dot – of anyone offered on the ballot. But with this said I also feel a huge urgency to vote simply because so much of where this country may go rests on who is at the helm. For me, I fear a Clinton victory more than a Trump win so I will hold my nose and vote for the latter although I cannot emphasize enough in so doing I’m really voting against Clinton. It is a very sad state of affairs but ‘it is what it is…’


  2. October 20, 2016 3:29 pm

    I don’t know you Pete in real life. Only from you blog and FB. It seems you are not among the elite or rich and famous. You are the average Joe and I say that with all due respect. That, I believe in this election, makes your vote count more so than ever. I believe that this election has been ” rigged” in a figurative way by those with money. It’s going to take the average joe and poorer people in America to sway this vote. It is the woman, the downtrodden, those that are taken advantage of daily, the poor, the non conformist and those who are not WASP that will need to speak their voice. Sadly, statically those are not the people who will vote. The candidates know that. I wonder, if in a perfect world, if every American voted what the true results would be. I believe it would not even be a vote for Clinton or Trump . It would be one of those that have neither money, not power. It would be for the average Candidate that see;s the world through the eyes of the ” people”.
    God Bless you.. Cause frankly you guys are REALLY going to need it. LOL


  3. Kris permalink
    October 20, 2016 7:15 pm

    Your earthshake comments concern me- Alaska hasn’t had a good one since January. Hoping Nov 9 isn’t the herald for another!


  4. Jon permalink
    October 22, 2016 3:15 am

    The thing that bothers me probably the most is the Supreme Court appointments these two will make. And probably tied for that are all the security lapses either by design or on purpose (probably the latter) that Clinton has made that endanger this country. So that makes my choice a lot easier.
    Trump has brought to light the many things that are wrong with our election process & how truly rigged it is & the overwhelming media bias that the “establishment” has refused to admit or talk about. So credit to him for the courage to do that.


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